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  1. Hated spring almost as much as summer. But I can watch the whole revival in just over an hour by skipping to the parts that were okay. GG would have been better without it IMHO.
  2. I can’t remember which episode at a FND the pendant on Lorelai’s necklace was off center. At some point it was corrected. There was a fast back and forth conversation between her and Emily and the pendant moved from the middle to off center every shot. Drives me crazy!
  3. I still laugh that Luke finally had a bag of flour fall on his head! Good thing his insurance covers him!
  4. I could have written this because I agree with this 100 percent!
  5. This is what I was going to say too. As unhappy as most of us LL fans were with season 7, those two were probably happy with having so few scenes together.
  6. I find what Lauren Graham doesn’t say speaks volumes. She talks a lot of her wonderful TV friends from GG and Parenthood and Scott Patterson is never mentioned. He is also one of the few she does not follow on Twitter. Now, being able to see more of their off stage personalities on social media, I can see why they don’t socialize.
  7. SP said they offered him a few more episodes after the pilot but he held out for a longer commitment so he a got a regular gig.
  8. I thought that as well until I learned that SP was only suppose to be a guest on the pilot.
  9. Do you think if DS was available for the duration of GG that she would have ever paired Luke and Lorelai?
  10. I know what you mean. I don’t think it’s just the normal aging that makes her look so different. I think it’s Botox. Her facial acting used to be so incredible. In fall when Luke was pouring his heart out to her, instead of looking like she loved him (like the OS when she proposed) she just looked weird . You could tell she was suppose to be projecting some kind of emotion in her face but to me it just didn’t work. Botox kind of freezes your face. I do think she was already making some changes to her face by season 7. She used to have this cute smile that wasn’t the same. It wasn’t drastic but something I always admired and thought was beautiful and unique about her that was gone. I still love her, even though the revival was a total disappointment.
  11. I love Luke and Lorelai, but upon rewatching, I question myself why. Yet, I still do love them. I’ve come to the conclusion that fanfiction has created a much better couple than the show ever did and that’s the couple that I’ve really come to love. I came across this article and I must admit that I agree with it. Just wondering how other java junkies feel about it? https://gothamist.com/arts-entertainment/luke-danes-is-the-worst-gilmore-guy-yeah-i-said-it
  12. Good point. There is one FND where the pendent on Lorelai’s necklace was off center and then back in place. It alternated almost every time the camera was back on Lorelai. It drove me crazy!
  13. Not to mention he tried to secretly loan her $15,000 when she had termites in season 2 (I think).
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