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  1. Wasn't Lizzie's mother a former hippie who still smoked pot, which bothered Lizzie? It seemed like she had issues with her mother too, although she didn't seem nearly as bad as Dr. Deb, who is just horrible. It was frustrating watching Braunwyn try to muster up some courage and assert herself with her mother, who couldn't care less that she had upset her daughter. Just awful.
  2. He has a feminine energy to him. I notice it in his body language, the way he leans his head on Hannah's shoulder and some other stuff I can't quite pinpoint. Not saying it is wrong, but it throws me off. I also think he likes Hannah a lot more than she likes him. I don't think Nicole and Clay will last. When did she become so gaga over him? What if Christian had stayed? She seemed ready to dump Clay for him. I can't figure out what is going on with Chris and Katie. Is he into her or not? Are they just trying to keep us guessing. I see a playful kind of affection between JPJ and Tayshia but no passion. I think that's why she let him go. And I don't see a joker face on her Did i miss something? She is gorgeous to me. Why did Bri accept Matt's rose and then tell him she's not into him? What was the point? I cannot stand the way Connor talks. It would drive me crazy having to listen to him.
  3. I noticed the same thing. I could see it in the last episode too in a few of the close-ups. I wonder if it's filler? I heard if you get too much it can settle in the lower jaw. It does look like jowls. She looks much better in the TH with the long braid.
  4. Gosh, she sounds depressed now and she hasn't had her second baby yet. I hope she won't also develop PP depression, but it certainly sounds possible. Where is Tanner? Why doesn't she mention him?
  5. IMHO as a former drinker, it would take more than half a glass of wine to get to .08 (assuming you’re using the standard serving of 5-6 oz and not a coffee mug). Anyone know what Gina blew on the breathalyzer? Whether he wants to be on tv or not, I think Shane treats his wife horribly. I don’t like seeing them together. They look so ill at ease. It makes me uncomfortable.
  6. An alcohol daze (or haze).
  7. I’m dating myself but as another poster said, I just see Jeff Spicoli (without the pot). Dean is just “honest” enough to reel women into bed. Hey Caelynn, finish this sentence, “If someone shows you who he is...” The Chris/Katie drama was clearly manufactured in a feeble attempt to create suspense, as was the Blake/Kristina drama. By the way, I don’t like Kristina. I wouldn’t trust her for a second. I don’t understand why Demi and her girlfriend are on this show. Are people now allowed to bring their boyfriends and girlfriends from back home? If not, then Demi and her girlfriend should’ve gone home last week. What is the point of this? Derek has moved on so there is no milking tears from him. I think Tayishia (sp) is the prettiest one there. Caelynn looked prettier (and much younger) before.
  8. I also thought her makeup was way too heavy, especially the eyeshadow. I liked the color of the dress but thought it too much for the show. Having said that, I have never understood why they dress to the nines to sit in a circle and talk about the season. The same applies to the housewives. It looks stupid to me. Cocktail attire would be a better choice if they felt the need to dress up.
  9. ITA. The look really aged her. I think she’s beautiful and sexy. I usually really like her style. I wonder if Kathryn has been using Adderall to lose weight. She looked a lot thinner at the reunion. I was surprised she admitted to drinking. Not a good sign for her recovery. Shep came off like a total jerk.
  10. I agree. Their marriage has never looked healthy to me, at least not based on what has been shown. Emily also seems sad to me, and she has gained weight since last season. I can really see it in her face. Gina has too. I hardly recognize her in her THs, and usually they look better in the THs because they have professional lighting, hair and make-up. But I think Gina looks awful. What on earth made her decide to go platinum blonde? I’m not sure what to think about Kelly. I hope the rumors aren’t true. I feel sorry for her daughter. I could’ve done without Tamra’s anal content. She is so crass.
  11. Katherine strikes me as drifting through life, landing here and there without much thought to consequences. I know she is young so I will cut her some slack, but I first noticed this when she hooked up with TRav and then two or three other guys in what a week? And then she got pregnant. I don't know if she intentionally got pregnant or not, but she doesn't seem to have a clear sense of direction. I'm also wondering what kind of medication she is on, because it's making her almost lethargic in her interactions with the others. I'm glad she's not going crazy and flying off the handle like a few seasons ago, but she's swung almost too much the other way. She hardly seems present and appears depressed. I also don't understand why she (apparently) hooked up with Whitney. Is she looking for someone to rescue her? He is so much older, just like TRav. Why is she letting Whitney treat her so badly? Shep is already showing signs of ending up a bloated 50-something drunk hanging out at bars and hitting on college girls. They'll let him pay for their drinks and then ditch him. It is not pretty. If Craig and Austen aren't careful, they'll be right there with him. Whitney clearly doesn't want to acknowledge any kind of romantic relationship or encounter with Katherine. He isn't even trying to hide this, as he told her right to her face when he denied anything happened. I hope she wises up and stays away from him the next time he texts her late at night for a booty call. Agree about Naomie knocking back the wine. I also wondered about the pour, because she asked for a "large" glass of rose. Some restaurants will give you the option for a larger pour--a glass and a half. If that was the case and she did it for all three glasses, then she would've consumed 4.5 glasses in less than an hour. Definitely past the legal limit for driving, so I'm assuming she got a ride home. Even three glasses would likely put her past the limit if she drank them in less than an hour.
  12. I think Dorinda is mean. This is why I’ve never warmed to her. She gets even meaner when she drinks too much. Ramona should learn to keep her mouth shut. Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean you should verbalize it. I could say the same thing about Bethenny. These women were unkind to Barbara. I didn’t buy the hug fest either. Too little, too late. I’m surprised Sonja didn’t pick nearly falling through a table drunk as her most cringe-worthy moment.
  13. It was a rare instace of Kyle’s mask slipping. She did not handle it well. Kyle’s friendship with Teddi reminds me of hers with LVP, except now the roles are reversed. Kyle is now in the superior, “big sister” role giving advice to Teddi. I suspect that is why she has bonded with Teddi. It fits her narrative of being the Queen B of RHOBH. Camille was over the top, inconsistent, hyopcritical and nonsensical at times. But I still enjoyed her performance. I really like when she broke the 4th wall because it clearly irritated Andy! I’ll bet she was admonished off camera. I’m on the fence about Denise. I don’t like all the swearing and am not sure she adds much to this group, but I do think she is more genuine than the others. I’m glad Lisa Rinna finally got asked about her eating habits in relation to her daughter’s eating disorder. I wish Andy would have lingered there a bit longer though. I wonder who will be the next one to get a divorce. I kind of like that the BH’s women are actually married and “housewives” unlike the NY women, who are all single. But I also think the marriages are probably not as stable as they want us to believe. I could be wrong though.
  14. The Queen bit was so fake and obviously rehearsed. Kyle's practiced humility was nauseating. I don't know if it's the color of the wig, the style or Lisa Rinna's exaggerated expressions, but her new look is jarring to me. Her features seem too big for her face, and her eyes are competing with her lips. Is it the lack of bangs? The lighter hair? Is her foundation too light? Why is her lip liner darker than her lipstick? Something is making me cringe. I did not believe her Harry Hamlin sex story for a second. She hesitated a beat too long. They also seem more like brother and sister. It makes me wonder why Rinna got so touchy with Kim the night of the glass-shattering. Did Kim really make it up to goad Rinna or is there something there? I still have no idea what happened with Teddi, Dorit and LVP. It's been discussed to death and I'm still in the dark, maybe because I zone out whenever it is mentioned. Interesting that Dorit came out unscathed though. Even with long extensions and full makeup, Teddi still has a masculine vibe to me. Nicolette Sheridan might be a good addition. Was she the one Denise's husband recently divorced or was that someone else? Speaking of Denise, I think she's beautiful but don't like the filler in her face. In some of her close-ups, it looks like she has chipmunk cheeks. Erica always seems to be playing a part to me or projecting a facade. She is so guarded I'll bet we are only seeing a smidgen of her. Are Katherine Mcphee and David Foster going to end up like Erica and her husband?
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