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  1. That was such a satisfying end to the series… well done! (So basically The Watcher is the cosmic equivalent to the fans who wanted Firefly to continue, only with some power and actual connections…)
  2. So, a question: how does the chronology of this episode (E8) fit with that of the previous “frat-boy Thor” episode (E7)? In this current episode Ultron first learns about the multiverse, so logically E8 has to happen before the events of E7. However, The Watcher seems to be taken by surprise at the end of E7 when he sees Ultron appear in front of Thor. By this point, The Watcher should know about Ultron’s mission to sterilize the multiverse and so there shouldn’t be any surprise factor. What’s the in-multiverse explanation?
  3. So much revealed this episode! All I can say is this sends the investigation into a whole new direction.
  4. Wow, so much to process. Sets up for an insane finale next week!
  5. True, I've never heard Heimdall say he had to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow. Wait -- is that from the wrong franchise?
  6. Is Mjolnir enchanted in this universe? In the prime universe, Odin places the enchantment on Mjolnir in response to Thor's attack on Jotunheim, which probably didn't happen here.
  7. Here’s speculation: will the various cliffhangers we’ve seen so far all continue in one story that bridges the various universes? Spoiler tag for references to the trailers…
  8. That was silly fun, and it was awesome to get all the voice cameos — from Jeff Goldblum to Taika Waititi to Cobie Smulders, Natalie Portman and more! As for the ending, I’m thinking that Vision with the Infinity Stones is going to help Thor grow up in an awful hurry! PS: Were Vision and his Ultron-bots coming from another universe, and is this the setup for all the universes we’ve seen so far coming together?
  9. Does it remind you of: It does me!
  10. Aside from the presence of The Watcher in every episode, each story so far has been presented as completely disconnected from the others. Does anyone suspect that Marvel will pull some kind of trick to tie all the stories together, and possibly even connect them to upcoming MCU movies?
  11. While it didn’t get an on-screen mention, as the Ravagers’ ship lifts off from Morag at 5:56 you can read the name on the hull: MANDELA. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/marvelcinematicuniverse/images/5/5d/Mandela.png/
  12. The mid-credits scene we all wanted to see!
  13. Lightning McQueen driving the Pizza Planet truck. Alligator Loki does a handectomy on President Loki. What did variant Mjolnir do to end up in the Void? And folks... ...we have a Throg.
  14. tkc

    S01.E04: The Nexus Event

    If the TVA were watching this, they would have decided at about 1:45 or so that this was the true nexus event that needed to result in Sylvie‘s pruning…
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