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  1. AnnieHeights

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    DORIT!!! I have seen glimpses of the girl we saw last night throughout her time on the show! I have tried to like her a few times in the past, hopefully she will be on a longer streak of likability this time. Was she the one who told Kyle this is why her acting career didn't take off past the age of seven (paraphrasing) while she was doing the imitations? I thought Kyle looked beautiful in the color green she wore last night but again, if you have to constantly adjust your top, it doesn't fit properly. I still like Erika....she is what she is. I have hormonal migraines and sometimes I can function and sometimes I can't. I was proud of her for even going to the wine tasting and yes, if you don't feel well to begin with and are around a bunch of drunk people when you are sober, it isn't the best time. Factor in them trying to box her into how they wanted her to feel, I would have been annoyed as well. Lisa R didn't really bother me last night. She is horrible at times but seems fun. Teddi......I do not know where she came up with thinking she was everyone's moral compass and it was exhausting her. This is where Rinna showed some kindness......she handled Teddi's drunken pity party with compassion. All in all I thought last night was a pretty fun episode.
  2. AnnieHeights

    S09.E17: A Double Shot Of Brandi

    Let somebody even hint at something negative about my husband and my claws would come out too!
  3. AnnieHeights

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    I'm not sure why people don't believe it....? They hooked up in season 1 and she supposedly even lived at his house for a couple weeks. It's easy to go back to a previous hookup. A couple of reasons......me personally as I have stated in another episode post, the fact that Whitney (and Patricia) have said horrible things about/to Kathryn makes it hard to believe she would just jump into bed with him. Also, several people think Whitney is gay. Now that I am rereading my first statement......she did procreate again with Thomas under basically the same circumstances. She needs help. I still am in the camp of the hookup being BS.
  4. AnnieHeights

    S06.E03: Slide Into Your Dms Like . . .

    I agree about the lack of parties and real estate. Kathryn's place isn't decorated at all like any of the fabulous Charleston homes I have seen in pictures...her place is pretty generic comparatively. I don't expect it to be like Patricia's (a bit too stuffy IMO) but more like Brandon Branch's home from SC Savannah (or even Haygood's). If you have money for $6,600.00 in rent and a flipping Rolls Royce, you should have way better furnishings. I have all but forgotten Craig isn't originally from the south. He does seem like a really sweet guy but he is more of a 'house cat' (as Chelsea's dad said) than Austin. He is by far the most handsome guy on the show. I do not miss JD. I miss season one and two Thomas. Shep will continue to get women simply because he is wealthy and now famous. I still cannot help but like Cam. They need to just make her solely the Greek Chorus and punt this fake story line. I think she has probably struggled a bit going from carefree to having the responsibility of a child as a lot of women (and men) do, but this is blown out of proportion, I am sure. Add me to the list of never wanting to see Austin's threesome tape again. Ugh.
  5. AnnieHeights

    S06.E03: Slide Into Your Dms Like . . .

    I ordered a necklace off of Naomie's site last week.....a lot of things were sold out. The necklace arrived within two days in super cute packaging. She modeled a lot of the clothes on Labeye.
  6. AnnieHeights

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    I have noticed a ton of Kyle shaming for her costume but no mention of Camille's outfit? I personally thought both women looked great but Kyle has taken much more heat on this. I know the whole 'Playboy Bunny' angle but in the big picture, it was a party, she looked pretty, her husband was fine with it so good for her. I honestly didn't notice LVP wasn't on the show last night until reading through this board! I was surprised at how Denise was with Kim, I would have expected her to be a little more of a peacemaker and not take such a hard stance.
  7. AnnieHeights

    Booksmart (2019)

    I was on the fence about this movie.....loved both of the lead girls......I adore the kid who played Jared! The girl who played Hope (the hookup of Amy) looked just like a young Liv Tyler. I did not think Ryan was cute at all (agreed with the above poster). Parts of the movie were funny but nothing spectacular. It was worth seeing but nothing I would watch again.
  8. AnnieHeights

    S10.E11: Training Spaces

    This was horrible! All of the contestants were pretty and that was it......the guy who actually won did seem to have actual design talent based on the pictures they showed of his actual work (not on the show). The overalls girl was rude, the first two with the stools/benches? were not good.....the washcloth light fixture which would have caught on fire if it was actually turned on?!?!? Let alone it was hideous. The way the 'judges' acted like everyone's designs were actually good?!?!? Thank goodness for DVR to be able to ff through most of this God awful insult to viewers of a show.....not that the actual show is too much better. Hildi is stunning though.
  9. AnnieHeights

    S06.E02: Kat's Out of the Bag

    I think Katheryn is a mess from head to toe.......the ridiculous, obviously fake boobs, the over the top red hair, her skin is broken out, her clothes are usually not appropriate for the occasion and her fuller figure would look better if she learned how to dress for it. She is far too young to look this way. She also isn't looking to put down roots for her kids if she is renting a pricey place with no yard (I am sure the courtyard is the only outdoor space), it is all about 'where' the house is, not if it is an actual good place for her kids. I don't hate her but I am still not buying her big redemption arc. The relationship with Patricia (IMO) is for the sake of the show, the one with Whitney - same. I also do not understand given the past awful relationship she has had with Whitney and all the horrible things both he and his mother have said about her why on earth she would jump into bed with him if this is actually true......have some self respect. I always worry about the children of these reality stars who overshare their sex lives.....no child wants to hear about those things about their parents.
  10. I grew up with these shows (The Jeffersons more though). I got chills when Jennifer Hudson sang the theme song and burst out in tears when Marla Gibbs showed up as Florence. The only miscasts -to me- were Ellie Kemper and the guy who played Meathead. I thought Jamie Foxx channeled George Jefferson to a T. Did he ever call Louise 'Weezy" though? I don't remember hearing it if he did. Woody did a wonderful job as Archie...... nobody can replace Carroll O'Connor but he did the character justice and Marisa Tomei! She was wonderful! The opening song was very well done. Kerry Washington was really good - Will Ferrell.......eh, didn't buy his Tom so much or the gentleman who played Bentley. Lionel (forgive me - not sure of the actor's name) was spot on as well. I always thought Isabel Sanford was so pretty......Wanda Sykes did a good job but something was missing. I was so happy watching this last night as it brought me back to childhood but was also a bit shocked at how relevant it still is...... Norman Lear was genius and this was a touching, thoughtful homage to him.
  11. AnnieHeights

    S15.E25: Jump into the Fog

    I finally finished this episode...... Maggie/Jackson....Jackson wants Maggie to love camping like he does but basically scoffed at April regarding her religion which was a much more personal issue to his wife than a camping trip. I like Maggie fine but not with Jackson. Meredith/Deluca.....Again, not buying this relationship. I like both characters separately just not as a couple. Owen/Teddy.......I guess for me this is the best outcome as I do not really care about either one that much and hopefully they will create a loving home for the new baby (and Leo). Also Teddy sucks for doing that to Tom and I hope he gets a more deserving storyline next season. Amelia/Linc.......I actually kind of like them together. Amelia has become one of my favorites. Alex/Jo......I am glad she told him she loved him and needed help. Nico/Glasses.........Nico is boring and i have actually grown a wee bit fond of glasses. Richard/Catherine.......I am just not a Catherine fan and love Richard. I think Grey's should just focus on a lot these characters as actual individual people instead of forcing everyone into a relationship that a lot of us aren't buying. Also it is okay for them to have outside of the hospital friends/dates etc.....
  12. AnnieHeights

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    I LOVED Naomi's jumpsuit! Cam is only doing this show for a paycheck and it is pretty obvious now. Patricia (IMO) is "friends" with Katherine because she is what has made the show popular over the years and since Whitney is the creator of the show, it is best to keep the "star" happy. Katherine looks horrible now.......I do not understand her fashion sense especially compared to the other girls on the show who pretty much always look perfect. Shep is looking disheveled and Craig is looking even better but is still very delusional. Eliza is a HOT college graduate y'all! 😂 I am dying to know what went down between Dani and Katherine.....Dani has always been the level head of the show......I will probably be team Dani.
  13. AnnieHeights

    S09.E14: The Show Must Go On

    That was just sad.......
  14. AnnieHeights

    S15.E23: What I Did for Love

    Christina deserves better....
  15. AnnieHeights

    S09.E12: The Ultimate Ultimatum

    My thoughts from last night.... Kyle......On one hand I give her props for not handing parenting responsibilities over to nannies, on the other, it is a bit much (ok a lot!) to have your 10 year old still sleeping with you and still dressing her. I also kind of thinks she needs to get over the PK comment just because IMO you have to tread very lightly when criticizing somebody's spouse and Dorit at least took Kyle's side when it happened. Dorit.......I am kinda surprised she kept her stance with Ken and Lisa. PK clearly wants this to go away and I thought she would give in. LVP/Ken........I get Ken defending Lisa and it is admirable how he has her back no matter what but his harshness and at times aggressiveness has always bothered me. I do think Lisa should have heard Dorit out as to why she thought she sold the story (or someone in her camp did)....when you start talking over someone and giving ultimatums and not hearing the other persons side of the story, it just looks fishy. If someone swore on their children's lives though, it would probably make me more likely to hear them out. There has been zero real communication. Erika/Lisa R.......not much with them this episode although the workout video was amusing and Lisa R getting offended by the bluntness of the trainer. Teddi..........not much to say based on last night. Camille.......She does make for some good TV. Denise........Loved her last night......not too much sex talk and she was quite amusing. Kyle's house is SO pretty and I love her dogs!