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  1. They can find medical help if they need it. It’s available for people who can’t afford it. If nothing else, they could go to an ER, where they would be not turned away. I would have taken the kid to a doctor here in the States right away, just to make sure the Russian doctor didn’t miss anything, but that’s just me.
  2. Would have loved to have seen her cut it on the bias. Jasmin hires herself out as a member of the Fun Police. She wants to shut down fun even before it happens, a la The Minority Report.
  3. No tomatoes from me. I posted very early on that that kid looks weird. I don’t do a lot of ooohing and aaahing over babies to begin with, but this kid reminded me of the Seinfeld ugly baby episode. Problem with getting a big baby mobile is that they have a lot of weight to drag around and it gets tiring. Much easier to be a blob (says a mother who’s first baby was a ten pounder and three times his birth weight at one year, which is perfectly normal but heavy!).
  4. Jasmin and her sister are going for that blow up doll face look, 2.0.
  5. Next season can’t come fast enough. I’m doner than done with most of these fools. Apparently, I care more about Syngin’s future than he does. Wanted to thank you all for your kind condolences with regard to the loss of my dog. She was a beautiful girl and my constant(ly annoying) companion. Tough day.
  6. Michael’s family is exuberant about possibly getting their own tickets to the US.
  7. Looks like Sarah got her hair done for the occasion. Not just stringy, but super stringy.
  8. So Juliana’s yacht friends are giving their best wishes. Nice touch.
  9. I’d love to see Uncle Bo sign up for a season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. I might even pay to see that.
  10. Bo can give Mike some good advice about how life works.
  11. Uncle Bo sells the diamond ring for some meth supplies.
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