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  1. Don't be mean to Prop. Kids go through all sorts of stages as they're growing and Felicity isn't as cute as she once was, but that can change in an instant. Neither of her parents are really unfortunate looking, so on the surface I don't think she'll ever be considered plain or ugly. Her biggest problem is with her parents. They keep putting those stupid overly large bows on her head and constantly photographing her in set up situations that make them look good. They should stop with the bows, she doesn't have enough hair to compete with the unnessary decorations they foist on her. Little girl has some cute curls. Let them shine. They might go away later, so accentuate them now. Use cute little barrets to keep her hair out of her face. If her hair won't cooperate, cut off some hair around her face so she can see (and be seen), and let it go. But most importantly, and I'm talking to J&J here, STOP USING YOUR CHILD AS A PROP! Let the poor kid grow up without being used by you to advertise your money making scheme of the moment and let her be a kid. If you have to lean on your kid(s) to make money, you're doing it wrong. The role of a parent should be to raise their children to become fully functioning adults who have a healthy sense of who they are, what they want to do with their lives, and have the means to make that happen. It doesn't stop there. Parents should also instill in their children boundaries. Don't let people take advantage of them, and don't take advantage of others. How to ask for help and how to give it. Empathy instead of indifference or superiority. Jinger might not know any better, but Jeremy should.
  2. Let me up the creep factor by imagining that after the initial OMG of them seeing each other naked, one or both of them then gets an expression of "Hmmm, nice!" followed by "Why don't we go have a cup of coffee and talk about this?"
  3. Way to make it all about you, Jeremy. It's not like every other toddler isn't frequently hungry. But maybe he's confused because Jinger seems to eat so little.
  4. It's a tiny electric fireplace/heater, suitable for heating one room. Jill's not about to get cold on those cold winter nights, although I'd think that at his size, Shrek would provide more than enough heat. Its placement on top of a piece of wooden furniture is problematic, as it could be a fire hazard. Plus, since heat rises, it could damage the TV. OK, what do you think Jill watches on that TV? I think it's situated right across from the bed. Something to keep her occupied while Shrek goes to town doing his best to bring on the next blessing? Porn? Probably not. More likely a montage of pictures of Jill. Posing in her scandelous bathing suit superimposed on top of adoring crowds, maybe? That'll get her going. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh my God, yessss!"
  5. That's how I thought of it. The Kellers were told a very sanitized version of what happened with Josh. They, in turn, told Anna an even more sanitized version of what they'd been told. When the truth came out, and I'm not sure if even we know the whole truth, Anna was stuck. She had three or four kids, and one on the way. The Duggar's latched onto her, took her in, and she was stuck. She'd never made an idependent decision in her life and had no idea of how to proceed if she wanted to. If her parents had wanted her to come home to them, we'll never know. But what we do know is that Pa Keller had already lost a couple of kids to 'the world' and Esther to John Shrader. John seemed to be on the same wavelength as they were when he married Esther, but when he went rogue, the Kellers kept quiet publicly and she's stuck in Zambia with 11 kids so far. We don't know if they ever tried to get Esther to come home, but John hasn't allowed the whole family to visit the Kellers in years, he's only allowed Esther to visit briefly with a few of the children and kept the rest away. Kind of like a hostage situation. One of Anna's older brothers, who had already left the fold, claimed publicly that he'd take in Anna and the kids, but I don't know if she ever knew about it. Was she supposed to tell the Duggars that she'd stay with them until her brother came to collect her? Would she know that they didn't have a right to keep her kids if she left? Anna was never raised to consider that she might have to work and support her children if her husband was removed from the picture. She'd never worked a paid job in her life. For Anna, as much as she might have wanted to leave and do away with the Duggar way, she was living with them and they had enormous control over her. She and her kids were put in the communal girls dorm and under their eye all the time. She had becomed accustomed to a better standard of living since marrying Josh and had no way of knowing if their lives would improve if she ended up living with her family. She might have worried that the Duggars could take her kids if she left. She was fed a steady diet of religious doctrine about leave and cleave, and submitting to her husband and his family. Michelle even put out a truly horrendous statement about how a wife was supposed to be the calming force in easing a man's natural tendency towards sexual sin, and if she failed her man might just stray. I think that Anna welcomed Josh back with open arms, but I also suspect that she did it after deciding that it was the best option instead of trying to go it alone. I'm not sure that her emotions are so star-struck and girlish adoration as when she married him. She might feel it unseemly or ungodly to publicly chastise him, but I suspect that there's a part of her that relishes in having more kids when it was obvious that he didn't want any more even before the scandle. To have the Duggars fully support them while she fulfills her quest to have kids, a cowed husband at hand, appearances on a TV show...Anna might just have realized her power and is happily making the most of it.
  6. Funny story about getting my first computer. I was thinking about going back to college, and kept hearing that I'd need a home computer to do the job properly. This was about 1990, and really weren't common in the home; I was the first person most people I knew who actually bought one. Anyway, we went to the only place in town that sold computers on a payment plan, a furniture store. Walked out with a behemoth that ran on DOS 5 and came with Windows 2.0, top of the line back then. It came with drives for both 5.25 and 3 inch floppies. I paid extra for this thing that would allow me to get on the mysterious 'internet', where all the information was out there for the taking. Found out later the only way for someone in my area to get on this internet thing was to hook up our phone and dial a long distance number to the next county, and only a few things were available if you knew how to access them. The cost was $1600, but the store assured us that they'd carry the contract and payments were only $16 a month. What a steal! Started college, and found that no one else in most of my classes had a computer. We used the home computer for a few games, writing assignments I could print out on the printer, etc. Found a catalogue of freeware and had fun with that. Screwed up the computer more times than I could count and had to reinstall DOS and Windows. Finally we got in a position where we could look into buying a house. We went to the bank and were told that our income was pretty low, but doable if we didn't have outstanding debts. We learned from a credit freeware program about the credit reporting agencies and how to check on our credit rating and how to clear them. First, you asked the three main agencies to give you an accounting of your debts that they knew about. Private debts were only reported if the lender took pains to report the debt to them, and needed documentation to prove the debt. If a bill was old, you asked the agencies to update the information. Sometimes you'd paid off the debt and the lender had failed to report it to the agencies. Sometimes the company has gone out of business and didn't respond to the request. Sometimes a company was sold to another company and your debt was written off by the original lender to make their own assests look better. Sometimes the lender couldn't be found. By law, once an agency couldn't verify the information within a certain amount of time, the debt was wiped from your account. Probably not applicable today as most monetary transactions are entered on computer these days. When we were finally sure that everything from the past was paid off, we went to the bank. We were assigned a credit counselor and she told us to gather up anything we made monthly payments on and bring them in. We had a couple of medical bills, a vet bill, and the computer bill. We found out we'd actually paid off the cost of the computer had been paid off long ago, but still had a couple of years to go to pay off the interest. She said if we took out a bank loan to pay off our still outstanding debts, we could clear them off our credit record and then own only the bank, at a much better interest rate. We were like "Interest rate? What is that? We've heard of it but never really bothered to learn what it was." Got a quick lesson on that, felt like fools for not paying attention to it before, and paid off those debts with the bank loan.
  7. Well, the guy up until now has expressed zero interest in anything around him. He's been slack-jawed and disinterested in everything else. * He couldn't tell the woman who asked for directions to turn right to reach the highway. He stared into space and finally nudged his sign in that direction. * He ignored his father when he showed up on the job to say he's proud the way his son is twirling his sign, with all the tone of someone encouraging a slow child, until the angsty asshole told his dad to wait until his break. Dad immediately backs off lest the loser quits his job citing "I can't work like this!". * He was caught napping on a couch clutching his sign, and when a woman (that I assumed to be his mother) nudges him and tells him he fell asleep with his sign again, loser insists he didn't and goes back to sleep. * Now he's got a girlfriend? Are we sure she wasn't hired to get him out of the house, a la "Failure to Launch"? Maybe when her contract runs out she changes the locks and he goes home to find his parents have moved away. And the whole time Mara tells us to buy Progressive insurance, while letting us know she thinks it's all stupid and she's over it.
  8. I don't mind some family chat, but I know these shows are filmed earlier in the day, so there's no reason for Steve to do the "Are we ready yet?" sort of thing. Maybe Steve, or the people who edit the show, thinks it adds a 'folksy' touch. Maybe they like the idea of making sure everyone knows the show is fulfilling stay at home rules. If so, he's doing his audience a disservice because if we haven't figured it out from his home background and lack of real-time audience feedback, we'd get it from the way his guests are taking part from a distance and his band is playing separately from multiple places. BTW, maybe it's editing magic, but I love how the band is able to play together even when they're not in the same room. There is at least one daily talk show (cough*The View*cough) that is not handling the remote thing very well.
  9. Someone on another site (probably Free Jinger) reported that a friend of hers was on JillR's FB for a few years. They messaged each other a few times, mostly Jill trying to sell Plexus or get this woman to sell under her. This woman even sent Jill a gift for Jill's infamous 'Pamper Mama' party. So, this woman who has been known to Jill for several years, messaged Jill to ask her the same question. Jill responded that she didn't need to send anything, Nurie was sure to get plenty at the wedding. Then Jill blocked her. I'd thought that Jill would push the Nurie gift thing, with an eye to relieving Nurthan of anything she coveted. But apparently Jill has decided to deflect interest instead. Maybe she fears Nurie would get more gifts than Jill has, and that would make Jill feel like she's not the most popular in the cult.
  10. Don't give him ideas. Does anyone really want Jed to get into a position of power?
  11. So Meghan calls people who watch The View 'motherfuckers'. Charming.
  12. Re: pronunciation of 'almond' Everyone I know pronounces it "all-mond" with the accent on the first syllable.
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