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  1. I'm worried about Cam.He's giving me a lot of henpecked Barrney Rubble vibes and whenever he tries to express a thought divergent from Cujo Jr she shoves him back in line. The writers need to dial down on Joss's bitch tendencies. They are overwhelming her. And Cam telling Esme Joss is kind doesn't make it so. Trina should start calling Esme 'Esmeralda'. That would slow her down a bit. I'm liking Britt more and more. Her reactions to people and situations are kind of admirable. I'm also a big Ava fan. Show would be so much more watchable if they bundled the Corinthii in a s
  2. I assume MB is playing extreme Sonny so the astute viewers can differentiate between gentle publican Mike and mob boss Sonny.
  3. Today's episode was like the writers were working with a list of my most hated characters : Olivia, Spinelli, Bobbie, Carly, Jason, Michael, Willow, Sonny, and Joss. They only missed Gladys and Lucy. These upcoming episodes are going for be torture.
  4. OK.I'm gonna date myself here. I want a Moldavia massacre style wedding with more casualties. Also: Moss has left the building. He opted out of his contract because of the constant verbal abuse suffered on the Corinthii kitchen counter.
  5. I'm guessing that: 1. Sometime soon Spencer and Joss will get together. 2. The reason Lenny had to die was for someone's Emmy reel 3. Phyllis will ditch the bar (which only had 5 customers since Sonny's been in town) and relocate to PC.
  6. I’m getting a feeling that Jax is gonna either get killed or seriously hurt protecting the mega stupid Joss. That will lead to character growth and a big break from Carly. What do you think?
  7. Exactly who does Spencer know to invite to a party beside Trina ,Joss and Cam?
  8. Perhaps this has been mentioned previously but seriously : WTF does Tara have on ? White satin lingerie jumpsuit? Did a B&B costumer jump to Y&R?
  9. Are we assuming the baby nurse is dead? What is that nasty looking rag around Austin's neck for? Didn't Valentin get some antidote from Peter when Anna went to the funeral? Has Curtis no stealth abilities at all? Why didn't Finn and Elizabeth just step over Peter and keep it moving? The thought of them (especially tiny Elizabeth) disposing of the body and cleaning the area is ludicrous.. I agree: Why was Willow in Maxie's room and why was Jax with Olivia? Is Austin a plastic surgeried and SORASed Morgan? Just kidding!! Must Carly always demand instead of re
  10. Throughout today's episode I kept thinking "This is delightful-no Corinthii!!!". It was a hospital drama!!! I haven't enjoyed GH this much in years. Maxie was outstanding. I also liked Deanna and I hope she gets some character development. Wouldn't it be nice if ABC decided to give Mo his own soap called Nixon Falls and sent all the Corinthii minions there to do their gangsta stuff and let GH be GH? That would make me very happy.
  11. Disappointed that Gladys wasn't dead.
  12. Why is the ratty fox tail on Olive's shoulder considered a hairstyle? Very tired of seeing Phyllis' shoulders. Please wear a whole dress.
  13. Noxious Falls is Hell's waiting room.
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