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  1. Heathrow is the major airport in London. This was a reference to scammer "Williams" not knowing the name of the airport in the city he supposedly lived in. Or maybe she just misunderstood what he said because of his stunningly on target English accent. 😏
  2. I laughed all the way through Erika's latest pity party. She can't string a tale to save her life. Two cars flew off cliffs now. She never said where her son lives, just somewhere farther north of Eternal Sunshine. Didn't she say years ago that her son lived out east and she rarely saw him? She's never mentioned him since going apeshit on Eileen until now. Convenient. Tom had an encounter with a burglar who somehow aggravated his glaucoma from stress, but apparently didn't lay hands on him. "But I don't really know" escapes her lying lips just about every other sentence. Apparently she fo
  3. Oops! I didn't know her background when I wrote that. Disappointing!
  4. Eff Shawn and his lying butt! He's shocked and upset that Sara has ONE child she didn't tell him about, and he can't even remember how many kids he told her he has? I bet he lied about his age again, too. What a sleaze. I want to punch him out. Sara seems like a nice girl so far. I hope she dumps him, and soon. ETA: She dumped his rear in the parking lot! Gave him the slip Pronto. I hope that's the last time she ever lets him see her.
  5. Matt calling Kim selfish for wanting to accept the temporary job offer was infuriating! His mother selfishly tries to control everything about Kim's life and his life, and he selfishly lets himself get led around by the nose by Kelly because it makes his life easier to have things slanted in his favor. He expects Kim to swallow all this ridiculousness without complaint and *she's* the selfish one for wanting something not on mommy's agenda for once in her life? Get the heck outta here! Kelly tells them where they'll live, how the place will be decorated, wants her own room even though her
  6. Good grief, she can't even make a bed. Great, she'll be jealous that Bini invited his ex along. Touché!
  7. So much this! It's really disgusting. Also, what happened to "You're not going to marry me, I'm leaving!" Now it's all about how can she stay in the country without having to continually renew her visa. He will never marry her and she will never give up.
  8. Rinna - I'm crying a boatload of tears because your "you hurt me, too" to Garcelle was "You didn't bow and scrape when I gave you the sauce." Definitely you are *on* the sauce if you think this in any way compares to the way your antics have affected Garcelle and others. I'm so sick of dishonest, manipulative Vyle telling everyone else to "be honest" and I'm deathly ill from her brand of the "truth." Not fooling us with your self-serving and fake quest for the truth, two-face.
  9. Shut up, Erika, you bully! Shut up, Kyle, trying to tell Sutton she should have done better at being your attack dog. I'm about 1/4 way in and the only ones I don't want to shut up are PK with his rare insight, and Garcelle. Lisa, you "don't remember" Erika turning into an even more vicious iteration of herself and threatening Sutton? Please. You were still crawling up Erika's colon.
  10. This really had me snorting in a most unladylike manner!
  11. I couldn't figure why they protrude their lips like that until it occurred to me that they must think the protruding lips are actually attractive. More is better, apparently, when one has Boxtoxed lips. Shudder.
  12. I disagree because he has no plans to marry her. He is just stringing her along and does not plan to disobey his parents. I think he said as much in a TH last year. Yes, she's a tool because she keeps believing him, but he is a liar through and through.
  13. Ari is in Ethiopia. LOL. I did look up Ethiopia, but I must have been watching Evilyn when I typed up my response. They do deliver to Ethiopia.
  14. Where's my jealous emoji? I don't like sharing.
  15. Ari is bugging me even more now that I've seen the whole episode. She has the ex bring her bras? She can't have her mom send her some? She can't get any from Amazon? (Yes, they deliver to Ecuador! And they also sell Bali, one of the better brands.) Her backstory about why she left her husband highlights her selfishness and stupidity in spades. "I didn't really want to go but I wanted to travel everywhere. I didn't really want to break up with him, I just hoped if traveling turned out not to be fun, I wanted him to still be there, but I met Bini." She is so thoughtless and apparently reall
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