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  1. Peter looks awful, what happened to him? I hope he isn't sick or on the "roids"
  2. Google Jamie Stone in CA. it appears she is some sort of "lifestyle" blogger/social "influencer" and other blah, blah, blah. She has not made her twitter private (yet), Enjoy!
  3. I have held off commenting on the reunion series until this final installment, here are my final thoughts for this season: Vicki, you are still the needy hole of suck that you have been from season one. You are an insecure, immature, hypocrite that no one including your own family really wants to be around, hence your constant need for validation from any unfortunate person who enters into the planet Vicki vortex. Andy was really pissed at you this season and rightfully so, you should not even have been on for the last few seasons. So yes in your own words, be done with the show that you now are so embarrassed of you windbag! Tamra, you never cease to amaze me always being the teflon chameleon that gets away once again. Shannon, this season you really disappointed. Kelly, You are a true friend until someone turns on you and then you lose your shit. You speak the truth but it gets lost in your anger responses. Learn to keep yourself together better and you will win more at life. Brawny, glad that you have taken a step back from your looney mom, hope this means she will not be on tv anytime soon again. Emily and Shane, we finally get a little further peek behind the wizards curtain. Gina, never have really warmed to you, but did like you having more of an honest voice about your marital issues and some of the issues/interactions between the women. My final take away is that if there is a next season I am on the fence until finding out who will be filming. Best part of this season, all of you fellow posters and the funny comments, snark, insightful opinions, see you on the flip side!
  4. Holding off on commenting until the final installment.
  5. The only REAL thing on this episode was the REAL yacht crew guy fixing the exhaust fan in the kitchen.
  6. Watching people get raging drunk, nasty and volatile is not my idea of good tv viewing. Even when not drunk the way that they treat and talk to and about each and their charter "guests" is purely unprofessional. Yes, I understand that the show is character scripted from the crew to the guests but this has gone too far and has gotten truly nasty and beyond the pale. Even the guests are bad at this point, most of them are return bad actors. Who in their right minds would want to be filmed for this floating turd? My best guess is that Bravo pays for the off season yacht rental, "crew" salaries, and the "tip" just to keep this dead duck of a show going. Bon Voyage Below Deck!
  7. Thank You IHOP for reminding me via your elf on the shelf commercial that crotch goblins eat free from 4 to 10. I will avoid that time span even tho I very rarely eat there.
  8. Go away Dr. Deb! Probably not to Mexico tho after your latest five finger discounts at the souvenir store. Shane is just so flat and emotionless, could he be on the spectrum ? Shannon was on "fire" tonight! Literally! I give Vicki and Steve 2-3 years if they do actually get married. Tamra was like a drunk girl at her prom running off crying and hiding in the bushes and wanting someone to come find her and give her attention.
  9. This movie is a sweet kiss goodbye on both cheeks by Scorsese, DeNiro,Pesci & Pachino to all of us who have watched the "mob" movies ( Godfather(s), Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface) over the years. I think for most of them this will be their final film. I appreciate it and would have watched it even if it had it been 6 +hrs run time.
  10. Steve is sitting pretty at this point. Nice house, food, vacations, Bravo $, ect. And all he has to do is play nice with her and her family (that is where Brooks blew his cover). Hell he may even "love" her ? Vicki is not so much getting married as she is "adopting" a spouse.
  11. Emily's comment was gold I tell you, pure gold. I will always love the fact the greedy grifter Gunvulson was herself out grifted by Brooks.
  12. This was my favorite part of the whole episode. Because it can't be said enough, STFU Vicky and go away, If you don!t like being the oldest one on the show then be gone. Oh gee there's Tamras foobs again, YAWN!
  13. I agree, no offense to anyone in Miami or Key West but during the hot/humid months I would turn into a hot sweaty red flushed mess from my head to my feet. Not a pretty picture at all, I would just want to lie down in an air conditioned room until I could escape the inferno/humidity.
  14. I think you answered your own question. Because they are poor assholes that come on to front.
  15. So many ways to deal with your mom rejecting your gifts to her and putting them in your chair: Re-wrap them and give them to her again or say nothing and donate them in "her name " to goodwill and place the receipt in a Christmas card card to her on the tree. Tell her that you really liked these items you picked out for her and that you are thrilled she has given them for you to use. Give her gifts that you want so that when she gives them back to you it is a win for you. Tell her you you ordered a really special gift that you knew she would love to be delivered to her but you keep getting updates that is is still pending delivery or that it shows that it was delivered but has not been (even though we both know nothing was ever ordered) . As for the tree decoration, get the tree up half decorated then "faint" and knock the tree and decorations to the floor and go lay down and then go home. Your mom is defiantly playing mind games with you, play right back!
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