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  1. Zahdii

    S25.E02: Week 2

    Someone has decided that insisting that if the lead is from a "close" family, it means the lead spends a lot of time with them and values what they think of the person the lead is thinking of marrying. The show is ignoring people who come from a more independent family structure, or those who are more more distant or even estranged from their family. It ignores the reasons why someone might fall into another category, which is silly. People who become a long term couple have to navigate their interactions with family members. If both people are really invested in spending as much time as possible with their own family, think of the problems that will arise when they both want to spend every holiday with their own family, or get their family's feedback on every major decision. The compromise that most couples have to go through to incorporate their families into their married lives is a real thing. Not something that a TV show wants to deal with when the people are given small amounts of time together with cameras rolling while producers are just off screen dictating every moment. They have an overall script in hand and don't generally tolerate variations from it. If they wanted a show that truly showed what it was like for the lead to figure out who he or she liked best when given a number of possible options, they'd put the lot of them on an island with cameras everywhere and let it play out. As soon as the lead decided that he or she knew that someone wasn't for them, the rejected person would be quietly removed from the game and sent to another location with counselors available to deal with them and then send them to a nice resort to keep them off the internet until the show was over. No need to hear people's sad life histories, those would come up naturally over time. No need to put in obviously unstable people for the production value, everyday people can melt down all on their own.
  2. I'm glad for the episode a week drop because it forced me to pay attention. It's given me a chance to really think about what I've seen and what it could all mean, then come here to read what others think. Then I go back and re-watch to pick up on stuff I missed during the first viewing. I've not watched a lot of the other Marvel movies, so this show is new to me. I've never heard of Wanda or Vision before. I've watched both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, a couple of Thor movies, Dr. Strange, and one of the Captain America movies. I watched the Avengers: Infinity War. On TV I watched both seasons of Peggy Carter. So far none of those characters have shown up on WandaVision, so I'm flying blind. If a character I watched before on one of the other movies has made an appearance yet, I don't recognize them, maybe they didn't play a large enough role on the other movies for me to pick up on them. Anyway, I've already decided that Wanda is trapped in a virtual world, and not really well-prepared for it as she realizes that she and Vision don't have any sort of back-story. They both seem to to want to fit in, indeed, they agree that they must fit in. They know that Vision isn't a human male and must not be found to be different. Not sure about Wanda. Her origins are from some place or country I've never heard of. But neither of them are surprised to have 'powers' and know to keep them under wraps. Wanda is unprepared to have a dinner party for her husband and his boss, because she's been thinking that she should have been making a special anniversary evening for herself and Vision. Hilarity ensues. But Wanda can call on her new friend Agnes to come over with a four course dinner for four, complete with recipe cards and instructions on warming up and finishing the meal, no questions asked. She does not find that odd. Then she messes that up, but manages to come up with the unique of breakfast for dinner. The question about why they didn't have children yet was odd. Back in the '50's, that sort of thing just wasn't discussed between people who didn't know each other well, and definitely not in mixed company. At most the Mrs. Hart would have asked how long they'd been married, but not inquired further. If Wanda and Vision had simply said they got married just before moving to town no one would have expected them to have children. I think there was another hint to just make something up when Mr. Hart, obviously suspicious of why WandaVision stumbled over answering the most basic questions, Mrs. Hart suddenly started telling her husband "They're setting up their story. Give them a moment." That pretty much confirmed their NPC status to me, but whoever was controlling the boss NPC didn't dial it back and let it go. At first, I didn't think that Wanda caused Vision's boss to choke. Maybe, in a moment of panic she could have caused his food to stick in his throat, but she could have also caused him to "throw up" the food when she realized the implications of killing the boss. Could she have been cold enough to wait long enough for the circumstances to be dire and then tell Vision to "Help him!" Vision was staring more at Wanda than his boss or the boss's wife during the choking sequence. Was he wondering if she was causing his boss to choke, or knew she was doing it and wondering how to respond, or did he believe his boss was truly choking and wondering how a human male would handle the situation? I know that Wanda/Vision were flummoxed by the boss getting irate and demanding they answer some basic questions about themselves. Wanda at least realized that people were going to be curious when earlier in the day she met Agnes and Agnes started asking questions. I think that was a warning to Wanda to make up some sort of a past, but she missed the clue and focused on preparing for the upcoming dinner party. Whoever is controlling the environment should have given her at least one evening to talk to Vision about it. They should have realized that she needed more time and had the boss to tell Vision that they'd have to cancel the planned dinner and ask if they could do it the next evening instead. Maybe someone was more interested in finding out how they'd handle unexpected company when Vision has been clued in about what the heart on the calendar meant (Boss man Mr. Hart and his wife are coming to dinner at the insistence of Mr. Hart so he can evaluate Vision's fitness to continue working at his firm). But Wanda has been given false hints from their next door neighbor Agnes. Either way, it caused a problem that made it obvious something was not right. Whatever was going on, Mr. and Mrs. Hart immediately moved leave without mentioning they hadn't finished dinner, the choking, or the unbelievable act of Vision moving his hand through the mans throat to take the offending piece of food out. They just went straight to "Oh look at the time. Got to go now. Lovely dinner." Boss shakes Visions hand and calls him 'Son'. Was he talking about Vision saving his life or did the script go to the end of the evening where he was supposed to be won over by a lovely dinner and conversation to decide that Vision was management potential and can keep his job? But why did Wanda and Vision not really discuss the evening after that? They just cuddled on the couch and decided that they now had a wedding anniversary and a special song, and Wanda created their wedding rings. Then they kissed and turned to watch the TV. Wouldn't this have been the time to have a long talk about who they were supposed to be, their ages, education, how long they'd been married, etc. They should have stayed up all night setting up a story for who they were and what they've done before they got here.
  3. That sounds familiar to me. Has she posted this recipe before?
  4. They WERE on a break! I hated Rachel the moment she acted like Ross cheated on her when he slept with that girl because Rachel told him she wanted them to see other people for a while.
  5. I miss Elizabeth Taylor 'White Diamonds' commercial.
  6. I love that one! I tear up every time.
  7. Must not be a federal law. When my daughter had her first kid and came back to work, she tried to pump and was given a chair in a closet that housed files. There were no windows and no separate thermostat to adjust the temperature if it was too hot or cold. There was an office chair to sit in and next to it was a small cabinet to rest her pump on when in use, the rest of the time it was to be stored in the cabinet. She was expected to provide a cooler to store the breast milk in, and it was up to her to get there early each day to take the cooler to the cafeteria and get ice from the ice machine. There was a radio to listen to, but it didn't work very well and she heard mostly static. She was constantly being interrupted by someone knocking at the door asking if they could come in and look for a file. She gave up and switched to formula. Not long after that, the company assigned an underused conference room in another building for pumping. It had a window, donated recliner, a shelf to store pumps, a couple of potted plants, a mini fridge, and a TV. It was soon taken over by people who wanted to use the fridge to store soft drinks or their lunch, or watch the TV on their breaks. Eventually the space was put back into service as a conference room because the few breastfeeding mothers who tried to use it gave up and pumped in the bathrooms or their cars. Just before Covid, my daughter was in the latter stages of her second pregnancy, and her boss assigned a corner of the floor as the new pumping station. It had most of the stuff from the earlier room, but it didn't have walls. It was surrounded by curtains. My daughter had already decided she wasn't going to thread through the desks to the corner and pull a curtain so she could pump. People were already using the fridge and sneaking in for catnaps. They all assured each other that they'd stop when the corner was needed for nursing mothers, but until then...why not use the space? In her last week at work, her boss said that this virus thing was too big of a risk, and sent her home early. She worked from home for the last week and then went on maternity leave, had the baby, and hasn't been back since. By the time she was ready to go back to work, everyone was working from home. Her division has been told that they should expect to continue working from home for at least another year. Covid has actually had a benefit in this area. More women in the company have admitted that knowing that they wouldn't have to pump has made it easier for them to breastfeed. Now the shocker here is that my daughter works for a large hospital network. You'd think that a hospital would be better at providing for the needs of breastfeeding mothers. The women who work IN the hospital have fewer problems, they're pretty vocal about what they need and getting it. But my daughter works in a building that provides services that support the hospital. The financial, IT, maintenance departments, etc, have been slower at getting on the bandwagon.
  8. I know it's been said before, but I'm adding my opinion: I hate the new Hershey's Kisses Christmas commercial! For years I've seen and heard the little Kisses ringing out 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'. It's so cute when the last little Kiss rings out that last note and swishes it's little plume across it's 'brow' with a relieved "Phew!" It's like there's real live chocolate Kisses out there bringing Christmas cuteness and joy, and the ones we buy and eat are mere candy replicas, like a picture of Santa is not the real Santa. Now suddenly, the Kisses start ringing out their song and a hand reaches in and grabs the little guy, while the music changes to a jaunty version of the old tune. He's stripped bare, and plonked down on a cookie! Are you going to eat him? I'm not going to eat him. I'll never eat another Peanut Butter Blossom cookie again, it's been tainted for me. What's worse, some recipes call for the baker to take the cookies out after 6-7 minutes, add the Kiss, and bake it for an additional 1-2 minutes! (Keeps the cookie soft and softens the Kiss for easier eating.) That brave little Kiss, who only wants to spread Christmas cheer and is so happy to do a good job, is ripped from the bosom of it's brethren, only to end up as the focal point of a sweet treat! And the human child who did it is held aloft by her father in a joyful display of triumph and affection while she looks around for more approval for a job well done. What's next? Are we going to be asked to celebrate children kidnapping Santa in exchange for extra presents, ripping the diaper from Baby New Year for laughs, or trapping the Easter Bunny to make a nice stew? Where does it end? I weep for humanity. /s /rant (But seriously, just leave the earlier commercial alone and use the footage from the latter for an entirely different one. 2020 has been bad enough, don't add to the pain.)
  9. Or Justin was experiencing his first crush and his parents were obsessively hovering to make sure it didn't become another Josh problem. After the Josh molestation's, what 12 year old boy in their family would have enough freedom to spend alone time with a girl? Jill probably meant to say Jessa, as suggested above. It was obvious even on the show how controlling JB&M were with Jessa and Ben.
  10. She hasn't posted since the latter half of August. Maybe real life got in the way?
  11. I've always hated that yell/scream thing she does.
  12. That's the truth. Mine were all over a week overdue, with the last one almost three weeks overdue. I learned after the first one to not announce my due date. People constantly asking why the baby wasn't here yet got really annoying. For the second I announced late and tried to tell people that the baby could come a couple weeks before or after the estimated delivery date. Same problem with people complaining "Why is this taking so long?" For the last, I announced late and simply said "Sometime in _____________."
  13. When I was in school a student wasn't allowed to eat in class unless they brought enough for everyone. Kids who ate in class (usually candy) either sat in the back and sneaked it when no one was looking, or asked to go to the bathroom and scarfed it down on the way. If caught, the student had the food confiscated by the the teacher and it was returned at the end of class. Apparently the teacher droid wasn't programmed for dealing with that sort of thing. So this kid is eating cookies and seems to be enjoying having the toddler want one and not sharing. I'm assuming that he didn't see the cookies fly over to Baby, and thought that Baby was able to reach over and take them while he was looking away. They're on a rough planet. Until recently, shrinking violets who asked nicely might have not fared well. Just because things are improving, the lessons of the past might have instilled in the kid that you don't share without a reason, like "If I give you this, what can you give me in return?" If someone was able to get what they want through stealth, you kind of had to admire them for it. Maybe in a few years, if Baby were once again dumped in a classroom and the kid next to him was eating something that looked interesting, the kid would tell Baby "I don't know if your species can eat these. They might make you sick. I'll put them up and when the guy you came with comes back, I'll ask him if it's OK to give you some." Right now Baby's at a point where he can understand basic language even if he's not speaking yet. He knows that some things are a no-no, but instead of throwing a fit, he's learned to be sneaky. He tries being cute and adorable, and when that doesn't work? Well, stealth it is. He's not any more of an asshole than any average human child in that stage of life. The problem is, Baby is not human. He's smarter than a human child at that stage of development, and he has the Force working for him. We don't know how his species develops. This is why it's imperative for Mando to find Baby's people, or at least people who know more of species. Until then, Mando really needs to have a diaper bag. Baby might be potty trained, but having a bag with foods that Baby craves is a good idea. Pack bone broth, meat, maybe a container of live food for treats. Add one of Mando's used capes as a comfort item or blankie. Approved toys, etc. A list of do's and don'ts for caregivers. As much as Mando wants to keep Baby with him at all times, he's had to leave Baby in the care of others in the last two episodes. Be prepared, Mando!
  14. He would disagree, while staring pensively off into the distance. He'll be wearing a strangely ill-fitting suit with his latest pocket square poking out and holding a thick leather-bound book. Behind him would be a tired Jinger cradling her belly and a bored Felicity staring at him in adoration, next to his desk with his fountain pen prominently displayed. The caption will read "Through hard work and the blessing of the Lord, I find that I am doing exceptionally well in school. I'm humbled that the Lord has given me the intelligence to absorb His teachings and possess the eloquence to pass that magnificent knowledge to others. I look forward to what the Lord has in store for me, secure in His love, and the support of my loving wife Jinger and my mentor John MacArthur." But if you could see his actual thoughts, they'd be "Look at ME! Aren't I handsome? Don't I dress well? Don't you want to be like me? (But you can't, because I'M the BEST!) God loves me more than you, neener neener! I'm just the bestest thing ever! I've got a pretty, submissive wife with some minor fame in certain quarters, and she's borne me one cute prop already and another due to arrive probably before you read this. The point is, I'M better than all of you, and I want you to know that and acknowledge it! Love me! Admire me! Copy me, although you'll fall short. SEND ME MONEY!!!! Oh, and praise the Lord."
  15. @AnimeMania, you've seen this episode? I can't find it on Disney+. All the other episodes shown so far are listed, but not this one.
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