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  1. OK, I am so old school I may be no school. I’ve only watched three seasons total: first w/Richard Hatch, then other two winners were a fireman (sigh) and a guy named Colby (I think or something with a C) who won a streak of challenges and then the whole thing. This was maybe 15 years ago? After those two, I lost interest in the show. I checked back this time when I heard it was going to be all former winners competing, but the only contestants I recognize are Yul and Parvati. My former crushes (fireman and Colby) aren’t back so I’m disappointed. I like Yul but don’t know if it’s enough to watch the whole season as some of the others annoy me. They didn’t do the Edge of Extinction last time I watched, and I don’t really like this component of the show. I think when someone gets voted off, they should be done. I don’t like Sandra’s attitude. I’m hoping she doesn’t last long but she’s “the queen” so I guess she thinks she will. Not surprised about Amber getting the boot but it’s too bad. Jeff Probst looks about the same to me after all these years!
  2. Very posed picture and lots of work went into making her look this good with make-up, styling and probably photo editing.
  3. I don't think so, or if they did it was more like a peck. He mostly hugged her. I could tell he wasn't into her. I think she stayed as long as she did due to producers. I don't like Tammy but I found Mykenna even more annoying and chlldish. And did she actually say at the end that she's falling in love with herself? Really? Is this supposed to impress us and win her the Bachelorette spot? Sheesh!
  4. I’m right there with you. Going way back to The Commodore’s song, Brick House. One of the lyrics... “36-24-36, ah what a winning hand.”
  5. Yes, they are out according to US Weekly. Tamra was offered friend-of role and turned it down. Vicki just said she and producers agreed she is done, which really means they didn’t offer her a role. Good riddance to both of them. I don’t like Brauwynn, cannot stand her mother (even in small doses) and am not interested in the rest of them, so I’ll probably skip it next season.
  6. I've been watching since S3 and there've been several bachelors I didn't like (Italian prince, Flahnik, JP to name a few), but Peter is the most wimpy and boring yet. He skulks around looking confused and stressed. He cannot make a decision even when it's obvious, and it drives me crazy. Plus on top of all that, he's BORING! None of these women seem into him. I don't see any chemistry with any of them. It looks like Peter is just going through the motions. Why on earth did they pick this guy? There is no fire, no energy, snap, nothing! Victoria got caught lying and Peter couldn't even manage to ask her pointed questions to clarify what on earth she was trying to say with her explanation, which was really talking in circles. It drove me crazy listening to her. I know the show is heavily edited, but come on! Why didn't he just let both of them go? Watching that scene made me like Brad more. I think he would've dealt with both of them better. I don't know if Peter is just too young, immature, entitled or what, but he might be the worst bachelor I've seen so far. I don't think I'll bother watching the rest. I'll just read the comments here.
  7. Exactly. I loved Andrew Firestone but he was on season 3. It was a very different show then. They weren’t all fame seekers. Producers weren’t always casting the next Bachelor from the current show. When they started doing that on a regular basis, it fundamentally changed the show IMO. People starting applying so they could “audition” to be the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, not because they wanted to find love. Agree with the poster who wondering why they don’t do an older Bachelor. I wish they would cast someone in his early 40s, so the women would at least be in their 30s. They did it one with that Byron (was that his name?) guy, but I guess he was just a fluke. I wonder if its an advertising demographic issue.
  8. I wonder if it’s his attempt to match hot guy’s up against the wall move on Emily’s season. I can’t remember his name. Was it Arie?
  9. I don’t believe she’s that insecure. It looked like an act to me to get attention, because she certainly seemed to come alive on the runway in the lace bodysuit. She’s a whiner. I don’t know who lost, Kelsey or the surgeon, but he whittled her nose down to a twig. She is nuts. You’d think she’d wait a few more episodes to let her full crazy fly. At this rate she may be cut next week. What is the redhead’s name? Her hair is gorgeous.
  10. No it is strange. The ADA isn’t investigating the crime. The police department detectives run the investigation. It was sloppy writing having Erin there and even worse when she was telling the detective how to investigate the crime. And when the father came in to complain, he would’ve gone to the PD sergeant, not the ADA.
  11. Agree. IMO she has a drinking problem but doesn’t want to admit and doesn’t want to stop drinking. She did what she had to do to appease the court.
  12. Gosh, she sure looks different. Did she get cheek implants?
  13. I don’t understand. She isn’t even close to needing a facelift. What on earth...?
  14. Agree. It went on too long and was too much. They obviously had an agenda for the special and it was to put LeeAnne in the hot seat and keep her there. Brandi even provided the chair. I don't like LeAnne and her comments were racist and horrible, but I don't find most of the other women without their own issues. They along with Andy were high and mighty and off putting. I can't stand Kary and have no idea why she's on this show. If she's on next year, I won't watch. Brandi shouldn't be lecturing anyone about anything. She's shown some awful behavior of her own. I agree with what Kameron said about the sex trade. The rest of the women are clueless. They should do some research on the sex industry in Thailand before they start shooting down Kameron and dismissing her valid points. And I'm including Stephanie. Disappointed in her. She sees what she wants to see.
  15. I was shocked by her age. She looks at least mid-30s to me. Agree that romance seems gone from this show and has been for several seasons. Remember when the Fantasy Suite was a mystery? They didn’t show much or talk about it. Now they make a big deal of showing the couple having breakfast in bed the next morning. They may as well hold up a sign saying, “We did it!” It’s just one of the many ways this show has gotten more brazen over the years.
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