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  1. Tom really showed his ass. His "Did you gain weight comment" was awful but to me what was way worse was "Try not to ruin the next one". That comment screams abusive asshole boyfriend material. To every woman unlucky enough to date Tom from now on - RUN.
  2. My mind went right to prostitution, too. She was quite the looker when she was younger I must say.
  3. Interesting range of opinions - she did too little, she did too much. I thought she looked great. I love how she speaks and she always seems very passionate and informed.
  4. Kelly and Kenny: What a surprise, they both seem like mature, kind individuals. It just didn't work out. I wish them well. Amber and Barnett: I thought Barnett was the ultimate fuckboy during the pods but he has really surprised me since committing to Amber. Every time Jessica flirted with him, he was super respectful of Amber. Watching him squirm during Amber's takedown of Jessica was hilarious. Both he and Amber grew on me and I wish them happiness. Gigi and Damien: I find this the least interesting couple because I don't see anything genuine between them. They are both auditioning for future roles and counting Instagram followers in their heads. And for all the crap Jessica gets for looking old, Damien is the roughest looking 27 year old I've seen. Jessica and Mark: I thought Jessica redeemed herself a bit with the reunion show. I thought it showed some maturity (and a lot of restraint) she didn't talk back to Amber. It's so unlike any other reality show. I wish she had stopped with her whole BS "It was just the process, I wasn't ready blah blah" and just admit she wanted Barnett. Mark is so kind and graceful, and he will have no problems with the ladies from now on I'm guessing. Diamond and Carlton: Carlton is just trash for the whole proposal thing. Diamond is a lot kinder than me because I would have slapped that ring out of his hand. I hope Diamond moves on, gets her PhD, and retires from reality TV. Lauren and Cameron: I have loved this couple since the first episode. Their connection is so real. I don't understand the "serial killer comments" about Cameron. I find him incredibly sexy. Lauren is a stunningly beautiful woman and her inner beauty really shines. I hope they never ever break up!
  5. I felt really bad for Adam when he had to keep going back and forth to get the keys. He just looked so exhausted and demoralized. It was weird to not see Parvati kick butt at a challenge for once. I have never liked Tyson and glad to see him go. He's smug and not as funny or charming as he thinks.
  6. Every single girl from this season is so unlikeable.
  7. I caught that clip about aging and I'm just amazed at how ridiculous Meghan was. She managed to bring up her father's death, then told everyone how good at politics she is, and in the middle of it blurted out to Sunny "But YOU'RE 50!!" It was so bizarre and non-sensical. Goodness how does she have a job again? Oh ya I know how.
  8. I am happy about this choice! I have liked Claire since she told off Juan Pablo. I also think she’s absolutely stunning and could put any girl ten years younger to shame.
  9. I found this funny too. It's one thing when Tony does it, but when Yul does it, I start to think everyone else has been saying it wrong, because Yul is always right lol. I couldn't stand Tony on his season (because I thought everyone especially dimwit Woo handed him the win) but I'm finding him super entertaining on this season.
  10. Something about that moved really bothered me too. I think in real life world, if a middle aged white guy had tried something like that with me, it would prompt a "Fuck you!" but this is Survivor world. They have to make nice for the next 30 days, and keep their eye on $2 million. I would have probably kept quiet. But can you imagine if someone like Natalie, or Denise, made the same request (demand). Good lord.
  11. Oh Yul. Be still my heart. I have loved him since his season and it was so nice to see him again. I hope he goes far. My husband gave me the side eye when I said "Yul is just so beautiful and perfect". I really like Natalie and I was so sorry to see, yet again, another ethnic woman go home at the first tribal council.
  12. I was only half listening to the Alaya/blonde Victoria fight, but it looks like Victoria is a big liar. And why? I don't get why she had to hide the trip to Vegas. Did it not jive with her "I had to share half a potato" sob story? Did anyone care enough to listen carefully?
  13. My favourite part was when she came down to tell him about moving to LA and he said "Oh not again" (because last time she had other news to share). That was so cute, so funny, so sweet. I loved this episode - no judgement, all love.
  14. This. I get so uncomfortable watching his kissing scenes. Is that how young people make out these days?
  15. I miss the old seasons when the lead would build a real connection (drink!) with 1 or 2 girls, we see it on screen during a date, then a kiss happens organically. Usually this would happen midway through the season. Now it's a make out fest from the first night and I'm not a prude, but I found it a bit sleazy.
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