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  1. I’ve had enough. Love After Lockup, Friday night, be there. 👋
  2. Did you know that David met someone at the Milan fashion show? It’s engraved in my brain, next to Staph having a serious illness.
  3. I think they’re both writing revisionist history. And I don’t care about either of them. I’m DONE <flounces out take a pee break>
  4. Ed loves his daughter more than anything. Bingo! I have bingo!
  5. Do you think Yolanda owns a Yorkie because their names are similar?
  6. Over the hill for Williams? You mean you were too old for him?
  7. I spent more hours watching the uncut tell all, then the tell all, then the Pillow Talk about the tell all, and now this, than I care to admit to anyone outside this group.
  8. Me too. It’s kind of confusing and it’s giving me a headache.
  9. David still doesn’t want to admit that Lana just wasn’t that into him.
  10. Lana looks less like a newly engaged woman and more like someone who’s being taken hostage.
  11. David is insufferable. Just saying. He really lives in his own little fantasy land.
  12. So it looks like another Family Chantal in-law is harvesting the American dollar.
  13. Who’s a good girl? You’re a good girl! Have you seen the Mabel and Olive you tube videos? Hilarious! Two Labrador retrievers.
  14. Maybe TLC will underwrite the David and Lana wedding. They can invite the Chuckle Fucks.
  15. The Gays! I highly recommend their podcasts but they are not safe for work!
  16. Darcey’s breasts are like a shelf. Not in a good way.
  17. Now I remember why I forgot about the Darceys. It’s because they are so fucking boring.
  18. I totally forgot about the Darcey Twins. I wish I hadn’t been reminded.
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