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  1. Will they ever revisit Lizzie's loss of her fiance? I realize there is a lot to deal with in this show, and I think they are doing an incredible job.
  2. And that's why we love Phil the most of any host.
  3. So if filming has started for the new season beginning with Portia's bat mitzvah, we have another example of a milestone in Kyle's family life being used as a stage set for a Housewives episode, like the "tender" anniversary dinner? Of course her daughter has grown up this way. I was bothered when she was mic'ed up at six years old. I wonder how many hours Dorit's kids spend wearing mic packs waiting for them to say something "cute". I have a lot of respect for the parents who won't allow their kids on camera. I guess I'm having problems seeing that 4th wall.
  4. There are so many tenors in opera companies all over the world with better voices and better training than Bocelli. For me he is a novelty act, much like the miniature ponies.
  5. I've been on vacation so I'm just catching up. Great comments here but I have a couple WTF observations. The only pan Kyle had to make her famous lasagna was a flimsy disposable pan? Where's the LeCruset bakeware? I call doctored up Costco lasagna. Also, Sutton drove her convertible from BH to PS with the top down? I can't even drive in SoCal with a sunroof open and this Southern Belle is driving around with no a/c?
  6. This show kept getting better as the season went on and has so much potential for the second season. I hope they rethink the silly music at the scene changes and the laugh track. The audience doesn't need any cues. The actors and writers are doing a good job.
  7. The biological clocks on this show are getting so loud that it seems to be hard for people to hear what's actually being said. Dr Monica needs to find someone older than Brian; he's not ready. I loved the scene with Nicholas and Amrit's grandmother and mother. The WWHL episode with Garcelle and Amrit was the first one worth watching in a long time. But I did notice that Nicholas was not wearing a ring.
  8. I really like this show and look forward to a second season. I'm wondering how stressful it will be for the showrunners and writers to deal with the turmoil that will happen in Afghanistan as the NATO forces leave. They appear to have done a good job so far walking the fine line between sitcom and many-sided reality. The episode with the PSA at the end was a good start but I think we are worried about Al's family and others in danger. Afghanistan is a complicated region.
  9. I thought Jake summed the relationship up best when he said it was a really bad blind date; but drawn out over 8 weeks. Her competitive need to win everything meant she had to put him in the wrong. I felt their relationship was doomed when she said she loved to travel and he said he just got his first passport. I would have moved away from him on the airplane too when he was flying in that sleeveless sweatshirt. Sitting next to Paige in Chris's unused seat would have protected Hailey's "bubble" more than sitting next to his bare arm. Jake's clothing style and his table manners (eating hi
  10. And why would Laurel leave her house to a child that she didn't even try to trace, who may not even be alive. I've forgotten how Hai even recognized Randy P from the viral video.
  11. I'm deliberately putting this in Unpopular Opinions because I don't want to get into a Fat-Shaming discussion. I've had weight issues most of my adult life. That said, I find Kate and the music teacher unrealistically out of scale with each other. I think the show has ignored her weight at several significant plot points: after the abusive boyfriend did she gain weight to protect herself from attention, what changed her mind about surgery after Toby's heart attack, wouldn't Toby's weight loss have made her work on postpartum weight loss or at least some counseling to cope, adoption to a p
  12. My mother used to bake tongue like ham with a brown sugar mustard glaze with whole cloves. It was very good, but I grossed my children out by showing them a packaged tongue at the meat counter in Safeway. My grandfather was a farmer who was a part-time butcher during the Depression. He was sometimes paid with meat from the animals he butchered. Mom wouldn't eat liver as an adult, but she made tongue delicious.
  13. I thought Paige's talking head after her "final" decision was close to who I hope she really is. I thought she was the clear eyed and realistic accountant assessing the profit and loss statement and writing off the whole experience with Chris as unretrievable sunken costs. Any apologies from him are an attempt to improve his position but don't affect the bottom line of the failed enterprise. Write it off and move on. But what was in the box in the last scene? It was obviously empty when they left. Did he bring cupcakes for the group?
  14. I recently watched season 1 again and enjoyed how matter of fact Alexis and Simon were about their social climbing. And how oblivious about their children and their house. The snark of the others was hilarious. The whole season was wonderful because it wasn't fueled by alcohol and they were all pretty naive about how they were going to look when editing got through with them.
  15. I think the real issue between Jennifer and her mother is that her mother is embarrassed that Jennifer put her parents' relationship on blast to the public. Jenn would have had no storyline otherwise. Her mother has done a lot for her storyline in past seasons with her cooking and the brother coming out and the arranged marriage etc but I think this season was a teaparty too far. I hope the mom is living happily with or near the sister and sees her grandchildren regularly.
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