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  1. This discussion reminds me of one of the best scenes ever. Context: The characters had sex the night before.
  2. I saw the ep title before the show and wondered why we were suddenly talking like the Sister Wives. (They say dill instead of deal.) Of course, the reality was so much better. What a shit show. This lady seems… special.
  3. This was my first time seeing Ben Barnes. I’m wondering what else I should look for that he’s in.
  4. 5 min. into today's ep and I am so sick of hearing about Chanel and Allie's kiss. Enough already. It's not that big of a deal, show. And Bonnie and her tears can just go away. Forever. Ugh. Just saw Justin tell Bonnie he loves her. Me: Oh, Jesus Christ.
  5. I was wondering if there was an ep last night. For some reason, my DVR did not record it. I'll go search for it now.
  6. I hope so, because right now I feel like she is getting away with it all AND getting everything she wants.
  7. I dread the same with Chase. You may have a problem with your twu wuv couple if you have to turn a genuinely nice, good guy into a villain to prop them. And yes, please.
  8. I’m so sick of hearing that phrase on this show.
  9. I laughed so hard I disturbed my cat sleeping on me.
  10. I’m only 15 min in (catching up on my DVR) and already struggling with it. Trying to give it a bit more time, but itching to stop and delete.
  11. Sweet episode. I’m glad the college boyfriend storyline ended quickly.
  12. I hope so! Throwing away that dinner made me dislike her intensely in that moment.
  13. Kind of predictable, but I’m still enjoying the show.
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