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  1. If production had known, no way they wouldn’t have had a crew on call and nearby to record any confrontations. That shit would be ratings gold. IMO, this was a one in a million situation of two people meeting, each with particular set of emotional and psychological baggage, scars and personality quirks, that when meshed allowed them to ignore reality. They lived their fantasy life within the walls of that little apartment right up till the real world literally came knocking on the door.
  2. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny.... even Scarlett O’Hara had the sense to go home to Tara to regroup.
  3. No I’ve never met them!! It’s just my opinion from observing them. Not sure where you’re from but I’m in Northern NJ. I actually posted back and forth years ago (on TWOP) with someone and it turned out to be a co worker. We kept our love of trashy shows a secret from the rest of the office !!!
  4. Aykini is pissing me off with her refusing to say what exactly Ben did wrong or what Fidel said, telling Ben to just go away. All that shit about how she was raised to not talk about anything. Dump her stupid ass and if the dark chocolate is what you crave find a nice church back home in the black community and find a nice girl there . Can’t exit till he attends Father Aykinis service... will there be chickens sacrificed? Snake handling? People talking in tongues? Run Benjamin, Run!!!!
  5. She probably thinks of herself as an “ older” Meg Ryan.
  6. Who’s going to pay for her delivery in the US? Is She going to get charity care in a nice clean facility with plenty of drugs and nurses to help her and then scoot back to SA. She better think too about pediatric care for the baby and what if Daniel should get ill or injured.
  7. She should have walked up to him and kicked him in the balls. I can just see the little creep with his tiny fists all balled up, preparing to take on all of them. Didnt she say he declared his love for her as he was being hauled away? So romantic,,, like Stanley Kowalski screaming “STELLA” “STELLA”!!!!!
  8. There was no one outside the apartment building with cellphone?.... this huge crowd storms into the place and man handled poor Sumit out and whisked him away and no one films it!!! What kind of uncivilized place is this? Stuff way less interesting is posted daily on the internet. I feel cheated.
  9. That would have been a blow to all of us!!
  10. It’s like Jerry Springer or Steve Wilkos!!
  11. So has Evelin !!! Old boy friends 1 and 2 are keeping her company.
  12. And grandma was allowed to hold the baby!!!Take note Pao!!
  13. Pierre-E what is that? Has he been listening to Larissa.
  14. Enough of the kid, let’s get to the good shit!!!
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