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  1. British comedian Lee Mack’s LoD parody:
  2. We laughed at Barry suggesting Allegra point the crystal at his map and then saying, ”hey, look at what the light is shining on... it must be what we’re looking for!” Good thing he didn’t tell her to point the diamond at the floor, or else they’d still be digging!
  3. I thought it was beautiful though heart-wrenching. Zoey and Mitch’s dance was lovely. I liked American Pie for the big closing number. It wasn’t so much about the song’s original meaning for me as much as it was painting that musical backdrop for the family and all the intertwined relationships. However, it’s always a struggle to hear that song and not think of Weird Al’s lyrics: “Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi...”
  4. Did anyone else think that Kestra wouldn't have been out of place on the bridge of Khan Singh's USS Reliant?
  5. Found this on YouTube:
  6. We call it Voight Kampff for short. Poor Dahj. All her moments lost in time, like tears in rain. Patrick Stewart still in great physical shape, voice still such a grand instrument. Deal me in!
  7. Babylon 5 did this with their CGI space battles back in the ‘90s. The creators were very proud of the fact that their Starfury one-man fighters, as well as other small craft, could spin while retaining momentum in order to reorient guns. Ground-breaking at the time.
  8. I don’t like sand. It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating — and it gets everywhere.
  9. How reasonable it it to be infuriated by a fictional character? Is there any excuse for what Shaun’s father said to him?
  10. ...and of course King Candy, K-2SO, and the unforgettable Duke of Weaseltown --Weselton! Was anyone else worried that at some point Ellroy was going to say, "I am a leaf on the wind..."
  11. Nerd alert — from the TOS episode The Day of the Dove: KIRK: We can't get through the Klingon defences in time, unless. Spock. Intra-ship beaming from one section to another. It's possible? SPOCK: It has rarely been done because of the danger involved. Pinpoint accuracy is required. If the transportee should materialise inside a solid object, a deck or wall.
  12. So much dust in the living room air tonight. *sniffle* This was an emotional but beautiful episode. I imagine it must have been difficult for the actors to film. The music brought back memories too — I was asked to sing It is Well with My Soul for a close friend’s memorial service a number of years ago. Such a beautiful hymn.
  13. That's an interesting fact! I guess one way you could read it was that the lawyer was taking advantage of Jeff representing himself, and was purposely lying to him to get him to agree to giving up the guitar... or that the story is set in a Twilight Zone version of New York. In light of how many of the episodes have been quite obvious about their social commentary, I thought this one was much more subtle up until the closing narration. According to an interview with writer Glen Morgan, one of his goals was to keep the possible gun rights/control aspect of the story from turning off the audience. Finally, White Rabbit is a bizarre but highly compelling song.
  14. Speaking of Lena, Katie McGrath did a nice job in her scene revealing her collaboration with Lex. Our household remarked, “She’s crying like a real person!”
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