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  1. Well that was fun. Now I need to do something to cleanse my soul.
  2. “I don’t eat fast food all the time.” That says it all.
  3. Lacey’s friend is willing to put her family’s welfare at risk for a person she doesn’t even know? Yikes.
  4. Oh dear. Dr. Now reads Lacey the riot act in 3....2....1. Good thing she moved to Houston for nothing.
  5. So I’m guessing Lacey never makes it to Dr. Now’s office to get a second helping of criticism.
  6. Lacey was hoping to stay overnight at the hospital, as if it’s some kind of a Marriott.
  7. Do you think the EMTs agreed to stop at the drive through for Lacey’s afternoon “snack?”
  8. So glad I tuned in tonight. Usually I’d be watching Married at First Sight but thankfully that shitshow is over.
  9. Wait, Ricky broke up with Lacey? Because Sharon yelling at her wasn’t bad enough.
  10. So while I was napping today (I have a bad cold and not sleeping well), the smoke detector on my cathedral ceiling started cheeping. Yes, the same one that my son had put a new battery in just two months ago. It’s always something.
  11. Sharon has no words. I think she’s had enough. 🤷‍♀️
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