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  1. Yeah at least in my county - I wonder if that’s a recent development to prevent tampering - they had two security guards there, and at the end of the day they probably take the box away.
  2. Well I just got back from the drop box - I showed up early and only had to wait for one person ahead of me, but by the time I got in my car and circled around the parking lot to leave, there was suddenly a line of about 20 people. This is in Pennsylvania about 40 minutes out of Philly. Everybody was masked and very polite, plenty of social distancing. I do miss the traditional way of voting, too. My friend and I would go in the morning, then to go to brunch. Then at night we’d get together with takeout Chinese food and watch the results unfold. None of that, this year, well except for the food 😕
  3. Thank you all - I’ll be going tomorrow at 11am when it opens. There is an official drop box just 3 miles from my house 🙂
  4. For those of you who have left your ballots at a drop box - is it crowded? Seeing how the lines for early voting are so long, I’m just wondering if I should bring a mask and prepare for even a short line.
  5. I believe Brawny is telling the truth - those clips from last season (where Emily calls her out on her over-drinking) were from events that I remember. While I find some aspects of Brawnwyn annoying - ugh that family, that MOTHER - I do find her story sad, but real and inspiring. Kudos to her for putting it out there and being a help to viewers who see themselves in her.
  6. ‘Life is full of beautiful curves, and so am I.’
  7. Kelly brags so much about having sex that I’m thinking she has very little: so Rick’s either impotent or sporting a micro-D. I live Elizabeth’s dog. And house. But mostly the dog. Can he and Archie have play dates, please?
  8. That song was so bad it made me nostalgic for ‘You’re not alone anymore’
  9. Wait her kids are named Katherine and Spencer... as in Hepburn and Tracy?
  10. I actually thought Alex and Aesha would have been an interesting couple, at least short term. They both are easygoing people with a fun sense of humor, and he’s not all aggressively angular like Rob.
  11. That was such a pleasant episode to watch, Kiko is so damn likable and even Captain Lee had a big smile on his face whenever Kiko spoke. Lee mentioned that he would also consider working with Alex. Yay, maybe we will see him again too. Sure he is adorable and goofy but he is also a good sport, a great worker and very respectful of his peers and superiors (even when his superiors are snakes like Malia and Sandy)
  12. Oh yay! That really is happy news. Bring on The Aunties!
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