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  1. I have a question. Maybe more than one, but only one that I can think of right now. The Ed Asner fake doctor character—what was the deal with that? He really didn’t scam The Carter Foundation, did he? I mean, he would have done better to take Carter’s first check. John would have had no reason to go back to the clinic to check on him. TCF had plenty of time to put a stop payment on the check or definitely track the guy down for fraud. Was it to show us how naive and incompetent John would be as the president of Gamma’s foundation? Also, as the manager of a (very small) foundation, we can only give money to a 501(c)(3) organization. TCF can’t just be writing checks to Doc Ed at the clinic. Ok, so that wouldn’t work for the show, too boringly real, but are we supposed to believe that Doc Ed is sitting on a beach in Florida with his nurse/assistant?
  2. I have just started Season 10, binging on Hulu, and it really is different when there is no break between episodes. First of all, I have to say that I need a membership in the “I Cannot Stand Abby” club. I’ll buy the t-shirt, the hat, and the tote bag. I didn’t remember that it took quite a while for her to go back to med school. She’s still a nurse right now. I tried really hard to be sympathetic to her family problems but no way do I like any of my siblings so much! Geez, just marry Eric already! Of course, I never practically raised my brother. But leaving Carter to go get her brother after Gamma died—that was cold! She made her choice right then and there and John should have told her not to show up for the funeral. My heart ached for those not-really-real people having to experience a drunk manic showing up at their loved one’s funeral. But the kicker was John coming back from Africa and her attitude. Not so much for kicking him out of the apartment, but the break-up fight they had afterwards where she is all “you LEFT me, you left ME! Me! Me! Me!” And in the next breath said that it wasn’t all about her, he had problems too. Abby, if you truly were sorry about bringing your brother to Gamma’s funeral, you have to make amends. But all you did was pile up more on Carter and tell him he has put up a wall, when he just shared with you about his trip to Africa. She’s a flake and a half and I don’t know if I can finish the show knowing it becomes the Abby Hour. Someone complained about Mark taking his time to die (two seasons). But he did spend some of that time in remission. He went pretty quick it seemed from discovery of the tumor reappearance and his death. And Kerry and the Alderman. Yikes! I had forgotten about that.
  3. I’ve just completed Season 3. I have to say that I feel it was better than the first two seasons. Maybe because Susan Lewis leaves. Okay, there, I’ve said it. I’m not a big Susan fan. Well, not a big fan of Susan, temp-mom of Baby Susie. And here’s another shocker: I like Chloe. I like that she got her life back together and found a guy and wants to be a family. Go, Susan, go to Phoenix and make sure Baby Susie will be okay. I liked Mark and Susan’s friendship and didn’t like how they turned it into this budding romance and Mark’s cliched running to the train just to have his hopes dashed-except wait-why in the world does Susan say “I love you, Mark” as the train pulls away from the station. Too bad they don’t live in 2018, where you could actually have a decent long-distance relationship via Skype and texting. You could get a non-stop ticket for $211. But you guys, you were better off as friends. Mark, Mark, Mark. Did you have some sort of Freaky Friday experience with Doug? Maybe it happened when that babe OD’ed in the ER. The spirit of love-em-and-leave-em jumps out of Doug and finds a new home in Mark. It’s really subtle. Doug is clearly shaken by what happens but you don’t notice so much right away that he isn’t boozing and banging like he used to. I’m not sure I wanted him to take an interest in Carol, I kinda liked the mom and son from last season (or season 1?) And all of a sudden, Mark is on a dating marathon. Clearly, marrying your high school sweetheart leaves you lacking in the skills needed for dating after a divorce. But then, *that* happens and we just wish he had taken the time to have a good relationship with just one person so there could be someone to give him a much needed hug. I didn’t remember how mean he got. Mad, you could expect. Or scared. But his overall personality changed and he wasn’t nice to be around at all and didn’t seem to care overly much about the people he worked with. Very well written and well acted. The Pediatric Surgery rotation. Another very well done storyline. Loved Peter’s comeuppance although it almost came at the cost of the newborn’s life. I really wasn’t sure why he wanted to go for a second round, except to get it perfect this time. Can you really not accept that you just aren’t good with children? I loved Dr. Abby. She was just so opposite of Peter. I wish she could have stayed. Then Carter maybe would have stayed with that specialty because I think it lends itself to a caring, involved surgeon. Abby seemed to be the type. General surgeons, thorasic surgeons, cardiac surgeons—they all seem to be the Benton type: driven and competitive. And Gant. Wow. And the aftermath of it all. I really can’t believe Peter missed the memorial. Sure he so out of touch with his feelings, but missing the memorial. And then missing the presentation with Carter? C’mon Peter! There is so much about this show that I don’t remember. Like Peter having a baby in Season 3! I liked Carla at the beginning of their relationship. She seemed very confident—wasn’t she the restaurant owner or manager? And even when she was first pregnant—maybe she should have told Peter sooner, but then he doesn’t talk to her for weeks? Yeah, she should plan to be on her own. Then she must have had a talk with Jackie (who also lets Peter in on this well-known fact) because all of a sudden she becomes a helpless needy pregnant woman who is afraid of needles. Which reminds me: show me any medical student who *doesn’t* know their blood type and I’ll eat my stethoscope. No way did Jeanie need to take some blood, just should’ve had to ask him his blood type. But really, Carla, you are refusing a needle stick right now? I did *not* like the circumstances that led to little Reese getting a circumcision, but I did like Carla’s argument: “You want him to look like you. You should say that. *That* I understand.” New secretary Cynthia. I completely have wiped any memory of her from my mind. She seems on the edge of crazy. I think I am misremembering her as the coke-head who carved up Dr. Caldwell (Mark Harmon) on St. Elsewhere. Keep those razor blades where you can see them, Mark! Oh, and Jeanie and Al Boulet. What a wonderfully written storyline that is! From her screaming at him that he has killed her to getting back together, somewhat. It’s just lovely and touching and was very real for the time. And would be very real for today. It’s amazing how well this show ages. I think I will have to comment more frequently than once a season. There is just too much going on. Too much to write about in a single post.
  4. Canceled by ABC, but the show may find life elsewhere. Just when I was getting used to it being over. Realistically, a “designated survivor” would never win re-election. He’d be lucky to serve out his term. Keifer needs to find a better vehicle. Honestly, I liked Kirkman. Keifer would make an excellent president. The show just couldn’t find its footing. They tried to be too many things. I seem to be rambling. Just like the show...
  5. When she dialed the number I knew she was going to say “I need a ticket to London.” But who did she call? The line was totally for dramatic effect but not real at all. We all know if you call Delta, American, British Airways, you will be greeted by a robot. Even if she still was an FBI agent, wouldn’t she have said: “Hi, Mary, this is Hannah. Got a minute?” I cannot imagine calling anyone, not identifying myself, and requesting anything. Of course, I’m not Hannah Wells, SAK (Swiss army knife)
  6. Wow I didn’t see that coming—not! Okay, I didn’t see Kendra and Trey coming. It was nice, but I wish it hadn’t been the morning after. It would have been nice if this had been a secret for a while. I did like Trey’s confession to Tom that he had been pining for her. But using Alex’s charity as a way to meet-cute? Yikes. That didn’t sound so sweet. Sounded like he was calling excessive meetings just to be with Kendra. BTW, show, don’t say another staffer is at risk in the tease for the episode. Since Trey was not a staffer, I knew it wasn’t over and called it even before Emily volunteered to go over and get her jammies for the sleepover. And then I can’t decide if I’m getting used to the writers or exasperated with them. There is way too much exposition in these episodes. Kendra has a break-in and a mysterious phone call. All meet and Kendra dumps this story on us about the way long ago and a murder-or two, I think-and parents and brothers and deals and witness protection. I should have taken notes but I couldn’t tell you who the bad guy was or the vengeful family. And again, it just seemed way too simple for the guy to run at the farm. So it was the dad who shot Emily? And, hey, I like Mike and all, but could we maybe have him be knocked down by the dude and the warrior Secret Service babe defend him? It was just so false seeing a Secret Service agent lying on the ground cowering. It was just way too much “female in distress needs rescuing” for me. Hannah would have kicked his butt. And speaking of Hannah, you know she wasn’t looking for closure, right, Aaron? But let’s not forget this is a show about the President of the United States. The C Plot (or D Plot-there were so many) followed the all-too-recognizable formula of “something that could derail President Kirkman is happening, but don’t worry, he’ll confront the baddies and it will all be resolved in two minutes.” I really don’t understand why the “parties” caved to Kirkman. “You better do what I say or I’m telling Mommy on you” just doesn’t work for me. I love/hate Moss. Is he really announcing his candidacy in the midst of an investigation? He definitely has his answers down pat. Again, things are so complicated, it’s hard to follow them, with West’s rapid-fire questions and his equally rapid-fire answers. I did not have the closed captioning on and as much as I love MJF, it’s so hard to understand him. Overall, though, I do appreciate the show’s attempt to have a character with Parkinson’s who is a bad-ass lawyer. I would welcome him being a regular on the show. I know people with speech issues and you just learn to take the time to understand them. Season finale. Any doubts who will give a two minute speech at 9:48PM EDT to rally the people to support him? Wait—season finale? I predict a cliffhanger—dun dun DUN!
  7. I have to root for Josh, since I lived in North Little Rock for a time. I'm really impressed with him. He certainly has the buzzer figured out. I noticed that the contestant next to him (I'm so bad with names!) was trying so hard to ring in and he was just a steamroller. I remember Ken Jennings saying something about that. I mean, you can't get on Jeopardy without being smart (all FJ answers this week to the contrary). You have to decide pretty quickly if there is a good chance you know the answer and then have that buzzer rhythm nailed down. I've been surprised by how much money Josh ends up with. He doesn't seem as dominant as he should be for the amount of money he ends up with. But I think that's because while he is a steamroller, he's a slow steamroller. It isn't BAM! Question! BAM! Pick a clue! BAM! Question! BAM! Pick a clue! (Like the College Tournament Champion was). Hahaha. It fits with him being a marathoner and not a sprinter. Slow and steady wins the race for Josh! FJ for me really was a question: Is it Casablanca??? I didn't quite believe it, but as someone said, it's one of the few wartime movies with the name of a place in the title. For some reason the bodies of water category really threw me off. I got Joan Rivers right, but without thinking of the category. For all the others, I could not connect the category to the answer. Was the category Lakes and Rivers? It should have been easy but the category was done before the lightbulb went off in my head.
  8. Josh’s story reminded me of my brother-in-law, who is also from the NLR area, who was in a marathon (he races in a wheelchair) and the race was called due to serious inclement weather. He refused to abandon the race and the police finally told him they would not be there to support him. Yeah, he finished the course in the pouring rain. I hadn’t thought about cars that might have wanted to use the road, I just thought he was stupid to be rolling in weather that included a tornado watch! FJ: I thought about 1804 for about 2 seconds and said “Aaron Burr.” I’ve never seen Hamilton and have never heard the sound track. It just made sense. I’m sure that having the play so prominent nowadays didn’t hurt. Lewis and/or Clark? I don’t think they feared for their life at the start of their expedition. They were planning on writing many, many letters and reports on their journey and returning to “civilization” at the end. Pretty incredible that Josh had almost 30k and it was not a runaway.
  9. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. It doesn’t make sense for it to be the car guy, except was he whining about something when he met originally with Kirkman? We just dont know him well enough to include him in a list of suspects—hey, what about that CDC doctor who saved the plague victims? Maybe it’s her. I was thinking that someone snuck a bug into the Oval and bugged the car post-car guy’s visit. I will not be happy if it’s him and he gets his two minute exposition speech in the finale as to why he is doing all this. If we know nothing about the Enigma anagram person except they are a hacker, what’s the point? It has to be a major player, like Moss. I can’t believe it’s Frost.
  10. For those who might know: Do they tape more than one version of the interviews? Some days, like yesterday, they take forever to tell their cute little story. I mean, how much can you say about taffy? But then Robert just went on and on about his party. And it was a good story, but the way he told it: “You see, Alex, it’s two parties, one was my birthday and the other was my bachelor party and my husband—well, soon-to-be husband, he called my friends and my mom and my dad and the dog walker and they all contributed by doing different video clues because they couldn’t be there and it was quite the production...” I don’t remember Jen’s story but it was like “Yeah, I went to Iceland and had a good time. I would say more, but Robert hogged all the time, didn’t he?” I think the best interviews are somewhere in between. With maybe one prompt/additional question from Alex. Not the chat-fest he had with taffy girl. It just doesn’t seem like they would risk not revealing clues because the interviews got out of hand.
  11. I’m jumping on the “model car as Chekhov’s gun” bandwagon. I mean, why did Kirkman have to call that guy to get a read on Andrea Frost? And then the closeup of the car. I’m not sure car guy is in on it, but that car sure is! I’m trying to remember now if people are allowed to wait in the Oval Office when the President isn’t there. Just how thoroughly are regular visitors searched? The Former Prez sure seems a likely suspect, but the drive-by shooting is just really extreme.
  12. Except, would he have ordered that drive by? Or risked Hannah’s life? I can see him wanting to get rid of boyfriend but not Hannah. I think his lerv is true.
  13. We all kew the hearing was going to come down to Tom making a grand speech to turn the tide. I actually thought West’s case was pretty weak. Mental illness runs in the family? How many cabinet members don’t have a family member that suffers from depression? And did we ever fully understand the compromise offer ? How about Prez and VP switch positions? Did you really think Tom would go back to being HUD secretary? I love the former president and I'm sorry that it turned out that he hated Tom so much. But he played it perfectly. Can’t touch this! The WH lawyer should have invoked Abe Lincoln on the insanity-is-good-for-presidents. Was it insanity? I think it might have been some other term. Anyway, Washington wasn’t president during the war, or a politician. He was a general. I didn’t get how tough it is to win all the time. But Tom seemed to need to ponder that. Also, i think he should have cut West more slack. He was hired to do a job. Was he supposed to soft-sell it? Did you want to win because West did a crappy job? Tom should have been fearless. I like Dr. Frost. I don’t want her to be bad, but I don’t see any way for Hannah to redeem herself without being right about Frost. Even if she finds the real hacker, I don’t see Kirkman being all “Oh, I see why you were confused. Frost was being framed. It’s all ok now.” Hannah is the one who needs a sanity hearing. There’s the passion of your conviction and then there’s busting in a fancy DC restaurant and calling someone a murderer. Hannah’s going to need to spend the summer in a nice “spa” wih soft walls and soothing music. I don’t think they needed the budget story. Another problem wrapped up by a stern talking to from Tom. That would not have fazed me. You’re sure the VP who is kicking you out is going to honor a promise she made to you? We’ll see. I’ve realized that I love MJF so much that I dont mind how hard it is to understand him. Speaking of which, what was all that “You should be nice to me because you’re handicapped” BS? Wrong, Tom. He should do his job!
  14. Well, Season 2 is in the can for me and I've started into Season 3. I wanted to write my eval of 2 first, but I'm afraid some of my comments may carry across seasons. I remembered Jeanie and Benton being more of a thing. They seemed to connect post-Mom's death, which was at the end of Season 1, but almost right after Season 2 starts, they break up. There's a lot of talk about them spending time together, but they only show the one scene outside of the hospital. Peter is such a hard person to read. On the one hand, he swears he is over Jeanie and I could accept that except he keeps behaving like he's all pissed at her for leaving him. It seemed that every other episode was Jeanie telling him to get over it and him saying that he was. And then the anvil. I guess there was never any doubt that Peter would get a clean bill of health, although we don't know that at the end of Season 2. It was groundbreaking to have a minor character with HIV, but no way would a major character and a surgeon have survived that diagnosis. And speaking of surgery: Peter's rise and fall. I really enjoyed the arc with his attachment to the vascular surgeon and his research. And Carter always being in the right place with the right answer. But then Carter. His behavior is often more like a star high school student than a fourth year medical student. He seems like he would be a notch down from Deb Chen, not quite so go get 'em, but not the kind of guy who would be looking for a dark closet to have a make out session with a junior med student. And then the whole "I got placed where I want so I'm going AWOL to a luxury hotel to get drunk on champagne" fiasco. I'm not asking for him to be a perfect goody two shoes--at least maybe show him doing a Doug and coming in the next morning in questionable shape, not leave for a three-hour lunch. I also thought that hand-holding a sick kid was no reason to miss your medical school graduation. She was just waiting for a liver. She was still alive after the ceremony. Yes, Carter, you *do* have someplace to be! I didn't like Doug the first time around and man, I am liking him even less this time. Yes, you have your Hell and High Water. But he's another character with a Jekyll and Hyde personality. How can he care so little about who he takes to bed and then so much about a little boy with AIDS that he will do anything to, to, well, to what? Certainly not make the little boy's life easier. But the idea is that he plunges head-first into emotional involvement with these kids. Chewing out parents who aren't perfect...wait...maybe he tries to compensate for his father's bad parenting by doling out his intense faux-parenting to his patients for a few hours at a time. But in the end, he abandons them as well. Although he did have to be dragged kicking and screaming away from the little Asian boy. Chloe returns to claim little Susie. Good riddance, I say. I'm glad Grandpa stepped up because for a while there I was starting to worry about little Susie. I expected we would have the episode where Susan just left her at home and forgot to bring her in. Babies are so hard to incorporate into a show. Knowing how many babies are yet to be born, I look forward to being refreshed on how they are treated. Maybe the Cook County Hospital day care is a 24-hour operation. And then Shep. Poor Shep. Thank you, Shep, for showing us how far we have not come in the past 20 years. The show with the abandoned children where in the end he is shouting: "I'm not a racist!" could have been plucked down into a current drama. I really like him and Carol together. He was funny and I think he really loved her. I felt so bad for him when he was going off about how best to kill yourself with her standing there. And apologized later. I was sorry that he couldn't stay on the show. It was sad to see the effects of Raul's death take it toll on him and his relationship with Carol. They would have made a great couple. Did I leave anyone out? Oh right, Mark and Jen and Rachel, the weapon of choice. I know a lot of doctors who have normal families. This one was doomed from the start. Jen is dead to me. From the moment she took that job in Milwaukee, I knew the relationship was doomed. Good on her. I hope you're happy with your lawyer friend. Be nice to Mark. At least he was faithful. And Mark, you don't have to be Doug and you don't have to be a priest. There's room in there for something that fits you. But here's a hint: It's not going to be Susan.
  15. When the category was revealed, I think I said "Uh oh" too. I think I got three or four of the questions right anyway. It's a weak category for me, but if the question is going to be about Pink Floyd, I guess I know a little more about opera (or 21st Century Operas anyway) than I thought. Dhruv seemed to be the teacher's pet in this tournament--the finals anyway. Alex never seemed to chide him for his wrong answers the way he usually does with other contestants. And also seemed to be more encouraging with the "way to go" when he hit a DD and got it right. I skipped the intros on the second day, but from the comments, it seemed he favored him there as well. Of course, I might be prejudiced because my daughter is a UCF alum and we were rooting for Hannah. I really thought she had a chance since she was only down a few hundred dollars from Day 1. After William blew his DD on Day 2, I thought he might back off and let Hannah at least have a chance at the buzzer since it was unlikely he would be able to beat Dhruv. I could blame the buzzer, which I think was part of Hannah's problem, but there were a couple of times when the "boys" didn't get the answer and she didn't even buzz in. So she lost fair and square and somehow William even came back from his disastrous DD and was able to garner 2nd place. William was all guts and glory. I admire his willingness to go all in. I'm sure he thought that the Historical Sites FJ would have a map with a star and a label for the closest natural feature. Both FJs were an instaget for me. Hubs guessed Gettysburg, but succumbed to my logic--I saw Arlington right away with the folded flag reference. I saw Man of La Mancha in Kansas City with Herschel Bernardi in the starring role. How did I ever pull that name out of the hat? The name came to me and a google search confirmed the place and date.
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