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  1. All I know is if Red is her mommy I will blacklist The Blacklist on my DVR next season. Nothing against transgender people but that is just the stupidest story line in the history of television if that is the big conclusion to this mess.
  2. I wonder how her time on the show will end? Dead? Prison? Asylum for the criminally insane? Riding off into the sunset with Agnes and the dogs forgiven for all she has done?
  3. Like I said...I have hope. A very, very, very small glimmer of hope but not to the edge of my seat yet. 😁
  4. I've been telling myself this same thing every week for the last 3 seasons. I guess I like being disappointed. Last weeks episode gave me hope of some answers. I fully expect to be disappointed again.
  5. I read the Q & A over in the "The Blacklist in the Media" thread with JON BOKENKAMP. He really seems to think this storyline is some kind of masterpiece. Evidently he does not read this forum. 😃 The only way they can save this show is to kill off Liz Keen and the sooner the better. I'd rather watch Red and Dembe pick flowers in a park than watch another minute of Liz, Neville Townsend and this version of the FBI which obviously stands for Full Blown Idiots.
  6. Common sense in this show? No room for that in this show. 😃
  7. Liz and the Task Force? WTF? I guess they all hugged and made up?
  8. In anyones defense still watching this show....it was excellent in the beginning and people that start liking a show usually wants to see it through to the end. I'm still watching but usually hate watch it these days. If there isn't some spectacular turn about before the end of this season I can't imagine watching this same story line into a 9th season. It has become a cartoon to what it was in the beginning.
  9. Alaskan Bush People's Bear and Raiven are Back Together
  10. b4pjoe

    SEAL Team

    Yeah that is not accurate at all. I use the VA for all of my health care and none of it is service-related.
  11. Yeah on that unaired footage episode...that abandoned cabin they were looting didn't really look like it was abandoned. It was a heck of lot better looking than anything they've ever built. I think the Washington State Police need to see that video. 😁
  12. The look on the construction guys face when Noah told him he needed the blocks to build a castle: PRICELESS. Good grief. The poor goat. Surely production would not let idiot birdbrain do that to him.
  13. And it must be a lot considering the place she is renting is $10,000 per month.
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