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  1. As quoted from the movie Twister: He really is in love with himself. I thought it was just a summer thing. Yeah, right. He's such a twit.
  2. No need to cover up an early baby. Everyone knows the first baby can come at anytime. The rest take nine months.
  3. @emma675 When I was in the hospital after giving birth, I told one of the nurses that I dreaded having my inlaws visit because when talking to my MIL on the phone, she gave every indication of coming in and expecting to sit holding the baby for the next six hours until it was time for her to go home. The nurse told me they'd tell any visitors that the doctor had decreed I wasn't allowed visitors, or only had a set limit on the amount of time they could stay. Tell your doctor and the nurses that you don't want visitors, and they'll make it happen. If Covid restrictions are released, tell everyone your doctor has advised/forbidden visitors at home for whatever amount of time you prefer.
  4. I was a teen when the heavy 'Brooke Shields' eyebrows got to be the new thing. I was very happy to finally have something that I naturally had become fashionable! Now I'm too old to care. BTW, I wouldn't be surprised if thicker eyebrows are back in fashion (or 'on trend') because of Covid. A lot of people can't afford to spend money on the truly unimportant things just to fit in. Others might want to show that they're being responsible about social distancing. But in Gingers case, a little tweezing couldn't hurt.
  5. Who won a war with the Australian military? Emu's? Please don't make me look this up.
  6. I've got to say, that's pretty good. If I didn't know ahead of time, I'd have to watch closely to figure out which one was the pro and which one was the talented amateur contestant.
  7. Welcome back after a two week break! Guests for the upcoming week: Mon 9/14 Bob Woodward, musical guest Luke Combs Tues 9/15 Guests: journalist Jacob Soboroff, musician Janelle Monáe Wed 9/16 Guests: Drew Barrymore Thur 9/17 Guests: Sarah Paulson Fri 9/18 ? Regarding the 9/14 episode: Stephen looks relaxed and happy, I think he enjoyed his time off. However, imo, a bit too much attention being paid to someone accidentally loading a dick pic. I guess when everything's Trump and Covid, etc. all the time, it's nice when something different shows up for a bit of a distraction. I was disappointed in the Bob Woodward interview. Nothing really new, and Woodward seemed tired and disengaged. Probably worn out from giving all those back to back interviews.
  8. When I was a teen, my older sister got married. She ordered wedding invitations on vellum paper, artfully torn edges, embossed boarders, script font in a thick black ink that looked like enamel. Very pretty and expensive. But she decided to add a personal note to the invitations in gold ink on each invitation, and address all the envelopes the same way. She wanted them to look fancy and memorable. So she bought a fountain pen and gold ink and started in. Her handwriting was pretty good, but writing in script on paper she wasn't used to, and using a medium she had no experience in? Didn't work out well. Lots of blobs of ink, problems with getting the ink to flow properly so all of the words started out with a lot of ink and very little at the end. Even getting even pressure on the paper was a problem. Sis and Mom started to get pretty upset. Sis, because she wanted everything perfect, and Mom because she was paying for all of this. Finally, a friend who was into calligraphy offered to do it as a wedding gift. I bet no one who got one of those invites even noticed the effort that went into getting those stupid invitations out. End result: Jeremy is still a pretentious ass, Jinger still thinks he's just the greatest and she's lucky to have landed him (and he agrees with her), both of them are still trying to live on social media and the largess of others, and the existing and future kid are still props, albeit ones they love.
  9. I keep getting texts from people wanting to buy my property. But the address they claim they are interested in might be a real address in my area, but certainly nothing I own. Sometimes they call me by a first name (not my own, nor the name of anyone I know), other times the text is more general. "I'm so and so and I'm interested in buying ### such and such street, my town." The names, numbers, and addresses are always different. The numbers they call from are always different. I don't respond to the texts, but I can't help but wonder what they're after.
  10. It's hard to know how to get rid of rats and mice in a nice way. When I was a kid, there was a mouse that lived behind the fridge. It got so bold that it came out during dinner time looking for crumbs that fell on the floor and only ran for safety when someone got too close. Mom put a snap trap in front of the place where the mouse always appeared but unfortunately it didn't take the bait right away. It was the night when one of my aunts was over for dinner when shit came down. Auntie saw the mousetrap. Mom explained about the mouse. Auntie was extremely clean and hated mice or insects in the house, but it turned out she also hated to see them get killed. So during dinner, she positioned herself nearest to the fridge and when the mouse appeared, she'd jump up and shoo it away. This happened a couple of times, and Auntie had to get closer each time before the mouse would run away. Finally, the mouse appeared again. I guess it decided that it should take the nearest source of food before the annoying human got too close. Snap! Right in front of Auntie, the mouse met its sudden demise. Auntie was pretty upset. She was even more horrified when Mom carried the trap outside to dump the body out for the cats to fight over. We had a more humane method (or it seemed so at the time) for dealing with mice on the back porch or the barn. Put out a 5 gallon bucket and put something smelly in it, set it near something that allowed the mice to climb up and jump in the bucket. They could get to the food, but not get back out again. Next morning, one of us kids would take it across the road to the field and let them go. It was weird to carry a bucket with a dozen mice jumping around and trying to climb out. But put the bucket down and tip it facing away from the road and they'd run away. Not sure how many survived, because they were suddenly in a new place, and a human was behind them shouting and stomping around to keep them running in the right direction. Factor in the barn cats learning early on to follow me across the road for a chance to catch a nice fat mouse that was disoriented and trying to hide behind the nearest blade of grass. But the mice had a chance.
  11. WHY! Why post a picture where one of your small children has his finger stuck up his nose? That's just cruel to the child. The internet is forever, and someday that poor kid is going to find that online and be embarrassed. Would they post a picture where one or both of the parents were doing that? Give the kid a little dignity.
  12. True story here. Years ago, we were driving to a family dinner at a relatives home who lived 2 hours away. It was Easter, the kids had already gotten their Easter baskets and were taking them with us, partly to show them off, but mostly to use them for the Easter egg hunt. We stopped halfway there at a little roadside store because one of the kids had to go to the bathroom. I gave the oldest kids some money and told them to buy something for the three of them in exchange for using the bathroom. The kids went into the store, while we waited outside. We watched them buy a treat and then walk towards the bathroom. Suddenly, the youngest ran back to us and got in the car. We asked her what was wrong, but she didn't reply. She seemed excited, not scared, so we just let it play out. She found her candy and took out some foil wrapped gold 'coins'. I thought I knew what was going on. The older kids were standing in the store looking confused. Youngest ran back to the store and happily put her gold coins on the counter, chattering up a storm. The ladies working there were charmed, and all the kids went into the bathroom. When they got back, they piled into the car and we drove off, with the ladies smiling and waving. Turned out my youngest thought that you had to pay to use the bathroom, and she hadn't been given money to pay. So she thought that she would pay herself using her gold coins.
  13. Why? Nathan looks just fine on the whole. Maybe not considered handsome, but he doesn't need to wear a bag over his head to avoid scaring small children. I do hope that he sees a doctor to deal with his acne. In addition to getting deep scars on his face, it can't feel good to be carrying around all that pus. Doesn't seem healthy, and can be pretty hard emotionally.
  14. I saw a lot of good things in that video. Jill and Derick worked well to get Izz to school, they were upbeat and seemed genuinely excited for this big event. Izz was happy and looking forward to the new experience. I'm sure that his parents talking about it beforehand, explaining what was going to happen, presenting it as a good thing, going to the school with them when they signed him up, all contributed to having a good experience. Sam didn't really understand just what was happening, as a child of his age wouldn't, but he didn't appear to be upset at all. He'd been around when Izz was being prepped for school, and probably understood that his big brother was going to a place for a few hours a day, and it was a good thing. Big brother would come back again. Mom and Dad and Izzy were looking forward to it. He trusts that this is OK, so he's OK. He got Mom to himself for a time. The little bit of Jill's preschool seemed age appropriate and fun. Both parents (and Sam) went to pick Izz up and Jill mentioned that they didn't expect such a long wait and also said that she wished she'd brought something along for Sam to amuse himself while they waited. Izz seemed fine when he got in the car. Happy and confident, no sign that he'd had a bad day. There are some things I would have done differently if I'd inhabited Jill's body at that time, but nothing major. I might have filmed the night before but not posted it, kept it for just the family. The morning wakeup gave me mixed feelings. I liked how Jill didn't say anything when Izz woke up and promptly laid back down again and didn't insist he get up RIGHT NOW. It was cute. The cut to Sam sleeping right through it was cute. But when Izz woke up and didn't look at Jill and didn't ask why he had a camera in his face or seemed annoyed with it? It's because he always has a freakin' camera in his face. Jill, that's too much videoing your kids. But they didn't try to film other children at the school. One appeared in the background but was masked, so probably not a problem. Even the adults working there were wearing face masks and were filmed briefly and from a distance, and not forced to give an interview. On the whole, a pretty good video of Isreal's first day of school. Now Jill, on the issue of potty training Sam? Not necessary. Keep it off camera. Save it until later when you can casually announce that he's potty trained. Sure, talk privately among your family and friends about it, but the world at large shouldn't know about it. A few years from now you can talk about general stories about it, and don't specify which kid peed twice in the kitchen in the same spot on the same day. Even better if you, since you have a large number of strangers following you, say "This happened when someone I know was potty training their child, and this is how it was handled". I could post about potty training issues online because I'm anonymous and there's very little chance someone could trace it back to me or my kids or my friends and family's kids. But you're right out there, and if you name the day something happened, and which child it happened to, it's a whole other issue. You're doing better than your parents and other reality show people have done. Just go a step further and emulate someone who is more private with the personal things.
  15. I think that she brought someone with her that was sitting in the audience both times. Compare the woman sitting her left (our right) shoulder on the top photo with the one sitting on the opposite side on the bottom photo. Also, way back when Peoples Court still had Judge Wapner, a teen boy sued a slightly older teen girl for stabbing him in the stomach with a knife. They were approaching each other as the plaintiff walked up to a friends house and the defendant was leaving the house. She claimed she heard the boy call her a bitch so she stabbed him. He says he was walking with his friends and they were talking about something else entirely, so he was shocked when she started screaming at him while lunging forward and suddenly he was on the ground bleeding and in pain. He was in the hospital for several days and the surgery required to fix the wound gave him a long scar on his stomach. The blade must have gone in at an angle or maybe she twisted the knife when she got it in, but that smallish blade caused a lot of damage. Bitch was completely unrepentant. Judge Wapner foresaw a lot of trouble for her if she didn't get into counseling pronto. Some years later, maybe ten? Same woman being sued for attempting to stab the new girlfriend of one of her relatives. She was visiting a relative, older woman, maybe an aunt or grandmother. A man, probably a cousin brought his new girlfriend over and introduced her around. The older lady invited her to sit at the table so they could talk. Our stabber was there, sitting at the table and she had put her purse on the chair next to her. The girlfriend saw that the only chair available to her was the one with the purse so she picked it up and set it on the table. Stabby went nuts because no one touches her purse, and got out her knife! She was only prevented from doing real damage by the boyfriend. The plaintiff in that case was somewhat injured during the scuffle and wanted her attacker to pay. She said she stopped dating the boyfriend because he obviously knew what Stabby was like and not only failed to warn her of his violent relative, but actually introduced them, and seemed to think that it was somewhat her fault for touching an item that didn't belong to her. That's a minor faux pas, not a crime worthy of the death penalty. Obviously, Stabby lost both cases for the largest amount allowed at the time.
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