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  1. Ok granted I’ve been watching this half in the background by doing chores, so I may have missed something, but what about his manner of death made everyone start assuming suicide? Knocking your own teeth out? Wtf?
  2. I’ve been wondering, is this really a thing? For marines, or any type of soldiers, to hang around at a high school all the time for what seems to be months, partying with high school kids, giving them the hard sell on joining up? It’s one thing to be at the occasional career fair, but they seem to be spending a lot of time pressuring that one kid. Do they really do that? Are they that desperate for recruits? Is that really a thing on any level?
  3. I thought of that but do we really think they got all the people we did see to sign waivers? There are a LOT of them in crowd scenes etc with only a few faces blurred out. I was wondering if those blurred out were underage at the time or something like that.
  4. Why would the queen ask a teenager who isn’t even out in society, basically a sheltered child with no life experience or access to the adult world, to investigate this secret author? The only way it makes sense is if the queen herself is Lady Whistledown and is just messing with Eloise for fun, but that doesn’t seem to be where they’re going with it. Also why is everyone assuming lady whistledown must witnesse everything herself, rather than having a network of servants etc who spread gossip to her?
  5. Do they ever explain why some of the faces are blurred but not most of them?
  6. I was wondering this too. I like the concept that she could save herself, but how would she know how to throw a real punch like that? I expected some line about how one of her brothers had taught her or something, but with no explanation it seemed odd.
  7. Interesting concept, I"ll have to read more about this. Was this an aspect of the original books, or something Shona Rhimes came up with? I do like this concept better than fully colorblind casting, where it can get confusing when characters who are supposed to be related don't look like they could be related.
  8. Good point, except Liz had forgiven him way before that, which I felt was un-earned - should have saved her forgiveness for after his big sacrifice. Also not clear if he knew resurrecting her would kill him.
  9. I am working my way through this show for the first time and I think this must be a spoiler for a future episode?
  10. Do rights to the music not get included with rights to a show that used it? I started watching the old Roswell on Hulu and it has the theme song I remember and various other songs I remmeber from the 90s, but I can’t remmeber well enough to know if they’re the same songs. There was only one other song I really truly remember, which is the one from the scene where time travel max is dancing with Liz and disappears - so I’ll have to find that episode to see if it has the song I remember. I’m also watching the new Roswell in parallel, a few years late 😉
  11. Does Hulu have the original music??
  12. So is the little girl in the credits supposed to be his sister, rather than Grace?
  13. I guess I missed that! Still odd that there was never any scene where the adoptive mother found out Beth's real age.
  14. I really liked this show, but in retrospect it seemed like there were a lot of moments that just never came to anything and I'm mystified as to why they were included. For instance, what was the point of the orphanage lady lying about Beth's age when setting up her adoption? It was never mentioned again and there was never any indication the adoptive mother believed her to be 13 rather than 15; e.g. she immediately enrolled in a high school, not a junior high. Why was that included?
  15. Ok, so that scene of Hugh Grant at the hospital last episode WAS a flashback - seems like a cheat, making it seem like he was there at that time. Now I know this is the kind of show where I can't trust what they show us, which is annoying. They should have made that more clearly a flashback. Yes, once the lawyer friend had taken his case, she's bound by privilege, but is she bound by privilege if he asks her to take his case and she says no? Why would she ever say yes to representing her best friend's husband without her best friend's knowledge, especially on a sexual misconduct charge?
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