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  1. Until the 22nd,...???!!! That's not a houseguest, that's a squatter.
  2. One look at these two and boom! Instant pregnancy!
  3. I too, have gained a bit of blubber during covid. This damn disease. . . am I right?
  4. I just got snarked like I never got snarked before!
  5. evil lynn, or her sister had her boobs done? I noticed one of the girls (a sister?) on the couch during that scene had "pumped up the jam" , as I say.
  6. It's the covid I tells ya,. . . we live in crazy times. Corey is hoping for a Say Yes to the Dress cross over episode.
  7. That's what I'm thinking too . . . she's really attractive.
  8. If I were leandro, I would make a play for Bini's ex....she's flat out beautiful.
  9. I like the exe's hair.... in fact, I could go for her in a big way.
  10. Please baby jesus, let the exes hit it off and leave bini and aroeoa seething with jealosy.
  11. Well, at least they won't need floatation devices if they fall overboard.
  12. No shit he's still on Providencia because it probably got downgraded to a tropical storm and a couple lawn chairs got knocked over. I've seen that many times in Cabo. Big storm comes in, gets down graded to a tropical storm and they get a bit of rain for four hours and then it's back to normal.
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