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  1. Yikes! I had forgotten about this. Thanks for the reminder. What a shame. I used to like him as an actor.
  2. Really seeing the difference in MB's performance and AP's. MB showed both Betty's vulnerability and her erratic, nutso tendencies, but she did it in a compelling way. I'm not getting that from AP. Why is everyone hating Stephen Collins? Did I miss something?
  3. I feel the same. It's been a long time since I've seen MB's portrayal of Betty, but I remember being really impressed by her performance and the overall production. I was disappointed in this update. I don't know if it's the writing, direction, Amanda Peet's acting or a combination, but it doesn't hold up to the original. It's not even close IMO. I'm going to give it a few more episodes to see if it improves. Was MB nominated for an Emmy? I can't remember.
  4. I don’t drink but I’ve seen many appreciating the adult beverages in first class too which are included. They also take your drink order while people are still boarding.
  5. Definitely broke the fourth wall for me, because if this wasn't being filmed for a TV show it wouldn't have continued. Her behavior wouldn't have been tolerated for long. ITA! It stuck me more as Tinsley’s desperate, pathetic attempt to kiss up to Dorinda to get her to like her (includiing begging for a hug, yuck) than a make-up conversation. It was difficult to watch. I wish Tinsley had more self-respect. Exactly. She doesn’t want to admit she has a drinking problem. She defends Leah because acknowledging Leah's drinking problem would make her think about her own issue. Dorinda's "judgment-free zone" comment was laughable and transparent. Also, the manipulative behavior I've seen from Dorinda and Leah (and sometimes from Sonja too) is classic alcoholic behavior. I watch several of the Housewives shows. Many of the women drink too much on occasion, but there are more people on NYC with serious alcohol problems than I've seen on the other shows. It's not entertaining to watch this. It's sad. It makes me question Andy Cohen's agenda. This is playing like exploitation to me. I've been watching the first three seasons of NJ and have been struck by how tame the drinking from the women is compared to the last few seasons of NYC (although Joe G was frequently hammered). Same applies to S1 and S2 of Potomac.
  6. I'm losing interesting in this season. I might go back and watch the preview that was showed in episode 1, because so far that was the only interesting thing that has happened even though it was a red herring. Kyle has become insufferable. It's like she's amped up or something. Her emotions are barely contained. She's always been neurotic but seems worse this season. I don't get it with Garcelle. As others have mentioned, Sutton is around more than Garcelle and yet Sutton isn't an official HW. I think Lisa is letting her mask slip. We're seeing her inner mean girl. She's tried to hide her in the past but isn't as successful now. She's going after Denise for no real reason. And there is definitely something going on with HH, who seems more like her roommate than her husband. I still wonder why Kim's comment enraged her so much several seasons ago. Kim definitely struck a nerve. I wonder what it was about? Teddy is like Skipper to Kyle (Barbie), an unnecessary add-on.
  7. Erika was really nasty and should apologize to Denise. There was no reason to talk about Denise’s daughter like that. It wasn’t funny. We must’ve missed the five bites Lisa allowed herself. She looked clownish. Horrible! Overdone makeup aside, she shouldn’t put her hair back that way. Her features are too large. It’s not flattering. I can’t believe they’re making this sex talk thing the cornerstone of the entire season. I thought the dog storyline last season was bad. This is worse. I’m fully on Denise’s side. They are clearly ganging up on her and I don’t understand why. She was baiting Denise with the threeway question too. And then she brought up the previous evening discussion as a way to stir everything up again. She is horrible.
  8. I find Karen insufferable. She is full of herself, condescending to others and not fun to watch IMO. She is also much less attractive than she thinks. I think Gizelle is the prettiest of all of them, although I wish she'd darken her hair. The lighter color looks orangish to me and not good. She's hard on people too but for some reason I find her more entertaining and watchable than Karen. I feel for Robyn. She must've been really hurt by Juan's infidelity, but she can't seem to let go. It's like she's not fully invested in the relationship. Perhaps she wants to be but her fear is larger than anything else? I like Ashley. She's a bright light to me. I could do without Charrisse and don't have much sympathy for her broken marriage. I don't condone what her husband did (if he cheated) but she does strike me as someone who'd be hard to live with. Enough with the altar ego stuff! I'm not sure about Monique yet. I guess she's ok. I felt for her in the scenes with her mother-in-law. That woman seems difficult!
  9. I don’t really miss Bethenny except she is the only one strong enough to stand up to Dorinda.
  10. If she is she shouldn’t be drinking. I think it’s just as likely the copious amounts of booze, her age and her tendency to shovel in junk food while drinking has caught up with her. I don’t really care what motivates Dorinda’s behavior—whether it’s alcohol, narcissism, mean-spiritedness or a combination. It isn’t pleasant to watch. I can’t stand her and it really bothers me how the other women are allowing it. Agree that Ramona’s dress at the cocktail party was not flattering. It was too tight and I could see the outline of her belly button. It reminded me of a pregnant woman.
  11. And none of my issues are my fault! I just need to take better care of myself. Right, Dorinda. You’re paying the man to tell you what you want to hear. She’s been manipulated and controlled by her mother her whole life, which has set her up for the issues we’re seeing play out with Dorinda.
  12. Yep. She’s always been insecure but seems even more so this season. I also noticed in the scenes where she’s away talking to Mauricio he looks like he’s living it up without her. Certainly doesn’t look like he’s missing her much. Having said that, HH didn’t look too broken up being away from Lisa either.
  13. LVP’s opening line in the credits during one season is still one of my all-time favorites. It was something like this: “In Beverly Hills, it’s all about who you know... and I know everyone.” Perfect for her!
  14. Agree. I thought Mia was dismissive and snotty to Elena when they were looking at the apartment. I didn’t find her unlikable in the book so I’m not sure what they’re doing here. It felt like they switched the roles. Even the way Mia emphasized she is an “artist.” There was no need to be so superior and condescending about it. I wonder why they decided to change the race of Mia and Pearl for the book. I guess I’ll have to see how it plays out, but I hope it doesn’t change the entire slant to make this story about racism. I like Reese Witherspoon well enough but I’ve seen her in these types of roles too often. IMO it would’ve been more interesting if she had played Mia.
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