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  1. Johnny is such an ass. So now we know..he wasn’t attracted to her in college, he’s not attracted now. Good luck finding a wife that meets all your requirements and can deal with your assholeness Johnny!
  2. Six figures for 2-3 days is all kinds of bullshit! If I could afford it, pretty sure I could get a nice ass LONGER vacation for that amount of money!
  3. OMG. You have made my day, my week, my year!! I had not heard this. I’m a whore to L&O…any and all…I will watch it until my last day on earth. Yahoo!
  4. I agree Ethan and Olivia need to go their separate ways. They were simply too young and too sheltered to get married. Olivia is finding herself, as most of us do in our early 20s, and they just don’t want the same things in life. Also, I call producer shenanigans on the Realtor scene. I would assume both Ethan and Olivia had to sign the listing agreement. The lockbox for the key was already on the backdoor, so the house was clearly already on the market.
  5. This, 👆🏻Is fucking hilarious!!!!!! Well played Gobi, well played.
  6. My old self knows him as AC Mallett from Guiding Light. 😍
  7. This is what I recall. When Moriah asked for help with setting up her computer, he mentioned he repairs copiers, so he had some knowledge of setting it up (I don’t see the corellation!). I think his tinkering with cars is just a hobby, but clearly he has a knack for it.
  8. I have to call Producer shenanigans on Honeymoon Mom popping into the hot tub while her son & wife were there. The looks on their faces just looked too fake to me. Don’t get me wrong, I think she is ridiculous for forcing herself on this trip, but I think the producers also take these situations to the extreme. If I were one of the fiancées or wives, life would be hard enough with a crazy ass MIL, I wouldn’t need the show to make it even worse! (In reality, no way I’d put up with any of these man babies)
  9. Omg, this is my family! Houston in the house! 😂 Also…TLC, why the F are you subjecting us to more Ron and Betty? NOPE.
  10. Note to self: do not read Betty’s posts while taking a sip of wine. 😂🤣😂🤣
  11. It’s really f’ing tacky that TLC and Ellie popped up on this island during this disaster. Send supplies and money, but good God, it’s not a tourist attraction.
  12. I’m still a human being, even though I’m old. 🤣😂 Oh Jenny, why? Why do you stay? GO HOME girl!!
  13. Not to mention he’s the most powerful man in America (arguably the world), and she’s an intern.
  14. This show is so completely ridiculous. I can’t decide if I’m done, or want to hate watch. It’s so predictable…Maggie hears the other “therapist” f’ing up her broadcast/podcast, whatever it was. I said outloud to no one, Oh, so Maggie will take over. Sophie is what, 17-19 and is being left in the huge house while it’s for sale? Yes, sure. Eddie does not care his toddler(?) is moving to France with her Mom who, this episode, has a French accent?! What a shit show!! I’ll give it one more week, but I think I’m out.
  15. F you Jose. And your whiteboard budget, and your controlling, no vacationing self. Enjoy single life in suburban Houston, asshole!
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