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  1. Junienmomo wrote this back in July but it's still true. Awesome LL stories from Savvy, both the ongoing epics plus the shorter ones.
  2. Interesting questions/speculation. Since a major, though not only, motivation for fan fic writing is to "fix" what one sees as wrong, my feeling is that we'll see more Luke and Lorelai fics. There are many of us out here who saw A LOT wrong with how Luke and Lorelai were written in the revival. And even if one was happy with their story in the revival, there's certainly plenty of room for various other motivations for stories -- what we didn't see, what was being thought, etc ... So as a (mostly) LL reader and writer, I'm hopeful!
  3. I read on my phone all the time .. which is probably not a good thing ... but all you have to do is log on to fan fiction.net (or Archive of Our Own) and start searching.
  4. DeepFriedCake is on a roll! She added Chapter 8 to A Wedding in the Hollow.
  5. DFC posted Chapter 7 of A Wedding in the Hollow and it's awesome!
  6. Deepfriedcake came back to us! With chapter six of A Wedding in the Hollow! It's full of the funny, and the lovely, and a teeny bit of angst... plus, a cliffhanger!
  7. I have a new one that I stole from a Gilmore Guys podcast, but I'll answer this one from last fall, even though we know a lot more about the actual revival than we did back then (though I am trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible....) Rory with ... a new guy after several years of focus on career. L and L together, though I fear how this is actually going to play out in the revival... I have no trust, given the implosion of their characters and relationship in season 6, when last we had the Palladinos in charge... New Choice, posed by the Gilmore Guys podcast ep on The Real Paul Anka: Would you rather be stuck in a lifeboat for two weeks with Logan's Life and Death Brigade mates, or with Jess' Truncheon mates?
  8. I was listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast ep of Just Like Gwen and Gavin the other day and they pointed out an error I had never noticed before, and don't remember seeing here (though of course I could have missed it). In Lorelai's rant to Logan.... ....they were laughing over the poor math skills of the writers, in having her say five months, three weeks, and sixteen days when it should have been six months, one week and two days.
  9. Hey, fictionlover, do you know about filters? M rated stories don't show up in the general feed, you need to change the filters (scroll down to bottom of GG story page) to M to see them. If it's not that I'm not sure why else it's not showing up.... but ff can be mysterious!
  10. the mean duck family---The Armbrusters?
  11. Great recommendations, Junie-- I second them wholeheartedly. I often pair Cotton Candy and Mutually Beneficial in my mind and in my re-reading. Cotton Candy is lighter, Mutually Beneficial darker and angstier, but I love the way dfc and mags each masterfully moves backward and forward in time, looping you more and more into the the story with each pass, filling in the details, building to the satisfying conclusion. Two great GG authors at the top of their form---and then there are the dozen more stories from each of them, all also great, each in its own way! Having recently finished a massive re-read of much of the L/L stuff, with your author's list as my guide, I say thank you, and hello fellow obsessive! Or as we used to say in another forum for another show, focused. So much nicer than obsessed. And yes, it is a cheap habit, I love that point!
  12. Hello GG peeps! I'm here to let you know that Luke and Lorelai, at least the Luke and Lorelai that live in fanfic, are having a lovely day! Multiple entries today and prior to today in the ever-growing wealth of lovely, funny, angsty, often 'fixing what went astray' stories we have about these two. A round up of just some of what's been added lately: A sweet and funny Valentine's Day one-shot: Be My Mountain Man by Kennagirl. This is her first story in the GG 'verse, encourage her with a review so maybe she'll stay! Ah, the fixers, god bless their fic-writing souls: Deepfriedcake takes on R&R in a one shot: The Lorelais' First Night at the Dragonfly. More Rory/Lorelai than Lorelai/Luke, but with happy results for everyone ... except maybe Dean? Junienmomo wades into the always murky waters of season 6 with a new story, Child Support. Four chapters up in one day! I've only read the first, but Rory seems key here again---a little wiser and more focused on her Mom and Luke than in the show, which seems a good thing so far.... Brittaden updated a few days ago, Chapter 17 of Piecing us Back Together, which also focuses on season 6, then into season 7, with much happier results than in the show, at least for the Luke and Lorelai fan. Handful of Barbie, another new and great GG author, is up to Chapter 8 of Reconciling, which begins with the kiss in Bon Voyage and goes from there, building what seems to be a much stronger foundation for L and L's post-series life. (Hurry and read it before we get new canon from ASP!) And last (for now) but definitely not least, DSLeo finished Luke Danes, Babysitter, posting Chapter 6 earlier today. It's a pre-series AU, wacky and serious and sweet and angsty in equal measure.
  13. Emily? Is there another credits character in the scene as well?
  14. Daytime? Female credit character in scene?
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