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  1. I came here to say the exact same thing. Would anyone ever trust her with a baby? If the baby spit up, Cyril would consider it a personal affront. I wouldn’t even trust her with a dog. Why haven’t the “experts” sought some real counseling for her? I know, stupid question. Next week when JessiKa makes her entrance at the dinner party, they should play the theme from The Dating Game show.🎶🎶
  2. One of the tells I love to look for is when the contestants are confronted by the “experts” and they visibly gulp.
  3. Not to mention that any therapist who has taken a single course in psychopathology would have been able to see that Chris is a Level 5 on the Narcissistic Personality Disorder scale. If Dr. Pepper thought he was such a tool, why was there in the first place? Virginia: Rocky, lay down. Lay down. Okay, here’s part of my cookie even though you refused to do what I asked. (No wonder that pup is poorly behaved. He doesn’t have to sit and he gets the cookie as reward for not listening. Great!) Eric was no better trying to train the dog. Hire a trainer who does clicker training and learn how to teach your dog obedience. It’s fun. And it builds confidence in the dog as well.
  4. So Ines got the hook and now Jess is on the prowl, trying to land anything that has a Y chromosome. Never change, MAFSA.
  5. I wondered where he would score on the Kinsey Scale since episode 1.
  6. Yes, not only pathetic and sad. I think it’s emotionally abusive to the kids.
  7. So if you are a polyamorist AND a vegan, no one ever gets to put a word in edgewise.
  8. British Pimple Popper. No thanks. See some of you, my snarky partners in crime, on Sunday. Till then, be well and be strong.
  9. Dr. Now didn’t address any lack of hygiene, like he did last week.
  10. Mariska Hartigay’s husband shilling Percodisks or whatever the hell they’re called. He’s the love interest in Younger. He looks fine.
  11. They should have made her wear compression socks, although good luck putting them on.
  12. Smartfood the the brand name of that cheese-y popcorn that comes in the black bag. I think it’s a Lay’s product.
  13. Why can’t she look at the person she is talking to? Is it because she’s lying?
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