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    S18.E12: Sangre

    Did CBS press the wrong button? I don't care about Sloan, and I don't want to watch her final episode again...
  2. I think the whole setup of Ellen being a Congresswoman or potentially President is just for the talking points; a storyline to get rid of Pam so she can focus on Mars as NASA Administrator. I don't really see them going there, but I could be wrong. I did not see the defection coming, but I am worried that Apollo Soyuz is a trap...
  3. Not a science person, but why was the Russian cosmonaut on fire? Is it something to do with the bullet and his oxygen tank? What a horrible way to die. I knew it wouldn’t be weapons they were reaching for. The Marines were way to trigger happy.
  4. It really is a nice area. The lake is beautiful, the surrounding area has a lot of places to hike, and the locals are nice. If I had one gripe, it doesn't have a lot of restaurants, and I didn't want to cook while I was there! Wish I had gone Bigfoot hunting with Charles! ETA: There is a great pizza place/brewery across the street from Girls Gone Wine where they did the wine making, but other than that there isn't much. There has been an increase in the winery business around there, and you can do about a dozen winery tastings in the Broken Bow/Hochatown area.
  5. I only watched because they went to my home state. I deeply regret it. Stephanie, you are the only one welcome to come back (it's your birthright as an Okie). The rest of you? Go home and never come back. Sincerely, ALL OF OKLAHOMA P.S. That goes for the New Jersey ladies too - except for Margaret.
  6. I know in the moment those stories are terrifying, but I enjoy hearing about them in this day and age. I am obsessed with Berlin - the airlift, the wall, the tension, etc. but if I had lived it more closely, I probably would be feeling differently. Thanks for sharing! Off topic: Fellow tornado alley-er here - Moore, OK.
  7. But he won't be because he was one of the original Jamestown residents, meaning he's already been up there and won't be the Linus. I couldn't stop staring at the Russian guy meeting Margo at the club because he once played Pope John Paul II in a movie about his life growing up in Poland. The Ed family stuff has been so slow and boring for me. We've had how many episodes and just now we get Kelly's adoption storyline? I would have been ok with never getting it, and just accepting her as a full fledge member of the family. But then again, I would have been okay without Kelly at a
  8. I agree, but I will say Heather bugged me big time tonight because when her and Lisa were talking about divorce she wouldn't shut up and just kept repeating herself over and over and Lisa wasn't getting a chance to say anything. And I'm saying this as a person that doesn't like Lisa, but I do want to see if she can explain herself. There was so much "behind the scenes" footage (enough to make this 2 parter a 3 parter) from the reunion that aired, that I'm worried we are going to get that from all reunions from now on. Once something happens on one, they continue into the others. The
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    The Crew

    I stumbled onto this on Netflix and was laughing so hard I was crying - great show! Very funny, and a good cast, though Jake's accent was a source of comedy for me since I know the actor is really British.
  10. Whoever did the first reunion walk-off "I just need a moment" thing started a trend there too. I haven't seen a reunion show since where someone didn't walk off.
  11. Oh Kary... you needed LeeAnne. All that goodwill you got from being the victim last season is G-O-N-E gone.
  12. Not a fan of any of their "looks" but I will say Mary's makeup looks great!
  13. But that's my point - why wear one to "meet him" if they are going to be living together immediately thereafter? It's dumb. If they (TPTB) are going to do masks for Covid sake, then have some smarts about it.
  14. On that note, why are two people in a car not masked, but when the dude gets ready to get out to see his daughter (where he's going to start living!) he puts one on, and she has one on AT HER OWN HOUSE! ETA: Did Torres mention that his sister made the food in his fridge? Hey, at least they are recognizing he has a sister, since she's been completely forgotten since Torres' first episode. Progress.
  15. Sam Moon is THE place to go. When I was a poor college student at Oklahoma State (same as Stephanie - and we overlapped two years) we would go to Dallas for football games, parties, spring break, etc. and ALWAYS make it a point to go to Sam Moon. They had cheap jewelry, bags, hats, etc. that worked with my budget, and the store was massive. Everyone went there, everyone talked about it, and everyone shopped there. It was great. I still make it a point to go from time to time when I'm in the DFW area, but it's not the priority it was when I was in college. I was going back and forth o
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