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  1. Kerrey92

    S11.E12: Luann Land

    I heard they are going to Miami because Lu had to forfeit her passport so they can’t go international. Great episode. These ladies bring it.
  2. Kerrey92

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    The fact that Dorit and PK are suddenly the VICTIMS in all this is really pissing me off. And I believe that Lisa is manipulative and probably does all those things they say but it makes for good TV. Apparently I like to watch drunk people because Denise and Kyle cracked me up. I love the scenes with Kyle and Lisa.
  3. Kerrey92

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    A few un-Lucy, Lucy, Apple Juice-related tidbits: 1) Please let Denise go into all the details of the night that got so dark she filed for divorce the next day! 2) Dorit's accent at the lunch where she was switching from her normal (?) speaking voice to the faux Spanish accent when ordering was hysterical. That woman is such a phony baloney. 3) The wine goblets at Lisa's house were AH-mazing! Doggygate: Do you think that Lisa is protesting so much because Ken really, really didn't want this whole shit storm exposed on air and Lisa went behind his back to make sure it got out? He seemed genuinely pissed when Blizzard showed up and Lisa said numerous times that Ken and Sessa got into a screaming match about letting the tidbit on air. This storyline is so over though. Everyone was in the wrong, including Lisa. Teddi is really coming out the worst. Why does she keep saying she couldn't go through with it, when we all clearly saw her at VPD talking about how that dog was the dog formerly owned by Dorit?
  4. Kerrey92

    Leaving Neverland

    I got the sense that Joy Robson was in love with Michael Jackson herself and moved and took Wade because she thought that the two of them would be together. I have a feeling in those hours and hours of conversations that she had with Jackson that she felt they had a true connection. Her giddiness to leave her family and head to LA felt a little more like infatuation on her part. She stupidly hadn't linked Wade to Michael and was buying what he was selling her to groom her. James Safechuck looked bad on the Oprah interview. It looked like maybe he didn't put any face make up on so he appeared wan and sweaty. He really does still seem to be struggling quite a bit. Kudos for him for his reasons for speaking out: to speak to other victims that they are not alone. He seemed to be saying to the fans of MJ that he doesn't care if they believe him but he has to speak his truth.
  5. Kerrey92

    S03.E09: 80's Ladies

    Do the editors hate Brandi? What was up with the back of her head at the restaurant and then again at the party. It was a hot mess.
  6. TMZ is reporting that Joe WILL be deported Here. Theresa will have to choose between fame and her husband.
  7. And it looks like she's holding a selfie stick to make it look like someone took the photo. Hilarious.
  8. Just finished and have some questions about season 3, the final: 1) What was going in with Diana in the beginning of the show? It seemed as if she had something really off like she had a mental break or something the way John's family was talking about her/treating her and then all of sudden she was okay? 2) Kevin's wife and the GPS...really? That was dumb. Kevin was such a piece of shit character and I so wanted him to get caught, until he was getting away and then I was okay with it. 3) Mamma Rayburn's flip flop on Roy was confusing as well. They show alluded to them colluding for something bigger. I thought Sally was going to be a master mind in the drug operation or something, but instead she was maybe the worst mom ever. Really? Blaming John for tearing her? 4) What the hell was purpose of the Ozzie Delvecchio character? I actually said "thank God" when he shot himself. He offered nothing to the season. 5) Why did the older sherrif/cop let John off or not believe him? He suspected him all along, got the confession and then was all, "see ya, I'm off to Boston?" What's that?
  9. Kerrey92

    S03.E04: Episode 4

    THE CAKE! THE CAKE! Was I the only thinking that it was good they had a second cake because there were a lot of people and Luisa's (or Alison's) small ass cake wasn't going to feed all those people? Maybe I am just hungry. Cole, Cole, Cole....getting caught in the web of Alison's magical vagina. This can't go wrong. Really. I can't help but wonder if the writers know how despised Noah and Allison are and if THEY think they are writing them with depth when instead they are just so unlikeable. They make the show very hard to watch.
  10. This kills me... http://www.carolinatix.org/events/detail/7th-annual-evening-of-hope-and-inspiration-featuring-louise-mandrell In TG's bio, there is a reference to her ongoing charity work. Um...what???
  11. Kerrey92


    Wordy McWorderson.... Had to text my Scottish friend who recommended the show to me and ask her why in the heck all the British people look the same. I didn't realize the guy blackmailing Jason was the same guy at Benak's landlord until he handed him the suitcase of money. I am thinking that the whole show was a convoluted mess but I really did like it. The woman who played Marcella was just amazing. When she was crying at her son's talent show, it was just wonderful acting! But after watching Happy Valley and Broadchurch and now this, I am wondering if the murder rate by serial killer in England isn't astronomical!!
  12. I cannot comprhend Heather's world. Her visit to the appliance store was like someone speaking a foreign language. Le sigh.
  13. Kerrey92

    S03.E14: Reunion Part 2

    Cameran has it right with Thomas and Kathryn being the "hot mess express". I remember watching their "relationship" unfold and wondering what in the heck Thomas was getting himself into with her. He seemed so needy and like he was not seeing the forest through the trees to have some fairy tale romance and future with her. The relationship all happened way too quickly and neither of them really knew the other one before they jumped into their domestic nightmare. They both have buyer's remorse but there are two kids attached so they have to both man up and be adults about the situation. It's something I think Thomas can do. I really do. As gross as he is and as misogynistic as he is, deep down, he wanted those babies and would work with Kathryn if she were at all mature. But she is a 20 something hot head who seems hell bent on seeing slights and digs at every turn. She could gain perspective if she got herself off this show, into rehab and away from people who don't have her best interest at heart. On other note, Kathryn constantly acts like she knows Thomas better than anyone else in the world. That she "gets" him in a way that no one else does. They only dated for a few short months and haven't really spent quality time together since. She's creating a narrative to fit her twisted mind and it seems like the cast buys it. She also acts as if having kids exalts her to a position where her actions are above reproach and her motives are all pure. Having kids means you squeezed a baby out, it doesn't qualify you for anything else. Her actions and inability to see any fault on her part in any of her interactions and her complete self absorption will make her a horrible parent. Those nannies are earning their keep! Thomas is truly gross, but he's in his 50s, served in statewide elected office, is from a named political family, runs a successful commercial real estate company and is an adult. He gets a pass from the cast because he owns his truly horrible stuff and they forgive him when he comes hat in hand and apologizes. And I am going to guess that each cast member has way more positive interactions than negative. I doubt that's true with Kathryn, except for maybe Craig and Shep.
  14. Kerrey92

    S02.E10: Part 23

    I had an issue with "deranged Kevin" and the way Marco was acting. The writing seemed thin on this part to me. I can where Kevin could be pushed over the edge to take Marco down, out of frustration, fear, and pent up tension from the past months of covering up Danny's murder. But to me, the scene didn't lend itself to Kevin taking that step and it seemed a little out of left field. This season was equally as fantastic to me. The descent of each of the Rayburns involved in Danny's death was interesting to watch with John falling the farthest.