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  1. If he wants to be all American,he should be holding a beer.But that'll never happen.lol
  2. Me,too! I felt terrible when the Pulse Club shooting happened.The first thing I did was find a donation site.Ppl are ppl no matter what your beliefs are.Steve is truly an evil person,and it's too bad he hasn't been banned from the US!
  3. I think Jill and family took up a few rows of reserved seats up front at the wedding? I thought it was a Bates wedding,but I'm prob. wrong. Net search say she leaked Jinger's wedding date
  4. Yes,there's nothing wrong with frying fries at McDonald's and also having a well rounded education. I'm not being sarcastic;pls don't take it that way
  5. This school situation is really sad.It used to be that kids had a right to a decent education,but not anymore. I've no idea what our lawmakers are thinking.That it's worth it to have undereducated ppl in society,as long as the gov't doesn't have to pay for their schooling? You'd think they'd want educated citizens who can get good jobs,for the benefit of the economy. I don't like to be political either,so I hope I can say that
  6. I guess Jill could stop some of the decorating long enough to get the kid's schoolwork in order? But I guess there are no consequences for falling behind? It's not like the parents will be arrested,or even fined? It's not like the kids will be forced to go to school,can they do that? At least not during a pandemic,I would presume. Jill better be glad.In the old days,if you didn't send your kids to school,there would be a truant officer knocking on your door asap,and you'd better have a good reason for not sending your child to school
  7. I think I'm gonna wear mismatched frumpers and fry my hair like the girls do,even if I'm watching online.LOL
  8. She thinks she can scare us into it w/ threats of hell.My mom was the same way
  9. I think with all those kids,whichever ones aren't adults,they got several thousand in a stimulus payment. I'm wondering if the adult kids were required to hand over their payments to Momma.That would be my guess.I bet Nurie has to pay for what she can of the wedding with it
  10. Yes.I'm not sure why Amy is laying so far back in her wheelchair,but I hope she's ok.I'm guessing she might have pressure sores. I think Kaylee and Renee are both pretty
  11. Agree.And I can't imagine the bugs that are going to get caught in the fluff outside.Not to mention when it rains!
  12. Ikr.Jill bothered to crackle the bench out front,but can't be bothered with the beat up old dressers the girls have. Wth has fluffy pillows outside? Her decorating baffles me
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