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  1. Gee, I don't know. What are your symptoms, besides being compelled to put on clown makeup and take selfies? With symptoms this unusual, I think you should stay in bed for a year or two just to make sure you're going to be OK.
  2. Because it's common for people who taste stuff for the first time and don't hate it but don't love it either just say it tastes like chicken?
  3. They wouldn't want her, and who could blame them? But it does give me an idea of how Jill could finally get her own TV show... New to TLC: What happens when an English family converts to Amish? Let's watch. David and Jill and their family of 12 children (an older daughter is married and living with a cult in Florida) are going Amish! Watch them as they eschew many modern day customs and conveniences so they can be accepted in the Amish community. David will have to work, something he has not done in many years. Which of the Amish-approved jobs will he do? The Amish are
  4. No, that was a selfie they took. There have been a couple of times they were snapped by "paparazzi", and I'd be willing to bet those sad shots were actually taken by someone they paid to play the part. Then "someone" (Jer or the paid photog" sent the shots to any publication they could think of. Jeremy wants so much to think that people care about what he's doing, thinking, saying, etc. He's a pathetic loser.
  5. Wow. That "outfit" is hideous! It's like someone who dislikes her made it with the intent of showcasing as many flaws as possible.
  6. In other words, it's a newer version of Shot at Love (2 seasons, 2007 & 08), without the icky Tila Tequila at the helm.
  7. Jill often bragged about Tim fasting 'for the Lord' or whatever. He was her favorite son because of it. I wonder if he was doing it to leave more food for the younger children, and letting Jill pretend it was for a religious purpose. When Tim escaped to college he plumped up a bit. Now that he's back again, he's a bit thinner, but not as skeletal as before. Now that he's back, does Tim keep food hidden in his RV or make sure to eat more when away from the family? Has he tried to clue Phillip in on what's going on or does he think that Phillip would tell Jill what he's said about th
  8. When I was a kid, we went to a restaurant where a pot of melted cheese and a bowl of bread cubes were placed on the table, along with some sticks so we could skewer the bread and dip it into the cheese while we waited for our food. Didn't even occur to me at the time that it might be unsanitary, the only thing I remember about it was that my father got annoyed with us kids for eating too many cheesy bread cubes and we wouldn't want to eat our dinner. (He was right, we kids just poked at the food and we had to take most of it home to eat later). The cheese pot and the leftover bread cubes, w
  9. I looked him up online, but what I found didn't go back more than 3 or 4 years. He's complained about how there's not enough ease of use for people with sight disabilities when on the internet, mostly regarding playing video games. More recently, he either works for or runs a company called Marketplace Simulations. "JAWS certified assistive technology trainer, Darrell Bowles, provides his professional assessment on the accessibility enhancements made by Marketplace to their higher education simulations. Marketplace Simulations has worked to re-engineer all of their business ga
  10. Let me know if anyone asks Jill "About the live stream from last night. WHY?"
  11. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the technicolor fame-douche had the picture taken and the baby's face blurred before sending it himself to any publishing site that he could think of. Notice the 'action shot', the shoes, the idiotic but apparently niche-trendy jacket. The mask pulled down so when he looks almost directly at the camera we can see his lovely smile, bleh. Of course the youngest prop is there, but she's so stiff he could be tossing around a doll and I'd never know. BTW, Blurch, that pose gives you a bubble butt. Don't worry, some people like plump tushy, not everyo
  12. Sounds like a man I briefly babysat for, over twenty years ago. Story under spoiler so you don't have to wade through it if you don't want to.
  13. What was posted on All About the Tea website? Just spit it out. Paraphrase.
  14. Glad you're not upset. Does the fact that you've posted it online indicate that not being upset with dinner mean that you're often upset with dinner? What is it? A frittata that hasn't set up yet? A cream sauce that's going to be served over rice or noodles? What's in it? I guess that's chicken, probably dark meat since it's not cubed up like chicken breast would be. Did you buy boneless, skinless chicken thighs and cut them up? Are the greens spinach? I think I see mushroom, too. The cast iron pan is a nice touch, but I'm still wondering if you made it yourself or are
  15. I have a flip phone. I got it a few years ago when my health was so bad that I was afraid to get too far from the house phone in case I fell when no one else was around. I kept it in the walker bag so it was always near me, and cancelled the house phone. I didn't want an expensive cell phone in case I damaged it, and I didn't care about being able to access the internet, play games on it, or whatever else the fancy phones do. It never occurred to me that my cheap flip phone prevented me from being traced. I can walk independently now, but still stick close to home and don't go out a
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