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  1. Good to know. I thought there were only two half-siblings. Guess the other two were too smart to be involved in this train wreck. Any idea if Areola’s mother (Janice? Why can’t I remember her name?) and Dr. Areola were married when she got pregnant? I’m just curious because my cynical self loves a good history repeating itself narrative. Except Areola isn’t a nurse. And Bini is good for nothing not a doctor.
  2. Aha! Well, that would explain the helicopter parenting and snowflake treatment.
  3. I might be mistaken; I thought that the other children “belonged” to Areola’s mother and her former husband and that Areola is the sole progeny of Areola’s mother and cardiologist father.
  4. Areola is the poster girl for Snowflake. And she proudly takes on the mantle. Read my prior posts about how she’s turned her “fragility” (read emotional and psychological problems) into a weapon to make everyone else do her bidding while they are also forced into treating her with kid gloves.
  5. Which reminds me, what ever happened to that neon sign huge Star of David that she used to wear? Because she was such a committed Jew, I mean.
  6. I am 💯% in agreement. If a mother is dating, she should not be allowing her boyfriend to spend time with her kids unless and until there is an engagement ring on her finger. It’s not fair to the kids. I wonder if she ever asked Jose how he felt toward her kids or if she thought he’d decide to embrace the idea of stepkids over time. That being said, if having an instant family was a deal breaker, he should have stated that up front. I bet Myrla spouts the inclusion/tolerance/embrace diversity mantra in her job, but is clearly a snob who looks down at the people who remind her of her upbrin
  7. Jose should buy one of those plastic keys that you put on the toothpaste tube and roll it as the paste gets used.
  8. I wouldn’t be able to do any yoga because I’d just want to play with the baby goats. Too cute.
  9. Johnny, you’re a grown ass man, for fuck’s sake. No mature person needs to be constantly revealing his/her emotions every five seconds or asking one’s partner, “What do you think about me?” Because he really doesn’t care how Bao feels. It’s The Johnny Show.
  10. Michaela stares at Zack with this blank look on her face. She doesn’t understand that the cause of her hair-trigger insanity is not as important as how she reacts. And that will never change. I don’t have high hopes for these two.
  11. It’s Areola’s secret sauce. She’s an emotional wreck, thus you need to treat her with kid gloves so she doesn’t go off the rails. Just as I have trained friends and relatives not to call or text me on Sunday nights (Live Chat is my first priority 😁), so has she trained everyone to walk on eggshells because she is THIS CLOSE 👌 to having a nervous breakdown.
  12. I never found that to be entertaining. Maybe I am a rough crowd. You didn’t find it entertaining because it wasn’t entertaining. It was flat out stupid. I watched the above clip (courtesy of @Trackdawg) a few more times and it was cringeworthy. And don’t forget: Bini is also an aspiring rapper. 🙄
  13. My DIL has hair like Ellie’s (and luckily not the five-head). She said that she’ll never forget the time her mother took her to get bangs when she was in 3rd grade. She said she looked like a poodle and not in a good way. Then she showed me picture of it. It was like a fringe. Oy vay.
  14. FTFY @Gobi, I should have read ahead. Are we all becoming part of the borg?
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