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  1. That would scare me every time I walked into the room, thinking it was some random neighborhood cat.
  2. I wonder if Rory is not the first person Dean cheated on Lindsay with. Rory hints to Lorelei that they used condoms - do faithfully married men conveniently have condoms with them while out and about? Also, when Dean got home that night, Lindsay asked if he’d been working late again.
  3. Rinna crawling into Garcelle’s lap made me cringe. How else was Garcelle supposed to react without looking like a jerk? So, next season when Rinna inevitably acts like an asshole and Garcelle goes back to not trusting her, it gives Rinna the perfect opportunity to play the victim because they’d supposedly buried the hatchet. I hope Sutton continues to flaunt her pricey clothes and accessories, because Erika’s look of dark envy at Sutton’s shoes was EVERYTHING. (Yes they all flaunt their $$$ but since Erika hates Sutton, that hits her harder) A four hour reunion. That means we’ll
  4. I loved how Sonny was like ‘thanks for bringing me home, I’ll get you a case of my sauce’ and Jax was like ‘ummm no thanks’. He’s not drinking the Kool Aid or eating the sauce.
  5. I can see them calling her Big Bertha in prison.
  6. Is that pic what they call a ‘thirst trap’? Either way it’s more weird than ‘sexy’...
  7. I also don’t like Brit caving so quickly but look forward to watching Carly’d head explode. 🤯🤯🤯
  8. BLQ really is gorgeous, her skin and bone structure are to die for. As much as CarSon sex grosses me out, it would have been fun if they included the scene so Carly could accidentally call him ‘Jason’
  9. If Esme is Ryan’s daughter, who could possibly be her mom? The character is about 18 years old, and hasn’t Ryan been in jail for longer than that?
  10. Totally agree. Plus I love that he has taken a fatherly role towards Elizabeth and Brit.
  11. When Maxie said that I literally jumped for joy and said O SNAP!!!! Val and Anna’s drunken makeout was... kinda hot. But then dumb Anna has to tell some shady rando exactly where she left Valentin and that she’ll be gone all night. 🙄 BTW they re-cast Wiley because the last one looked like Lyndon B Johnson *hides*
  12. I love it when I catch something new on a re-watch. When Jackson admitted to Sookie that he’d never gotten an vasectomy and she as a result got pregnant, she storms off with Lorelai and says ‘I’d just given birth and that big baby expected me to hold his hand through a vasectomy? What’s next, do I have to cut all his meat for him?’ Lorelai cracks ‘I don’t think Jackson wants his meat cut’ I only just realized the double entendre about him not wanting a vasectomy. 😮😮😮😂
  13. I thought it was cute and funny the way Liz swooped over and dragged Terry away by the pocket of her coat. If Maxie tattles on Nina to effing Carly I’m done with her. That makes no sense.
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