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  1. My guess, Dr. Now's notes say "Totally stoned" and "Fatter than ever", and "Block Steven's number". Thanks everyone! I couldn't have made it through this without your snark.
  2. Steven is so high. The wife is so stupid, and I hope her try for fame was worth it. I'm sorry for her daughter. I hope Steven doesn't get a divorce, because he'll be back in R.I. with Daddy in no time.
  3. I find it ominous that part of Steven's beloved stuff that Daddy is shipping to him is a bunch of dolls. I bet Daddy has a lot more money than he admitted, because someone is certainly subsidizing them, and Daddy is the only possibility. The father doesn't care about Justin at all, just Satan's buddy, Steven. Outdaughtered-stuck at home in a mansion, with a pool, all kinds of play stuff, and probably live-in help. I don't feel sorry for them.
  4. I hate the Outdaughtered, and the other family of a lot of kids commercials, and the 7 Little Johnstons are pointless. What a shock, Steven still on opiates. I think this is just outtakes from the last update show. Oh heavens! That poor child that calls him Daddy. What did that idiot do to his left eyebrow? Love the handcuff necklace. How appropriate. OMG! Did I have to hear that?
  5. Actually, Steven's therapy was with Dr. Paradise. That was right after the golf cart 'fall'.
  6. I would have loved that. Especially if it was on the interstate, with an 18 wheeler right behind.
  7. The father is so freaking rude! Almost running over people taking the scooter from the grocery to his favorite son, Steven the Hut. Goody! The phony 'fall' off of the golf cart. This is just the last update, with a few alternate talking heads on it. That is so phony! The poor grocery store manager is probably calling the haz-mat people to decontaminate the store. That poor customer at the grocery, I bet he wasn't standing that far back for no reason. The father is an idiot. Justin will never be bothered with Steven and his bullying again.
  8. Those poor people! And poor Cassandra and the rest of the staff. Can you imagine being in the same room with him, the way Dr. Now, and the crew have to be? He wants to be a famous actor, and work with other famous actors? That's the most delusional thing he's ever said. Oh goody! I love the Bounty slippery dumpling into the dog's mouth commercial!
  9. You can tell when the film crew hates someone. We get shots like the Steven ones, and whenever he lies on camera, they show the truth. I believe the overeating causes dumping syndrome. His 'haircut' around the bald patches looks like a mangy animal. The Dr. Now use soap you stink Steven beat down.
  10. Steven pulls his own hair out. Steven married some internet personality, and moved to Iowa, I'm guessing Steven and Daddy left Texas, and will never return. Their drug behavior, and stealing Justin's pills is immortalized on film, and the state of Texas does not play around with dopers.
  11. The father is despicable. He enables Steven's bullying and abuse of Justin. He helps Steven steal drugs from Justin, and thinks it's just peachy. My only answer is that Steven must have something on the father, to get him to hurt Justin that way. I wish Princess had taken Cupcake the cat with her.
  12. I recommend that anyone who had a snack lined up for tonight, put it away now. This is not an episode to try to eat through. Oh goody! Steven's caravan to Houston. Steven of the cloven hoof. I do love the Assanti's house though. The one back in R.I. they just showed.
  13. I know that they probably have to do a bunch of takes, but the scene where Holly tells her mother about the sexual assault she suffered in her teens is awful. The mother shows no emotion at all.
  14. Yes, the water looked cold, but at least it looks clean. I'm looking forward to this one. I really enjoy the obstacles. I remember the Japanese Ninja Warrior show, and the water on that was almost always very cold, and looked very dirty. The crowd was often wearing heavy coats too, so the water must have been freezing.
  15. I suspect that some on the previews weren't finished episodes, because the virus interfered. From what I read, the production company left cameras, and easy to use equipment for recording voiceovers, and that didn't work out. At least the first two WATN this season (Charity, and Dottie, and the Pauline episode) were supposed to air last summer, but didn't. If thins show comes back (which I really doubt), then there are a lot of almost finished episodes that just need a little work to finish.
  16. 3 p.m. episodes, both reruns, probably around 2016- First- Horse Tragedy in Unsafe Stables-Plaintiff suing defendant over injury to a horse at her boarding stable, plus boarding fees, ransom for the horse. Defendant runs a boarding stable, and plaintiff now claims defendant didn't have a license to run a boarding stable. Defendant told plaintiff about the injury, called a vet, but plaintiff owed the vet money for over six months past due, and vet would only come out to see horse if plaintiff payed the money. Plaintiff says she owed vet $248, and for over six months past due, and defendant says it was owed for over a year, and was almost $1,000. Defendant says plaintiff was supposed to move her horse, but didn't move horse on time, and didn't pay the last month ($325) before the injury (horse had been at the barn since 2013). (The barn owner said that the horse owner barely paid for board, sometimes didn't pay, never visited the horse, and stiffed the vet on a $1000, so she was a bad horse owner. I bet whoever boards the horse now watched this and cried, knowing they're going to get ripped off too) Defendant couldn't get a hold of plaintiff, and per contract she called the vet of record, who refused to come out without the past due payment being paid. When she picked up horse plaintiff had to pay $1584 for past due bills. Plaintiff has a nasty smirk every time JJ knocks something off the bill, but sorry it says in the contract what the defendant will charge for. $1141 to plaintiff (wrong JJ, the stable owner should have received $5,000). JJ should never do horse cases, she doesn't understand that horses require regular vet, farrier, feed, and other care. Barter Fail-Plaintiffs suing defendant for money owed for a truck ($3400). $8450 is the value of a 1982 Chevy Silverado (some other models with special packages were almost twice that). Plaintiffs sold truck to man, and gave him the title. Cash payment was supposed to be $1200. with defendant doing work for them, for $4700 more. Defendant performed some work, but didn't finish. Plaintiffs get $3400. Second- Felon Gets Hustled-Plaintiff loaned $4800 to defendant/ex girlfriend, so she could move into a house. Plaintiff is suing for loan, lost wages, and some other stuff. Plaintiff took a loan out with horribly high interest rates, so original loan was $2600 or so, and with interest is now almost $4,000 (If paid in total the interest plus loan will be $12539-usurious interest). Defendant took the loan, never paid anything back, and her excuse is she had bad credit from a divorce, and couldn't get a loan. Defendant was trying to buy a house, and needed $4800, with her $2,000 in savings on a lease to buy. Defendant never bought the house, and is still renting the home for $1400 a month. This house in L.A., so how can you start to buy anything in L.A. for $4800. Defendant also says she found out plaintiff is a convicted felon, so she didn't pay him back. Defendant lied about when she needed the money for the rental, the amount needed, and never paid back the money. Plaintiff says the relationship with defendant wasn't intimate, but it was just a booty call situation. Plaintiff receives $0, Defendant claims she's paying on the loan. Intoxicated Roommate Woes-Plaintiff suing ex-roommate for return of rent, and deposit. Plaintiff rented a room at defendant's place for $600 a month. Plaintiff claims he paid first, last month, and security, totaling $1800. Defendant claims plaintiff is a drunk, and disturbed the house. There is no written lease specifying behavior or noise, so the eviction was illegal. Defendant is a circus acrobat. Is this our first circus acrobat litigant? Defendant heard a loud bang from plaintiff's room, claims he was drunk, Defendant told plaintiff to leave the house. $ 900, for half a month's rent, and security, to plaintiff.
  17. 5 p.m. episodes, both recent reruns- First- Reasons You Should Live With Your Mother-Plaintiff suing her former boyfriend for a loan to buy a truck, car insurance and the return of stolen tools. The litigants lived together at an apartment, and then her mother's house, from 2017-2019. Plaintiff paid his car insurance. Plaintiff received an insurance rebate check, and plaintiff loaned money to defendant to buy a truck ($1100). Defendant says the $1100 wasn't a loan, but a down payment on a future income. JJ asks defendant if he's on drugs, and he says no. Money wasn't put down on truck, but spent on random spending. his car payments. When defendant left, he took a lot of tools, and they were purchased by plaintiff before they were a couple. Defendant is either stoned, or whacko, or both. Plaintiff submits invoices for the tools. $1200 to plaintiff, and I hope she found someone better than the loser defendant. Hotel Tinder Date Fail-Plaintiff suing his Tinder date for two cell phones, hotel charges, and damages. They couldn't meet at home, so they met at a motel. They met at 12:30 in the afternoon, went to the room. Plaintiff says he paid defendant $80 for the room, which she denies. (JJ says she'll read the plaintiff's statement so the adorable Officer Byrd won't have to make the effort to walk to and from the plaintiff's desk, because Byrd had a birthday, and he's getting older. Plaintiff couldn't find his phone, so he called it, but it was on vibrate, so he couldn't find it. Who would think that someone you only meet one time for boinking will be nutso? The answer is anyone with a brain. Plaintiff case dismissed, defendant claim dismissed. Second- Wedding Dress Distress-(the case where the plaintiff designer/seamstress did the wedding dress, and is wearing what looks like a bunch of black garbage bags made into a dress, including a huge bow for court)- Plaintiff actually was on a local TV news program in a modified dress to claim it's very ugly, but it was after plaintiff changed it from the original. The defendant has a picture of the dress when it was finished, and the plaintiff removed the nice touches. It looked awful when she claimed on TV the dress was nothing like she ordered. Plaintiff paid less for the dress when she picked it up because it was not totally finished. $490 was owed, and she paid $300. Designer says the plaintiff and mother caused a big scene at pick up. This is a completed contract at the reduced price, because plaintiff took the dress, and she will be getting money. Apparently, it's one of the wedding dress, and reception dress requiring two dresses situation. Defendant says the dress was ripped apart, posted on social media slamming the designer, and went on the local TV news show. The designer picture is lovely, and the plaintiff's picture after she took the dress apart was hideous. By the way, cramming too much person into a satin dress is a bad idea, and too tight satin shows every lump and bump. The seamstress plaintiff hired to 'fix' the dress took the beady piece off of the dress, and put it on the wedding dress, but it's still fraud, Plaintiff gets nothing, and defendant gets $2500. Pregnant and Panicked!-Plaintiff suing family friend for unpaid loans. When defendant's hours were cut back, she couldn't pay her insurance ($280). Defendant claims the plaintiff wanted her policy number, to pay her insurance. Defendant backed into a neighbor's vehicle, and then left the scene. She also claims that when she had the accident she panicked, and left, parked the car at Brake Master's, and plaintiff paid that bill too. The accident cost plaintiff $500, then loaned her another $200, equaling $980. $780 for the plaintiff, no proof of the extra $200. I wonder if the neighbor saw this, and figured out who whacked their car and left? I hope so.
  18. I like that Ben's brother and his wife wanted the woman's portrait in stained glass. I liked the condo, but wonder if they could have reconfigured it to have another small bedroom and bath? I loved the kitchen remodel. The way the deck was constructed originally was scary. I love the airstream remodel. I guess if they ever do the town makeover specials, that's where the Ben, Erin, and Helen will live. I wonder how happy the loft owners were after taking 400 trips up those stairs putting their furniture in, groceries, and kitchen stuff?
  19. There was another kid on the show, his family fund raised, and sent him to school (it was a boarding school, and I think had a summer camp too). At the end the kid had lost virtually nothing, and when the family had the last fundraising dinner, almost no one came. So I guess that happens at all of the weight loss programs, people just don't try, and expect the magic weight loss to happen without effort by them.
  20. 3 p.m. episodes, both reruns, probably 2016 or so- First- Dangerous Football League-Plaintiff coaches a team in youth football, entered a tournament, and found his kids weren't as experienced. Plaintiff is suing for return of entry fees, gate, and attorney's fees. Plaintiff claims the other teams that beat his kids were a huge mismatch. Plaintiff's team lost twice, including one kid getting a concussion. Case dismissed. Property Brothers They are Not-Plaintiffs suing former tenant for stealing appliances from their rental home. Plaintiffs wanted to get into real estate investments, and this was their first house, and they now have two houses. Plaintiffs bought the house, with the defendant, and three other tenants already in place. Then plaintiffs found out that they could get $1800 a month rent, instead of the current $1200 a month. They sent a notice that new lease would be $1800, then after not paying that, plaintiff moved to evict tenants for non-payment. Housing court mediation gave the tenants 20 more days to move out, now 10 months later the squatters are still there. Everyone moved out except defendant (last of four tenants), defendant put appliances out on the front lawn for the trash pick up, and the next morning they were gone. Defendant claims plaintiff told his nephew to get rid of appliances. Tenants were all finally evicted. Defendant claims he cleaned the house out, but plaintiff's claim the basement, and house was packed with garbage. Plaintiffs say it cost $40,000 to get house repaired, and replace everything the tenants sold or stole. Case dismissed (plaintiffs wanted 10 year old fridge, and other old appliances replaced). Second- The Danger of Dog Parks-Plaintiff suing defendant over a dog injury at a dog park. Plaintiff says defendant's dog bit her dog. Defendant says he thinks injury was from his dog's sharp collar or some other foreign object, and wasn't his fault. Vet report doesn't have a statement, just what procedures they're going to do. Defendant also says Greyhounds have thin skin, and Dr. Google agrees. JJ agrees that dog parks are a free for all, unless you're taking a vicious animal there, and dogs will be dogs. Case dismissed Study Abroad Misfire-Plaintiff suing defendant for not paying for a car lease that defendant took over for plaintiff, when plaintiff moved overseas. Defendant was supposed to pay $290 for nine months, but stopped paying half way through the period. Plaintiff raised the contract amount after a few months, because of excess mileage, changing the contract. A month or so later, plaintiff notified the leasing company to repossess the car. Defendant is counter claiming for her clothes, her kid's clothes, and other items, and says for a period they were living in the car. Plaintiff bought the car off of the lease, because it was cheaper than paying the overages, and for damages. Car was repossessed by plaintiff from in front of a homeless shelter (that's a first for me). In hall-terview defendant says she was not given notice about the pending repossession, but she's lying. Plaintiff case dismissed, and defendant case dismissed. Friends Don't Let Friends Borrow Money-Plaintiff suing defendant for an unpaid loan. Defendant needed money for a utility deposit, is unemployed, with three children (lives off of her child support, and son's disability checks). As usual, defendant claims it was a gift. Plaintiff took out a cash advance for $500, plus fees. Plaintiff receives $561. (Defendant's witnesses should have been booted, for their commentary trying to coach the defendant). (Hall-terview with defendant states that she paid the utility deposit with the loan, and her friend's court fees).
  21. Yes, for my kitchen I would have liked the blue, but brick pattern. However, a flip is supposed to appeal to the widest buying pool, so for a flip, I would go with more neutral. However, the flippers make so many other mistakes that one nice feature is overpowered by poor tile work, or double doors to the bathroom that hit. I'm betting that the full price offers are offset by huge credits to fix the screw ups.
  22. Ok, fixed the Irina post. I miss a lot of this show, it just moves so fast. I hoping the finale this Sunday will wrap up some threads on this show. I think Dasha, and Konstantin being in the same ER might get interesting. I'm betting Geraldine will turn out to be a much bigger character than she has been so far. The golfer was hysterical.
  23. 5 p.m. episodes, first one new, second one a recent rerun- First (New)- Teenager Cusses Out Slow Senior-Plaintiff idiot teen, and his mommy are suing a neighbor for punching whiny brat's car. This was after the rotten brat cussed out an elderly widow for driving too slowly, and the bystander intervened. Mommy came to court with her son, and claims she didn't know about the cussing, until court. (What the hell is up with plaintiff brat's eyebrows? ) Brat was driving, was mad about the slow driving of an elderly widow, on a dark, rainy day. So he was revving his engine, instead of honking. Other driver tried to pull over so plaintiff could pass. Brat started to pull around the car, and defendant, and another person were walking in the street. (As jj points out, how could plaintiff see the pedestrians over the much taller car in front from a Mazda Miata?) Plaintiff almost hit the pedestrians (who have the right of way). Then plaintiff yelled at pedestrian to "Go F*** Himself". Defendant says plaintiff brat told the two women the same thing. Two pedestrians yelled at plaintiff, and then defendant punched the plaintiff's car. PLaintiff claims revving the engine and other harassment was "Freedom of speech". The video show the plaintiff acting like a raging a&$&$&&. (Driver is a 79 year old widow, pulling over to give a neighbor a ride, and neighbor was getting in the car). (The man behind the plaintiff brat is really enjoying this case). The plaintiff's mother claims to be upset about brat's behavior, but she really isn't. (Brat is lucky that someone didn't punch his lights out). $100 for plaintiff. Locked Out and Fired Up-Plaintiff suing former landlord for return of rent, security deposit, lost wages, and hotel costs. Plaintiff moved into room at defendant's apartment (She stayed two months) . Security was $500, and defendant kept that amount for replacing locks. Defendant claims she was locked out by inside lock, so she called a locksmith to get her into the apartment. Plaintiff claims when defendant called her, she looked and the inside lock was open. Locksmith couldn't reach the inside lock, and so defendant slept in her car . Defendant is counter suing for return of a key fob, and lost wages. (Why is the defendant yelling?) Defendant gets the $355 for the locksmith, from the security deposit. $145 to plaintiff. Defendant gets key fob back. Second (Rerun)- Pepper Spraying Parent Catastrophe-Plaintiff, and his mom are suing ex-girlfriend SSMOT (Sainted Single Mother of Three, only two are plaintiff's ) for bail cost for plaintiff ($4800)posted by mom, and slashed tire. They have a 2 and 6 year old together. The two litigants had an argument over her cheating. Defendant was drinking, they argued again. The argument escalated. (JJ's darker hair looks too dark). (I bet defendant had a whole lot more than one drink) Then defendant slashed the plaintiff's tires. The poor kids woke up from the argument. Then plaintiff went to take kids to his sister's house, because he says defendant was drunk. Next morning, he got into his other vehicle, to take the kids to his sister's house for babysitting. Then defendant climbed into the Yukon with plaintiff and three kids, pepper sprayed him, and he wiped the spray into her face. Two older kids got out of the car, but the youngest daughter got hit with the pepper spray too. The litigants have finally broken up, and she has full custody of both kids. (I'm assuming the court only lets him visit the child that's his biological child). Defendant claims she was cleaning the kid's birth certificate and other documents out of the car. Defendant claims man attacked her in the Yukon, and she pulled out the pepper spray, and hit the man with it, and that's when the plaintiff wiped the pepper spray off of his face, and on hers. Defendant claims plaintiff pushed her, and she hit the daughter when she fell. Defendant claims plaintiff was kidnapping her kids.. I think the defendant is a total fake, drama queen. Plaintiff left for his mother's house, came back with the Mother to get clothes, and the police arrested plaintiff, but charges were dropped. No medical records of assault, but it was all her fault for spraying the pepper spray. Plaintiff was arrested, and it cost his mother $4800 for bail. Everything dismissed. I feel sorry for the kids, not the parents. (The new episodes this week are the first episodes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday The first episode this Friday is another Pit Bull case, so be prepared for gore, and the sad Grandpa letter).
  24. 3 p.m. episodes, both reruns, probably 2015-2016- First- Outrageous Business Practices-Plaintiff suing former tenants for breaking their lease, and property damage. Former tenants claim they paid in cash, and security in money orders, and have no receipts. Like all professional squatters, the defendant went to housing court. The housing court talks mostly about the defendants' dogs, not rent. Tenants didn't pay the last two months rent, so security is gone. And they still owe plaintiff for another month's rent. Defendant wife has a checking account, but they paid bills in cash, and money orders. Plaintiff gives photos of the huge amount of junk, and trash, and damages. Defendants claim to have two small dogs, and plaintiff said that's not the number and size of dogs that they had. Plaintiff says defendants used false names on the applications. Defendants filed a claim with plaintiff's insurance company under the fake names, after they moved out too. Plaintiff receives $1200 rent. Chickens Rule the Roost-Plaintiffs suing former tenant for property damage, and rent. Plaintiff claims the tenant of four years owes for utilities, rent, and damages caused by her multitude of chickens. Defendant cut the garage window screen out, to let the chickens go from the inside of the garage, where the coop was, and out to the yard. (I agree with the plaintiffs, chicken poop stinks a lot, and the damages from them is not a joke, except to JJ). Plaintiff receives $584. Second- Elder Abuse?!-Plaintiff sold a parcel of land to defendant (they're both neighbors) to add to the defendant's property. Plaintiff wants money for a fence, restraining order, and an assault. Property was $3,000 and they would split privacy fence dividing the property ($700) more. Plaintiff didn't put the fence issue in his case in JJ's court, just in the local court case. After fence was built, the defendant wanted to paint it red to match defendant's house. Plaintiff wanted a neutral color, and they were going to discuss it. The next day defendant painted his side of the fence red, but did not paint the plaintiff's side. The fence was built entirely on plaintiff's property, and defendant trespassed to paint the fence. JJ refuses to see that trespassing on plaintiff's property, and painting a fence entirely on his property is an issue. Plaintiff also says when they discussed the fence issue, he went to defendant's house, and plaintiff threw a soda can, and hit him. JJ doesn't believe the assault claim, but I do. I think the plaintiff's aborted attempt to get the defendant's past crimes is is interesting. JJ will give plaintiff nothing. The defendant is sitting there enjoying everything JJ says. Nothing to defendant either. (By the way, apparently defendant is deceased in 2018).
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