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  1. Funny how this episode was supposed to be about Lala's make up but no comments about that. YAWN! The two Tom's remind me of the Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoon shorts on SNL. Looks like Raquel is starting to backpeddle about marrying James the man boy. Brock appears to be broke and Scheana as always is a joke, hope the baby grows up to be okay. Katie & Ariana should either open up an indie sandwich shop called "Between Two Slices" or invest in opening an already established franchise, but please no more Subways!
  2. Wonder how Robyn will "fill" when Kody runs off their sons? Probably no big "dill" since she doesn't give a shit either way, the nanny will probably be more upset!
  3. RE: Kody and the male boys in the family, it is not unusual for "daddy" to run off the boys to make their own "planets". No "head of the family" man wants male "competition" even if it is from their OWN sons! Sick, but true for FDLS followers, the wives should have seen this coming!
  4. I feel that Christine didn't get insurance until she realized her baby daddy Kody was not going to do anything to help THEIR daughter. Glad she finally left and gave Kody the single figure salute.
  5. Loved Aspyn, Mitch and especially HUNTER being there for their sister!, even Janelle willing to camp out in a tent to help relieve Christine. Kody and Robyn are total asshats! A nanny, really?? Meri is the "hamburglar" sneaking around in the back ground with a bag full of burgers and tlc cash!
  6. True, and more $$'s don't in most cases equate to better or durable. Thats why I love our smaller independent OG appliance vendor, he knows what to buy and what to stay away from.
  7. Sorry to hear that you are still having issues with your dishwasher! If it is only about a year old maybe management can get a whole new unit covered by the manufacturers warranty. Also sounds like from your previous problems it may be a malfunctioning circuit board. In reguard to the overflow from the tub/shower above sounds like a slow drain caused by a blockage (9 times out of 10 its HAIR) causing the drain and waste & overflow to seek relief by unfortunately leaking thru down to your unit.
  8. I'm a licensed broker working in CA for over 20 years, and have EARNED the commissions paid to me thru hard work and diligent fiduciary representation of both sellers and buyers , sometimes both in dual agency.
  9. Would love for a forensic accountant to go back to the beginning of this "family"starting in Utah to current day. Would be very interesting to see who received what, where , when and how.
  10. Wish that Janelle had kept her inheritance and 401k secret and out of Kodys clutches? after all they weren't legally married. Wonder if she has any legal remedies against him to claw back those monies? Mental duress, mental abuse, etc.
  11. I have decided that Janelle just wanted to have lots of children regardless of who the bio dad was, feel,sorry for her kids that Christine basically raised along side of hers. Janelle is just friends with Kody in an ex wife way. Meri has never cared about any of the other sister wives and her daughter is obviously not close to any of the other kids, now adults or their moms or grands. Christine has finally seen the light and moved on. Glad she was able to see that she was no more to him then a used tissue. Meri is sticking it to Kody and legal wife Robyn and laughing all th
  12. Kody is such a dumb ass. He likes to crow about what a good deal he got on Coyote Pass. Anyone buying vacant land to build on should have done the following: Have the sellers pay for an actual lot line surveying and check for any restrictions any old mineral easements. Have the sellers drill and test a well and test water amounts and quality. Have the sellers also pay to drop down the electric utilities to the proposed building site. (This would be needed for the operation of the well/pumps, etc.).
  13. From looking online it appears that Whitney is rebranding iris + beau to Wildrose and looks a lot like an MLM. Hey Mary here is an idea: take about three quarters of your clothing, shoes, bags, ect. And set up a "church" thrift store to benefit your followers with housing, food and so on. Mary is a total hoarder, albeit high end stuff. Can't stand that annoying little girl. Be gone spoiled and indulged crotch fruit.
  14. This season on THe Real Housewives of Orange County: No new story lines from any other seasons. Maybe they will try to jazz things up and play pickle ball or beer pong.
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