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  1. Were you wondering who the interviewer was when you heard their voice? Here is the original clip, and the clip with the interviewer's voice pitched up one full tone. Guess who?
  2. How about this for an Ellis Island reference: “...your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”
  3. With all the talk about the MCU and the X-Men crossing over, I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about this jaw-dropper, revealed during the briefing about Wanda: Yes, "A113"... ...proof that Wanda Maximoff is part of the Pixar universe. 😮
  4. It does look like Wanda, and if you pause it just right, it looks like she has something in her right hand, as she walks toward the camera.
  5. So inanimate objects like clothes and pendants can be expelled from Westview and retain their sitcom form. How about synthezoids?
  6. Here's Agnes' brooch. Could the central figure be waving a wand, creating a magical effect or a barrier over top of the people underneath?
  7. It could also be interpreted as seeing what’s happening inside Wanda’s mind — viewing within Wanda, hence WandaVision.
  8. After thinking about the choking scene some more, I am thinking that might have been a manifestation in the "sitcom reality" of something occurring in Wanda's prime reality. That is, Wanda was actually hurting someone in her prime reality (which is currently submerged in her consciousness), with that someone's colleague trying to get Wanda to stop it, and this was coming out in her sitcom world as the situation with the Harts.
  9. Wild speculation: If S.W.O.R.D. is the agency that deals with extraterrestrial threats, perhaps the reason for the advancing sitcom timelines is because the ETs have been receiving broadcast TV signals originating from Earth for the last 70 years or so, and the ETs are using what appear to them to be "normal" Earth family circumstances in their mind-based pacifying attacks on Wanda. These settings start with the first (oldest) broadcasts and are working up to more recent ones. Subconsciously, Wanda is fighting back, and we the viewers are seeing the breakdowns in the illusory world a
  10. Nice camerawork, too! Loved the two minute long tracking shot starting outside on the street, ending up in front of the big chessboard — with no camera operator shadows to be found!
  11. Well, she seemed pretty upset when she threw things around her room. I think Beth’s sense of identity was so wrapped up in her chess prowess that she couldn’t let Benny’s challenge go unmet. Not your stepping stone, indeed.
  12. Thomas Brodie-Sangster will always first, and ever, be Ferb.
  13. Surely I was not the only one here who had a flashback to this song as Jack had his heart to heart with Yaz!
  14. If Favreau and Filoni had *really* wanted to shake up the Star Wars universe, they could have had the hooded Jedi wielding a pink saber, followed by: Din: Are you a Jedi? Stranger (removing hood): Actually, I’m Stacey! (and yes, this is a Pink Five reference!)
  15. Comparison photos for those arguing the aesthetics of Boba Fett's ship:
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