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  1. stacyasp

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Kris Jenner looked all Kinds of plastic in that commercial!
  2. stacyasp

    S03.E04: The Hour and the Day

    It was probably the cousin dan o brien who I think they or he killed
  3. stacyasp

    S05:E03 Caterpillar to Butterfly

    I think you might feel a little different if you had dark thick hair
  4. stacyasp

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    It means if you don’t buy into gender dysphoria you’re out of touch.
  5. stacyasp

    S01.E26: What Comes Next

    Kayla for the love of God please come your son’s hair!!!!
  6. stacyasp

    S15.E14: Vegas, Baby!

    Cher had a deer in the headlights look because she really didn’t know who this group was or she’s had to much plastic surgery, it was a very awkward meeting to say the least!
  7. stacyasp

    S15.E13: True Story

    But if he did cheat and knowing how hormonal one is pregnant and post pregnancy I would have expected Khloé to shed a tear or two , she seemed way to calm
  8. stacyasp

    Mayans MC

    I think they will somehow fake the death of the cousin and he will disappear somewhere
  9. stacyasp

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Went back and watched the first episode again, and Ricks current injury is the same spot his original injury was which required the hospitalization I think we will come full circle, same injury area, riding a horse definite call back to the beginning
  10. Looks like they glued Chicago’s eyes shut lol
  11. stacyasp

    S15.E10: Let's Play Ball!

    I have many Armenian relatives with blond hair green eyes, so it’s possible that Khloe is Armenian. In our family two daughters have darker hair more olive skin color and third daughter has lighter skin, hazel eyes so ... but looking at Khloe’s natural hair texture which is quite curly where no one else in the family has that hair I might believe that she has a different father
  12. stacyasp

    S15.E10: Let's Play Ball!

    I am half Armenian or so I thought my test came back that I am actually more Italian than Armenian. Not sure how this happened as any relatives I could ask are gone. Anyway Armenian shows as western Asian, mine does not show as middle eastern
  13. stacyasp


    Looks like Michael jacksonJackson
  14. stacyasp

    S12.E02: Asturias, Spain

    He also looked so frail especially when he was sitting next to Jose.