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  1. Lexi came on this season trying to be the "Omarosa" of the boat except she took it WAY too far and went way to foul and low. She should have studied her crib notes better.
  2. Martini PK was funny as heck also. He was really on a roll this episode!
  3. I would pay money to see a "lit" PK comedy show about all kinds of current and funny topics with Boy George as the musical house "band"!
  4. Well, PK just won the season with his commentary at the couples dinner. That was some funny shit right there. None of them could keep from laughing (at the redicoulousness of Erika's "stories")and neither could I. I DVR'd this and will keep it indefinitely when I need a good belly/tears laugh!
  5. All of this legal stuff is fascinating to me. I hope that all of the injured and damaged parties are compensated and made whole. However no loss of life can ever be made whole no matter the dollar amount as there really is no dollar amount for a human life.
  6. Nothing tawdry. Only positive about your knowledge/comprehension about matters at hand in general. Sorry if I offended you in any way as that was not my intent.
  7. amarante, Thank You for your response to my query. I was hoping you would give a response as you appear VERY knowledgeable in these matters.
  8. I have a question for you amazing posters on how things are regarding the following: If Tom or Erika donated monies to non-profits, campaigns, ect. , would those be subject to returning those monies or is there some type of "hold harmless" to said innocent third parties?
  9. Well, well, well the shit just keeps getting worse. On reality blurb there is information regarding the La Quinta house (pictures as well). It went on the market in June of this year as part of the bankruptcy proceedings and is owned by Girardi and the aviation company that "leased" him the two planes (Girardi never owned the two planes Erika boasted about) for a hefty price annually.
  10. The RHONY party is over! Last person out please turn off the lights and lock the doors!
  11. Giselle is a total miserable person. Her own girls weren't buying the fake reconciliation she was trying to peddle. She is just a plain ole nasty trifling has been. And yes Gizelle, no man wants to marry unattractive, this is why you are not married or in a committed relationship because you are unattractive inside as well as outside. Robin needs to pull her sloth self out of Gizelles ass ASAP! Robin has ALWAYS been a milktoast pushover and BORING! Juan is on this show to give her a storyline and as income support but nothing else, they will never remarry.
  12. I haven't really watched many of these episodes over the years, just a few each season to kind of keep pace with what's going on. All of you on here crack me up with your posts. When I read about the rocks as wedding favors, the same Peanuts (tm) Halloween special popped into my mind that someone else posted way back: I GOT A ROCK (poor Charlie Brown). I also think Amy and her my man are going to have lots of rocks left at the reception to put in HER yard.
  13. I will join you as well on the road to Hades in my hand basket full of snacks and adult beverages as well as different items to smoke.
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