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  1. And she made CONGEE again...ugh Bryan deserved the win
  2. Gosh this is so hard to watch with all the depressing things going on right now. I know he’s looking out for Thomas but wouldn’t the best place for him to be is in an institution if he’s not going to take the meds he needs?
  3. In culinary school we ran a restaurant and the waitstaff tastes the food, get instruction on how to present the plate to the customer example the protein should be at 6:00 o’ clock. Tasting the food allows you to give the customer feedback when they ask about the dish. Karen is my least favorite she seems like being nice is such a chore for her.
  4. I truly believe Jeanette = munchaussen by proxy
  5. When did holly get scratched ?
  6. Stressed about the financials while wearing expensive Torrid clothes, expensive manicure , stressed about her kids while watching everyone else take care of them. I CALL BULLSHIT!
  7. If you apply to this show and actually get on, you must have at some point thought about what your collection would look like if you got to the finale!!!!! I feel like none of these designers did that! Sergio picks a political statement based on the fabrics he likes...I mean does he care about EVERYTHING there aren't enough hours in the day. Victoria got on here to push her stupid brand (ugly logo btw). Her clothes look like some cheap stuff you'd find at Forever 21 from China ESPECIALLY crocheted hats...HELLO looks like something granny crocheted and gave you for Christmas and you throw into the back of your closet cause you don't want to hurt her feeling and tell her it looks like shit! Nancy more of the same BLAH. Geoffrey I had the highest hopes for him but I think hes to wired (sniff sniff) to focus and actually produce up to his potential. WHO wants a dress with sleeves coming out everywhere!!!! Worst season ever..although as bitter as she was I feel like Brittany could have done something with the $10,000 and had a cohesive collection of nice wearable clothes.
  8. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
  9. Because jazz needs therapy not surgery or hormone blockers
  10. Jeanette = Munchausen by proxy
  11. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
  12. this is whatever was hanging down on Joyce someone posted it on her FB page!
  13. why dont or didnt they show Glory the video they had of Terry at the train station/ strip club( when he said he was at the conference) so she could see why they suspected him in the first place! Maybe her attitude would change. It seems like Jack is morphing into Ralph? I mean we havent really seen a clear shot of Jack its always from a distance or behind or profile nothing head on
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