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  1. I play Solitaire while it's on too. Billy and Victoria in Veegas is profoundly boring.
  2. paisley

    A Discovery Of Witches

    This is my kind of show. I hope it doesn't go wrong like True Blood and Penny Dreadful. They really hurt my feelings. But Goode is good.
  3. Oh Miamama, I don't know how to feel. I'm so confused ;).
  4. paisley

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'm not feeling Lulu. I know that I should, considering all the drama she's been through, but I just want her to shut up and go get some help. I'm not interested in any post Dante romance that she might have or anything else she might do. Lulu, Sonny, Carly, Jason, Margo, and Kristina are all characters who hold no interest for me and just waste airtime. I especially resent time spent praising Sonny when just yesterday he and Hit man were talking about getting rid of Cult Leader. Julian gave Krissy $10k? OMG. I was on the verge of enjoying the 56th anniversary episode but the omission of flashbacks to accompany the various scenes and the inclusion of Sonny and Carly messed it up.
  5. He kicked y'all to the curb. He came to us voluntarily and although the writers haven't valued him as they should we still deserve good things and Billy is one of the few good things we have. Please leave him be. He may be our only hope against the Corinthos Apocalypse.
  6. I understand you all wanting Billy Miller back but as a GH watcher let me say that we need him in Port Charles. He is one of the few joys we have there. You guys have Peter Bergman, quit being greedy.
  7. paisley

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    Thank you taavir40 for the info. That's a whole lotta drama. Cars are not Adam's friend.
  8. paisley

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    Thinking about Barnabas made me smile. Being a fairly recent viewer I'm at a loss for conversations about Adam Chloe and Kevin but I'm a quick study and I plan to pay close attention to the forums and learn what I can.
  9. paisley

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Best birthday wishes Peaches.
  10. paisley

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    The world went crazy this week. So many unexpected events. I don't want Billy to go. I like Drew. Maybe GT could be a less obnoxious Nina. The Sascha reveal needs to play out in a unhurried way. This BTS stuff is so much better than the on-screen stories. Wow..
  11. Thanks for the correction UYI.
  12. Recently Days brought back the character of Diana Cooper, originally played by Genie Francis now played by Judith Chapman. In the PreviouslyTV Days forums there was nothing but love for Genie's portrayal. Not legendary but much admired.
  13. Dammit, I hoped Tessa's ass was going to her just reward. Another big disappointment. Just like I thought there would be an exodus of the Rosales family. But I'm much more open to a reconstitution of Rey and Lola's characters than I am willing to go along with a continuation of Tessa. But, do you Josh, you're getting paid, I'm not. Now that Rey's butt has unclenched he's much more likable. I guess we'll see if Lola is new and improved too. Take no prisoners Abby is very entertaining. I look forward to her next encounter with Mia. Hope she tears her a new one, not because she's sad but because Mia deserves that and more. Nothing new to say about Summer but I hope she does not end up pregnant. That would be so tired. Hadn't missed the Ashbys or their 1/2 kitchen.
  14. paisley

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    It is really good to have Dante back. Seems like the WSB should provide counseling for its traumatized agents but I guess not based on all the challenged former agents in PC. Hopefully we'll get this Shiloh story tied up quickly. I know that's not a realistic expectation at this point but there is too much Krissy and Jason. The Shiloh actor is talented but wasted. I really wanted him to sleep with Alexis so Krissy's head would explode but no such luck. I like the idea of Kevin and Ava bonding in misery. In fact it looks like everyone is going to be miserable for a while. I can't think of any positive stories going forward. Can you?
  15. paisley

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Griffin didn't phase me one way or the other but I'm so relieved that we didn't get the implied Fight Club story. At some point it would've involved Sonny, jock extraordinaire, no thank you.