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  1. I’ve been through a lot and have learned how to assert myself without upsetting the other person. Here’s what I would have said in this situation and can be altered for other situations if need be: ”Mom, it’s really great that you’re so concerned about Little Timmy. I appreciate that. But give me some credit for my parenting skills. I learned them from you! (She’ll be complimented, even if you mean that you learned to do the opposite of what she did.) No one is more concerned about the welfare of my kid than I am. That being said, I love you and I love that you’re looking out for what’s best for your grandson.” You say it sweetly and kindly. Sure, the b.s. probably doesn’t sit well with you, but it doesn’t cost you anything and it shuts her up. Trust me.
  2. I also applaud Dawn. Sometimes it takes bravery to know your limits and to admit that you’re just not able to go forward. And I liked that she owned it. Dawn wasn’t looking for sympathy, she knew her mindset would cause problems for her tribe mates and she didn’t want to impede them. Good luck, Dawn.
  3. More like “I was the best bowler in the Ladies Over 60 league.”
  4. Remember the old Alka Seltzer commercial, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing?”I can’t believe I watched the whole thing! The caterwauling was excruciating to my ears. Someone should have given Shaun a whistle because those twits kept talking over each other. Lisa screaming “no, no, no” while clapping her hands to get attention so everyone would shut up and listen to her pearls of wisdom, and her klassy friend, Nicki (BHL 2.0)? I thought I had a strong stomach! How much time was spent on whether or not BHL would allow Usman to get a second wife so he can have a biological child? Then something about a porn star (no, not Granny Porn Star) who is nasty to BHL. Guess no one every figured out how to block someone online? Big Ed yelling at David “Then you aren’t engaged!” David talking about his financial situation (can’t buy you class, Dave). BHL not being able to form a sentence without using the word “fucking” every other word. Staph (heh) being as boring as all hell. Erica won the night and looked good while doing it (I think she lost a little weight and looks great, btw) without being obnoxious. Avery and Ash got two minutes? As a result, I have no interest in the Tell Nothing and how it’s edited. I’ll watch because I love my live chatters/soul mates/babes, although my children are the most important things to me. 😎 The good news? No Jesse. P.S. Watching it at 1.25 speed made it go faster.
  5. So glad that shows are realizing how hilarious it is to watch people watching tv. It’s wonderfully meta! The People’s Couch on Bravo back in the day was brilliantly funny. Pillow Talk and now Clothed and Opinionated are must see tv for me. I live alone and these shows give voice to my thoughts. We all need more snark in our lives. Duct Tape Guy has earned his own meme.
  6. Bye all. Remember, tomorrow is TUESDAY, not Monday.
  7. Bryson looks like he’s pissed at the big reveal. Great birthday surprise. Not. Meanwhile, I’m desperate for a piece of birthday cake.
  8. Having kids isn’t for everyone. That’s a good thing.
  9. TLC needs to be careful about spreading this franchise too thin. It’s starting to seem like Starbucks, with a store on every street corner.
  10. Evelin must be so happy that Covid gave her the reprieve she was hoping for.
  11. I did. I listed all my dog needs in an earlier post, before you got onboard the S.S. Minnow with us tonight for the three hour tour.
  12. Once again, I’m still weighing the pros and cons about adopting a friggin’ dog and these people pop out kids willy nilly.🤷‍♀️
  13. Real estate agent looks like Sophia from Golden Girls.
  14. So I’m confused. Is Jon working or not working? These time jumps are worse than West World.
  15. Corey, Evelin will want you around as long as you have money to give her.
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