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  1. Yep,the money's all for Jill I'd be worried she could choke,and no one would be there to help her
  2. Any name reveal? I hope not Nurthan,lol. Maybe Nathan Jr. David or Michael for middle names,if not first,for the gdads. Nathaniel if they use an N theme
  3. If Nathan attaches a trailer to the car to haul a mower and lawn equipment,that should do it
  4. He must to put up with Jill's crazy! Nathan's brother prob. sees what's going on,and doesn't want to be a part of it.My guess is it's been suggested to him that Kaylee and Renee are single and of marriageable age,but he's declined.They're pretty girls,but good for him. I think the Rods may end up with one or more of John Shrader's kids when they return from Africa
  5. I'm guessing Nathan feels obligated to pay the R's way,since they stay with them.He seems to be a polite young man,but the R's seem to take advantage of that :(
  6. Yes even plain Amish clothes aren't fugly like the R's clothes are
  7. Yes and even those fugly bright skirts are way too worldly for the Amish!
  8. Oh,and she needs to rid of the makeup and jewelry and dress like the Amish.She's much too worldly for them!
  9. Yes,the Amish are also hardworking,and David should be out plowing and working the fields all day,while Jill should be indoors canning,cooking,doing hands on child rearing,closely homeschooling,hanging laundry outdoors,mopping,staying off the internet,etc.None of which she is doing,so get with it,Jill!
  10. Idk but Jill is just like my mom,so I can already tell you what "spending a day with my girlies" means.It means they get to follow Jill around and watch her buy all kinds of clothes,goodies and trinkets for herself,while they get nothing.And they're supposed to consider it fun. :(
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