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  1. There really is a shift in the writing about Sonny and Jason. Laura wants to clean up the docks where Sonny does his illegal business and the ever so lovely Taggart arrives and calls Jason anger boy. I never imagined I would live long enough to see such heretical activities. Go Taggert go. I'm looking forward to a Nell murder mystery with a cast of thousands and far flung repercussions. It will take a while to set up a good whodunit but it would worth to dispose of her once and for all. Are we to assume that Brook and Dusty were a thing in the past? It's hard to envision because she seems to tower over him in an intimidating kind of way.
  2. Ok, writers!!! Bringing back Taggart is a real kickass move. Might I suggest an implied Carly/Taggart hookup just to scramble Sonny's brain? I can see the writers putting forth effort and I appreciate all of the old school cliffhanger we've been getting. Good job.
  3. Shiloh got a memorial service and Drew didn't? Even if the sole purpose is to bring Nell back into the Quartermaine family power struggles it still isn't right that Drew 's death wasn't mourned. Did he get a plaque in the Quartermaine crypt? Yeah, I'm holding a grudge, forever.
  4. Please please PLEASE end this Wylie story ASAP. I know it's inherited from past writers and couldn't just be dropped without a resolution but it is so far past its sell by date it's stinking up everything it touches. Any hope for good soapy performances is gone now, just end it. I have never been a fan of Elizabeth but lately I've come to appreciate Rebecca Herbst's ability to absolutely sell all of her screen pairings, whether it be with newfound sister Hayden or former serial killer husband Franco or released from storage sons or new castmate Nik, she makes it work and I applaud her for that. Please share any insight you may have on the developing unnecessary Jordan/Bob Maniscutto storyline. Unless it leads to Sonny/Jason imprisonment I am deeply uninterested. However I would be willing to contribute to a fund keep Jane Eliot on this show indefinitely.
  5. The very idea that ValenTeen resembles my beloved David Tennant is irksome because I dislike ValenTeen so much. All that syrupy French pretentiousness grates. Old Nina v.NuNina ? I'll take NuNina in a heartbeat. I like that the crazy has been muted but all this vacillating about useless Valentin strains and pains me. She needs to be mentored by Ava who might get fooled once but is not a fool. I have to remind myself that Nina spent a lot of years in a coma so she missed out on the years when she could've developed some life skills. Being mentored by Ava could be a good thing for her. I really don't want to see any kind of Sonny storyline but if Gladys can stomp him and SheBeast I will be her cheerleader. Are these writers trying to restore balance to GH and focus on stories other Sonny? If so, yay!!!! I like Trina interacting with anyone other than Dev who is a black hole of acting. What if Trina is a low key chess master who clearing a path for her move on Cam? Cam is slow on the uptake but he could molded into a good man. I would enjoy watching Princess Joss confused by Cam's lack of interest in her.
  6. I have to congratulate the writers because this is the first time in years that I've been anxious to see what happens next on GH. There were so many layers of conflict not only between characters but within characters with Laura leading the charge ('my son is back and I love him but he is so completely f°°ked up'). If only there were a manic button to edit out all Corinthii related junk. I'd like to say more but writing on Kindle is a real struggle.
  7. Today's cliffhanger was the best thing I've seen on GH in ages. Such a delightfully old school soapy surprise.
  8. I cringe when BrookLyn comes on just like I do when Sonny Carly Jason Lucy and Nell show up. I don't like her and no storyline or legacy background is going to change that. Are these the same set designers that gave us the Corinthos kitchen with moss accessories that no one asked for? First do no harm people. The updated Quartermaine set is an atrocity. The change from classic to lite brite is too extreme.
  9. I really liked the look of the Christmas Carol episode but throughout I was thinking that the language and the story was a bit much for young kids like Violet. Plus Monica's storytelling skills were not strong. It was a good effort overall and a nice change from endless tales of Sonny's pain, Nik's severe lack of strategic skills, and endless baby drama. Ho! Ho! Ho!
  10. I'm still angry about the lack of mourning/lack of memorial for Drew. Also- BrookLyn's is obnoxious like Carly, no resemblance to Tracy at all. Nicolas is disappointingly stupid and is functioning at the maturity level of Spencer. I'm all for a Ava/Nina team up. Crush Kill Destroy! I wish the writers had made better use of Michael E. Knight. I want Hayden back with a good story. I want aliens to abduct Carly Dev Sonny Jason Brook Valentin EvilPeter Nell.
  11. I hate to ask but where's Krissy? Seems like she'd have a major role in this Keifer based drama. I don't want Julian to go dark side or start up with Alexis again. NuNik is okay so far, just a bit frantic. Jason needs a new hairdo, that punk pompador is so repulsive. I would like for the Ava coalition to crush kill destroy the Corinthii and crown Laura true queen of Port Charles. I feel like I'm waiting for the old, bad storylines to be resolved so we can get some new better stuff going.
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