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  1. That is how abusers work. They alienate friends and family members. It is a power trip and a control issue.
  2. Yes, April's personality and character has likely improved since her addiction days. She was the only one (aside from Drew) who didn't slam Farrah for doing porn. She looks healthier, too. Catelynn and April are twins in the sense that Cate's looks have her looking like she is in the same age group as her mother. April has gone through decades of living a hard life. Cate is barely in her mid-20s and has the rough look of April when she was at her worst. Except for the weight part.
  3. Bitch, you disgust me. Don't tell us about mental health disease. We all know more about it either due to suffering from mental illness or we have dealt with people who have mental issues. I have two children who are dealing with mental disorders so, take your ignorant trailer-trash octagon-shaped ass and take several hundred seats.
  4. Imagine someone saying that to Cate?
  5. Back in the episode "Vegas, Vegas" when Darlene called her one for being on the pill. I loved that scene. Are they implying Becky had random sex with strangers?
  6. I think what he meant to post was "My son has the same ugly face as his mom."
  7. I remember watching this segment of Inside Edition where they had different sets of triplets take those ancestry tests with different results depending on which test they used: https://www.insideedition.com/investigative/21784-how-reliable-are-home-dna-ancestry-tests-investigation-uses-triplets-to-find-out So, @druzy posted information on the social media thread that the slashing of the balloons by UBT will be airing on the new season. I can't wait to see how Jenelle will react.
  8. Not anymore. Are there any tweets from Jenelle @druzy? I have a feeling balloon-gate is being hyped up. I am not sure it is going to be that dramastic.
  9. Catelynn already looks like her mother, April. The only difference is their weight. It is like they are twins:
  10. She is thanking Amber for retweeting. As if that will help anything. I watched that episode of Dr. Phil. Her brother is a nut job. Does anyone know the status of what happened? I mean, if the guy is not receptive to help, how is that Dr. Phil's problem?
  11. Love Costco! I nearly spit out the water I am drinking. OMG how funny! Nicer weaves...lol I know what you mean. I remember getting myself done up on a daily! Even if I wasn't working and all I was doing was going to the store, I'd do my hair and put my make-up on. Back in the early 90s I would sometimes wear the ponytails (think of Madonna on her Blonde Ambition tour). Those were awesome as I could just quickly do my hair by putting that on, do my make-up and head out the door. The ponytail saved me time from having to style my hair. Now, I will do the Amber bun (mine is
  12. Stubby is just so cute! I wish I could hold her. Please give her a hug for me. :-) @Bridget I brought your post here so I could respond. I will definitely share this with my son when he gets home later. Thank you for your sweet words. Yes, I taught all my kids the same about teachers and being respectful in school. My two oldest went to Catholic school. My son is the only one who has attended public school. He is in tenth grade. He has some special needs. The IEP helps him so much. He currently has a GPA of 3.5 Another thing I have shared with my son is that not all kid
  13. OMG I didn't even think of Baby Huey paying those teens to Skype him. lol @ your open season comment. You summed it up perfectly. Cate is jerking the mental health system. That time could be better spent on someone who truly desires help and is not manipulating people for sympathy. I have been going after her for a long while now. She is fucking ridiculous and she is playing Tyler for a fool. Cate is not a PTSD sufferer. She just tweeted two weeks ago about life being grand when she was growing up. Cate is not mentally ill with depression or anxiety. She is fearful of Tyler le
  14. Preach x 2. Re the second bolded paragraph, Sweet Jesus, thank you! Tyler is such a drama queen. Emphasis on queen. Tyler is not working, as you pointed out. He doesn't have Nova all day. She is at daycare from 7 a.m. until at least 3 p.m. He is "flipping" his home by his own choice. His wife and father are away at rehab so, it is not like they are a burden to him. His sister is likely the only one who bothers him from time to time, but even so, Tyler doesn't have the kind of worries or the kind of day that most people have who are in the same situation. He is not paying for either reh
  15. Baby Huey's wrinkly area around his eye that I pointed out last night looking like the skin around a rectum. Add that to the comments here about his mouth looking like an anus and you have one big Sasquatch hemorrhoid. @Brooklynista you brought up the editing about Cate and Tyler's scene regarding Nova. One thing I did notice was how the editors spliced one scene of Cate looking like her usual self while driving and the next scene has her walking through the door after her trip from the spa. She walks in all happy and smiling with her hair and face done which is not how she looked when s
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