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  1. I am getting really sick of the Discovery- ad wherein Tom Arnold's sister (Lori?) brags about having been the Meth Queen. You'd think she'd have some shame about having been a meth dealer. Discovery is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. 😡
  2. I have an autoimmune disease and I am intolerant of high temperatures as well. I'm weak when I get out of the shower if it's too hot. I'm just about nonfunctional in very high temperatures. People with MS have a great deal of trouble in elevated temperatures as their demyelinated nerves don't conduct electrical impulses as well. People with lung issues are also compromised during hot, humid weather, just for two examples.
  3. Ah, Max on another tear. When are they going to get off this train? Of course, he was always a crusader, but at least it always had to do with the practice of medicine. Please, showrunners, get back on track.
  4. Insipid and idiotic all rolled into one. Add a dash of creepy. Aussie twins and having to be exactly alike. "Dentist won't take out her healthy tooth. I'll just let mine rot. We have to fall pregnant at the same time. We share a husband." Urghhh. I like the black twins. They are normal. So far.
  5. Yeah, Charlie - tell it like it was. "I was freaking hammered." ETA: "And I gave a reprehensible speech."
  6. I think what the doctor said last week was down the line, she'll need the skin surgery. If Andrei and Charlie hate each other so much, they should stop wearing the same idiotic hairdo. Have a great week, everyone! ETA: I see mmecorday was first to note the dueling hairdos. 😊
  7. What is with the identical twins married to the identical twins and their "the baby actually has four parents and not two because we share the same DNA?" There's no hope for such idiocy.
  8. Actually, no. This is a myth that has been perpetuated as long as I can remember by movies and TV. The actual way to deal with what seems to be a rather minor head injury is to make sure when the person goes to sleep, to check on him periodically in the beginning to make sure he can be aroused and hasn't slipped into a coma. It's natural for people with head injuries, even relatively minor ones, to be sleepy. Unless there are symptoms of a more serious nature, like being unable to carry on a conversation, or an inability to walk without difficulty, it's advisable to get rest and slee
  9. This! At the get-go of the "agreement" to share intel, Keith says, as soon as he gets off the horn, that he has no intention of actually giving anyone else Intel. He's just along to see what he can learn from them. Then Junior, obviously aware that he's been hoodwinked, beats Keith at his own game. Of course, Keith has a massive hissy because everyone's always out to get him. I loved it.
  10. Wow. This is all news to me. Did he lose the Cornelia Marie? I couldn't figure out what he is doing on the Time Bandit. I did read a year or so ago that he and Casey had a falling out. What I read made it seem like Casey had wronged Josh in some way. If they presented this on the show, I missed it. I've only been watching with half an ear lately, so please forgive my ignorance.
  11. Which reminds me, bring back Kapoor. Please. I love the character and the plot lines involving him. ETA: I just read the post about Anupam's wife having multiple myeloma. How sad.
  12. LOL, me, too, except I neglected to come up with the dream team.
  13. Besides how ridiculous the proposed solutions are for way too complex situations for both this episode and the one two weeks ago, it's becoming difficult to see so much real life problem content. Max finally came up with a possibly effective proposal in the end, with the NA scholarship program, but does he really think it will be funded just because he wants it? I watch these shows for entertainment, and I don't at all mind addressing pressing issues such as police brutality, etc, but so many of the plots of shows I watch have been monopolized in recent weeks that I'm beginning to feel th
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