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  1. SleepyAndClumsy

    Season 3 Discussion

    If I were Nicole’s family, I would say this: Hey, we’ll give you $10,000 and a one-way ticket to Morocco if you give us legal custody of May/e. She uses that poor baby as a bargaining chip all the time ... they need to turn that around on her. And then honestly they should just wash their hands of Nicole. She’s a terrible person.
  2. SleepyAndClumsy

    The Monkees

    Micky was my absolute favorite in the 80s, when MTV was replaying the show (that chin dimple?! Swoon!), and now he is my fourteen-year-old’s favorite too. She has actually been able to meet him after concerts a few times — she’s very shy, and he has always been wonderfully sweet to her. He gushes over the drawings she makes him, gives her hugs, and always asks her about her life. She adores him.
  3. SleepyAndClumsy

    S05.E09: One K at a Time

    Was anyone else hoping she would pull a Steven Assanti when she was in that golf cart at the end? ... just me?!
  4. SleepyAndClumsy

    S05.E08: Aloha Buddy

    I’m so sorry, Aliya. Many hugs to you! ❤️
  5. SleepyAndClumsy

    S06.E11: It's All Happening

    Oh my gosh, that was the best!! And that reminds me: what happened to Jax’s “sweater line”?!
  6. SleepyAndClumsy

    Season 1 Discussion

    Mother Patrick should do the 90 Day reunion shows!
  7. SleepyAndClumsy

    S12.E11: Breast Intentions

    When did RHOC turn into a medical reality show?! Ugh, I'm so sick of hearing about (much less seeing!) boob reductions and boob expander and vaginal rejuvenations and vasectomies, as nauseum! Bring back the good old days of sons getting arrested, teen whisperers, trips to Havasu, and blind dates!
  8. SleepyAndClumsy

    Season 1 Discussion

    I can't help but feel sorry for Darcey. She is so needy that she puts up with really horrible treatment from someone who seems like a sociopath to me. He is constantly trying to make her feel bad about herself, and seemed gleeful when she mentioned Dave's insult. He even said that he thought the evening 'was delightful,' or somesuch. He is a creeper, plus he's not even all that! His skin is terribly acne-scarred. And his apartment is tinier that Pedro and Chantel's! ?
  9. SleepyAndClumsy

    Growing Up Supermodel

    I'm so glad there is finally a forum for this show! It's so snark-able! I think Arissa has the prettiest face for sure. Some of the others are kind of hard to look at. ?
  10. SleepyAndClumsy

    Season Four General Discussion

    The scene of Noah doing tai chi in the field gave me life.
  11. SleepyAndClumsy

    Kate Plus 8

    It's sad that the only memories these kids seem to have are the ones that were filmed. Don't they do anything when the cameras aren't around? Even things that Kate might have filmed with her iPhone?? And someone *did* talk to Collin! Mady sneered, "You need to quit chewing so loudly." :-( Poor Collin.
  12. SleepyAndClumsy

    Manzo'd With Children

    With the exception of Urban Putt, which looked cramped, too-bright, and not fun, the Manzo's trip to the Bay Area really made me want to visit San Francisco! It's just such a pretty city. I guess I watch this show just to feel good about myself, because it really isn't very entertaining or charming. How old are the Manzo brothers? Don't they feel a little weird going on vacations with their mommy and daddy still? Don't they want their own families and friends? It really makes me wonder about how they were raised.
  13. SleepyAndClumsy

    Season 1 Discussion

    I'm also guessing Loren has Tourrette's Syndrome. Her tics seem to get worse when she's upset or nervous. I really want to know what mascara she uses -- her eyelashes look great! And Alexei is hot. Did anyone else get a vibe from Mo's 'WalMart' friend? (How do you make a friend by chance at WalMart??). He seemed to be trying to get Mo to say he wasn't with Danielle because he is gay.
  14. SleepyAndClumsy

    All Episodes Talk: Celebrating Diversity

    This episode was surprisingly touching, especially with Christina's dancing dreams and then Megan's seizure scare. But ugh ... Elena can be sweet, but her sulking and crying act in order to get attention is sooo predictable! She must be exhausting to be around. I really felt for her mother tonight. And once again -- not enough Rachel! Although seeing her finally succeed in getting her huge suitcase on the bed was pretty sweet!
  15. SleepyAndClumsy

    All Episodes Talk: Celebrating Diversity

    Yes!!! I would love a show about Rachel, her parents, her job at Scottish-American Insurance, and Jonathan and Lee ... Maybe with a little Adam Lambert thrown in. ☺️ ... A&E, please make this happen!!