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  1. (Late to the show here.) I didn’t know Lenny Bruce was a real person until I read these forums. Totally out of the loop. I then went down the YouTube rabbit hole and saw some of the original with Hugh Heffner so I was excited that I recognized what they were doing. And now knowing the real life ending, that last scene killed me.
  2. And not even then any more! See Stefano. I never did like them bringing him back to life after the actor died.
  3. I suspected she was exaggerating them for Strike Back. Then tonight she said people always talk about her face which confirmed it for me. I do think during the original show, her facial expressions were genuine.
  4. Yes! And the fact that he didn't want to tell her about the vasectomy just proves it. Such a fucking weasel.
  5. DanaMB

    Hamilton (2020)

    I had the same problem when watching it yesterday. I turned on captions, but they were too distracting and kept drawing my away from the actors, so I decided to watch without them. I plan on watching it again, and I’ll turn on captions then.
  6. I'm sure that will be Ben and Ciara's wedding... I'm a fan, but even I can see how propped to the heavens they are.
  7. I've been watching for decades and did not know this so I'm shocked really. Very disappointing it took this long. Agree it sucks it had to be such a void of a couple.
  8. As they were dancing, I thought that the judges should tell him he needs to perform by himself in the future so I agree.
  9. No offense taken. I was just ready to detail how I, and the people around me, stay out of the sun or slather on protection. Lol
  10. He's been here long enough to know doctors are not just "boys" which is why I had to wonder if it was producer driven.
  11. To me, Florida Fall is just 2nd summer.
  12. Even though I like our current couples, I'm ready for some fresh blood. I liked it when they rotated them out. (I know it's due to things like Covid, pregnancies, and being on other shows.) I would LOVE to see Avery on here with one of her friends. Just never Ed. Never ever ever. You can throw Stephanie in there, too.
  13. I want to say I'll skip the Darcey spin-off, but I'd miss all of your snark so I'm sure I'm in. Oh God, this Tim is a doofus. Lord have mercy.
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