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  1. Dammit, I finally purged those two twits from my memory and you had to reinsert them. OTOH, the schadenfreude is still pretty delicious. I can't believe we're halfway through the cast already. Three of these eight people will be in the finale. I like Brittany, Geoffrey, and Delvin's chances best, based on overall output and edits, but Chelsey could definitely make it if she makes another strong showing soon. Sergio and Victoria are the designated villains of the season; no way he makes it to the end, and while I wouldn't rule out her making the finale, Bravo is smarter than Lifetime and probably would keep her in a better light if she actually won. Nancy's getting the Peach edit—lovely person, not a PR winner. I'd rank Dayoung with Chelsey, but I fear the poor woman may be in hospice by that point.
  2. Okay, good, I was about to say I must be crazy because I was prepared to hate full-time Justin the way I hated Kelly, but so far I've found him...largely unobjectionable? I could still do without the joint interviews with Kristin where they think everything they say is so goddamn funny, but at least Justin has a greater semblance of personality than Kelly ever had. So I guess I'll save my loathing for Jack instead. Shrieky little popper huffer.
  3. Much Ado About Nothing, Season 3: Oh, good, more Biegs. Will she grow a personality this season? I have my doubts. So Justin is officially the new Kelly. (From Kelly to Justin, LOL.) Seems like a lateral move, but at least his boyfriend's cute. ...which is good, since my eye candy in Dumb Hot Matt is gone. Color me amazed if he actually quit before getting canned. Reagan had a weird kind of dry humor that I'll sort of miss, but that too was long overdue. Kaylee, smart career move on her part. I guess the various shenanigans at Uncommon James might be downplayed this year in favor of Kristin's social life? I'm not sure how I feel about that. Other than Brittainy (and Kaylee), UJ has always been a clusterfuck of part-time models too dumb to do anything resembling work. But Kristin's friends are all shrieky basic bitches who aren't nearly as entertaining as they find themselves to be, so it's either a wash or a downgrade. Honestly, if they're just gonna keep shifting the focus of the show, let's skip ahead to whatever season is mostly Jay and Chuy hanging out and trolling Kristin. Brittainy and Stone: FINAL-FUCKING-LY. God, he's the worst. Too lazy to get up and fetch his own guitar, too lazy to even sit up as his girlfriend's dumping him.
  4. Considering Cyndi's original style was new wave in aesthetic but thrift store in execution, I wonder why they didn't have her judge the Goodwill round. (Dear Magical Elves: Make this aging Gen-Xer very happy and bring in a member of Toto Coelo to judge an '80s-themed unconventional materials challenge.) I usually pride myself on knowing names and faces by the second episode, but Melanie has to be one of the lowest-profile contestants I've ever seen on the show. The PR version of a Purple Edit, I guess.
  5. Yeah, that's why I was kind of pulling for him, especially since he wasn't the worst designer the show's ever seen, just...unremarkable. But some people end up remembered for how they flame out more than anything they put in front of the judges, and he joined those ranks in a big way tonight.
  6. Now I know how you felt watching Tyler in BB20—the long, boring march to a predictable win. Except I don't think I'm getting a jury swerve like you did. Oh well. Not like Tommy's going to be what this season is remembered for anyway.
  7. PhoneCop

    S39 Dan Spilo

    See, I would've thought Dean had that delayed reaction because...he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and it took an extra moment to compute. (Conversely, maybe he had a sudden pang of regret for what happened with Kellee.) I can also see Tommy being likelier to speak up because teachers are usually mandated reporters and he has to know a bad touch when he sees one. Who knows—could've been any of them, for any reason. Good on whoever it was, in any case.
  8. Glad Dayoung survived and not sorry to see Veronica go. Good Lord, woman, you're 40—the stoned uptalking would be irksome with someone half your age.
  9. "He was on that season with Feely Dan." What was it he said last night? "If Dean hadn't warned me, I would've went home." I hope he's not an English teacher.
  10. I'm not seeing an immediate breakout like Sebastian was last season, but I guess he was a fluke (and not saddled with a team challenge right out of the gate). Looking forward to Sergio's comeuppance. Alan already exhausts me but I'm glad he and Dayoung were kicked back to safety because that wasn't even close. Some of Asma's portfolio shots looked decent, so I was shocked by how bad her garment was. At least she's been spared however many weeks of the judges pronouncing her name "Asthma."
  11. I've been pulling for a female winner since the second or third episode. The men are all...dud is a strong word, but I don't see an obvious winner among them. Dean's dopey with no real game. Jamal's good at figuring out puzzles but not how to talk to people. Feely Dan, 'nuff said. I would say only Tommy has gotten a neutral-ish edit, but he gives me Todd vibes and so I need him to lose. Pagong away, ladies!
  12. "Janet's over the hill!" I see you, Probst.
  13. PhoneCop

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    Noura has now become that player some seasons have where they're so bad at the game that I kind of want them to stick around a while just because their fuck-ups are so entertaining. I think Chris from Ghost Island was the most recent example of this? I guess it's the Dead Fish archetype but with comical flailing. Dead Flounder? My one disappointment is that as Chelsea was walking away, nobody yelled out, "Sorry. Thanks for playing!"
  14. Partial memory purge! Small victories.
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