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  1. I remember in some of the earlier seasons, they showed first round people auditioning that didn't have a snowballs chance. Overweight, could barely move on the dance floor, some doing dangerous stunts. They were laughing at them then, and I noticed they were the same ones replayed year to year too. I recognized the costumes, and a couple of the people, and it was just as mean then as the clips they posted too.
  2. CrazyInAlabama

    The People's Court

    I had to laugh at the wedding case. Fiance was still married, and probably always will be to another woman. They had a slew of dresses for that amount of money, and wanted them in such a short time. And those who insist their dress should be hideously tight should realize that the dress is going to rip wide open, especially when they chow down at the reception.
  3. CrazyInAlabama

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    I wonder if the deleted posting was about a vet at the current practice, and not Dr. Pol's? And to access someone else's account, the phone could have been left on that app, and someone picked up the wrong phone.
  4. CrazyInAlabama

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Thanks, I corrected it.
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    General True Crime Shows

    McDonald probably did do surgeries before he was retried, but not after he was in custody.
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    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Actually, from what I've read, one reason no one was too upset about Captain Mark getting booted from the family is everyone knew he was a fool, and no one missed him at all. Compared to Mark, Timothy (Anne's husband, if I got the name wrong) is a genius. I know people that have met Capt Mark, and no one who meets him is impressed. My personal guess is that if Andrew really gets implicated, that he won't be indicted, or charged, but as a minor role player he will disappear quietly into the countryside, and no longer be Mummy's escort. It might be an opening for Edward to move up more, because Mummy is going to need an escort.
  7. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    They had a great catfish rerun today, on OWN. It had a woman who was in love with a fiance in North Carolina, he lived less than 75 miles from her, but they couldn't meet in person. Then he moved to Ghana, nothing suspicious about that. Woman has spent every cent she has, including selling the family house, sending over $200k, and still thinks he's in love with her. Even after the Doc proves that the picture isn't his, the phone number is disconnected, after she told him she was going on the show. When everything else proving fraud, you can tell she doesn't believe it. The woman can no longer afford to live in her independent living complex, and moved elsewhere, and they're trying to figure out how she's going to survive financially. However, the adult daughter is smart, and Mommy's not moving in with her. They also had another victim from a previous show with an update, and you can tell that woman still really doesn't believe her relationship is over.
  8. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m. episodes- New- You're Young and Mumbling, I'm Old and Deaf-Plaintiff mother, and daughter (she's 18! The oldest 18 year old I've ever seen) for damage to a car, stolen money, and harassment. Plaintiff's brother/son 13 years old, is witness, and defendant teen is alleged to have stolen the car, stole money from plaintiff's purse. Defendant caught on video joyriding, with plaintiff's witnesses. Joy riding video was posted online. Plaintiff's 13 year old brother is hauled to the JJ witness chair of doom, says they spent the stolen money at Mickey D's, and witness and two friends were in this together. If any of the witnesses keep scratching, or twisting hair, I'm going to scream. All three joyriders maintain it wasn't their fault, but the other kids. PLaintiff saw the teens driving the car, then the defendant teen starting driving backwards, and wrecks the car. There is a video that was posted of the joy ride, with defendant driving. As JJ says, at least they were driving with seatbelts on. Nothing is getting through to defendant, but plaintiff teen looks like maybe something is getting through his skull, and I hope so. I expect to see defendant teen back on the show a lot, I hope defendant teen doesn't follow that path. Plaintiff gets $2500. , Bedbugs, Rats and Parties-Plaintiff suing former tenant defendant for lease breaking. Room was $1600 a month, and was furnished (I think). However, defendant move into plaintiff's loft apartment in a warehouse, with his dog. Defendant claims the room/apartment had rats, bedbugs, etc., and claims plaintiff had tons of parties. There was on shared bath, between owner, plaintiff, and some other tenant/guest. Defendant claims he was constructively evicted. Where is a studio loft apartment $1600 a month? Case is dismissed. Rerun- War Wage Over Gucci the Yorkie-Plaintiff wants value of Yorkie repaid to her, or the dog back. Defendant has had the dog for two full years. Plaintiff was living with the mother, and it was a no dogs apartment, so plaintiff had to move. How did plaintiff "lose" her apartment? Plaintiff asked defendant witness to take care of Yorkie, and never gave him any money for the dog care. Plaintiff did the defendant witness' hair, and he brought the dog over at the same time. Several months later the plaintiff got an apartment, and she discovered that defendant man had given the dog to his sister, the other defendant. Dog has been with defendant sister for almost two years. This is when the plaintiff stomps out, and yells she's calling the police when she gets home. I'm sure this will be handled by the Major Crimes squad, and involve a SWAT team breaking down the door to get Gucci back for plaintiff. Mommy follows plaintiff daughter out too. Defendant's have a counterclaim for man's car having windows broken out by plaintiff. Defendant was granted a Protective Order against the plaintiff, in January of 2019, order good until 2020, because defendant needed the plaintiff's address. There were also threats posted on social media, including a picture of a gun sent my plaintiff. Plaintiff has proof she's had the dog over two full years, and the photos of Gucci are adorable. Plaintiffs get $2000.
  9. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    3 p.m reruns- Gotcha Video-Plaintiff is suing motorist defendant for hitting her parked car at a gas station, and fleeing the scene. There is video of defendant, and he still denies he did the hit and run. $1168 for plaintiff. Factory Worker Steals Judge's Heart-Plaintiff suing brother for totaling his car, when he drove it without permission. Plaintiff came to mother's house where brother lives, brother took the car. Brother/defendant had a suspended license, and was arrested at the accident scene. Plaintiff claims his tie rod was broken, and that's why he wasn't driving his own car. Defendant claims he swerved to avoid Raccoon in the road, and that's how he wrecked the car. Car was not insured, since it was not driveable. Case dismissed, because no one on Earth believes the plaintiff didn't let defendant drive the car. The Last Straw-Plaintiff suing defendant/former roommate, and only defendant was on the lease (plaintiff owed money to previous landlord). Defendant changed the locks changed. Plaintiff gets $560 for the illegal lockout. Therapy Dog Defender-Plaintiff was walking her dog on leash, when defendant's pit bull, off leash, attacked her dog. Both litigants are suing for vet bills. Plaintiff swears fight was on her back patio, but defendant claims plaintiff's dog was off plaintiff's property. Defendant's dog was a pit/Rhodesian Ridgeback, off leash, when the fight started. Plaintiff's dog is a mutt. Plaintiff claims she was on the patio at her house, when the pit/RR attacked. Animal control report is submitted. Fiance witness/plaintiff says dog attack was on the patio. Plaintiff says her dog is a companion animal. $1347 for plaintiff. Family Fraud-Plaintiff/mother suing daughter/defendant for using her identity to open several credit cards in daughter's name. Daughter claims mother opened the accounts for her, and she only has those two, that were in mother's name. The cards were both used on one day, with the mother there. Later, plaintiff claims there are three store credit cards opened fraudulently by daughter. However, the credit card companies were never contacted by plaintiff, and she is told to do that before suing. Case dismissed. Deadbeat ex-Plaintiff suing ex-boyfriend for a $3600 loan to pay his mortgage. There is no proof of the loan. Case dismissed.
  10. CrazyInAlabama

    The People's Court

    They had the rerun of the $15,000 tree house episode. I really do believe the contractor talked to the neighbor, and was warned about the plaintiffs. And that was pathetic to bring their little kids to court, and Judge M ask the contractor if he'd build a tree house for them. The contractor said he would gladly build on for the kids, but not for the parents.
  11. CrazyInAlabama

    S07:E21 The Assanti Brothers

    I think the filming just gave Senior the opportunity to push his agenda of the sons getting along, "because we're family". I think that Senior will never stop trying to push the two men together, and will always be in denial about his part in their hatred for each other. I hope Justin has an exit strategy, because if or when something happens to Steven Jr's relationship, he'll be on his way back to Daddy's house.
  12. Actually, from what I've seen, doing a Gofundme is pretty standard for any occasion these days. And trying to get one taken down for fraud is really difficult. I really think the Gofundme, and other crowd sourcing sites have pretty much given up on weeding out phonies.
  13. CrazyInAlabama

    Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    The right of tenants on some of these shows stun me. I would never be a landlord, and for exactly that reason. There was a case, either on JJ, or People's Court the other day, with a rookie landlord. She was paying two separate tenants $10k each to move out so she could rehab the building, and the current month-by-month tenants were fighting eviction. Texas, California, and New York seem to have the most ludicrous pro-tenant rules. The janky couple on yesterday's show were old hands at tenant scams. The wife seemed to think that if you make a police report about something, that means it happened. All it means is you claim something happened.
  14. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m. episodes- New- Outrageous Peeping Tom Allegations-Deadbeat tenants want to be paid to move out, and turn in keys, but they haven't moved out yet. Defendant landlords won the eviction case, but tenants were promised $950 from defendants, to turn in the keys. Plaintiffs haven't turned keys over yet. What part of pay when they leave does no one understand? And the $950 security deposit isn't the $950 other payment. Plaintiff/tenants allege landlords harassed them, put nails behind their tires, and man was peeping at their 9 year old daughter. Court hearing was just to get house back from tenants. The defendants finally got the house back, but tenants never turned in keys, and want their security deposit back. Plaintiffs didn't have renter's insurance when the 'flood' happened in January, , but got it after in time for the leak in July. $750 to disgusting pigs of tenants. RV Flipping Fiasco-Plaintiff was buying an RV from defendant over failed RV flipping. Plaintiff bought RV for $4k, and has title and registration, but it still needs work, and is stored. Plaintiff gets $4k and signs RV back over to defendant. Rerun- Vandal Trapped by Bad Spelling-Plaintiff's car was vandalized, by defendant including keying "Lier" on his car, and the word is misspelled the same way on her text messages. Litigants had a fight, he went to sleep, and woke up to defendant's text messages apologizing for her anger. Then next morning, the roommate opened the door, and defendant pushed her way in. She was screaming, and yelling, and he went out to see his car to see vandalism. Keying was all over the car, "Lier" was one of the words on the car. Defendant is blaming it on a fictitious boyfriend. Defendant's voice mails are nasty too. $1,792 to plaintiff to repaint the car. Defendant was a supervisor at White Castle warehouse, and claims she was working both days when plaintiff says she was at his place. So JJ is going to call the warehouse supervisor for confirmation that defendant was there on the 3rd and 4th (don't know what month). Defendant needs a phone charger, claims no one on the production staff could supply one, so JJ requests one from the audience. There are many chargers. JJ calls the warehouse, and the supervisor defendant named never worked there, defendant was fired from the warehouse. Lonely Puppy Damage-Plaintiff couple, and defendant couple shared an apartment, both couples had dogs, both couples worked full time. They are suing each other for damage from the dogs, each blaming the other's dogs for the damage in defense room. Also suing for unpaid rent, and other stuff including a false restraining order. $201 for plaintiffs. The previews for tomorrow's second show is the one where the plaintiff charges out of the courtroom.
  15. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    3 p.m. reruns (mostly 2015-2016)- Dramatic Pit Bull Beat Down-Plaintiff suing defendant pit bull owner for injuries to a small dog. Plaintiff was walking her two small dogs, when the defendant's pit bull came under the fence, attacked the plaintiff's small dog. The only thing that saved the woman, and her two dogs is that she grabbed the big dog's collar, and lifted him off the ground. A passerby stopped his car, grabbed the dogs, and threw the dogs and woman into his car, after a neighbor punched the pit bull. Animal control report is submitted. $5k to plaintiff. Sadly, I used to live where this happened. The second I realized the plaintiff had moved there, probably for retirement, and the defendants were local, I knew exactly what would happen with this case. Animal control will never do anything about a local's pit bull attacking the dog that belongs to an 'outsider', and that's exactly what happened. No citations were issued, and pit bull was given back to the owner. The defendant is smirking through the entire case, because she knows nothing will happen to her, or her vicious dog. The Rat Trap-Plaintiff suing defendant/former tenant for destroying her rental unit. Defendant didn't pay rent for six months, because of a rat problem, but didn't move. Defendant wife swears the husband made huge holes in the walls with a sledge hammer, trying to kill the rats. Landlady submits photos, of the wall. Landlady had defendants evicted, and will pursue the $6600 in unpaid rent through court. $2325 for damages to landlady. (Does defendant think that six months non-payment of rent, and an eviction won't impact her credit report?) Mormon Good Will Hunting-Plaintiff suing former landlord/defendant unlawful eviction, and disposing of her property in his house. . Apparently, Mormon church paid for woman's move in to a rented room in defendant's house, and paid the first month's rent, and $200 security. Woman claims she was out of state, and never technically moved out. In April, woman paid rent very late, and May didn't pay again, so he did a pay or quit notice. Tenant didn't pay in May, came back later, and her stuff was gone. Landlord claims someone from her church picked the stuff up in May. Plaintiff was formerly homeless, and but still had a $2500 gaming computer, and other things. I think the landlord is right, and woman scams anyone she can for support. Plaintiff has zero proof of anything she had in the room. JJ is enraged that the man is renting rooms, in a single family house, but the tenant certainly could have found some where else to live if it was so much beneath her standards. Plus, if tenant was so broke, how did she buy a $2500 gaming computer when she was homeless? $3,000 to plaintiff. Family No More-Plaintiff suing defendant/estranged sister-in-law for unpaid rent (he was co-signer on apartment, and got stuck with rent). Plaintiff soon to be ex husband listed the loan as a martial debt, but defendant didn't list any debts. Plaintiff will get some money, but that's all, because the marital debt will be heard by the divorce court. $1621 for plaintiff.
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    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    Oops! I think I did get them mixed up.
  17. CrazyInAlabama

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    Deleted. Wrong Angie.
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    So they already labeled Parker as the "anxious one"? That's absurd. And calling Riley bad is really being mean. If you grow up being labeled like that, it's going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy I bet.
  19. CrazyInAlabama

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    5 p.m. episodes- New- Hennessey-Fueled Catfight-Plaintiff and defendant got into a fist fight in plaintiff's home, and plaintiff wants money for damaged property in her apartment. Plaintiff told defendant to leave, and testifies she threw defendant's cell phone at her when she was outside. Defendant claims phone was tossed in toilet (no it wasn't). The entire fight was fueled with booze. Interesting front tooth on defendant, or is it missing? Defendant's ex-girlfriend is witness for plaintiff. Defendants were invited by plaintiff's roommate or whatever. All this happened in front of plaintiff's children. In the Hallterview defendant says she kicked in door, broke couch, and all of it was fueled by booze-Where's the video? All cases dismissed. Homeless Man Home Invasion-Plaintiff lived with defendant ex-boyfriend, in his father's house, where defendant was renting a room. Defendant was told to leave by his mother, and he couldn't pay rent after he lost his job. He's blaming his job loss on plaintiff coming to his job site, and causing a scene. Plaintiff suing defendant for trying to break into her house, breaking the window, trying to steal her TV (TV was stored with defendant's witness, and she picked the TV up, then the attempted break in happened. TV was five years old, and is now virtually worthless. When defendant went to pick TV up from plaintiff, he claims the door was wide open. Plaintiff has a picture of the broken window. Plaintiff gets $160, what she originally put in on the TV. Rerun- Recess for a New Generation-Teenager re-enacts a YouTube laptop throwing stunt, and grabbed plaintiff's bag with the laptop in it, and threw it. Plaintiff mother suing for cost of laptop. Defendant mother, claims there is a school rule that nothing that happens to a laptop at school that there is no responsibility to anyone but the owner, however she has nothing to prove that. Defendant daughter admits she took the laptop bag, and threw it, breaking the laptop. Carmen the defendant is not smart, and a total fool. $327 to plaintiff for the smashed laptop, and says if the fictional teen who threw it first can be found (Joaquin), then defendant can sue the other parent for half of $327. Joaquin doesn't exist. Bag of Rice Cellphone Trick-Plaintiffs suing defendant for ruining two iPhones when he pushed defendant man into a pool. Fool defendant sends a picture of himself flipping a bird with his text messages. JJ says she doesn't understand people sending nasty pictures that they would be ashamed to have their grandmother see, and defendant fool says JJ reminds him of his grandmother. JJ says she doesn't give a damn who she reminds him of. Plaintiffs upgraded phones, but only want value of original phones. Value of the phones to plaintiffs
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    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    3 p.m. reruns-usually from 2015-2016- A Dog, a Snake, a Fish and My Son-Plaintiff mother claims the two young defendants lost her snake, her dog was injured, and the fish was dead, by her second visit back to her house. Who thinks a 19 and 20 year old are going to be responsible adults? Plaintiff got a job in another state, so left her 20 year old son in the house, with his 19 year old buddy. Plaintiff kicked out one roommate, and the other defendant moved in. On the second trip back house was trashed, and many items missing from house. Items were advertised on social media by second roommate, including the snake. Plaintiff claims house is now unlivable. Plaintiff is suing the two roommates, but not her own son. Defendants only paid one month's rent from August until December, so they were squatters. Defendants also claim house was being foreclosed on, so they didn't need to pay rent. Bet that was one interesting house to live next to, I'm sorry for the neighbors, but not the homeowner. Case dismissed, plaintiff is losing house, and hasn't paid mortgage in months. Counterfeit Rolex -Plaintiff suing defendant for selling him a fake Rolex. Cable went blip, so I have no idea how this came out. Car Fight-Plaintiff (with bangs over her eyes) suing defendant over fight with their cars, over an incarcerated person. Defendant was going to pick money up from boyfriend (before his recent incarceration), and he was sitting in the plaintiff's car. Boyfriend is in the slammer on federal charges, and defendant doesn't know what for. Plaintiff claimed to have started yelling, and defendant claims plaintiff ran by her car, then claims plaintiff whacked her car window with her cell phone. No police report or photos are available to show damage to defendant's car, but plaintiff's has photos, and police report. $3k to plaintiff. (estimate is $7k for the same car). Child Support Goes to College-Plaintiff suing ex-girlfriend defendant for overpaid child support payments for daughter's college. He had to continue child support from 18 to 21 if she was in college full time. Daughter dropped out for a semester, and went back one class at a time, so as JJ puts it, that's not college, but playing. $2631 back to plaintiff. Dangerous Pumpkin Prank-Plaintiff suing defendant for putting a bunch of large pumpkins in the road, and damaged plaintiff's car badly. Plaintiff says the other two delinquents reimbursed her for damage, but defendant delinquent has a bunch of ridiculous excuses for how he's innocent. The two other got caught chunking pumpkins in front of cars later that night. Police report doesn't say Eddie Haskell Jr was involved (defendant teen reminds me of Eddie Haskell, who never did anything wrong according to him). Plaintiff has no witness that defendant teen was involved, or the police report.
  21. CrazyInAlabama

    Worst Bakers in America

    I love this show. However, did a lot of the contestants look familiar to anyone else? Or do they just fit the casting stereotypes they seem to use on these shows. The icing for the Southern Divinity cake looked disgusting. I can't believe Lorraine had to go near that cake, let alone taste it. Paul's donuts looked awful, and poor Jason looked like he wanted to hurl when he tasted it. I wonder if they unplug the smoke alarms for this show? The peach cake looked awful, and charred.
  22. CrazyInAlabama

    Good Bones

    If they wanted to save money on the condo redo, then don't do part copper roof, and gutters/downspouts, but have it match the regular roof, and use seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts. . Don't do wallpaper that makes the space look smaller, and is going to narrow the buying pool. At least they painted the walls white, and used light gray cabinets. To make the dining room look like you can use it for more seating, then put a narrow table with four chairs, not the round one. I liked the tall upper cabinets. The kitchen back splash was nice. I liked the bathroom. I think renting the condo unit was a good move, and Mina's right, the price will only go up as they redo the other condo units, and the neighborhood improves.
  23. CrazyInAlabama


    When they were looking at rental houses with Mimi, she seemed much less flighty and a ton more professional than she was before. I think a lot of the ditzy act by Mimi was scripted last year. Also, Mimi's house that flooded was actually owned by Nick and Ashley (they said that on the show), so maybe she's also looking for properties for investment for the family. That would be a good income right there. Plus even Mimi's commission on a house like the Busby's would be a hefty price, so I bet she's doing very well. Considering so much of Mimi's stuff was trashed by the flood, something about the size of the rental home pool house would be plenty big for her to live in.
  24. CrazyInAlabama

    The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    I think a big issue with the case is the parents. They were defensive from day one over criticism of them leaving the children alone, with the door unlocked, and doing it for every night of their vacation. If they had been sobbing hysterically, and saying they did something wrong leaving the kids, then I think people wouldn't have found them so unsympathetic.
  25. CrazyInAlabama

    Unsolved Mysteries

    What amazed me on the original Robert Stack Unsolved shows were the disappearances. Robert Stack said the incredible number of adults who just walk away, and no one knows what happened to them. I imagine with Real ID, and other identification protocols now, it's harder to get a new identity, but people still disappear with no trace. I have to wonder if some people still just walk away, but voluntarily. I lived near El Paso when one case was resolved. The college president who disappeared one day, and no one heard about him for many years, Jay Carsey. He eventually surfaced as a bartender in El Paso, and there was a lot of publicity about it. He eventually worked at a local community college, had another wife, and then one day disappeared again. He divorced the second wife, resurfaced in Jacksonville, and died almost 20 years ago. I didn't like the recreations, and facts they included in a couple of cases that were local to me. A lot was left out, so I imagine it was for legal reasons, and to get people to cooperate with the production crew, but a lot was left unsaid.