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  1. That's what I think as well. When Claire told Brianna she (Claire) couldn't be sure that if the time travel was made with a babe in arms rather than a fetus in the womb that they would go together. She never quite said the babe might end up somewhere else, but I understood it to include a Craigh na Dun at another point in time.
  2. While I'm not that bothered by the plethora of accents that pop up, I did find the question intriguing. For instance there has been quite a bit of discussion and debate regarding how George Washington would have sounded (by scholars). I found this quite interesting because it recognizes his parents were English, but that he would likely have adopted a speaking style that reflected his contemporaries in the Colonies: Research offers many clues to how Washington sounded. As to the question of whether or not Washington had an English accent, there are many possibilities. Washington was born
  3. Yes, @Camera One. That's what I'm seeing too. It's very frustrating—the time travel aspect—because there is just enough to get you interested but it goes nowhere.
  4. This is becoming the big question. In the opening credits for this Season we saw men dressed in furs and skins piling stones in a circle around a standing stone and then the ritual being enacted with the women dancing around the Standing Stone, fires lit at the base of all the stones (both the standing one and the piles) and the full moon. Claire gave us a voice over at that time: CLAIRE: For centuries humans have held an endless fascination with circles, attributing meaning where they are found. CLAIRE: From the eternal rotation of the planets around the sun to the movement of clo
  5. Below I what I based my thoughts on. I bolded the part I hadn't really taken in the first time I watched. I got this from closed captioning: Bri: Did you kill him finally? Jamie: Why are ye asking, lass? Bri: I've been wondering if it would help if I killed the man who did this to me. Jamie: And ye'll have killed a man before? Bri: Think I can't, don't you? Jamie: And what will ye get back? Bri: Mama told me you tried to kill Jack Randall in Paris in a duel. What did you try to get back? Jamie: My honor. Bri: You don't think my honor is wo
  6. My. It HAS been a long time since I viewed this. I had to rewatch just to remind myself of what happened. Re-watching does have it upside. I think I appreciate this episode more because I wasn't blindsided by the twists and turns the dialog took. I could grasp what the writers were trying to convey. Right off the top, my favourite few seconds were of the goat kid leaping beside its mother. Put a big smile on my face and calmed my spirit. For the most part I am fine with how the show runners (and writers) decided to give us each character's reactions. Jamie trying so hard to
  7. I. Am. Devastated! Normally I make predictions or suggest directions the show might go knowing perfectly well that I will be wrong. WHY, Show, did you make this one right—and even worse than I imagined it? Last episode I wrote: So there is no Who's The Daddy complication, just everybody not talking—and jumping to individual conclusions anyway—and poor Roger paying the penalty. ROGER! Without whom Jamie would never have been reunited with his one true love!!! (🤬🤬🤬) No more talk about the ending... The rest of the show was back to sweet moments and character building. Al
  8. Well, you forced me to google the population of Wilmington around that time. Closest that Wikipedia comes is for 1820 - Population: 2,633. That's at least 50 years after the time depicted in this episode. I grew up in a town of under 2500 people—and it wasn't a port town so it wouldn't have as many "Inns"—but it had 2 hotels (both with bars) and one Main Street. If someone new showed up? Everyone would know about it by the end of the day! I expect Wilmington had less permanent residents than that and more transient visitors in the form of sailors, so probably more bars and lodgings but th
  9. Yes. That is what I meant about having era adjustment problems. You've fleshed out the issues fully. Thank you. Plus, in 1968 it was even MORE common for women to expect to go to bars, or parties or get lifts to their destinations, without being molested. The fact that Claire wasn't ravished was the GOOD LUCK Claire had by looking and sounding like an upper class woman, the story she told about how she came to be there—indicating she HAD a man—and the willingness of Dougal to give her the benefit of the doubt (and his men respected his decision). Brianna didn't have any of those things
  10. As @gingerella mentioned. We were expecting a change for the worse either this episode or the next one. Show didn't prove us wrong. I'm having trouble dividing things into what I liked and didn't like because they are often part of the same scene! - Agree that it was good to get an update on Fergus, Marsali and baby "Germain" (or so closed captions tell me). I couldn't make a name out of what I heard them say on the show! They DO look like they are doing very well for themselves, and - Marsali serving notice to the world (when talking with Claire) that she's ready to kill anyon
  11. Source of quote below: https://www.battlefields.org/learn/articles/medicine-has-scarcely-entered-its-threshold-medicine-1700s This—along with the points Scarlett45 mentioned above regarding the reception that Claire, a woman, would receive if introduced as a "surgeon"—would be reason enough. The timeframes of this episode would still be the early 1770s and "the colonies" had only recently established medical schools. (Quote from same source) The other point that has to be taken into account is the cost of consulting a doctor. Most rural folk would not have access to a doc
  12. Yes! I forgot this bit, but it stood out when I was watching it. Always love parallels. That was definitely a heart tugger. We got to see how important Frank was to Brianna and that "appearance" on the dock as she was setting out for America was her inner confirmation that he approved. The whole scene was striking because he appeared in his modern day clothes with everyone around him dressed in 18th century garb. Well Done!
  13. This season seems to have allowed itself to slow down enough to give us character development. Bree first and foremost, Fiona, Frank, Leery!?!! and even Marsali's younger sister, Joanie as well. Fiona has turned out to be a true friend to Roger. Too bad they didn't show why that changed because she was sure giving off Leery vibes when we first met her. AND it is confirmed that the buzzing or humming sounds that Claire, Brianna and Roger could hear—but Jamie and Fiona could not—are related to the ability to time travel. Jamie Can Not Time Travel. This conclusion was extrapolated fro
  14. Yes, this is the problem. I tried a google search for the deleted scene before you posted it @Cdh20 but only found one where the show runner—Ron Moore—talked about deleted scenes from A. Malcolm (sorry, I didn't save it and don't know if I could find it again). He started out explaining that they packed so much into that one episode that it was longer than one hour and felt it could survive a bit of pruning (my word, not his). Regarding the scene you've provided for us, he said that it just repeated information we already knew (i.e. were actually shown as their own scenes) so they felt th
  15. Yes, I think this explains the discomfort Claire felt about Lord John since she first met him. SHE may not have realized it then—or even at the beginning of her interactions with him while he was sick—but by the time that conversation was over she understood well enough. I saw the Claire/ Lord John scenes here as mirroring the Claire/ Murtagh exchange in S01. There will be a bond between Claire and Lord John as well—regardless of whether they meet again. They understand each other now and no longer feel threatened.
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