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  1. I read Holly’s and Izabella’s books. I’ve always thought he was a misogynist. I didn’t understand why he was lionized so much in the press. But I also think many of these women used him too. They got something from him, so perhaps it was a mutually beneficial relationship for awhile. He was definitely in the power seat though. It doesn’t look like Kendra Wilkinson, Barbi Benton, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy are on camera for this show, so they must not have wanted to participate. Also his ex-wife, Kimberly, isn’t talking.
  2. Poor Beverly. Wasn’t she also one of the women drugged and sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby? I think she actually got away before much happened because she realized he’d drugged her. I saw her talk about it in an interview. I don’t want to believe this about Chris Noth. I enjoyed him on L&O and as Mr. Big on SATC. Sigh. It seems like the Miranda storyline is more about Cynthia’s personal experience than it is faithful to the character of Miranda. And that’s a shame.
  3. Yep. Heather seems really into appearance and status, having all the trappings of wealth. She reminds me of an aunt of mine who’d get really haughty when she was on a binge. She’s talk about her money, beautiful house, custom-made furniture, etc. Heather does it too and doesn’t even need to be drunk, so she doesn’t have that excuse. Terry is right there with her so I guess they are ideally matched. I can’t figure out what happened to Nicole’s nose but it looks strange to me. Is it the dip, the nostrils or the slight turned-up tip? Meanwhile, Noella’s was shaved down to a tiny littl
  4. It must’ve been a joke, because it’s not the Nicole from Baywatch. She is older than the Nicole on this show. Here’s a bio on her. It says she’s 42 and doesn’t say anything about her ever being on Baywatch. https://caknowledge.com/nicole-james-net-worth/ This is the Nicole from Baywatch. She’s 50. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicole_Eggert It does seem like Nicole’s role is being minimized. She’s not getting that much air time. She seems more like a friend than one of the featured stars. I wonder what happened. I don’t enjoy anything about Heather. I didn’t think
  5. I agree. It’s too early for her to be dating. She needs time to grieve. They haven’t allowed that time and are trying to jam everything into one season. The scene between Charlotte and Harry didn’t feel authentic to me. Charlotte doesn’t usually swear like that, and the sorry thing was silly. I understand them wanting to make a point about women always apologizing, but the example of the tennis game was a poor one. Just about anyone would’ve apologized for knocking someone over, let alone your spouse. I fast-forwarded through Miranda and Che’s sex scene. I don’t believe she’s in lo
  6. I thought Charlotte was looking better in the last episode, but I was distracted by Kristin Davis’ face in this episode, especially her mouth. It looked off. I’m glad they handled the plastic surgery/aging storyline head on. I think Cynthia Nixon looks really good, the best of the three actresses. Carrie’s sari outfit was ridiculous. I’m sorry. I know she’s very thin, but that outfit wasn’t flattering. I was distracted by Carrie’s outfit in the apartment scene. I could see through her dress and there was a stain or spot on the front of it or something weird. I liked the
  7. She is out there. I wonder if she's medicated. The whispering scene was odd. I wonder if the husband will surface and we'll find out the whole story. Yep, she was skinny in the first few seasons. Her face looked a lot different. Maybe she wasn't using filler then. I wish she'd ease off it because it's not flattering.
  8. I saw an interview with Kim and Piers Morgan. She said they should recast the character because no way is she returning. I don't know what happened with Charlotte. She was always kind of prissy and naive but not stupid.
  9. I feel your pain. I started watching and switched it off after a few minutes. I went back later hoping the episode would get better. The scene with Miranda and Che was vile. Imagine if that had been a male character acting that way and then trying to justify it to a friend by saying he'd "never felt that way" before. Most people would think he was a selfish, inconsiderate jerk. So why do the writers think it's all right to have Miranda behave like this? What happened to her long love affair with her husband? The only part of the show that halfway interested me was Carrie brief text excha
  10. Agree. I didn’t think anyone could top Braunwyn in the insufferable category, but Heather has done it. Shannon’s groveling was pathetic. I was yelling at my TV, “Shannon STOP!” And could someone please help her find a more flattering hairstyle? I noticed the cameraman zoomed in on Terry’s pills. I wonder why. Will this be a storyline? Yikes, his face is scary. I didn’t notice it as much in the last few episodes but after reading the comments here, I made a point of looking. I wish I hadn’t. Noella seems drunk most of the time, medicated or just flat-out nuts. Perhaps all three? Her
  11. The whole thing was stupid and a waste of time. I was rolling my eyes. I can’t believe Clayton was crying in the first five minutes of the show. Is this what we’re in store for this season? He needs to pace himself because there’s a lot more heartache ahead. I don’t find him attractive at all. He’s tall and appears well built, but his face doesn’t do it for me. Why are all the women gushing? Oh… that’s right. It’s in the Bachelor script. Speaking of the script, agree about “my person.” Please stop! Where did I first hear this? Was it on Grey’s Anatomy? I also would like these
  12. Heather reminds me of my aunt who was a binge drinker. Not saying Heather is but my aunt would get haughty when she’d had a few. She didn’t seem drunk, but the more she drank the more superior and condescending she was to others. Heather’s spiel to Shannon was difficult to watch, especially because Shannon began by groveling. Heather still let her have it with both barrels. She is insufferable! Is Nicole wearing color contacts? In one scene her eyes looked really blue but artificially so. (Her nose is also distracting, especially how it turns up a bit. It looks very “done” to me.)
  13. No worries. We are the same age. I sometimes say “neat” too, which has never been cool. Ha! I’ve heard “dope” used in a similar way to cool.
  14. I was surprised at the snapping. I was in a treatment facility for depression and anxiety. We snapped instead of clapping because a lot of people had PTSD and issues with loud noise. I didn’t expect to see it on this show. It looks like a wig, a good one, and it’s pretty. However I don’t think it’s flattering to SJP. She has a long, thin face and the really long hair makes her face look even longer IMO. I think she’d look cute with a long, wavy bob with lots of volume that framed her face and maybe side swept bangs. I also call it pot because that was the term most used when I
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