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    "The View": Week of 6/24/2019

    Not torture? Those kids were living in pretty damned awful conditions before, otherwise they'd never have showed up at the border to begin with. Then, once they got here, they were taken from their parents and forced to live in groups with other children and given the least amount of care possible. Watched by guards who may or may not speak their own language? Check. Guards who may or may not treat them like children worthy of some kind of respect and kindness? Check. Needed medications prescribed by a doctor in their own country of origin withheld from them until an American doctor can see them, diagnose them, and prescribe new medicines? Check. Denied proper medical care for health issues that present themselves after being taken into custody? Check. Forced to live in cages, cells, or tents with only other migrant children to depend on? Check. Running the risk of physical, sexual, or mental abuse at the hands of their jailors or other children trapped in the same situation? Check. Not having a bed and only a mylar blanket for warmth? Check. No soap for washing or toothbrushes for dental care? Check. Denied reunification with parents, or relatives in a timely fashion? Check. Placed in the untenable position of being returned to their country of origin alone, put into long term foster care with no guarentee they'll be allowed to stay when they turn 18, placed for adoption despite their parents wishes, or simply lost in the system? Check. Being used as a platform for America First politicians, racist assholes, and a certain "political pundit" as examples of why being a white American is the only way to be? Check. Yeah, Meghan. No torture there. Those kids are living in some idyllic summer camp situation where they're all having a great time and don't miss their families at all.
  2. Zahdii

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    OK. Jill posted a picture of cute toddler toes and their attached feet. It might work out well for people on her SM to chime in with "Awww" and "I remember how cute my kids feet were when they were small", but it doesn't have a lot of traction here as a topic of discussion. Jessa's latest was born with both feet, right? Because I could see some pretty rude comments otherwise.
  3. Zahdii

    "The View": Week of 6/24/2019

    I've wondered if the producers are letting Meghan get away with all her crap because they know people hate her. We tune in to see what she says next, talk about her bad attitude, her daddy issues, her perception that she's the best thing to happen to the show since ever, and we're all waiting to see someone smack her down. That will never happen, unless someone is truly ready to leave the show and Meghan will get the split screen screaming match she's always dreamed of. As much as I'd like it to be Joy who takes her down, I think it would really mess with her spoiled little rich girl mind if Whoopie does in instead.
  4. Zahdii

    S15.E07: Week 7

    While the bachelor or bachelorette usually pretend they've planned the dates out, there have been times when it was obvious that they had nothing to do with it. I'm thinking of Jake and Vienna bungee jumping off a bridge and how she had to talk him down as they were hanging in mid air and he was losing his mind in fear. Or the bachelorette who had to make her way through a dark room filled with obstacles and birds, and she had a bird phobia. And who in their right mind would choose a date where their suiters were expected to roast them on stage? One bachelorette had to suffer through that one. Most of the guys were understandably reluctant to do that, both because they really didn't know much about her or her sense of humor. One clod took it to heart and really got mean with her. His excuse was that he was an aspiring comedian and that's just what they do. While the bachelorette ended up being consoled by another man, he wandered the streets complaining that no one understood him and either quit the show or was ousted at the next rose ceremony. I'm sure there are many other examples of the lead being ambushed by production.
  5. Zahdii

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Yeah, I'm betting on the Duggars to get in on the move the California. They'll put their spin on the new digs, maybe get an episode of them wandering around the area to get an idea of the den of sin precious Jinger is going to be living in. Then act all sad about leaving, and it probably won't be just an act. But don't worry, they'll soldier on. As for if the move makes Jinger miss her family more, I'm not so sure. She did quite well after moving to Texas doing the Skype thing and flying back whenever it pleased her, so we'll have to see if the increased distance makes a difference. But if she makes a real friend for once, that's a whole other thing. She may have friends we know nothing about because they don't want to be part of the Duggar experience. Or she might not want any friends that don't meet with Jeremy's approval. As much as we might find it interesting if she makes friends with a tattooed, pierced barista who's trying to break into show biz and has 'alternate' types of friends, I think that Jinger will stay at home with the baby and only socialize with Jeremy approved wives of his new buddies. He might not even have to discourage her from branching out, she might just feel more comfortable following his lead on who to socialize with. Jeremy and his ilk might be all the excitement she can handle.
  6. C'mon. Who here believes that the story given was the truth? No way did Jessa ever intend to give birth in a hospital suite but changed her plan when her midwife went out of town. I can't prove it, but I think that Jessa always intended to give birth at home again, probably with the dangerous Federosky woman in attendance, and then expected to announce the birth after the fact from the comfort of her home with a smug expression (just like last time). Jessa really seems invested in giving birth at home, for whatever reason. Instead, she delivered the baby and then her body didn't stop bleeding. Just like with the first time, the midwife was running out the back door as the paramedics came rushing in the front door. At least this time they didn't play around and the hospital was able to stop the bleeding without having to resort to tranfusions, so I guess someone at home (probably Ben and Jill) learned something. At this rate, Jessa will only have to have one or two more home births go south before she gives up and either jumps off the baby train or goes to the hospital to give birth, but I don't know if she'll ever figure out that her best chance of a good outcome is to work with a real professional and follow their advice from the very beginning of her pregnancy.
  7. What are chiggers? Do they go by another name in other areas? The only person I remember mentioning chiggers was a friend of mine in high school. She had lived in Texas when she was younger and she told me of the time she had to get a shot in the butt and the nurse put the needle right through a chigger bite! She was sure the nurse was a sadist.
  8. He posted a picture on Instagram of the casket at the memorial with the caption: "Just buried my lil sis! She was only 19 weeks old...Not an easy one! God is good!”
  9. Zahdii

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Why do I get the feeling that that poor kid's life is one long photo shoot?
  10. To what? McWhiny, McScreechy, McPundit? McMyFatherWasAWarHeroSoYouShouldAllBowDownBeforeMe?
  11. Zahdii

    The People's Court

    I don't remember the husband blaming the plaintiff for being a trouble maker, but I agree that he got the apartment for his wife so he and their son wouldn't have to live with her. I wonder why he didn't pay to have an attendant live with her to keep her on her meds, or if that would even help, or if he couldn't afford such an additional expense. I admit to wondering what her diagnosis was. How could he be sure she wouldn't harm herself or someone else during one of her episodes?
  12. Oh Jill, you're such a putz. And you married a putz. A couple of putzs for Jesus. Between you the only thing you do well is have children. And grift. You're spectacular at grifting. Parenting the kids, well, not so much. John 11:35. Jesus wept. I think of it when I think of you, your hypocrisy, your narcissism, your utter stupidity, and your unflagging belief that Jesus loves you the best because you keep popping out children like a glorified Pez dispenser. If the Biblical Jesus showed up today, you wouldn't recognize him. He'd be wearing a robe, not manly pants. He'd have long hair. His skin tone wouldn't be pasty white. He'd go among the smelly and unlovely and side-eye you and your judgmental attitude. He'd ask you to approach your relationship with God to be like that of a child to a parent, not as a spokesperson speaking for God.
  13. My former SIL was taped giving birth. I'm not sure if she knew her husband was going to do it, but when it came time to push, he left her side and stood next to the doctor video taping the whole damned thing. Then he went home to where her parents were waiting and asked them if they'd like to see their newest grandchild. He deliberately didn't tell them what he was about to do when he popped the cassette into the VCR and turned it on. Her father was not amused. But he wasn't done yet. A couple of days later he took the cassette to work and took over a meeting room. He walked through the break room asking if anyone wanted to see it. She has had people she's never met watch her give birth.
  14. Zahdii

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Yeah, I remember years ago I saw a litigant who had her bangs growing straight down to just under her eyes. No idea how she saw through those things, as they created a solid curtain completely obscuring the top of her face. She looked striking that way, but I wondered if she had some deformity she was hiding. The judge asked her to part her bangs so he could see her eyes. Turned out she had beautiful eyes. The judge told her he needed her to keep her bangs away from her face because he looked at the eyes to help him determine when someone was telling the truth or trying to shift the conversation. I think she probably knew in advance she wouldn't be allowed to wear her hair like that, because her eyes were fully made up and she happily pulled out some barrettes and expertly secured her bangs to the sides.
  15. When I was a kid we youngsters all had some sort of "thing" against drinking 'bathroom water'. One time Mom had to turn off the kitchen tap due to plumbing problems, and while waiting for Dad to get back from the hardware store with the new parts, she realized she hadn't thought to put any water in the fridge for drinking. So she told us to use the tap in the bathroom. "But, but, that's bathroom water!" "It's the same water, it comes from the same source, it just comes out in a different room. Taking water from the tap in the bathroom isn't going to hurt you! We have a dixie cup dispenser on the wall in there, what do you think it's for?" "That's for brushing our teeth. We're not drinking it." We thought we were being so reasonable. Mom just sighed and pointed out that we were still putting 'bathroom water' in our mouth, there was no difference if we swallowed it or not. So we grudgingly drank the dreaded bathroom water, didn't get sick, still hated it, but knew we were being ridiculous about it.
  16. Zahdii

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I remember that smell! My high school still used them up until I graduated in the early 80's. Although we always called them "the copy machines." I actually worked in ours for a semester during my senior year. It was an easy A class, but hard to get into. The copy equipment was just off the library, so you had to make friends with the librarians because they would be the ones monitoring you. No problem for me, I loved the library and spent a lot of time there. Then you had to have good grades, and get a recommendation from your counselor stating that you were trustworthy and could be counted on to not sneak copies of tests out. I was an easy-in for those reasons, and because I'd already spent two semesters working as a TA for my history teacher and typed up all of his handouts and tests onto carbon paper to be made into master copies for the print department. (I remember one time I typed up a test and didn't catch a mispelling that turned the word 'part' into 'fart' and the test was held up for a few minutes so I could cover the offending letter with the proper one.) Anyway, we'd take the master copy and wrap it around a drum, coat it with the dark purple ink and start making copies. The smell was divine. We were always warned that the fumes were toxic and to limit our exposure the the fluids as much as possble. "The better it smells, the more brain cells it kills" But for the life of me, I can't remember how we applied the ink to the drum or how we turned the carbon copies into master copies. I guess maybe I killed off those brain cells with a particularly deep breath, or two?
  17. Zahdii

    "The View": Week of 4/29/2019

    I don't know if it's still true today, but at one point a girl under the age of 18 could send a topless pic of herself to her boyfriend and she could be arrested for distributing child porn and he could be arrested for having it. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I'm of the opinion that kids should refrain from that stuff simply because it can do them no good now and can harm them in the future. Who wants such a photo popping up when you're trying to get into a competitive college, applying for that great job, going to court in a custody dispute, or running for office?
  18. Zahdii

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    I'd love to see Craig back on the air. I just don't want him to go up against Stephen or Jimmy Kimmel. I like them both and have a hard enough time deciding who to watch. These days I'm switching between them like a demon.
  19. Zahdii

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    As others have stated before me, JB doesn't have to go out to find those guys, they find him. It's well known that Joshs' marriage was pushed hard for by his parents, and the reason for that became obvious when it was revealed that he was a horny teen that couldn't keep his hands to himself, even when his hands were wandering over his own sisters and the daughter of a family friend. Even after being 'disiplined' once, he kept groping his sisters, culimating with the molestation of his five year old sister. Getting him married off quick so he'd have a "godly" output for his "desires" was their answer. As far as we know, Josh did stop molesting his sisters, but he then brought the family down by taking part in the Ashley Madison scandal. That caused Josh to be dropped from 19 Kids and Counting, and when that didn't satisfy the public, the whole show was sort of cancelled, only to be revamped with a spinoff that Josh, JB, and Michelle were supposed to never appear on. I don't know exactly what Derick was looking for when he approached JB, but he was happy to marry JB's daughter and promptly fell off the rails to screw it all up. He couldn't hold a job, he took Jill off to Danger America where she had a nervous breakdown, and when he returned he couldn't stop spewing his idiocy and hatred all over Twitter, causing him to be banned from the family business (aka Counting Down, the spinoff off to 19 Kids and Counting). Ben also initiated contact because he was interested in Jessa. His father pushed the deal because he had thoughts of somehow profiting from the Duggar connection, only to find that the Duggars have an innate sense of when people are trying to horn in on their business and if they can't use them, they freeze them out. Jeremy approached Ben and Jessa at some sort of religious thing, got introduced to Jinger, then made his way to JB and played his part well enough to get JB's approval to marry Jinger, but I suspect that even before the wedding JB had misgivings. He was probably too far into the deal to back out without a good reason, and the die was cast. After that, JB was probably thrilled when Austin wanted to court Joy. He'd known the family for years and even though Austin only had one sibling, his parents did appear on a reality show titled "World's Strictest Parents". The boy knew how to take orders, his parents were part of JB's church, and Austin has an adversity to creating drama and drawing attention to himself. He might not ring up JB for advice on what to order for lunch like some of the other kids, he doesn't appear to like being on camera, and he is more of a loner, but Austin doesn't seem on the path to bring another scandal down on Duggar heads. I think that JD really did find his bride all by himself, but I'm not sure on how his younger brothers ended up with their mates. JB is nothing but determined, and I wouldn't put it past him to continue to push marriages on his children as quickly as reasonably possible.
  20. So the first agent was Janelle, and I don't know if she's ever sold anything, unless her Z-list celebrity convinced somebody to buy a dog house, then Mona, who seemed like a fan who just wanted to get in front of a camera, and when all that failed, they turned the listing over to some other guy?
  21. I think it's just an expansion of what is often seen on TV sitcoms. You have an ordinary looking everyman guy, often a bit chubby, who has a wife that seems a bit too hot for him, and to justify that discrepancy in looks, the wife is portrayed as being stupid, bitchy, or obnoxious. Poor everyman, he's got the hot wife but she makes his life so much more difficult than if he'd found someone at his own level of attractiveness.
  22. Zahdii

    America's Test Kitchen

    I usually use the square potholders because I don't like having to fold over kitchen towels enough to use them in the oven. I use the mits when taking out heavy items or things that might splash. I had a friend who wouldn't use potholders. I don't know why. If I was around when she was cooking I'd find them and put them next to the oven but she wouldn't use them. But she wouldn't fold over her kitchen towels enough to either protect her fingers from getting burned sometimes, and she often set her towels on fire taking things out of the oven. I think 90% of her kitchen towels had scorch marks on them, and she was always buying new ones to replace the ones she had to throw in the sink because they had actually caught fire.
  23. Zahdii

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    When I was a kid we were traveling to visit friends in the next state. It was only about a two hour drive, but halfway there we were going through a section that was all farms and fields. A storm moved in and the sky got a really sick shade of green. I was sitting in the back seat on the passenger side and the rain there was coming down almost sideways. But when I looked out the other side of the car, I could see that a hundred yards on that side there was very little rain and few clouds. The sun was shining down out there like it was no big deal. I was scared, but I looked at my mom and she was driving along like things were just fine. Years later I asked my mom about it and she said that she didn't realize it at the time, but a severe thunderstorm came through and we actually drove right along the edge of an area that was under alert for a possible tornado. It wasn't something that my mom considered because we lived in a state that has very few tornados, and when it happens it's always F1's. But I still remember the horrible green sky and the feeling that something was very wrong. I don't think I'd do well in tornado country.
  24. It's so funny that so many people think the blind guy is going to kill the tourists. He's blind, they could just run away and leave him wandering around in the woods. I thought it was more likely that the strangers to the area would take the blind guy out and kill him, for whatever reason. Anyway, I actually started following this forum because of the smart alecky little girl who was complaining that her mom washes the dishes before she puts them in the dishwasher. She needs smacked upside the head, and her mom who's putting dishes in the dishwasher and smiling at the camera in an embarrassed sort of way needs a good pop, too. Oh, and I was wondering if I'm the only one who thought the guy in the prepaid cellular commercial looks and sounds like Richie Cunningham from Happy Days?
  25. Zahdii

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Do people really pay $150 for airpods? I'd lose them on my way to check the mail. Give me some nice foam cushioned headphones that are connected to my MP3 every time. Do they even make MP3's anymore?