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  1. ** I started this reply in First Wife but it ended up referring to this episode, so I've moved it here in order to avoid having to spoiler tag those bits. So the quotes above are from First Wife.** Right. So the show has pretty much let us know that Claire and Jamie, BOTH, were unable to live a full life without the other. I'm finding it interesting that the portrayal of Claire's experience of this came from her daughter (my mother lives in another world) while Jamie appears to be more self aware because he states it himself. I'll give them both credit for "accustom(ing) themselv
  2. I frequently skip the previouslies—old habit formed due to the marathon that was GoT—so I had to go back to see what you were referring to. I think you're on to something. The "previously" for First Wife showed the old fellow who John Grey had Jamie interpret for—and who spoke of la Dame Blanche only he used the Gaelic term meaning the same—speaking of gold and the Silkie from the sea*. The addition of the snippet of John Grey's minion telling/showing him the last place they saw Jamie wasn't necessary unless there is a tie-in. Jamie gave John Grey the sapphire claiming he found a box on
  3. At least she explained about her (Hippocratic) oath this time! Last time her insistance on saving the life of the man who tried to kill her came across as bonkers. Jamie, of all people, certainly understands the imperative of swearing an oath! He swears an oath almost as often as other men just swear! I'd like to hear how Claire would explain the origins of the Hippocratic oath to Jamie. At least he would understand. Given Claire's reaction to Jamie lying to Ian in Edinburgh I think the exchange referencing writing to Jenny and Ian was to tell the truth—AFTER they'd left. Claire m
  4. I actually relaxed into this episode because it wasn't quite as incomprehensible to me as the two previous ones. (And I have to acknowledge that the discussions from you folks has improved my POV concerning some of the crazy-making behaviours of our main characters. So thank you all.) Without a doubt—Willoughby was the highlight of the episode. He actually knows Jamie better than Claire at this point, but then so did his counterpart, Murtagh. I often think that Jamie would have been lost without Claire, but he had Murtagh at Ardsmuir prison and Willoughby from whenever. After he returned
  5. I don't think Claire ever told Jamie that Frank looked just like Black Jack Randall. THAT is who Jamie was sending her home to FFS! Of course Frank was not BJR, but he appeared to be the spitting image of him. Claire had been very careful not to give Jamie that information and good thing she didn't. He could console himself that she would be well cared for—but if he kept seeing her with BJR in his mind's eye? 🤯 OMG. Thank YOU for that.
  6. Ha Ha. It is quite possible to hold contradictory emotions in the same head. I'd already quoted Jamie as affirming that Claire going back to the future—(will I have to pay royalties for that phrase?)—was the right thing to do. But when he came up with the plan he also expected to be dead. Having to live with the consequences of his brilliant plan, to quote Claire—was so much harder than he thought. And especially since she's now back and his feelings of loneliness are brought sharply front and centre. The regret is that he has passed 20 years without her and lived a shadow of a life that he is
  7. Interesting that I had just revisited this episode to remind myself of the part where Jamie had told Claire she had done the right thing—going back through the stones. The conversation sounds different with a few more episodes under our belt. Your explanation of Jamie's feelings does explain that statement I couldn't make sense of: (gingerella wrote:) Jamie: I never thought I'd laugh in a woman's bed again, Sassenach, or even come to one, save as a brute, blind with need. Jamie always did have the heart of a poet when he speaks the depth of his feelings to Claire. Thanks t
  8. That "you left me!" is the most inexplicable thing that's come out of his mouth. Curiosity made me go back and check the three-part expositional sex scenes we were treated to in the A. Malcolm episode. It helped make a bit more sense of Jamie's actions (as has @gingerella's post on Jamie's fear of losing Claire again.) Here are the bits of dialogue that helped me out: Jamie: Do ye want to leave now? Claire: I did not come here to make love to you once. I came back to be with you. Jamie: I canna tell ye... What it felt like when I touched ye today... And knew you to be real.
  9. You need to take this on a stand-up tour! Hilarious! And—after the 2nd bit—I couldn't help thinking "We were on a BREAK!!!" Interesting. I think I had lost interest by then, but you may have a point. The show did make a big deal of the scene (back when they visited the old Fox grandsire) where Claire sends Jamie to thank Leery for her help (but he knew not what help and thanked her grudgingly) and then the pause after Leery's "humble" reply followed by her whisper to herself that she still hoped to get him to love her. I can now see that was a foreshadowing of this storyline. For my p
  10. Good catch. I hadn't thought about that and the fact that Jamie not only took Claire's point regarding what he did to her, but also broadened to a more general view on the-punishment-should-suit-the-crime. If Young Ian acts like a child... Can I give you an **AMEN** One of the highlights of the past two episodes for me was that older, mature Ian is actually looking handsome. At least I think so. And he's still the best man in any room he inhabits. Yep. Take note! One of the (few) highlights. Ned Gowan was another. Another head scratcher - among many. I even paused to see i
  11. Good catch @Camera One. Although last time we had a similar one-off scene (John Grey as a boy) I think it took until the following season—and a few episodes into it too boot—for that cameo to be returned to. But I like your idea! That would at least give those characters a reason-for-being beyond reminding Claire that she still wants to do doctoring. Sorry to say that I don't have a lot to contribute to this episode because it's left me feeling exasperated. Two episodes and Jamie's life as a printer is over. The pamphlets in his shop WERE treasonous and calling for the true King t
  12. I'm a little slow on the uptake, but now I understand where you were coming from. Think we'll get a flashback to fill that in? I'm not sure that the "Roger" pamphlet was one of Jamie's seditious ones, but it could have been. I wasn't able to see much of it except something about restricting trade and the "freedom and whisky" quote. Anything else I could see was the kind of circumlocution that could mean one thing to Scots reading the pamphlet and something quite different from a legal standpoint. Jamie seems to have learned how to dance around a topic in such a way as to speak to those
  13. People do have Ah Hah! moments in their lives when they stop complaining about inequities and start doing something about them. In Jamie's case I think it was that he always tried to correct inequities when he saw them and just fell into being the one who was expected to lead the way. I don't disagree that Jamie was not particularly political in the first two Seasons, but by Season Two he had taken on a position of leadership—whether he wanted it or not—and it shaped him. He spent a lot of post-Culloden time not involved in any political activity while he was evading capture, but even the
  14. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. I thought he'd answered that this episode. He is still engaged with fighting the British takeover of his country. They took away his weapons but he found a different one in the form of the printing press. I hope we get to see how he acquired both the business and the skill. I wonder if Mr. Willoughby might be a link to this? Pretty sure China had printing methods long before Europeans did. And I'm equally sure that the basic methods weren't that different until machinery was introduced into the process.
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