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  1. Sort of like the season 7 premiere. That season is up there with 5.
  2. I’m just annoyed by the writing for Christy. It’s not like we’ve never seen her in a relationship so this brainless act around guys is just lazy.
  3. I would also think if she was going to spend thousands of dollars she would go with someone younger. Considering Christy is Jill’s age she could have the same viability problem.
  4. The only thing I want see from Wendy at this point is dumping her shitty friends.
  5. Carter was shown to be awful teaching Lucy while shown being pretty good at teaching Abby. I think the Carter we saw at the end of the series would have been a good teacher to Rachel.
  6. Lucy and Romano would make me want to leave. Especially Romano. In the real world I would wonder what curse is on the place. It’s one thing to die from cancer. It’s another to be stabbed repeatedly and have a helicopter rip your arm off and then finish the job later on. (What they did with Romano was beyond absurd)
  7. Have chemistry and be entertaining with Sean Kanan’s AJ.
  8. Same. Whereas Kristen Johnson is a great comedic actress and adds to the show KM sucks the life out of it for me. If it was a different actor playing Patty I would have zero problem with her.
  9. The reason why Christy has nothing to do with her kids is because this is the Bonnie show now. At least that’s what it seems like to me.
  10. I can’t with Patty. I agree about the actor. I just don’t find her appealing. I really hope she isn’t made a regular.
  11. Free Noah Schnapp from ever having to say that line again.
  12. The way they are writing it I have zero idea why Wendy hangs out with the rest of the ladies. They treat her like shit and it’s really not funny at this point.
  13. I think it’s odd that Adam got a mat with The Janikowskis on it with Christy living there. Even if Bonnie did take his name that doesn’t make it Christy’s.
  14. Secrets and Lies is one episode I never watched again. I loathe it.
  15. I like to think Susan and Carter tried again. She was divorced in the final episode and Carter did comment on how great she looks. Anything as long he let Kem go. The idea that he stayed with her misery for YEARS bothered me. My boy deserved better.
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