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  1. I think they explained in Episode 1 that if players decide to end the game, the prize money would be split amongst the deceased players' families.
  2. thejuicer


    Just finished this series and I found it very interesting for all the reasons mentioned already. I get what people are saying about Nate and his having ulterior motives but I think about it from his perspective too - he was housing Alex, Maddy, and her mother who had obvious mental health issues. Then Alex's alcoholic ex with anger issues shows up to his house, insults him, and walks through his house while trying to "help" Alex's mother. Then Alex leaves all night leaving her child behind and comes back the next morning, and her mother (who was staying at Nate's) had a psychiatric emerge
  3. Ana’s witty clapback at Barbara probably secured her a multi-million dollar, multi-year deal with The View. It was nice to see her defend a co-worker after such a comment made to embarrass and belittle someone over their weight.
  4. I don't mean to start an argument, but do we seriously still live in a world where a woman is called a bitch because she didn't speak to you?
  5. I don't know why it bothers me so much when people call VP Harris "Kamala" but it does. Joy did it today and I cringed. I just think who would have ever called former VP Biden "Joe" or former VP Mike Pence "Mike" so casually. I was disappointed by that.
  6. Those are probably unvaccinated people who refuse to get tested, and have respiratory symptoms and go out in public, maskless. I hope no one cares what they say.
  7. This is when the season starts to bore me, with their *~serious~* dates and talks about the future. I agree with the person who said none of these people should get engaged.
  8. I don't think VP Harris would give that idiot a single extra thought. It probably came down to scheduling.
  9. I don't know if Pieper is playing or just plain dumb. She couldn't even bother to feign guilt or regret. She looked bored through the entire conversation with Joe and his gang, and equally uninterested when Brendan made his announcement. Then she was dense enough to talk about "making more money" WHILE mic'd up after the confrontation with the gang. What college is her Master's in marketing from, because I would definitely stay far away from that school.
  10. Yes. Joy knew Whoopi didn't want to say it, so of course she asked her who it was. LOL. This is why Joy's been around for 25 years. I thought the whole actors on the red carpet/armpit sniffing thing was hilarious. From Sunny's jealousy (I agree with her on this one, I would also punch my husband in the throat if he did that), to Sara and Joy's re-enactment, to Whoopi's saying "Manny....Manny..." at the end. It was just such a light and comical segment that has precluded the show for years (Hm, I wonder why?!). Excited for the new season!
  11. THIS! So it's OK for Jessenia to do it to Ivan but when Chris wants to date someone else he must leave immediately? I am no fan of Alana but I thought it was mean of the group to ignore her/borderline shush her when she asked if they wanted her perspective. Demi needs some serious help. What happened to little Miss "I'm gonna steal everyone's man! Let's go to the BOOM BOOM ROOM!" It's uncomfortable to watch at this point. I wonder if this is the only way she knows how to get someone interested in her - offer them sex quickly, then wonder why it didn't work out. I don't even understa
  12. My favourite part of Natasha's talk with Brendan was when he accused her of having "selective hearing" she laughed in his face. She didn't cry, or get angry, or get catty. She laughed at the childish liar in his face and came across like a Queen. She will do just fine!
  13. Am I missing something, suddenly Becca is suddenly seen as the most beautiful woman on the island?
  14. Victoria P. looks so distractingly different (in a bad way) since her season on The Bachelor. She should have stopped several procedures ago. Poor girl, she looks like she's aged 15 years. She also referred to therapy a lot, and to herself as "VP" twice. I hope she stays far away from reality TV for a while (or forever).
  15. I like David Spade a lot, he's actually a super fan of the show so it doesn't surprise me he knows the back story of most contestants. Also he was snarky without being creepy with the women. It's interesting that on Bachelor in Paradise the most natural looking women seem to be most popular - Abigail, Serena come to mind. I won't name names but the women with the super long fake extensions, fake tans, fake breasts aren't always the ones being sought after.
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