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  1. I fell asleep and didn’t bother rewinding to catch what I missed.
  2. And of course she’s trying to get money from people.
  3. I think that’s why I can watch it via Pillow Talk. I can rarely watch live to read all the snark here and when I watch the regular show on my own, I barely make it to the first commercial break.
  4. I don’t know when filming ended, but she posted a picture on her IG before the season started. His face was still blurred. 😂 She claimed they spent 6 weeks together in France.
  5. Just saw the former Chanel actress on Queens.
  6. So far, I’m liking Jovi and Yara on PT. Better than some of the recent couples they’ve tried.
  7. It was also a bucket when Beck was captive in season one so at least they’re consistent.
  8. In one scene, Theo said he was 19.
  9. It was so obvious what house was theirs in the second episode. They didn’t even try to change it up to keep us guessing.
  10. Me too. I laughed at his dickishness yesterday. And agree about the hair and scruff.
  11. I thought this in Nixon Falls, but I truly believe MB enjoys working with the Nina actress and it’s coming through in his acting in a positive way. Maybe that’s why I’m interested in them. Plus, Carly is awful.
  12. I’m probably in the minority, but I liked how Nina handled it. She didn’t cower which was refreshing. And hugely unpopular opinion, but I’m a little invested in seeing how this goes. He’s not treating her as badly as I thought he would so if we get him truly conflicted, it could be interesting. *hides*
  13. I’m all for it if it gives her an actual personality.
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