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  1. High schools should build classes around this show. Every week the class watches the show together and then has a discussion about it. Teacher simply acts as the moderator and keeps the discussion focused and civil. I think teenagers would profit from something like that. 🤷‍♀️
  2. Remember diagramming sentences? I guess that’s not “modern” enough for today’s curriculum.
  3. Totally agree. Myrka knew what the result of getting pregnant would be. I think she also got sick and tired of having to take care of her younger brother and this was her way out. From the frying pan into the fire. Reanna needs to realize that a court order in favor of Taron is going to wipe that smirk right off her face. Reanna would be better off agreeing to visitation/custody than rolling the dice in court. You cannot control what a judge will ultimately decide. What about “me” and “myself?” Argh!
  4. Years ago, my then 20something son asked me what theoretical advice I’d give to someone who is getting married. My answer? “If you think you’re going to change your partner, you’re not.” He thought that was really good advice.
  5. Let’s put some theatrical special effects people to work and crowdsource a project that has an alien space ship land next to Mike’s trailer, in Natalie’s line of sight, and then quickly disappear. I’m laughing about it already. Natalie: I vish Mike woot eat more healthier. At breakfast, Natalie: Do you vant another croissant? Father Brandon, the only reason your limp dick of a son made you think he wants to inherit the farm (which you use to manipulate him) is because he’s been afraid to tell you how he really feels. Julia, please do the math. Father Brandon is significantly older than Betty. When Father Brandon gets taken to the glue factory, who do you think will be taking care of Betty (hint—look in the mirror)? My suggestions for couples’ titles: Brandon & Julia—Mother, May I? Novi & Yara: Tee(th) for Two
  6. I thought Myrka’s rant was terribly disrespectful to Ethan’s parents. They’ve taken her in, free room and board, rides to wherever, parties, and that ungrateful little girl is crying about poor her? No one is lifting a finger for her? Yeah, okay. Gee, I wonder who is paying for her phone, you know, the one she’s using to put her nonsense on FB. Myrka, stay off of social media. It’s not your friend and nothing good will come of your need to give a lecture about the benefits of teen pregnancy or whatever the hell it was you were trying to say. No one cares what you think.
  7. Emotional intelligence much more important than IQ. Just saying. Great snark tonight, y’all. You never disappoint! Have a safe week.
  8. Uncle Beau can sell enough product in a few days in Seattle to buy that plane ticket.
  9. I’m sure Mike is just dying to get home every night to this.
  10. One beer and he’s drunk? He is a huge man. Takes more than one beer.
  11. Natalie, if he isn’t cultured enough for you, why are you here? Remind me.
  12. Nothing worse than someone trying to food shame you. Horrible.
  13. Not YSL, but I have two big plastic bins full of Coach bags, more than what would last two lifetimes. They didn’t make me happy like I thought they would because they are fucking purses. Yara shouldn’t waste her money.
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