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  1. I couldn't even make it half way through the show. It's become unwatchable to me. No chemistry between Sonja and her date.
  2. Agree. They did a good job aging the main characters but a terrible job with Cloud. It’s mostly just gray hair. As a character, I don’t enjoy her at all. I’m not sure this actress was the best choice.
  3. Sweet-tea


    I really like Maddie. I think the actress playing her is great, and the character has such poise and grace for someone her age. I enjoy watching her. I just finished season 7. The hospital scene with Maddie and Honey was so touching. Looking forward to the spin-off!
  4. Totally agree! I was so put off by Eboni a few episodes ago that I stopped watching. I don’t want to be lectured. It is not entertaining! If a friend spoke to me the way she speaks to these women—condescending, know-it-all—I wouldn’t hang out with her. Leah is crude, nasty and seems very angry to me. I don’t know if she’s a dry drunk or if she’s holding onto hostility from something else, but she’s not entertaining. And Sonja’s drunken antics aren’t fun to watch. Not at all. I keep expecting her to fall and really hurt herself. It makes me anxious just witnessing her behavior. I he
  5. I’ve been looking for a new hairstyle and when I did an internet search, this came up. Looks like Brandi G. was right. Lisa does wear a wig. https://www.wigsis.com/10-capless-chin-length-synthetic-straight-lisa-rinna-wigs-skuccb0612347.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwxo6IBhBKEiwAXSYBs1r6ZIZWibkPjYxr8fuHiW0uPoI3ppEl8JDJLu5yqC3XR2ROpbbBVRoC71UQAvD_BwE
  6. She does! The lighting is really good too.. She looks younger.
  7. I believe Michael is a cheater but don’t see evidence of that from this particular story and photo. It just shows him at a bar next to a woman. Not defending hm as he shouldn’t have been there alone, but he could’ve just been talking to the woman.
  8. She has to have an opportunity to lecture everyone. I was embarrassed by the genitalia talk. How old are these women? Sheesh. Leah is crude, crass and brings the show down a few notches (which is alarming as the baseline is pretty low).
  9. Yes! A rare miss for her. Hope she puts this look to rest. Wondering… is that really non-alcoholic rose Luann is drinking? Something seems off. Agree. Thought Leah was as rude as she was transparent.
  10. Yes, it wasn't the cancer. She had a show about overprotective mothers and how they sap the spirit of their daughters. So Kate felt ambushed. They changed so much from the book. Kate and Johnny had a really good marriage in the book. There was no brother named Sean who was gay and wrestling with it. Tully didn't get pregnant and doesn't propose to the father, a younger guy. Kate's parents seem to have a good marriage. Kate and Johnny also have twin boys. Kate and Mara have a contentious relationship when Mara is in her teens, and Mara worships Tully, which strains Kate and Tully's friend
  11. Not my husband, who is 60. He still wants it 2-3 times per week and I want it 0 times. Ack! I have no sympathy for Erika and haven’t liked her from the start. I’ve always found her cold. I wasn’t buying most of her comments about Tom. The tears were ridiculous. What I can’t figure out is why Lisa is so quick to defend Erica. Where are her bloodhound skills when we all need them? That picture of Lisa’s daughter is strange. Her head looks too small for her body.
  12. I could never be on a reality show because I wouldn’t discuss my sex life at a dinner partner, nor would my husband. They could’ve played the same game and asked a lot of other questions, but I guess that isn’t what Bravo wants for its viewers. Wendy is thirsty. I don’t know what happened to her since last season. She is acting like someone else. Is it because of the plastic surgery or is that why she had it? Which came first? Who knows, but I’m not enjoying her this season. I’m relieved she’s stopped talking about her four degrees though. Her skin looks beautiful in her THs. Mia s
  13. My dad had Lewy Body dementia, which is similar to Alzheimer’s combined with Parkinson’s. (Same label as Tom. It was also referred to as a major neurocognitive disorder.) They diagnose by the symptoms using cognitive testing, so it is possible it could it be faked. My mother faked an Alzheimer’s diagnosis years ago (long story but she’s a clinical narcissistic and did it for sympathy and attention). Years ago my aunt also faked a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s to receive benefits. (Yes, I know my family is crazy and some are criminals). The only way to tell for certain the person has Alzh
  14. She does seem to be trying to revamp her image. Whatever the case, she looks great. I see changes in her face too, so I don't think the work she had was limited to her body. There was talk awhile back that she had a facelift after last season. I don't know if it was that, eye work or something else, but I do see some "tweaks" to use her term. What I don't understand is why she'd want to throw a dinner party to have a reveal on her breast augmentation! What a staggering display of ego. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as that's what drives most of these women. Robyn seems depressed a
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