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  1. He looks good shirtless and... that’s pretty much it lol
  2. Ugh the self-righteousness of Carly, Joss and Jason 😡 can we send them all to Nixon Falls? I agree that Willow’s acting choices are odd. It’s almost as if she has genuine respect for Chase IRL but then remembers periodically that she’s supposed to be in love with someone else, and switches to the Joey Tribbiani smell-the-fart method ASAP. The whole time Maxie was talking to Louise, I thought there would be a baby monitor in the crib and a quick cut to Olivia in the next room looking horrified. Oh, and - I didn’t recognize Ryan’s voice at first so I thought that bear speaking in a
  3. Yeah she didn’t do that on LOST and her hair was pretty much the same then.
  4. He is a great comedic actor - very versatile! 💕
  5. So I was looking around online trying to find Nina’s purse(no luck). But guess what?? You can be the proud owner of Carly’s used tampon sweater for about $200 😮
  6. Uhoh it’s probably Novak, who was mentioned in today’s episode.
  7. Why does everyone call Gregory ‘Gonzo’? He’s a very handsome man who looks nothing like that phallic-nosed Muppet. Sam’s wardrobe choices are just... what the hell was that frilly see-through top?
  8. Gummy bears! Delicious but dangerously mysterious Gummy Bears 😂 Who is Jimmy Lee Holt? Illegitimate son of Edward or Alan? I do believe Austin is a Quartermaine.
  9. Kiki777

    This Is CNN

    Eek. I saw that too. And then Anderson Cooper said ‘great to have you back’?!?!? WT actual F was that??
  10. That Liz/Finn scene was somehow ❤️ And 🔥 at the same time, I was literally squealing. Very well done, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Also impressive were the Maxie/Bobbie scenes. I have trouble remembering how they’re related- it is solely because Bobbie was married to Tony, who I keep forgetting was Frisco’s brother? Hate Nina but loved her brown leather crossbody bag. Off to search for it!
  11. Yeah, in Soap Land, a person could resurrected after getting burned at the stake and chopped into little barbecued bits which are then fed to seagulls.
  12. Yes it is a respect thing (though some women use it as shade like Bali calling them Auntie when she’s only a few years younger). I grew up calling all Indian people my parents’ age and older Auntie or Uncle, even after just meeting them. And I still do.
  13. 😂 I’m actually Indian but Bay Ridge was where my parents lived when I was born - so I have a lot of Italian ‘aunties and uncles’ who fed me while my parents were at work. I guess children are SORASed in utero now 😮
  14. I can’t believe I’m even giving the gravy subplot a second of thought, but didn’t Phyllis give a jar of it to Trina? That went nowhere. I could definitely see annoying Olivia as the one who somehow recognizes it as Sonny’s. I also thought it was Peter’s corpse slowing down the elevator, but I pictured it on the roof so it would come dramatically crashing down to the elevator floor while Anna was inside. The breaking-stuff scene was too lame for words, it just looked so low-budget. Did I see one of them TWIRLING with a handful of tape from a VHS cassette? I love Finn and Liz t
  15. Maybe Moss has an issue sharing counter space with a fruit bowl?
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