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  1. I had always thought Charles couldn’t marry Camilla because she was a divorcee. It was news to me that she wasn’t even married yet when they first got together. Is it true that the crown pushed for her to get married to get her away from him? Making it basically their fault that she was a divorcee?
  2. I have no idea what happened in this episode because I was so distracted by the cast change relative to the year stamps - less than two years passed between this episode and the last one but the cast all look twenty years older and completely different. Wtf. I knew the cast change was coming but I expected a time jump of at least ten years, leaning more towards twenty.
  3. I’m only now binging this show and the jump from season 2 to season 3 casts was sudden and bizarre and made no sense. The last episode of season 2 has a time stamp saying 1962. I expected the new cast to come with a time jump of at least ten years, maybe closer to twenty, given how much older Olivia Colman looks than Claire Foy. But then, the first episode of season 3 has a time stamp that says 1964 - only two years later than the previous episode! But suddenly everyone looks completely different and twenty years older. What a bizarre choice to replace everyone with completely different and much older actors when time has only moved forward two years. We are watching it and talking about the twilight zone and invasion of the body snatchers. It’s completely distracting from the plot of season 3, I have no idea what’s going on or who anyone is. Why change the cast if they weren’t going to jump at least ten years? (Oh but Churchill is still the same actor)
  4. I was shocked to find out how old that actress is. During the episode I kept saying she’s way too young to be his wife, doesn’t that mess up the first season timeline? But wow, I guess not.
  5. I have clear memories of watching The Neverending Story. I remember Bastian, and Falcor, and a creature made of rocks (or eating rocks?) explaining the Nothing that was coming to get them all. I even remember a sequel with Bastian played by a different actor But, somehow I have no memory at all of this song. Did it play over the credits, or in the movie itself? Why don’t I remember it?
  6. That was such a cheesy cliff hanger. Is anyone really worried our main character will fall to her death? When the episode ended I said to my husband “oh, did I forget to tell you the best part of the book is when Lyra suddenly dies and the story ends and nothing is wrapped up. The last 100 pages of the book are blank.”
  7. I also realized that telling Billy to “go to Ratter” in death is ironic considering what we find out about death in The Amber Spyglass.
  8. But, I think even without more CGI, this episode could have been better with stronger acting from Billy. Instead of having everyone else reacting to Billy just basically being almost comatose, they should have had Billy shaking and traumatized asking over and over again “where’s Ratter?”
  9. If you can’t afford the CGI, don’t choose a story where having CGI animals in literally every scene is integral to the story.
  10. I also always thought, from the extra vowel, that it should be pronounced daymon instead of exactly like demon, since they are not at all what we think of as “demons” in our language. But I guess Phillip Pullman must have said at some point that it is pronounced demon 😕
  11. I think the problem is not the dried fish but the fact that Billy didn’t say anything, just lay there like he was unconscious. There was nothing from the actor indicating his trauma was more than hypothermia. In the book, doesn’t he shake and ask over and over again “where’s ratter?” Did they just not cast a little boy actor who could act convincingly traumatized, so they had to have everyone else tell us what was wrong instead of having him show us?
  12. I think it is actually supposed to be a title like father. I don’t recall it ever being specifically stated in the books, but in both books and show they call him Farder Coram and they also call him Coram Van Texel. So it seems like Coram is his first name, Van Texel is his family name or last name, and Farder is some sort of title of respect. I also don’t think Farder was used in , so it’s probably a title somehow earned with age.
  13. Now that I’ve read the stuff in this thread about the letter it sounds like a very different situation - though maybe she still would have wanted to marry him at the beginning before the two year wait? But my comments above are about the show more than the actual history, which I know less about.
  14. I’m late to both the history and the episode, but for this whole episode I just kept yelling “run away to America and get married! That’s what it’s there for! A whole country founded on getting away from this royalty nonsense!” But it doesn’t seem like Margaret even considered leaving her gilded cage, how sad. I realize money would have been an issue, but surely a pretty princess could find someone to pay her to do something in the US, eg making cameos in Hollywood films. Just run off and get married and then threaten to make a living in Hollywood and parliament might suddenly have been begging them to come back and live quietly with an allowance. And I don’t think she owed them much after they lied to her and tricked her into wasting two years of her life for nothing.
  15. I have read the books, many times over the years, but I haven’t read the first book recently.
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