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  1. I'm assuming the manuscript was like a book within a book. Is this going to be another whole series we'll be watching once Dominick decides to read it? Will Ruffalo be portraying his grandfather?
  2. IRL Joe Grifasi is old enough to be Juliette Lewis' father. I'd estimate he's about 30 years older.
  3. Yeah, and everyone knows (or should know) that organizations are not going to give out personal information (home phone, address, etc.) on employees. At best you hope they'll take your name and number and give the person a message. Come on, Dominick you're smarter than that!
  4. Even though Thomas is the center of the psychiatric/medical problems, Dominick's life is really fucked up. How many tragic things can happen to one person?
  5. Also him being 22 years older (IRL) and the way they act towards each other just doesn't make sense as a relationship. Also, what ever happened to the Juliette Lewis character and the translation of the grandfather's manifesto.
  6. I knew he couldn't be/wasn't the father. (I didn't read the book).
  7. I received the following from a reliable source when I asked if they knew anything re: the status of Hell's Kitchen's return. "It got pushed back because of Fox's commitment to WWE. I would have presumed that they originally intended it to start in June like it has done numerous times, giving them an easy "summer schedule". But with shows on hiatus completely at present, and no idea when the scripted stuff will return, I would now expect that they'll air it in September or October to give them a start of the "main" TV season. It'll be on the Calendar as soon as there is definite data."
  8. Didn't they say it was Cerebral Edema, which is defined as: "Cerebral edema is also known as brain swelling. It’s a life-threatening condition that causes fluid to develop in the brain. This fluid increases the pressure inside of the skull — more commonly referred to as intracranial pressure (ICP). Increased ICP can reduce brain blood flow and decrease the oxygen your brain receives. The brain needs an uninterrupted flow of oxygen to function properly. Swelling is the body’s response to injury. It can sometimes be treated with medication and rest. Brain swelling can be very difficult to treat. It can also cause irreversible damage. The swelling can occur throughout the brain or in certain areas. Left untreated, cerebral edema can be fatal."
  9. From TVLine.com: The following post contains spoilers for The Blacklist‘s Season 7 finale. Proceed with caution! https://tvline.com/2020/05/15/the-blacklist-recap-season-7-finale-animated-episode-19/
  10. I thought Dembe's animation was the best.
  11. Throughout the animation piece(s) I was unconsciously waiting for the Bat-Mobile to enter a scene.
  12. I thought this was apropos. Hit it Liz:
  13. I previously posted this in the media thread. I thought it would also be appropriate here. I remember when Spader was on Boston Legal and his nemesis, lawyer Melvin Palmer, always said to him "you're a hoot." Well tonight's episode could really be a "hoot." Read about it here: https://bre.is/pR8fJuSz
  14. I remember when Spader was on Boston Legal and his nemesis, lawyer Melvin Palmer, always said to him "you're a hoot." Well tonight's episode could really be a "hoot." Read about it here: https://bre.is/pR8fJuSz
  15. Why did NONE of these so-called "best players ever" make any attempt at voting out KING TONY?
  16. I just cannot envision Tony as a police officer IRL. His antics/personality on Survivor do not, IMO, fit that of a cop.
  17. I believe most of us thought this was the final episode (S01 E12), but I've read there will be a #13 aired on 5/14/2020. Does anyone know if this is true?
  18. If Hen is going to be a doctor, how will they be able to keep her on the show? Anyone know if Aisha Hinds has anything in the works besides 9-1-1?
  19. Perhaps Nolan has a well hidden security cam in his newly renovated house and caught the perp(s) doing the deed. Everyone knows he's not going down for this.
  20. Based on the title of the episode "What's Next?" and what we saw in this finale, I'd say there's quite a bit of "What's Next?"
  21. This is how the conversation with Gray & Bradford went regarding a transfer to NYPD: What about NYPD? [SIGHS] That's a whole other beast. You would have to go to the NYPD Academy, complete the FTO program before you'd even be allowed back on the streets. You would basically be starting from square one. [LAUGHS] In fact [CLEARS THROAT] you would be the John Nolan of the NYPD.
  22. Does anyone really come home from work, to a dark house, and start washing his/her hands without turning on any lights?? When did Armstrong or whomever have the time & resources to transfer all the "evidence" and a gazillion dollars in cash to Nolan's house? I hate dumb cliffhangers!
  23. Was the twins mother, the same actress from Six Feet Under? If so, she's had some major work done on her face as she looks so much younger.
  24. Also, Shameless, Grand Hotel and The Connors. Yeah, Peg Bundy really gets around these days.
  25. I knew the car was going to be a major part of this caper.
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