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  1. LVP does have a great figure, and looks best when her tatas are not hanging out. Those jeans-and-shirt looks upthread are flawless.
  2. Thanks!! I haven’t had a fast-food fix since March. Also... I just pumped gas for the first time since March. I’d almost forgotten how to do it 😮
  3. Has anyone here gone to drive-thru at fast food places? How does it work and how safe is it? I’ve been doing curbside at my favorite local restaurants so they can hopefully stay in business, but frankly, one of my guilty pleasures is going to Wendy’s for the chicken nuggets and lemonade. I miss it 🙁
  4. Hmmm wonder if someone dosed her morning coffee with laxative like in Dumb and Dumber so they could all go have some fun. If not, they should definitely consider it.
  5. I’m so immature but the diarrhea stuff made me laugh. It reminded me of how my mom always says ‘sometimes diarrhea is good, it cleans you right out.’
  6. I was loving the cave until all the bats showed up 😮😮😮
  7. Who is this guy from American Idol that they all dated??
  8. Seriously IMO she has the best figure of all RHW everywhere- fit and strong and healthy.
  9. I have been wanting Jason Q to return for literally over 20 years - I was hoping it would happen this time but no such luck. I’m starting to wonder if SB insists on staying Jason M because the character is so one-note and easy to portray. Yeah since when are Sasha and Olivia texting buddies? I’m not a big fan of Olivia or Brook but it was sweet that Olivia gave her a place to stay. It was kinda harsh for Ned to kick her out, and I love Ned. Unless Brooke is in her 30s but I always thought she’s supposed to be around 22. The Sasha actress trying to act high is actually very funny.
  10. Ew Brandi is so crude. She’s like the female version of Aviva’s dad on RHONY.
  11. I’m curious about what job Val gave to Michael. Copy room guy? Valet? Making coffee all day in the break room? Whatever it is I’m sure the brat will quit in a huff and go running back to Grandma’s house because he didn’t need a job anyway.
  12. Today’s episode started out crappy but ended up fun. I am enjoying scheming Valentin and can’t wait to see Michael’s reaction to being ousted.
  13. That sh$t always cracked me up. She’s not as pretty as she thinks she is; she’s just... beige. Beige hair beige face beige personality. Just like her master Sandy.
  14. Yes I think it was around then - it seemed like it didn’t last long though, like she grew it out fast.
  15. I’ve been wanting this since the ‘new’ Jason rode his motorcycle into the living room of the Q’s house, and my eyes rolled so far back in my head that I almost got dizzy. Yeah dude you’re so James Dean. Rebel without a clue. I’m not liking Willow as much as when she was with Chase - I feel that in marrying Carly’s spawn, she somehow immediately inherited her smugness. Also, she seems to have very quickly adapted to his level of wealth. It would have been more in character for there to be at least some throwaway line about the massive daily breakfast spread, or her sudden wardrobe upgrade.
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