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  1. Hey Geauxaway, I caught Y&R today too. The cost of Nikki's wedding dress alone would probably fund a month's worth of current day GH episodes. Looking at our very special rerun it was amazing to see so many recognizable characters on one set. Too bad that doesn't happen more often. Even at weddings, funerals, and the wretched Nurses Ball they never have as many characters show up. I agree, showing old classic episodes busts leads to unpleasant comparisons.
  2. I would enjoy seeing an episode from the Alan 'Quiet Fire' Quartermaine era when he was trying to drop the roof on Monica and Rick Webber. Good times, happy memories.
  3. Someone please explain Elizabeth's hair. Violet has a much better grip on her dialogue than Sonny has on his. Sam's hair looks better, clothes look worse. Which is worse: the continuing stupidity of Jordan or the continuing stupidity of Brook/Lulu? Why can't we keep Britt?
  4. A couple of days ago in this forum I made a list of annoying characters. Miraculously today show managed to feature damn near every one in humongous doses. We got Carly Lulu Jason Lucy Valentin BrookLynn Spinelli plus Anna and Peter. So, writers, are we trying to increase viewers or run the remaining viewers away? What response were we suppose to have to today's ridiculous girl fight? The person responsible for these concepts should be demoted and rehabilitated. This stuff is bad and embarrassing to watch. Especially now when we're forced to exist in close quarters. How do we begin to explain any of these plots to uninitiated viewers who might be sharing a screen? It's not even laughable. Do better.
  5. How old is BrookLyn supposed to be? Wylie would make a more capable assistant. Why introduce a character whose sole purpose is to annoy when we already have Sonny Carly Jason Sam Spinelli Lucy Valentin Dev Olivia Lulu Nell Joss etc.?
  6. Why does wardrobe hate BrookLynn? That red plaid blanket jacket with a spotted sleeve was an atrocity. I don't like Brook (even if she's nice to Mike) but I wouldn't make her wear that. I wish we could move on to the 'Find Nell Completely Dead' episode. It's taking too long. You guys were absolutely right, some one should've shown up for Lucas in court, but not the judgy/mouthy ones just someone quietly supportive. If he were an actual character he might have a friend. Joss being grief leader is annoying. Shut up. Writers: we don't like it when we can predict your storylines months in advance. Welcome back Britt!
  7. So many voluntarily, aggressively stupid people. It's like a bad science fiction movie from the fifties. And the ignorance crosses storyline boundaries, not just the Heinrik crew. There's the starcrossed stupidity of Sam and Jason believing they can hookup secretly and Delores won't know and that they've got right on their side, Alexis and Neil thinking no one will know they were together in NY, the writers convinced they can create a feasible couple out of Willow and Michael, and Jordan not even trying to do a damn thing about her only child being missing and 3 colleagues murdered. At this point, I've found it best to mute the sound, turn on the closed captioning and use the fast forward button frequently. It's better when you can't actually hear their voices.
  8. I agree with Laur, free Ryan to kill whoever. Or have a natural disaster. Just please remove these useless, annoying people. I can provide recommendations for victims. Seriously, I've got a list of between 10 and 20. Contact me.
  9. I'm not feeling any of this. Alexis and Neil might make a nice couple in the future but Alexis is consistent, acting like a very unsophisticated 13 year old in the first stages of Love. I've been down this road too many times, over too many decades to enjoy it. I know Leisl has done horrendous things but I feel sorry for her. The speed at which Maxie turned on her and Anna's glee while accusing her were extremely unpleasant to watch. Jordan's relentless stupidity since Renault showed up added to her lack of substance as a character makes her so pointless. Just float away-no one will notice, no one will care. If Trina's mom is the custodial parent and was at a conference, who was overseeing her while she got ready for the dance? Who there to say "You look beautiful"? Was it suppose to be Taggert? Or is she so strong and independent that she didn't need that kind of support? The only enjoyable part for me has been Wylie. If only he could be isolated from the Corinthii. Trina's Mom has come in hot and hostile. Hope she evens out soon. Carly has the bitch character covered already. I'm hoping for a Nell murder mystery for May sweeps. I'm also wishing for a Taggert resurrection.
  10. I didn't realize how invested in Taggert i was until today when I cried after his death. Then when I came here to express my feelings the only words I could come up with were 'stupid MFs'. I am enraged that waste of space Jason Morgan is standing, alive, outside of Taggert's space gossiping with useless Sonny. So much could've been developed with this character but no, we get additional Corinthii- Dev Donna and Brando. The only way I can move past this is if Real wanted to limit his time on this show. GH sucks.
  11. Why on earth would we need more Dev? An opportunity missed. That whole bullet stuff was way overdone. It could've stayed in the bottom of the backpack for months unnoticed. Just ridiculous. What are the likeable qualities of BrookLynn? Please remind me: exactly what do Sonny's illegal activities entail? Yay!!! Trina gets a doctor mom!!! And maybe she dislikes Carly!!! And is friends with Delores!!!
  12. In her desperation to bring down Renaullt does anyone else think that Jordan attempted a seduction?
  13. Will Sasha be happy in her new position as 'stepmom'? That's more of a commitment than co-babysitter. Her being on the brink of big business I think not. Throughout the big reveal she had a look of panic and horror. Maybe it was a response to the non-stop shrieking or the actress's interpretation of empathy but I think it was sudden awareness of new, unwanted responsibilities. (Yeah, my mind was drifting, wonder why). Baby Wylie is the cutest, happiest little guy. He gets passed around like a bag of chips and he's all good all the time. He's a joy to watch. I agree with all who've complimented Katelynn. Out of everyone involved in the Wylie SL, she brought the reaction that was real, that was heartrenching, that made me feel pain. Otherwise it would've been a waste of 18 months of story. I'm very glad Trina is getting a family at last and I sincerely hope they are stable. I'm very curious to meet her mother. Maura West is an absolute treasure. In the past few days she's been in scenes with Nikolas, Franco, and Julian and in each one she's brought something unique and interesting. I hope she's getting a bucket full of money because she's worth it. It's nice to appreciate the good sometimes because there is so much awful on the stories right now. For example, who is worse GH's Carly or Y&R's Phyllis? Victor Newman or Sonny Corinthos? Days' Ben or GH's Jason? Days' Ciara or GH's Sam?
  14. Today's episode was so lackluster. We were fortunate that Sonny wasn't there to add his stuttering indignation to the SheBeast screeching. I'm glad the truth has come out, it just wasn't satisfying. The Trina/Taggert reunion was good and I'm sorry Willow didn't smash Nelle's head in.
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