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  1. I wondered where Archangel Michael went after leaving Dean.
  2. So, is this new Green Arrow going to be the future William, trained by Roy and his flip over car hoods? It's just that they faded away from future William to a sketch of NGA in the present? Maybe that's what Felicity is making sure will happen. Effect precedes cause. Just not sure who provides the time travel.
  3. Wow, I'm a moron. I binge watched the whole first season before realizing the chicken was named after The Bloop! How could I miss that? Maybe because it was Don and not Penny.
  4. Yeah, the guests were pigs. They were trying so hard to be vile, that I hope it was for the camera. Though with the way our society is deteriorating, it could have been genuine. My only complaint with the food is all the bare hand handling. Gross. Use gloves at least.
  5. How did they know the Davoes split up? Are they blogging about it inbetween robberies and murders?
  6. Ok, future General Zod just roped me in show, congratulations. By the bi, did Adam Strange and that Kryptonian man get a little flirty in the locker room?
  7. It's possible he did what was accused, but as far as I've heard/seen, no one else has come forward with similar stories. It seems odd he would sexually harass one woman only. She could be taking advantage of the current climate to cash in on simple inappropriate humor.
  8. Lala was probably having an allergic reaction to her old man boyfriend's new stay hard cream.
  9. Robert has turned out to be just what the series needed at this point. The audience knows he's an evil master manipulator, yet all the characters (save Liam and Cyrus perhaps) believe him to be saintly. And the introduction of Jasper's father, the Italian Count, is sure to be fun, especially if it means more Duchess "Alexis".
  10. I can't help but think all this insanity will taint rewatching smallville episodes. I used to love the naked gun movies, but now all I see when viewing it, is OJ. Takes me right out of the films.
  11. Andy Cohen??!! Why would people in Riverdale give a care to that famewhore. He was probably up in canada banging Mr. Ripa for the cameo.
  12. I originally took Vixen and Supergirl's mention to mean that they are comic book characters on this earth, but now, not sure.
  13. Heaven in this time frame seems vastly different than the heaven in future seasons, such as "Inside Man". Guess they remodeled.
  14. I have a suspicion that Ralph's elasticity will be a cure for Davoe's breaking down and that's probably why he'll be last.
  15. I want to like Stephen, especially because of his parents, but he seems to feel because he's miserable, the way to handle it, is to make everyone else miserable. There are plenty of potential boyfriends out there that can understand family dynamics. I personally have no relationship with my husband's family, and that's ok.
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