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  1. Here’s how I imagine it all went down: Emily didn’t have much of a life other than teaching English to Russian kids and decided going to a gym would give her some way to interact with adults. She developed a crush on Sasha and started working out religiously just to get his attention. He became her personal trainer and had to continue exercising in order to keep his attention. They started dating, she got pregnant and the rest is history. I doubt that she’ll ever get back to her pre-pregnancy weight and fitness level. She says she wants to get back in shape, but I think she’ll passive aggressively use her weight gain as a big FU to Sasha. History will repeat itself and he’ll leave Emily when he finds his next victim female client. You can tell that she’s already contemptuous of him (read about the Four Horsemen of Divorce https://www.gottman.com/blog/the-four-horsemen-recognizing-criticism-contempt-defensiveness-and-stonewalling/). I also think she’s depressed, so that doesn’t help.
  2. Guess Anna’s sons can kiss their college funds goodbye. After all, Anna’s happiness is paramount and who really gives a shit about the kids?
  3. I think Syngin will stay with Tania unless and until it gets completely unbearable and she gives him his walking papers. He’s much too lazy to initiate anything and will follow the path of least resistance. With regard to him ever finding a job or deciding on a career path, he’ll be waiting forever to find the perfect fit. I also think that his PTSD (which, in my opinion, is “over-diagnosed” by people who have never actually seen a bonafide mental health professional) is a convenient excuse. You’re just plain lazy, Syngin! I’d have more respect for you if you owned it.
  4. I’ve trained friends and relatives not to call me on Sundays, because football. It worked.
  5. See you all tomorrow night. Please don’t tell anyone that I will be wasting 4 hours this week watching this crap.
  6. So did Mike meet up with someone on his walkabout in his pajamas in Kiev?
  7. Maybe you can find him on a foreign dating site. Or ask Rebecca for his phone number.
  8. Syngin should just not talk and fool everyone into thinking he has an IQ. Any IQ.
  9. Tania keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper.
  10. Are Anna’s kids going to be trotted out next? Special cameo with Joey on the monitor?
  11. Anna, why do you think Joey hasn’t warmed up to Mursel? Ummmm, because he’s smart.
  12. Anna’s face looks the same, so I don’t think she’s pregnant.
  13. Mursel is the life of the party at this tell all, yes?
  14. She’s playing the long con. First get your foot in the door (green card) and then move on up.
  15. Stress eating. Who can blame her? Sasha is a putz.
  16. Ugh. I feel like those kids are being prostituted. Sorry.
  17. It’s in the contract. In the small print. It’s what the entire show is based on.
  18. So many victims on this show. It’s as if they aren’t present in their own lives and just watching from the sidelines.
  19. Sounds like Michael and Sarah never even had a conversation about their marriage breaking down....yet they are best friends now? Color me skeptical.
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