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  1. I’m betting she’s got a drug problem of some sort. And I’m betting she ends up back with Jay in order to stay on TV. Even if it’s just for the exposure.
  2. They’re covered with psoriasis. We need to pity her.
  3. Obed is obviously loving his moment in the spotlight... a little too much. And the TLC editors are playing games with what he says.
  4. iwasish

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    Exactly what happened. All Pedro has asked Chantel to do is apologize and ask for a fresh start. Why is that so difficult? I’ve had to swallow my pride and anger and offer a sincere apology even when I’ve felt that “they started it” Chantel keeps talking about salvaging her marriage but won’t do the one thing that will do the most to start the process. My bet is that if she did apologize and his mom and sister continued the past patterns, that he would take them to task. I also think that once the issue with his family is settled, Chantel needs to start the same process with her family. Pedro should apologize for his actions (knocking over the food) and ask to move forward, Chantel needs to tell them that she will not listen to anymore conspiracy theories or harvesting conversations.
  5. iwasish

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    When Pedro, his sister and Chantel sat down to talk, Chantel complained that Nicole was yelling and pointing her finger. Pedro told her to lower her voice and stop doing that (I think he put his hand on hers to stop her from pointing her finger) she did take it down a notch, but Chantel then started waving her finger and telling. For me however, the whole thing boils down to Chantel complaining to the production team that there’s so much the cameras haven’t shown and the best she can come up with is that Nicole told her that her hair was ugly. That’s the best she do? Chantel helped instigate the fight at her folks house by telling her mom that Nicole had clapped when she had left the apartment. Nicole and Pedro had just sat down to eat, Nicole complimented the food and thanked her for inviting her, and Mother Chantel started in on how are Nicole and Chantel getting along. Nicole says fine and the MC jumps in with “Chantel said you clapped blah blah blah”’ Nicole denies, Chantel laughs and says don’t lie, Pedro asks/tells Nicole and Chantel to change seats, and all hell breaks loose. MC was itching for a confrontation. That is what caused the whole situation.
  6. I don’t think she can just throw him out. There’s no domestic violence, he’s been living there, they are married. Since she hasn’t applied for an adjustment of status so that he can get a green card, she’s going to be stuck. She’s sponsored him. I’ll bet she has to file an eviction notice on him. Wonder if she pulled down the big MR and MRS decal in the bedroom. Another one I’ve got no sympathy for. She knew exactly how this would end.
  7. iwasish

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    How does this moron watch herself and not realize she’s coming off like a simpleton? Was she the kind of kid who kept touching the stove even after being burned 10x? Who encourages their child to call some random computer talking head “daddy”. Why does everyone except stepdad pussyfoot around her? Put a stop to the couch surfing. She’s 25 with a child. Get a job and an apartment, a car, health insurance, put your kid in school, like everyone else has to do. Pay your own way. When there’s no money to send to Morocco, you’ll be shocked how fast Azan ghosts her. No more whispering sweet nothings in her ear while she giggles and rubs her thighs together imaging Her World is on mommy’s foldout couch with her and then running to Western Union the next morning her chubby cheeks still aglow. Her sister must work, her brother if not in school should be too, why is she special? Let her take May and leave, that’s kind of tough to do with no car, no money, no job. Stepdad needs to tell Robalee, she’s not just free to show up on her terms and her timetable, with no job and no way to contribute to the household, she’s using us to fund this fantasy and I’m tolerating her smart ass comments when it’s me being taken advantage of. If she goes to Morocco and doesn’t get married this time, she’s NOT staying here. Once married she’s Azan’s problem. No marriage she’s on her own.Either way the gravy train is over.
  8. iwasish


    So Jordan gets 40k a month child support for Prince. Good for her. And good for Prince. His daddy has only seen him 9 times in his life. Prince does not have a prince of a dad. I wonder if the two mothers will attempt to create some kind of bond between the half siblings. And any future halfsies. Let’s see how much effort Tristan puts into seeing True.
  9. iwasish

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    I keep hearing this in Gloria Pritchett's (Modern Family) accent! Pao is at 4 centimeters in that scene and she’s prone in the bed being ministered to by the Doula. At 4 centimeters my mom returned from the OB/GYN appt and instead of checking into the hospital, she came home, did a couple loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom and started dinner. Then she called my dad at work to meet her at the hospital and drove herself there. My brother was born a couple hours after she got there. Don’t know why Pao wanted her mother there, she’s relegated to peeking around the corner now. Cant wait till Russ suggests his mom come for a visit.
  10. Yes and I’m sure it wasn’t the first time the bathroom in that place was used for something other than number 1 or 2. Those two guys have been listening to Jay tell his tales of screwing his father’s GF and untold number of random women for months, I find it hard to believe he hasn’t demonstrated his skills at getting some before that day. Who knows what that little argument on video was about, I don’t think there was audio, maybe he wasn’t giving up a % of his tattoo fees. I certainly believe he banged someone in the bathroom, just not sure the guys in the barber shop were all that indignant over the reputation of their establishment being sullied.
  11. Why a picture of her at all? Shouldn’t she be home with her kids or hitting the law books? Instead she’s having grade school feuds with Taylor Swift and posting about her battle with the psoriasis which apparently covers nearly every inch of her tiny waisted body!! But all is not lost, she found time in between everything else on her plate to create a coverup product, which you can of course purchase from her beauty line!!
  12. I think it depends on where in FL. My sister just rented a two bedroom apt in the Titusville area for her two sons for about that.
  13. One thing I don’t get, she is marrying a young stud, why did she think she was going to need sex toys? Same with Karine and Pol. I’d like to think they should be hot enough for each other that they don’t need any extras. Pretty sad that Laura figures she’s going to need help.
  14. He works nights, probably sleeps during the day, or a good apart of it, what is she going to do the rest of the day? I figure she will have to find a job. The let down of what she thought her future was going to be and the reality is going to hit and she’s going to have to decide if being with Sumit is enough to satisfy her.
  15. If she needed the money for the furniture I could understand, but why not just leave the furniture in the daughters guest room in case she came home to visit or for the daughter to use? If money became an issue later the daughter could sell it and send her the funds.