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  1. Can someone just taxidermy Tamra and her dusty muffin now and put us all out our misery.
  2. Be gone from my tv liar-face casserole scammer.
  3. I can't' decide if Shane is giving shade about having to film for the show or if he is an emasculated passive aggressive man?
  4. Good grief Braunwyn your mom is a complete loon, cut her out of your life and tell the kids that granny moved to "France".
  5. I just thought about ALL of the Bravo produced shows (and not only Bravo) where they showcase people with physical, mental, substance abuse issues and it has gotten so rampant and low down dirty that it is no longer enjoyable. Thanks to your contribution to our society Bravo et,al..NOT!! Peace out. I'm going to start watching movies, reading books, and strive to watch uplifting tv shows again.
  6. Well damn, the Katie is not in her room but has not checked out along with the talking to security(?) if they have found her is really getting concerning. Surely production knows what's going on, this is bullshit!! If I was any of the other women cast members on this show I would call a group meeting pronto and refuse to film any further until this situation was fully cleared up! Someone in a "group" foreign travel situation (cast or crew or guides)being either physically or mentally ill is no laughing matter. This show has really crossed the line!
  7. Katie just pulled a Kelly Bensimon (RHNY-scarey island) departure. She can kiss a reunion invite as well as a next season invite goodbye. I feel sorry for Katie but never did for crazy pants Kelly.
  8. Sad that in today's society that the younger generations cannot tell time on an actual clock face (all digiital) read or understand cursive, even signatures in printing (looks like a 6th grader wrote/signed something) or read an actual book from the library (paper pages and binding!) SAD!!! Technology is not all it is cracked up to be. I'm only in my 50's but WTH?
  9. Naw, that would be" fitty"as in fifty cent piece, two quarters. Quarter till would compleaty blow her mind!
  10. Travis is a drunk asshole. I feel for Ana, been ther done that when I was stupid and 16 and the drunk boyriend knocked me down and drug me down the street by my hair, none of the neighbors would come to my rescue even though numerous porch lights came on. Thank goodness my friends boyfriend told him if he didn't leave me alone and if he ever tried to hurt me again he would break his bones or worse. He was scared shitless and never had further contact with me!
  11. These "guests" were so faux and vapid. As most of them are getting to be! (Shitty casting and story lines now for this show). Arguing over dinner about someone or his "date" not bringing anything to a byob party and taking away a fifty dollar bottle upon leaving. "How dreadful" (TM Dwight from RHOA).
  12. It's like her mind moves in an alternate universe. Fresh juice or pan smoking on cooktop leading to a possible fire, what should one do?
  13. Good grief, June is as dumb as a box of rocks with the personality of wallpaper glue. I just about spit out my drink when she thought 1/4 past on the clock meant 25 minutes as in 25 cents an actual quarter. Loved Joao confronting drunk Travis after he slapped Ana and also when Colin said he was going to leave to give June a chance to stay how he got all emo and the really nice things he said about Colin.
  14. Shane is a total ass and obviously bi or gay (against his Mormon values). Emily, ditch the bitch and keep his parents as granny & grandpa. Loved Kelly giving Vicki the get the f out of my face/space treatment. I cannot stand Vicki and don't really like Kelly either. Tamra showed her production ass with the whole scene with Vicki if she wanted Vicki to "introduce" the whole Vicki/Kelly conversation.
  15. June, June...Hannah, June, June...Hannah, June, June...Hannah. Hello, is ther anybody in there, just nod if you can hear me, is there anyone at home?
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