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  1. Lockjaw is getting so hard to look at. She has kewpie doll makeup that makes her look like Baby Jane. Listening to her is extra torture. She can't possibly know how bad she looks when she bats her eyelashes, can she?
  2. My husband had an aortic dissection, too. Scary stuff. Saved by an excellent hospital staff who dx'd him within about a half an hour. Doing wonderfully 15 years later. Glad to hear yours is fine, too! Ste. Chapelle (sp?) hoping and praying for full recovery for your dad!
  3. Those ugly watches looked like they had cheap plastic, stiff watchbands. I love buying my hubby watches, but they all came with nice metal, actually attractive bands, not bands that look like they came from a carnival crane claw game. Oh, and boxes.
  4. "But my fiancé and I aren't actually engaged because he hasn't proposed yet."
  5. Jovi hacked me off once again when he immediately went to "You're LYING to me about this" which apparently was what he accused her of with her first pregnancy. Turd.
  6. Nothing like a completely spontaneous proposal, right Stephanie? It's not like you're hinting at anything!
  7. Andrew is such a creep. After having spent the whole of Amira's tribulation ensconced at the luxury resort, he decides he's had such trauma that HE needs a spa day. And a couple of excursion trips. Poor dude, his life is so difficult. Amira, stay home and don't fall for any of his "prove you love me" crap anymore. Your dad is spot on. Mama Brandon did not disappoint. At the first sign her son was planning on manning up and getting his own life, she falls apart. "Oh, what will happen to the faaaaaaaaaaaamily! How can you even consider this! It's her fault!" I'm in dire need of an anti-emetic. Mike's mom may be right, but I don't like her much. She's as far out as Mike. Another "I don't like this girl for my son, but give me grandbabies!" idiot. "Butter is good for your brain." LOL. I'm surprised Natalie didn't become apoplectic on the spot.
  8. Um, she has a lot in common with - wait for it - Darcey! Welcome back, Hoosiermom! Goodnight, everyone - thanks for the snark! Always a day late and a dollar short, I am.
  9. Thank you all, and I know I missed some, sorry!~ It wasn't a huge deal, just a cardiac cath and a TEE, but while I was not quite together, I guess I was begging for "drugs!" It wasn't the procedure area - it was my shoulders which I think they used for nefarious purposes because I was having spasms something awful. They both need replaced, so I'm going to have to seek retribution - although I think all my complaining while being out of it was punishment enough. But you people making me laugh may not be excusable, LOL. Gobi, your comment (I think it was about the brain trust that is this cast) was the last straw. 🙃
  10. Lamar is giving Murgh a run for his money in the Unintelligible Sweepstakes.
  11. I'm gonna have to swear off you guys if you don't stop making me laugh! Had a procedure yesterday - you know, it only hurts when I laugh..🤪
  12. Lacey wants to know if Chane learned morals at work today. It's a surefire bet he didn't learn them at her knee!
  13. Wow - suck that stuff down, Puppy! Looks like Amber has a biggie surprise for you that you're not going to like. Chug, chug, chug!
  14. Hi, everybody! Had a bad week - looking forward to hate watching these broads! Destinie - you def deserve for Shawn to call the coppers on you. You've lied, cheated and stole from him from the get go. All he did was talk to his ex about mundane stuff. I find it hard to believe that her facing what she is facing makes her think going on the run is a great way to deal with it. Lindsey - well, just about the same. Hope Scott dumps your bum. Tenants rights? Don't you have to pay rent to be a tenant? Mrs. Lamar - if you sincerely want Lamar and his daughters to get along, why did you freak out knowing that they met? Why did he have to hide it from you? Two faced as always.
  15. Thank you! I am recovering well. I do need surgery, but I already knew that. I also broke a tooth at the beginning of the month and one of the dentists came in with only a shield and she took it off while she was still speaking to me! I hope you are doing well after your distressing exposure!
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