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  1. I've seen the first two episodes so far, and I'm really enjoying this! Assane is so clever and versatile. The bike delivery thing was so funny. Yikes, that prison stint was risky, though. Actually letting himself get stabbed? Commitment. I like the relationships they've set up with the other characters as well. I do wonder how much of his success is accurately predicting what other people will do, and how much is being able to adapt on the fly. ElectricBoogaloo, you appear in the forums of almost every show I watch! Maybe I should just start checking your list when I need something new. Clearly you have superb taste!
  2. And there's usually NO foreplay other than a saucy look and a quick kiss maybe. Clothes off, have at it, done. They should at least do a little more lead-up and then more camera cuts to slightly different positions to imply that it's lasting longer.
  3. Definitely. What she did was not right at all. Although her anger at his deception was justified, that was not the way to address it. Simon was also right to be mad when he found out she did this on purpose, although if he really wanted to stop, he should have said so. I myself thought his behavior during the scene indicated "this is hot; let's keep going; to hell with my stupid revenge plan". Also, to be indelicate, he doesn't seem to last long, does he? All these quickies with like two seconds of foreplay. How has Daphne been enjoying most of their encounters?
  4. Watching the supposed rape scene, I didn't see a rape at all. Simon said "wait", which was vague, but then was just moaning "Daphne...Daphne", which could be interpreted as being in the throes of passion and wanting to keep going. That's what I thought was happening, especially since he looked excited when she got on top, until it was over and he was mad. He's much bigger and stronger than her and could have easily pushed her off, or actually told her to stop instead of vaguely moaning things she was apparently supposed to interpret. I didn't think she was trying to force him; she knew she was physically incapable of doing so if he wanted to stop her. I think she wanted to see how far he would go with his scheme and if he would confess to what he was doing. She did want a baby, but needed his cooperation on some level.
  5. I find it completely believable that upper class girls knew nothing of sex. Unlike the lower classes, they weren't living in small homes with thin walls and potential exposure to their parents' nocturnal activities, or to women giving birth nearby or nursing babies in view of others, or having to help with the farm animals. They lived in mansions with governesses and constant supervision. Any saucy activities or discussions could be kept in private rooms far from the eyes and ears of children and unmarried women. They didn't go to school with all manner of people sharing information. They were educated by their governesses and tutors in only "appropriate" subjects, which didn't include much anatomy. Their media was very limited, to approved books etc. All the adults and boys were strictly trained to keep any frank talk or salacious materials well away from proper young ladies. Their friends were carefully limited to girls who were sheltered in the same way. They had periods, but dealt with them with rags etc., no need to touch. They would likely have been taught to avoid touching their nethers, although they would have been told it was because it was dirty, being where pee and poop come out. No suggestion of possible titillation, and why would most of them think to try? The appeal of marriage was that you had status and security and decent companionship if you were lucky, and could have children, which just come naturally after you're married. They were conditioned from birth to set their boundaries of what was acceptable to think about or talk about so far back from actual sex that they would likely not have wondered up to that point what was that far past the boundary. Unless they were particularly inquisitive, like Eloise, and also not easily cowed by chastisement.
  6. That makes more sense, that they just need some sort of baking to supply the other businesses. But in that case, why operate the truck while Paige is gone? Why not just sell all of it out of the store or Jack's? Not cute enough for this town? Surely Preacher could get in some wholesale baked goods and stick them in the oven in the bar kitchen, while also somehow turning out 5 star-worthy meals solo AND tending bar AND waiting tables and doing cleanup since they're so poorly staffed and Jack can't be arsed.
  7. I kept thinking the same thing. Running a bakery is not something you just pick up on the side to help someone out. Even if Connie had experience working in a bakery and knew the processes, it's still a ton of work. You basically have to be up most of the night to have all those different breads and pastries ready in the morning. Or I guess you could bake the night before and they'd be a tad less fresh, but it's still hours of work every day. Unless the secret of the bakery truck is that everything is bought wholesale and maybe frozen and they just thaw it and stick it in the oven. Even so, you need a good idea of the local demands to know how much to make. What are they doing with the finances if Paige isn't there? Is it even legal for this truck to be run if no one with a food handling license is around supervising? How much does this bakery truck in this tiny town even earn, that it's worth it to pay people to help out in order to presumably continue sending Paige some money? How much do they charge Hope when she marches up, bangs on the closed truck, and bellows "COFFEE!" so rudely?
  8. Well, she doesn't just whine. She also makes unreasonable demands and asks nosy questions.
  9. The SIL is a truly terrible person. Showing up to demand a piece of jewelry that belongs to another person is bad enough. A ring that's a symbol of a woman's marriage, even worse. That her husband is dead and this is one of the few meaningful mementos she has of him, worse still. And then the SIL's coup de grace(lessness) is that she heard Mel's marriage had been rough anyway? Oh, these people were having a difficult time after suffering THE LOSS OF THEIR BABY DAUGHTER? That's what you want to bring up to pretend their marriage didn't really count and Mel doesn't count and you should get jewelry that doesn't belong to you? Go to hades, SIL.
  10. It's so beautiful. It's making me wish even more that I could go to BC again. Maybe next year.
  11. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I think a show should have only 1-2 antagonists and mostly characters the viewers like or are neutral about. And I don't like murder plots in my pretty scenery + emotional recovery + bland romance shows.
  12. As far as I'm concerned, Hope is the villain. She's a messy bench who loves drama, and not in a good way. I don't think she loves Doc or Jack nearly as much as she loves sneaking and shenanigans. Once they're settled as an ordinary married couple again, she'll probably be bored and start stirring up new marital drama. And I do know that Doc cheated on her, but that just means they're both terrible.
  13. These people ALL need to stop enabling her. Jack should get a lawyer to talk about custody. Hope should have just refused to let her live in her house. Doc and Mel should have fired her as a patient and told her to go to some other medical practice. Maybe she'd be a little more civilized if she had to be in order to get anyone to put up with her.
  14. You didn't miss anything. Nothing happened. It's exactly what you already know: she's acting out, he's easily snookered into doing her bidding, he's proclaiming he's a good guy who really cares about her and apparently not realizing she only settled for him because older, hotter, badder men (Brady) wouldn't go for her. I suspect this entire season was adapted from the books by middle school writers who aren't aware that MOST adults don't behave like dramatic, impulsive middle school kids. Even for a soapy drama, there's been a HUGE amount of childish behavior and lack of consideration of consequences. Either that or next season we find out that the logger drug dealers have been poisoning the water supply and that's why everyone is so stupid.
  15. They talked once, to gossip about the exercise instructor and so Mel could swoon about how great sex with Jack was. They also reminisced about boating with Captain Dead Husband.
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