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  1. Hey Ron, if your almost THIRTY year old son is so unprepared to adult, it may be your fault! God these people suck.
  2. So glad Brandon dressed up for this party. But then again, Betty covered the walls in dollar store decor, so I guess it works.
  3. I don’t want to diminish Leah’s feelings, but it would seem she’s being a tad dramatic for the cameras. I’ve lost people close to me. I sure as fuck was by their side and not hanging out with my friends. And funny, when I cried during those times (and hell, still cry for my Mom 4 years later), actual tears come out of my eyes.
  4. Did Heather really just tell Eboni she’s very articulate? WTF! Again. Why is she here?!
  5. Heather playing peacemaker is annoying. She’s not even on the show. “She doesn’t even go here!!!” immediately came to mind.
  6. Oh Danielle. God bless you, hon. You are in no way ready for this lifestyle. I get it, you just don’t want to lose your husband. Heads up girlfriend...you’ve lost him. Garrick is disgusting. Him trying to bring God and religion into this just annoys the F outta me. Just tell Danielle you are done and you want to move on...we all see it.
  7. I can’t even imagine trying to explain to my kids that their Dad has a new girlfriend and they are going to see him kissing her on vacation. And then to bring my parents along? NOPE.
  8. Do actual hard working people feel the need to donate to these fools? Surely not?! OMG. People, keep your money or donate it to actual needy people!!
  9. I would think she very well knew what she was getting into. This isn’t season 1 or 2...anyone joining the show has plenty of history to watch and know exactly what they are getting into. Eboni wants the “fame” and attention just like all the others.
  10. Holy crap, Low. Mind your damn business!
  11. This jackass Ronald has no business telling a kid he has to move to S Africa. Shut up...he’s not your kid!!
  12. Funny you mention Rudolph, because I told my friend his nose reminded me of claymation, and that’s exactly what came to mind!
  13. Oh F off Chris. The show should not have even allowed him to participate in the reunion. Quit giving him a platform to spout his lies and bullshit!
  14. What is the weird white dot on the end of Erik’s nose? It’s so distracting!! Did he rub the makeup off? Is he a cartoon character? I cannot figure it out!
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