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  1. I bought a Jaguar XJ6 because of Tawny. She made a big impression on me.
  2. In soviet russia, post soviet culture is into you
  3. His undermining of her is disgusting. I legit hate him.
  4. Jovi makes good money. That's definitely weird that he still eats ramen.
  5. I can't help but mentally flash on the great Rockin' Sidney whenever I see Jovi
  6. Was there some sort of contretemps or bruhaha in Moldova?
  7. Great snarking! Have a great week, and see you on Wednesday for some Pounding, for those so inclined!
  8. Dig deep everybody. . . the finish line is in sight.
  9. I get scones once a year at the Puyallup (Wash.) fair, and it's the highlight of the summer.
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