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  1. Thank you. TBH, Dad was at the end of a years-long illness (not COVID-related) and fairly miserable by that point, so that made letting him go a lot easier. Plus he was 94, so he was entitled to feel however he wanted to feel about it, IMO. Anyway, just a few hours from finding out if our snap judgments are correct or not! (My money says: mostly correct.) Bones is another one I'm really curious about—he seems like one where there'll be no middle ground in his designs, but then there's always that one contestant whose stuff just falls flat repeatedly...
  2. JD had pre-jury boot written on his forehead from jump, but in a weird way I'll kind of miss his Scrappy-Doo energy. Whoever makes it to the merge, I feel like it's going to be an interesting mix of personalities. You know, now that we've actually gotten to see more than three or four of them in an episode.
  3. Based on personal styling, I'm curious about the same people for the most part. And Kristina's my pick for first out, if that's any indication of her finishing skills. I'll keep an open mind on Katie, the designated Hester. For now. I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of unisex designs without outside prompting, so that'll be interesting. Also, apparently casting thought it was the Dead Parent Olympics. Having lost my own father earlier this year, I'm not unsympathetic, but I don't know that I'd front-load that fact in my introductory bio when the producers will inevitably bring it up in
  4. Man, I can smell the extra coming off some of these people.
  5. Jeff. The advantages. STAAAHP. Allison Grodner is surely laughing at how dumb your twists are. "Yeah, Jeff, I'm shocked to see Brad gone. Cast into the wind like the butterflies that I truly believe are dead relatives saying hi, if you will."
  6. My theory on Jeff's hoarseness: He wrecked his voice during the challenge by gleefully yelling things like "Yase, dead last! No chance of recovery!" "Tiffany! Completely screwing! Over! Her! Tribe!" "Yase's just sucking wind in this absolute blowout!" "Oh, the humanity!" Still wishing Jeff had simply gone with "Come on in, homies."
  7. That sounds like a Clue guess. "Kyland in the kitchen with a tortilla!"
  8. You forgot Brent! Oh, wait... Called those three weeks ago! I wouldn't be opposed to Derex playing again if he goes back and watches some more seasons. Frenchie...well, yes, we do need the requisite crazy, and no one seems to know where Sam is, so.
  9. Those are going to be some painfully dull children. </BEC>
  10. Instead of interviewing Xavier, maybe Taran should interview Lucius.
  11. And now the fallout! Which I'm guessing will largely fall on Deref, the Kandy Muse of Big Brother, and Kyland, the...first of his kind, I'm not sure if there's a direct analogue of him on another show. The tortilla thing was a mold-breaker. A winner I can live with, justice for Tiffany, a season that wasn't the liveliest ever but far from the scorching case of herpes that a good half of the Robyn Kass years were—it's a low bar, but that's really as much as I can ask for. I walk away not hating anyone in this cast, which is a less common thing than it should be. As always, thanks to t
  12. ...and okay, you ended up being right about Tyler not being all that. But I still think of BB20 as a relative oasis between the toxicity of the Paul/Jackson seasons. The comedy gold of FOUTTE self-destructing with no prompting from the other side whatsoever. The sheer randomness of Sam as a robot. Kaitlyn vs. The Puzzle. On and on. Plus we got so many catchphrases out of that season. "On my daughter's birthday!" "ANALLICE." "Yatus." "Who flipped?" "ZERO STARS!"
  13. Yeah, about that... Season 16: 240 Season 17: 213 Season 18: 306 Season 19: 404 Season 20: 502 Season 21: 337 Season 22: 248 TBF, I remember past seasons having a surge of live chat during the finale, but not 100 pages' worth.
  14. I know, it's unexpectedly difficult to know what I want right now. Zero Wins Manbaby needs a hard lesson in STFU, but watching Azah Cody herself won't be fun either. Plus I really want to hear Derek's speech... So if X really does throw the final comp to Azah, could that cost him any votes? It'd be hilarious if she ended up edging him out because of that.
  15. Then he's gonna be horizontal a longass time after Wednesday.
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