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  1. Lorelai always had The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on when she turned on the TV. Specifically off the top of my head, the end of the male Yale party ep, Jason's guest room, and when Luke bought a TV.
  2. Wasn't she just English? Paris was bio or biochem/polisci.
  3. Large parts of non-boondock Long Island uses cesspools. If you're not on the north or south shore, chances are you have a cesspool. Our taxes are already insanely high and the thought of them going up to accommodate sewers is something we don't really want to deal with. In fact, a local project was going to add a sewer system to a train station and some surrounding homes, neither town wanted to deal with the financial burden and taxpayers didn't want the tax hike. I think they ended up with a plan where basically the train station would get a sewer but it would get channeled to an already over
  4. Absolutely. Though Rory did take some intro to econ classes in season 7 with her grandfather. Should have done more with the econ and poli sci classes.Why would someonewho wants to be Christian Amanpour not be thinking along those lines? Heck that international relations club she did for 1 episode was great, too bad she self destructed out of it. The Paul storyline should have been the first signal that this revival was not going to be painting people well.
  5. You need to go watch Mark Kermode's review of Sex and the City 2. I think you will thoroughly enjoy it. While I did like the almost dreamlike break that the LDB sequence allowed for, I do agree that it does go on for too long. And honestly, when Finn (?) started throwing money around at Doosey's, I was completely done with it. He could simply leave the money as a pile on the checkout. Put it in an envelope. Throwing money like that all over the floor was basically not just a sign of showing off how rich they were, but also saying whoever has to pick it up is on a lower level. There's noth
  6. The lines for cronuts when those were the thing were insane. And currently the lines outside Shake Shack. Though I don't know how many of the Shake Shack people are tourists.
  7. I think I would have laughed if Louise and Madeline were both surrogates working for Paris than anything else. Just photos of them in the books.
  8. Easier to market herself once she becomes "the author who wrote Gilmore Girls" vs "the person who wrote that one New Yorker piece".
  9. Francies line about being back in 2003 cracked me up. And Rory trying to be polite to Francie and deal with Paris being crazy at the same time.
  10. Because ASP doesn't live in this reality. 26 is the average age for first time child birth as of 2014.
  11. Didn't his mother die during childbirth?
  12. I do think Lorelai's ability to go out and do what she does have a lot to do with both privilege and entitlement. Rory's achievements (obviously not her grades) definitely do. And I think these issues were highlighted during the revival. So I guess that's where my issue with the whole thing stems. Since I hated both Wild and Eat, Pray, Love - I could see myself rolling my eyes at this book. Mary Karr (whom yes, I also recommend to anyone, as well as her friend Tobias Wolff) and David Sedaris (LOVE LOVE LOVE) also had much more interesting and or difficult lives than Lorelai and Rory. At t
  13. From what I've seen and read via interviews both Alexis and Matt are a bit WTF about their given storyline. Matt is playing Logan based on his own personal opinion of things which might not gel with what we're seeing, he said as much during one of his red carpet interviews. I have to say this is the episode that really solidified my dislike of the revival. Lorelai and Rory laying by the pool (later) with 2 young "slave boys" making fun of people who are overweight, dare to wear bathing suits, not up to whatever beauty standards that Lorelai and Rory have set. And this is after Rory's hug
  14. Who would buy a nonfiction book of the lives of non-celebrities who had their greatest achievements because of privilege and entitlement? I hated Wild, but that has more of a struggle and journey than the Gilmore story. These type of books only sell if the person is famous like an actor, established author (Stephen King's On Writing), blogger, or youtuber. A fictional book based on it would make more sense. Heck, make it a book series. Or here's a thought, do it as a book and sell the spec rights to Doyle to make it a TV show or movie. Make it full meta. And honestly, why the hell is
  15. Off the top of my head, Chris Carter. His mythology made less and less sense as the show continued. Just like ASP, his issues seemed highlighted during a show revival. And just like ASP, he ended his possible 1 season revival with a cliffhanger. Who would think XFiles have something in common with Gilmore Girls? On top of that, I call it "George Lucas-ing" based on the writing/directing disasters that were the Star Wars prequels. I don't really think it's a sexist issue. Especially since both Palladinos have the issue. To be a fly on the wall at their house.
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