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  1. I know this is an old thread and I watching this documentary when it was released. At the time I believed the accusers. I was disgusted and horrified by MJ. However, after watching another documentary linked below, I’m no longer sure he was guilty. There are so many inconsistencies and issues with the stories. I’m posting it for anyone else who is interested in hearing an argument for the other side. https://www.amazon.com/Square-One-Michael-Danny-Wu/dp/B0887TPJ6Q/ref=nodl_
  2. Agree. I thought he was condescending and sexist. Contract pending means they had an offer, they accepted it and are awaiting to see if the buyer’s financing goes through. I’d be very upset if my husband accepted an offer on our house without even discussing it with me. That’s not a partnership IMO.
  3. I don’t like it. The super-short hair makes it look even more odd IMO. This is the lowest number of women I’ve ever seen on WTA. Not impressed with Katie’s Bachelorette audition. It seemed insincere and robotic to me.
  4. I agree. There is a lot more to the story that was left out—A LOT MORE—including how that Lou woman and others are shady and are making money off Britney. It’s unconscionable. It makes no sense to claim she’s not able to manage her own finances and affairs and then have her doing shows, releasing albums, etc. And her dad and the lawyers are making a percentage of her profits, so they have an interest in keeping her working so they can get rich. It’s disgusting. Her dad is known to be an alcoholic who is active in his addiction and irresponsible. It’s also known that she doesn’t have a good rel
  5. I don’t see any romance with any of them. I can’t figure out if he isn’t into the women or they aren’t into him, but there is no chemistry. The editors are going to have to work hard to create the fairy tale proposal. Even Rachel doesn’t seem that excited about him and she appears to be the front-runner. Matt looks distracted and bored in most of scenes until he leans in for the disgusting kiss. Maybe he’s kissing them to get them to stop talking, because he’s clearly not interested in what they’re saying. I don’t understand why they wasted time with the Heather drama. All that and
  6. She was ticked off. Not even a “bye” or a hug. She couldn’t wait to get in the car. Does Matt keep licking his lips and rolling his tongue around because he’s salivating over the women or is it some weird tic? His eyes look glazed over too.
  7. I agree! Watching her my first reaction was, “She really needs a a “makeunder.” Tone everything down! Lighten the hair, ditch the eyeliner and please leave the lips alone! The frosted pink lipstick was hideous. The red was better but not much. Still too much lips! She looked so much better with her natural lips. Looks like she’s using a lot of filler too because her face looked pretty full in the ending interview. Her whole look needs to be softened. The super straight hair wasn’t flattering either. I can’t remember what magazine it was that used to do makeunders but Benita would be
  8. A two-hour show and I still have so many unanswered questions: who was the woman in Barcelona? Was that actually his wife and there wasn’t a wife in Italy? Benita said she knew he was married, so why was she planning a wedding with a guy who was still married? Wouldn’t she want to verify he’d actually gotten a divorce? Who paid for all the lavish trips they went on? How could she look at that ring and think it was worth $100k? It was obvious the ring wasn’t extravagant. What about his education? Did he actually graduate from medical school somewhere? If so, where? We know he faked a
  9. Watching the Anna Nicole Smith story made me wonder why this hasn't been made into a movie, either TV or maybe even theater. There was so much drama in her life. It seems like a story made for the screen. It would be interesting to see who they'd cast to play her though, because she was a larger woman and most actresses are so skinny. I don't really understand how antidepressants and Methadone caused her son's death unless he was taking more than prescribed.
  10. I don't know why Tiffany talks that way but it is hard to hear. Super slow, over-enunciating. Ugh. I don't like her and fast-forward through most of her scenes. I expect we're supposed to sympathize with her for the pressure she got from her mother, but I don't. I am just not interested. I kind of miss LeAnne. I know she was a piece of work but she could be good TV. Not many people I like on this show. Probably just Stephanie.
  11. I agree with her when she said she didn't really fit in with the group and didn't want her participation to seem forced. I thought that was the case last season.
  12. Me too. I just wish he would have stipulated that point, but Andy seemed intent on shutting him down. Andy seems to favor Madison. Agree about Craig's hair! What on earth happened? It looks like a bad hairpiece. Kathryn looked good except I didn't really like her hair color. It looked unnatural. I liked the style though and she's lost a lot of weight. Her makeup also looked good. I saw a clip of Cameron explaining why she left the show. I'll post it in the media thread. Why doesn't Patricia come to the reunions?
  13. The biggest change is how much weight she has lost. She is skinny now! I like her better as a redhead.
  14. ITA! I do not like Leva and wouldn't want to be anywhere near her. I think she's mostly after screen time and listening to her harping on people is hard on the ears. I am concerned about Dani. She doesn't look good and seems emotionally fragile. Madison is not coming off well at all. I hope Austen stays away from her. Assuming Cialis is a prescription medication, his trainer should not have given it to Shep (unless the trainer is a physician). Was Austen drinking and driving? It looked like he had an open can of beer in the car with him when he got out of the car. Not su
  15. Danni looked drunk to me, so maybe that fueled her emotions. Actually most of them seemed inebriated, thus all the fighting.
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