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  1. In the way back (cough) ladies who donned hats wore them throughout, whether church, dinner, or shopping. I actually loved Kyle's outfit. Everybody else parading around in their LV tattoo togs looked ridiculous. And I hate Kyle.
  2. Only watching to see the Erika Spin-a-thon. She initially made it out like she only left with the clothes on her back, a couch, and two chairs. "I don't have a dining room table." Boo Hoo. The place is gorgeous, and looks like she's lived there at least 6 months. Wonder who decorated it? Not Erika - too much class. Until we come to the Costume Room. On to Suttongate. They get more pathetic every year. Nothing compares to doggy gate. Can't belive this mistake of entering Crystal's room is the latest unspeakable offense. I guess anything to take the attention off Erika's real problems.
  3. Leonardtown! Hubby's family owns cottages on the Chesapeake Bay, and we've been there a few times. Not sure the town is big enough for the Chuckle beasts!
  4. I am. I want him off in the worst way. I signed a petition on YouTube. His phone call with Liz was the last straw. He literally spent the whole call telling her to f off and using other obscenities constantly. What did she do? Asked him if it was okay to take a coworker to El Cahon because he needed a ride. Apparently, douche said OK, then started blowing up her phone, literally yelling that she showed "disrespect" by even asking him, and that she was stupid for thinking he'd ever agree to that. He would not let her speak - just kept screaming about how "stupid" and "disrespectful" she was. He
  5. Besides which, as it turns out, Yara had Covid. As she said, she signed up to be married to Jovi, not to have a newborn and Covid at the same time. He's also been away four times longer than expected - four months instead of one. They also took him back early this time. Sorry you had Covid, Mamadrama! Angela really went off the deep end this time. What a more than usually awful disrespectful stream of obscene toxicity. Good for Michael finally telling her to pound rocks. I was amazed. He's definitely checked out and I wouldn't be surprised if he does have a new woman who doesn't func
  6. Ed is a user, pure and simple. He's not looking for a relationship, he's looking for fame. He wants someone to hook up with who will take his crap. TLC is enabling him and I am sick of it. He's an abuser and a creep. They need to get rid of him.
  7. In the preview for the new Plus series, "Diaries," Tom's (gag) new girlfriend must want to win the cosmetic surgery award. Poor thing looks like the masked character from "V is for Vendetta." I've honestly never seen anyone with a more plasticky looking face. Nothing intriguing about that new series that I can tell. Glad I don't have Plus.
  8. Well said. I don't think it is incumbent upon *anyone* to engage with people who have been controlling and dismissive, especially when they are trying to gaslight you by stating they've done nothing wrong. When you know people are using the show and cameras to exact their revenge upon you, all bets are off. I definitely think Mike and Trish's plan for this year was to take in TLC dough while humiliating and gaslighting Natalie at every opportunity.
  9. That cabin wasn't tooooo bad. I used to go to summer camp every year. We had one room log cabins with electric lights only. The restrooms were about a 10 to 15 minute walk away, as was the dining lodge, and everywhere else we needed to go. Lots and lots of walking. Every year we had to spend about 24 hours in small tents we had to pitch, dig latrines, and cook in the campfire we made. Specialty of the house, raw "baked" potatoes which never became fully cooked no matter what. If Kalani 's cabins were like the ones Asuelu rented, she was privileged!
  10. And I'll warrant that's not the first time she's said this. It's probably her constant refrain. Witch.
  11. Wow, what a beautiful and accomplished woman! Renaissance woman, indeed! My deepest condolences on your loss.
  12. Trish and Mike. Flagrant gaslighters of the year. "What did she say that was disrespectful?" Better question, what did she say that wasn't? Mike trying to make Natalie the troublemaker makes me stabby, while Trish playing Miss Innocent 2021 is barf-worthy. I'm sure that's not the first time Trish had told Mike to give Natalie $5000 and put her on the plane. That displayed her entire stank attitude in a nutshell. Give her $50000 for putting up with your hateful selves. And a week at the spa. I really don't need to see any more Sex Shop Follies. Enough, already.
  13. I think if my family stood up at my wedding with that nonsense, I would have told them to take a flying leap. How ridiculous. They could have said something as soon as they were told of the wedding. Idiot storyline worthy of 90 Days and Mike's odious mom, Trish. As someone said earlier, the "objection" thing was meant to give opportunity to people to notify the officiant that one of the celebrants was already married and not divorced. Not so that selfish idiots could have temper tantrums and stop ceremonies. This must be some sort of dream sequence. Jo wanted Link to foster, and somewhere
  14. Hey, I will take a covered shoulder Tiffany any way I can get it!
  15. I have felt the same way. They seem to revel in her discomfiture and they both seem to be genuine jerks. Mike excuses his mom's behavior and grins like a fool while shrugging and saying he doesn't know what's going on with Natalie, while mom feels free to attack Natalie on all fronts. I hate them.
  16. Mike's mom said, "We pass around the table, essentially," right before Natalie broke out laughing. Pass the table!
  17. Along about 1968, I was 20 and my best friend met a guy who wanted to double date with his friend, Gene Michael, shortstop for the Yankees, so I was the blind date. Gene was home in Kent, OH, as it was off season. We were driving down I-71 on our way to a basketball game at Ohio State. We were in front and my friend and her date were in the back. Backseat Bob reached over and grabbed my ample boobs, saying he just wanted to know what that felt like! I was incensed. Not much later, Gene asked me if he gave me a million dollars would I have sex with him. After my retort, both he and
  18. Near Chicago and we've been in the mid 90's for about 4 days. Right now I'm just glad it isn't still in the 40's like the previous week.
  19. He's the only person in that room who addressed Natalie in any sort of empathetic way. Trish's face all screwed up when she was once again put in her place by Natalie, who isn't taking any shit from her about her choices, reproductive or otherwise. Good on her. You can tell Trish is used to bossing everyone around. She even got snotty with Mike about cutting the turkey. She's despicable.
  20. I figured he was hinting around as soon as what's his name said, "Oh, right, your favorite soup is lentil," LOL. I couldn't believe Max hadn't already taken Luna back and told them to shove it, but I'm glad he finally did. That "vaccine expired one minute ago" was too ridiculously bogus. And of course, Max messed up again by making his next crusade about "more fit" recipients.
  21. Definitely! The answer to "There's not going to be any nicotine test!" should have been, "Then there won't be any surgery. Good day."
  22. Well I'm fitting right in here, because I absolutely loathe Mike's mom and her smug puss. Not really a fan of Natalie, but Mom needs to butt right out. Mike calls her "strong" but opinionated and pushy is not strong; it's simply obnoxious. And I know I've seen Natalie sweeping up, cooking and washing dishes, so Mike is full of it. I think that place looked really sloppy when she moved in and it looks a lot better now. Similarly, Angela is not strong, either. Having a loud mouth and doing as you please is not strong. BTW, her new pictures look like the doctor left her more like a B cup or
  23. LOL. That took the cake as the most ridiculous dialogue just about ever. But, apparently, the shears somehow messed with the patient's pH because why? (Again, not paying too close attention, so I missed the reason the Miracle Cure worked. Proximity to some organ or another? )
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