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  1. b4pjoe

    Alaskan Bush People

    I hate this show. But I can't stop watching. I think it is because I have to see if they can get more ridiculous than the previous episode. Somehow they do it! EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE!
  2. b4pjoe

    Alaskan Bush People

    Good Lord there was so much eye rolling in this latest 2 hour episode my eyes literally rolled out of my head and onto the hardwood floors several times. Matt's air conditioned suit was awesome. I want to make myself one and walk around the neighborhood pulling that wagon with the generator and windows AC in it while I'm wearing my tarp with a hose duct taped from me to the AC. <eyeroll> The Browns are just typical siblings that do crazy things with each other like myself and my siblings did all the time. Of course we were 6 years old at the time. <eyeroll> Awwww...what a beautiful wedding. <sarcasm> I wonder if the family of Rain with an H have received the ransom note yet? <eyeroll> In all seriousness that is a damn fine looking barn once it was finished. Which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that these dipshits didn't build it. The prosecution rests. <eyeroll> I'm really not sure if Matt is really in rehab for drinking/drugs. I think that was just for the "season" cliff hanger. After all this is a family that faked stage 4 cancer just a few months ago. <eyeroll><eyeroll> The drawing of the fire truck...I thought the exact same thing when I saw it. A 6 year old kid drew it and far better that Noah-nothing could have. And if by chance you are in the middle of a raging forest fire and that is your defense??? Well you are going to die. Come on FIRE! <eyeroll> Those are just the top ones but there were plenty of others. I really hope they took the animals back to the farm store where they came from because I can see this bunch of buffoons sitting around a fire with a chick-on-a- stick being cooked feathers and all.
  3. b4pjoe

    Alaskan Bush People

    Yeah...my apologies to the bears.
  4. b4pjoe

    Alaskan Bush People

    Wow! Just caught up on this 'season' and now the next episode is the finale. I remember when Discovery had some decent programming on their channel and this is what it has become. It is just mind numbing how crazy these people are. Crazy like a fox. They are probably raking in a good amount of dough but still. I just wish the damn bears would team up and eat the whole family. I am always rooting for the bears but they never win. :(
  5. b4pjoe

    Life Below Zero

    Anyone that has a job and pays their bills are being entirely self-sufficient. Chips job is just self employment and that job entails going out and killing his food where mine entails going to the store and buying it. I agree with ProfCrash about finding a different lifestyle fascinating that I myself would never want to live. I don't like snow, cold weather or hunting animals but I do enjoy watching them live their lifestyle choice.
  6. b4pjoe

    The Last Alaskans

    The Last Alaskans will return for season 4 in late 2018, and include Bob Harte’s death
  7. b4pjoe

    S01.E04: Fight, Flight or Freeze

    I found the following article interesting... Fact-checking a scene from CBS’ Hunted
  8. b4pjoe

    S01.E03: Operation Cupid's Revenge

    I like this show and I do think it is fairly as realistic as possible. For one if you are a fugitive on the run you usually don't get time to grab cash first or pack or buy burner phones for you and friends/family. The most unrealistic part is that the fugitive has an ATM card to use. A fugitive on the run will need to, at best, work for cash or at worst...steal or rob for it. I think most fugitives would know better than to try to contact friends or relatives. And real fugitives on the run probably aren't going to get much help from strangers since they don't have a camera crew with them. I also think that the explosion of social media in the last few years means that if you do go on the run and you have used social media it is going to be fairly easy for law enforcement to get an accurate profile on you and get access to those accounts along with an extensive list of family/friends. I mean if you are actively running from law enforcement a judge is going to give them almost anything they ask for. And yes I am rooting for the fugitives too but I don't think many will succeed but I think one or two will. I have watched both seasons of the UK version. I will post more about that with the spoiler tag...and there are spoilers in there.