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  1. It’s great for those who would enjoy the time apart. But it seems Jon is happier with the arrangement than Rachel is. I have a feeling she suspects he still enjoys his time spent in the pub. And I think so too.
  2. Listening to her talk to her father... she dropped right into his prison accent and forgot her demure Muslim wife act. I’m sure Omar wants to discuss poontang with his father in law. Anyone know what he was convicted of, he seems to have been in jail a long time.
  3. How can these two idiots even consider having another child. And Jon clearly doesn’t want his “mum” asking questions. That whole bit with Rachel reading a book while Jon played “daddy” was a joke. I wouldn’t leave him alone with toddler, ever. I can easIly see him losing it and smacking her in a rage. Just seeing how he goes off on anyone who challenges their perfect love story on the internet, shows he doesn’t have a grip on his anger. He’s getting flabby and lazy living a fantasy life via a computer screen.
  4. My niece was watching some of these episodes while she’s getting home schooled and at dinner the other night mentioned something along the lines of “ if that’s a sampling of what is out there in the dating pool, I’m screwed” Mom and dad won’t be grandparents any time soon”
  5. She’s busy primping, adjusting her bed pillows, spritzing on some eau de desperation, downing a few gulps of boxed wine and practicing her “best self” speech.
  6. My guess is Lana(or her “employer”) got nervous when the PI started nosing around and it was decided that some damage control needed to be done.
  7. Years ago, I visited my brother and found him In his bathroom on hands and knees. Why? He said he wanted to avoid having to explain to his brunette girlfriend why there were red hairs on bathroom floor. Another time while he was still living at home, I arrived from work and found a woman sitting on the back porch roof. Apparently his semi steady arrived unexpectedly and his side girl was shown to the window till he was able to get her to leave.
  8. I notice she didn’t point out any “MISSING, LAST SEEN” signs.
  9. Those dogs? I bet he has them trained.
  10. Imagine having to wake up every day and find something to wear that doesn’t clash with your hair?
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