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  1. Not buying COVID as the main reason why Robyn and Juan aren't married yet. They stopped filming months before COVID. IMO if they really wanted to be married by now, they would be. Also haven't heard them even mention a date or timeframe--six months from now, a year from now, nothing. I still think Juan is dragging his feet. (And I didn't say Robyn's worth was based on whether Juan marries her. I just said he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to do so.) Hopefully they'll get married and I'll be proven wrong. I was surprised Gizelle and Ashley got off as easily as they did. Andy gave them both a pass. Also surprised both Jamal and Michael weren't there. I think the husbands' segment would've been more interesting with them. If Candiace comes back next season, please give her a different storyline. Do NOT make it about her extended recovery over the trauma of the fight. Just enough of it. The storyline has been beaten to death (pun intended). I don't find Wendy that interesting but I don't dislike her, so I'm fine if she comes back or doesn't. Ray still doesn't seem into Karen. I hope their marriage lasts. If might be better for them as a couple if she doesn't return to the show, but I expect she will.
  2. Robyn and Juan got engaged what... a year ago? Isn’t that when the show aired? And the reunion was filmed last month and they’re still not married. They didn’t even mention a wedding date. Doesn’t look like Juan’s in any hurry to marry her to me. Wondering if the engagement and ring were just a stall? I’ve been watching old episodes of ATL on Hulu. Porsha was technically reduced to “friend” status after the fight with Kenya, but you couldn’t really tell watching the show. She wasn’t in the opening credits for the next season, but she was in every episode of the show. So in terms of exposure, it didn’t look like she was punished much. Gizelle didn’t look very good. I didn’t notice it as much in the first reunion episode, which is weird. Who’s betting she’ll have a lower facelift before the next season? I don’t believe most of what Karen says. She is fast and loose with the truth. She likes to create her own version of events. If she is smart, she will NOT renew her vows with Ray. Not a good thing to do on these shows! Wondering why they spent so much time discussing the Monique/Chris/Trainer stuff when they didn’t air any of the footage. I liked the group slither-out at the end.
  3. This is a pro-Monique site but according to them, Monique was offered a poor contract (as is typical of Bravo when they want to get rid of someone) so she quit.
  4. I think Gina, Elizabeth and Emily are overweight. However, I don’t think Braunwyn has a good figure at all. She is thin but as others have said, so sinewy it’s not attractive. Her stomach looks odd in some scenes. I wonder if she had a tummy tuck. IMO Luann from NY has the best body of all the women across the franchise.
  5. Even the way she told her kids about her test results ticked me off: the dramatic lead-in "I wasn't supposed to get my results back until tomorrow...", then the little pause and the declaration: positive. Seemed like she was milking it for maximum effect/drama. It reminds me of my NPD mother who is either always sick or claiming to be sick, usually to get sympathy. She has actually faked a number of illnesses including cancer and Alzheimer's. Not saying Shannon is doing that but she certainly seems to enjoy wallowing in misery and making sure her family members are also miserable. In contrast, Emily is doing her best not to focus on herself. I wonder if Shanon will even notice this when she watches the show? I'm guess it's doubtful as she seems to have little self-awareness.
  6. It almost seemed like Shannon wanted to test positive so she could bask in her victim status while blaming her daughters. I feel for them. They will likely end up attending ACA or Alanon meetings to deal with the codependency they developed living with a narcissistic, histrionic mother. I don't know how John stands her.
  7. This was the case with my father. He was abused by my mother for over 50 years. One day he had finally had enough. I went over to see him and asked him to leave with me. Previously, he had always said no (out of fear). This time he said yes. He was a frail old man with dementia who could no longer wait on my mother, so her abuse had gotten even worse (turned physical). My mother was yelling and berating him even as we left. I'm confused by Braunwyn and Sean's relationship. Are they staying married or getting divorced? What about all the kids? Who will have custody? I also feel sorry for those children. If she was drinking as much as she said and her behavior over the years was as bad as what we've seen on the show, then the children were neglected and living in an abusive, alcoholic household. As someone who grew up in one, I can tell you the effects are long-lasting. It doesn't seem like she was paying much attention to her kids at all, and that's putting it mildly. And I wonder how Sean, her husband of 20 years and father to her 7 children felt reading her statement "I’m not attracted to men and I never have been.” Was that really necessary? Here's an idea: maybe get a divorce before you start doing PR with your new girlfriend! Sheesh! I hope she isn't coming back next season. She is unbearable. I cannot stand her. Actually, I'm not planning on watching it anyway.
  8. Wow, in those flashbacks of Kathryn you can really see how much she has changed in just a few years. She looks much older now IMO.
  9. The fit of Monique’s dress looked good from the waist up. I didn’t get a good look at her standing up. I thought Ashley’s face looked lovely. Robyn looked terrible from head to toe from me, including her makeup. The dark lipstick was not flattering. Whatever Karen did to her nose didn’t seem successful. I don’t usually like Candiace’s looks because she overdoes her makeup. It’s just too much for me, especially with the false eyelashes. Giselle looked good from the neck up. Wendy looked very different in the face to me. Did she have something done? I can’t put my finger on what’s different but it may be her nose. Monique seemed very angry but I’m kind of glad someone called Gizelle out on the fake relationship and all the women Jamal has, including the current one who recently had a baby. Gizelle looked shocked and was (for once) speechless.
  10. I hear you but Bravo has always been political and one-sided. They just have a better forum for it now. Shannon really got on my nerves. She is a basket case. So dramatic and self-absorbed! Braunwyn is also insufferable. She gives recovery a bad name. I now understand why everyone stopped speaking to her. Watching it I felt like I was cooped-up with them. It was unsettling so I fast-forwarded through most of the show. When is the last episode? It can't end soon enough. I just want to see the reunion.
  11. Agree. Looks like Michael also has a drinking problem.
  12. Sweet-tea

    S04.E10: War

    I thought the scene of the QE giving MT the medal was so affecting. MT looked so vulnerable and broken, and QE’s gesture was kind. It was a rare moment of affection from her made especially powerful given how cruelly she dismissed Diana. It seems the RF never realized Diana was an asset to them because the people loved her. She embodied warmth, compassion and someone who was relatable. They saw it as vulgar and grandiose behavior. Perhaps it was to an extent, because Diana did seem to crave approval. It’s understandable though given what she was dealing with living in the ice castle. Overall, I liked S4 but S1 is still my favorite. Next is S2, then S4. S3 was my least favorite. I wonder how long it will be before S5. It seems like there wasn’t as long of a gap between S3 and S4 but maybe I’m wrong about that. It seems like it took forever for S3.
  13. Well the latest update I saw actually named Jamal's girlfriend and showed a picture of her. It said the daughters know very well the relationship with Gizelle is fake, which is why they are acting so over it on the show. Why they would continue with this fake story when there are so many rumors about Jamal's multiple women is beyond me.
  14. One of the latest episodes says funds were diverted into an account for her business, so she knew what was going on. This is horrible. Tom is up to his neck in trouble and now we're talking about embezzling. Maybe he allowed his wife's glam squad and vanity projects so he could use her "business" to launder his money?
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