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  1. I couldn't imagine how embarrassed I'd be if my colleague who is in her 70s and has decades more experience than I do, tells me on national television to "show some respect". Meghan should be ashamed of herself, but that would require some humility and self-reflection.
  2. Just came to say how insanely handsome I find John Stamos. He does not age. In fact he gets better with age. That is all! 🙂
  3. It was nice to see Joy filet Meghan without hardly trying, then Meghan gets flustered and starts yelling incoherent talking points. Very astute political analyst there!
  4. She's a political analyst just like Candace Cameron Bure, Jenny McCarthy, and Raven Symone were at one point when they were on this show.
  5. I was only half listening to Meghan's unhinged rant but I did catch her referring to Vice President Harris as "Kamala" once again. How very disrespectful.
  6. I'm so tired of Meghan and her transparent, ridiculous talking points. She was mocking President Biden for wearing a mask when he was indoors on a Zoom call. What gives her the right to judge? She doesn't know anything about his health. Maybe he is immunocompromised. Maybe he was in a room full of staffers and he, you know, CARES about them. Maybe he, unlike the former disgraced twice impeached one term president (© Sunny) wants to set an example for others by wearing a mask and adhering to public health guidelines. And the whole Israel "get a shot, take a shot" thing is something I expect ele
  7. This is what I really like about Frances McDormand. She does her fantastic work, then has a good time and picks up an Oscar without too much fuss about her appearance. I find it quite refreshing actually!
  8. Oh Pete, and your sweet family. Everyone failed them, and I hope they are working on a lawsuit with some good lawyers right now. Nothing to add that hasn't been said, to me this case really highlighted wealth and class disparity. If Pete had money or came from affluence he would not have been wrongfully convicted. It's a shame this is a reality for so many. His jail sentence absolutely contributed to his untimely death, I imagine health care was minimal or non-existent when he was in prison. A simple visit with a doctor and a chest X-ray 5 years ago may have steered the course of his life
  9. She's also referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as "Kamala" several times. The nerve. Maybe soon "Biden" will just become "Joe".
  10. Or perhaps elaborate? FFS just say "explain" or "talk more about". I am not a political analyst on national TV and was taught in elementary school to use words that I know the meaning of, rather than using large words I don't really know.
  11. Are you correcting my grammar?
  12. This. I'm so tired of this talking point. Donald Trump spent months downplaying the virus, and wearing masks, and did not tell people to get vaccinated (while he got vaccinated himself as soon as he could, in private). Does she not place any blame on him? How is it now up to the Biden administration to convince Republicans to get the vaccine?
  13. I just finished watching it and I thought it was far too sympathetic to the parents who participated in the cheating scam. At the end there was a narrator "I don't blame the parents, I blame the colleges". Really? It is very stressful and competitive to get in, but it's like that for EVERYONE. It's like that for the high schooler from an underprivileged area whose single parent works a double shift at Walmart. So spare me, I don't have extra sympathy for families who live in million dollar mansions. Some of them paid up to $600,000 for their kid to get in. That's enough to buy a house and
  14. I am guessing today's absence is 100% related to the John Oliver clip and Meghan is feeling utterly embarrassed. Good.
  15. I totally agree, and I don't know why people are suggesting she "set Chris up" with a "gotcha" question. She literally asked him an open ended question and let him speak. He was the one who talked about "woke police", and "giving Rachael grace", and "the lens of 2018". The fact that a black woman is getting blamed for a white man's disastrous interview speaks volumes.
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