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  1. Such an "Only in the BB forum" sentence. TBF, I don't think there's any shortage of past players who would struggle with that kind of maze. Meg and Jenn City come to mind. I think Deref is this year's designated bastion of ineptitude.
  2. Derex is presumably in the tank for Hannah too, so that's seven. I don't know where Britini's vote goes in this scenario, but if the Cookout+ holds firm, it won't matter.
  3. Let's see. Alyssa and X are safe, so the final Wildcard comp will be between Whitney, Claire, and either Azah or Deref. Claire FTW, I guess?
  4. Heh—I was thinking the same thing earlier, what if it's a crapshoot comp and Britini wins HoH? One, it'll go to her head and convince her she actually is the comp beast she keeps threatening to be in her DRs. And two, you know she'll play emotionally and want to nominate either Kyland/X for putting her up or Tiffany/Derex for screwing her in the Wildcard. None of whom I want to see go home at this time, especially when there are much better pre-jury options. But at least the chaos would be fun, plus I'd like to see if Tiffany/X/Kyland can get Azah to convince Britini to consider some other dro
  5. Week 3, y'all! Normally I'd probably agree with you, but since this involves all my current favorites, I'm down. Especially now that Azah's turned out to be a dud and a drag.
  6. Good. Tyler Trevor Travis is the perfect sacrificial freebie for Week 1 since he's a nonentity who's unlikely to suddenly become interesting in Week 2. I'm sure he'll be happier returning to whatever remote Hawaiian island he's the most attractive man on anyway. Of course, that coin could flip a couple dozen times between now and Thursday, but hopefully this helps it land right side up.
  7. ...and so begins my annual series of "Grodner's the fucking worst" posts. I wasn't even watching BB that far back and I want Pressure Cooker to return. It's not like I really remember individual comps all that much anyway. The only one that comes to mind reliably is BB17's OTEV. Which has nothing to do with Liz beating Austin and everything to do with "BUTTAAAAAAAAH!!!"
  8. Oh, Caleb. Say what you will about Reddit, but I appreciate the fact that somebody there compiled all of his tall tales/bizarre lies. Victoria may have had her crow story, but Caleb had the "mysterious African man" who wandered into the hospital and healed both of 4YO Caleb's broken legs while his parents were at McDonald's.
  9. I'm so disappointed that in all these years, I never coined this phrase. I have to question my Ravenclaw credentials when yet again I'm tuning in for another season of the Stanford Prison Experiment Big Brother, only to watch a promising start go sideways in the first 24 hours.
  10. Meh, wouldn't be the first time he's dealt with withdrawal.
  11. Same. I could be down for Team Hogwarts.
  12. I think after getting burned last year, I'll wait and see before committing to sticking it out for the entire summer. I did, however, stock up on supplies for Week 1.
  13. Yup. First they booted warm-body-and-a-vote Natalie, then Cirie got fucked over by it being an F2 instead of an F3, so it was down to Parvati vs. Amanda the Closer. Kim, Sabrina, and Chelsea took it to the end in One World too, although maybe that alliance was a little shakier? I'm fuzzy on the details.
  14. The Black Widow Brigade in Micronesia. "Hey, Erik, can Natalie see your immunity necklace for a sec? Thanks! Erik with a K, right?"
  15. So really, the person Dawn needed all this time was Tim Gunn to tell her to edit, edit, edit! Honestly, I really hoped that all this buildup was leading to Dawn finally sorting herself out and nailing the plating, but then on top of simply not learning from past rounds, she chose to ignore the giant flashing sign Nina was holding up and that makes it an easier pill to swallow. I was rooting for her and Shota from jump, so I was thrilled that both made it to the end. Less thrilled with the outcome, but I could see how Gabe just plain outcooked them and would've been fine if the story had
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