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  1. thejuicer

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    Whatever he said. It doesn't make much of a difference to me, "Take a seat" and "Have a seat" would both be rude in his tone, especially when he didn't greet her before saying that.
  2. thejuicer

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    Chantel and Pedro just seem so miserable to me. This is what happens when you marry solely for lust instead of love. Their fun stroll around DR seemed like a march to death row.
  3. thejuicer

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    I totally agree. Baby showers are NOT for the dads, asshole. He confronted the host in her home in a loud, aggressive manner - I do not think he was calm at all. I think he said "It's not fair" or something ridiculous and then minutes later said to Elizabeth "Can we go now?" while everyone was still there, trying to have a good time. I don't think for a second that the other sisters think Andrei is hot and want to sleep with him. They (including Elizabeth) can do much, much better. I see a group of sisters who are very loving and close and are trying to protect Elizabeth (and her unborn baby). Yes, maybe some boundary issues, and a lot of smug. But come on look at how Andrei behaves! If I went to brunch with a BIL and he told me rudely to "Have a seat" I'd dump my mimosa on his head.
  4. thejuicer

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Lauren's story is just so, so sad to me. I am not blaming her at all, but I wonder why at some point Lauren didn't just pack up her bag and fly home to her mom and dad's. Get away from that psychopath. Fly far away from him and start over new if need be. So many what ifs. RIP Lauren.
  5. thejuicer

    Always Be My Maybe (2019)

    Loved this movie. The Keanu Reeves bit was genius, but agreed it went a bit longer than necessary. I really liked Marcus's songs with his band! Sasha's assistant stole every single scene, she was hilarious.
  6. thejuicer

    "The View": Week of 5/20/2019

    Meghan was so angry today. I don't see how her contract will get renewed past this season. The tension was palpable and she looked on the verge of tears. I also noted a lightheartedness in Joy and Sunny and it makes me wonder...maybe someone's contract didn't get renewed? I can only hope.
  7. thejuicer

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    There is something so sociopathic about Liam AND Preston. Liam pled not guilty and showed no remorse whatsoever. Poor Sarah and the "friends" she grew up with.
  8. thejuicer

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Meghan and her classy husband are getting ridiculed relentlessly for her interview/his tweets and I am so here for it.
  9. thejuicer

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    My favourite part about the episode is that they didn't kill anyone. I'm not saying they're saints, and they could have killed people during the high speed chases, but at least they didn't hurt their captive victims.
  10. thejuicer

    "The View": Week Of 3/25/2019

    Nice to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck still has that stick up her ass. How many times did she use the word "grace"? Shut up already.
  11. thejuicer

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    Onyeka and Nicole: Shut up, both of you. Demi and Courtney: Demi has zero fucks to give. You can't out-Demi Demi. Courtney looked so silly with the pacifier stunt. I thought Demi showed incredible restraint. If someone charged up to me and shoved something in my mouth she better be ready to fight back. I believe Katie over Caelynn. Something about her just screams disingenuous. Her face was looks strange from Botox/fillers. Hannah B. looked beautiful and was incredibly charming.
  12. thejuicer

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I just have to speak up and say how much I love Julia Roberts. Seems like a very unpopular opinion. Love her and all her movies, she is the ultimate movie star to me. Don't hate me!
  13. thejuicer

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Re: Secrets in Lake Seminole I may have missed it but what concrete evidence was presented in court that Denise played a role in Mike’s murder? I was waiting for them to reveal something irrefutable but nothing came. All the life insurance, marrying his best friend stuff is still pretty flimsy evidence. And Brian(?) had a good reason to point the finger elsewhere.
  14. thejuicer

    Abducted in Plain Sight (Netflix)

    I felt like the parents permitted the abuse of their daughter Jan because they got sexual gratification out of it too. This whole story is just so, so sick. I am shocked they were not charged and arrested as well.
  15. thejuicer

    S23.E05: Week 5: Thailand

    All the other girls can pack their bags and go home because Cassie is “winning” this thing.