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  1. Ok, so I’m a big girl. And I’m not saying it would never happen, but I’ve been on mainstream dating sites as well as the chubby chaser ones and I have never gotten nasty messages like that. Again, not saying it can’t/doesn’t happen, but I have to wonder if some of it is a result of her terrible personality being on display due to the show.
  2. Was that a one and done for therapy or were they referred to someone closer? You can’t travel 8 hours just for therapy. I mean I guess you could, but I doubt it’s sustainable. I really like the brother. I hope he is successful.
  3. Then he deserves every ounce of misery she rains down on him. Scripted or not, his anger and passive aggressiveness towards her when she’s being her awful self seems real.
  4. He was doing an American accent then which I never knew while watching. It wasn’t until this series that I realized his real accent is British. Makes him even more yummy to me. 🥰
  5. On January 9th, Julia Quinn posted on her FB page that all the books were being reprinted. It was in response to an article about some of the hardbacks being sold for $700 and she told people not to pay those prices. I’m late to the discussion about romance novels that should be optioned, but I’m both excited and very nervous for the movie for Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game that just wrapped for Netflix. I’ve read it at least 4 times- I love it that much.
  6. Yeah... I think I’m out. Next week looks like a rehash of this week with bitchy barnacles thrown on.
  7. I’ve started re-watching it, too and totally agree.
  8. That’s what I was wondering. It was cringe-worthy.
  9. She can’t hide her glee Buddy and Brittany broke up. Vile.
  10. I loved this one. Julia Quinn recently posted on FB that if she had to pick an author most like her it would be Tessa Dare.
  11. I just finished this one and absolutely loved it. The humor was great. I was 3/4ths through the movie when I looked up the cast and found out the leads were married in real life. Love it.
  12. Still slogging through my DVR... This one was so, so bad. There was no plot, nothing that made me see why these two ended up together besides the fact they’re both single. 90 minutes I could have spent on a better movie.
  13. What I keep coming back to is if it were a man getting naked all the time around friends and strangers, he would be labeled a perv and would probably be charged with sexual-harassment right away. Yet, nothing is said to her about this behavior. I hate the double standard.
  14. Still trying to get through all the movies on my DVR... Time to Come Home for Christmas is really boring me and I’m struggling to finish it. I already fell asleep once.
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