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    The Code

    In addition to the above listed military discrepancies, there's no way the body comes back from Afghanistan that quickly. It's two weeks at a minimum. The first stop is Ramstein, or a similar European base, then Dover. From Dover, they are then sent to their final resting place. They are not flown with full military honors within 24 hours of the incident happening, just after the family has been notified. I'll give it a chance with episode 2 just because this one was too "expositiony" and had to do a lot of set up, but there is almost too much to overlook just to enjoy an hour of TV. Also, I second the Dana Delaney talk.
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    S07.E18: End of an Era

    Her voice shakes so much, you can tell how nervous she was approaching all of them. That being said, I got second hand embarrassment for her. Honey, I'm sorry, but get a clue and read the room. Detach yourself from that loser you call a boyfriend and you will be so much better off.
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    Good Girls

    Even if it was the counterfeit money, it wouldn't likely get caught anytime soon. The fake cash is out there recirculating and changing hands rapidly, and I doubt it gets caught in the real world. Remember the fake cash could pass the pen and the machine.
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    Good Girls

    They were busted for excessive returns, and doing it at multiple stores. They still haven't noticed something is wrong with the money, and that it's counterfeit.
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    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    I don't think there is a person on this cast smart enough to think ahead like that.
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    Good Girls

    It wasn't.
  7. Same, though I'd rather lose Tamar than Ryan. I find Ryan somewhat endearing... which is very difficult to explain, but "it is what it is." That was insane. But then again, Joey's DR look from last night's episode was bizarre. He looked so small and sickly with the glasses and beanie. Horrible visual.
  8. I'm souring on Ricky. Two days ago, I thought he was the secret genius this game needed. Now, not so much.
  9. Tamar is exhausting. I really wanted to like her, but I just can't. I'm shocked that I like Ricky as much as I do. Seriously, it's in my DNA to hate him. He went to texas, I'm an Okie. It's just not supposed to happen. What is this world coming to?! I'm kind of hoping for a NEM early boot so I can see Lolo actually play without her. I think Lolo would go further without her. I'm also impressed with Tom, though he has to hand hold Kato, which might cause some problems in the future.
  10. I knew I'd seen him somewhere before (other than Mean Girls)! Thank you, that was really bothering me.
  11. The Mooch leaving sounds personal, like KKP leaving last season with the breast milk situation. It was probably something about his business that only he could handle. My guess is we will have at least one DOR each season of the celebrity version.
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    S16. E12. The Last Link

    That is what is missing. At least for me.
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    S07.E05: Ice Queens

    James: It's like the queen of London coming to my apartment. Queen of London? That's not a thing. Some Brit you are!
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    S03.E17: Reunion Part 1

    Not true. D'Andra was the one who got physical in Copenhagen.
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    S03.E14: Growers and Show-ers

    D'Andra - "I've done everything but apologize." SO THEN F'N APOLOGIZE! It's not that hard! And stop being a bitch! I'm sorry but in the eyes of everyone, LeeAnne can do no good, and I'm sick of her being a punching bag. The storyline has been done over and over, and I'm over it. Brandi is the absolute worst, and she's not entertaining to watch at all. Her comments in the morning before the bike ride were nasty and uncalled for. ETA: D'Andra, if you're going to call LeeAnne out for blaming her problems on her upbringing (like she did last season), then quit blaming your problems on your dad. Ever since it was mentioned at Cary's work party, she keeps bringing it up. If it had been that important, we would have heard the story last season.