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  1. Loved Anissa as Harriet Tubman, even having to throat punch a loud-ass dissenter, lol! Poor Lala, back again, and covered in even more tattoos. He's definitely gonna need a bigger vehicle. Odell's treatment of Kissi was COLD. That poor kid. He didn't deserve to go out like that.
  2. Did anyone else notice how softly, slowly and carefully Mark Kelly spoke, like a teacher speaking to a class of dense, easily startled children? I love how he emphasized the roundness of the earth (looking at YOU, flat-earthers!) and the importance of science. Meghan didn't challenge him on anything, not even when he brought up climate change. She was all starry eyes and soft-voiced, Arizona puppy love. Abby, you are the very definition of "meh".
  3. She couldn’t even if she wanted to. That ship has long since sailed.... Edited Tuesday at 09:49 PM by Dahlia While no long thin or young, Whoopi has aged very well. Her hair and skin look great.
  4. Lydia and Lucy stabbing Blayne was one of the most satisfying things I have EVER seen. Knox was a great addition the the cast. I love his whole blase' attitude towards Blayne's death. Like everyone, I wonder what happened to Violet, the Scanwells, and Justice Hunt. Everyone seemed to have found a form of agency and empowerment and justice. I raise my glass to the Bad Bitches and Good Men of Harlots! I love this show so much! I do so hope there will be a 4th season.
  5. The theme of the season so far is: For her fierce love of friends and family, Margaret ruins everything. Cherry looked quite fetching in her new togs! Emily Lacey may have to kill that whore who knows her secret. I suspect she'll keep coming back to shake her down. Poor Emily is under so much stress right now. Blayne is just so...gross. I like this saucy, independent Kate. I'm intrigued to see where her story goes. Mr. Young is a silver fox. He's feisty! That was a surprisingly touching parting scene between Margaret and Lydia. I think Lydia might be headed towards a measure of healing and redemption. Maybe. Mr. North truly is a rock in the midst of all this chaos. I might have gotten something in my eye when Margaret left him on the pier. Aw shit! That Hal is a dogged sort. I fear for Emily Lacey. Knox tickles me with his hilarious reactions to so many women whispering in his ear. Elizabeth Harvey looked like a walking wedding cake cake in that white dress.
  6. That book review of Dirty, Sexy Politics was SAVAGE! My favorite thing about it is that the critiques are all things that we have called out on here. Apparently, she hasn't changed much over the years. From the last paragraph:
  7. Quote of the night: "That's my dress...his whore is wearing my dress!"
  8. Yeah. With Ms. May breathing down her neck, that may come sooner rather than later.
  9. Was that Elle article supposed to be sympathetic? So much shade. Meghan, this is how you successfully fillet someone. Kinda sad that Meghan has to give herself those kind of pep talks constantly: "I'm strong. I'm a big girl, I can take it," etc. She really isn't cut out for this work. I wish she realized that it's ok to go do something else that might make her happier.
  10. I get where Margaret was coming from, but, if she hadn't interfered, the Pinchers plus Emily would have been out of her girls' hair. When Lydia was watching Charlotte die, so many emotions played across her face. Love and hate and horror and regret, and maybe even true sorrow. Ms. Harvey was feeling Mr. North! As things stand now, I would not be opposed to Mr. North being felt. When Margaret's current husband started talking to Mr. North , the tension was ridiculous! The ever increasing tension as more characters were added to the Fitz ballroom was masterful. Oh, Fredo. Sigh. Discretion. Loved Lucy sussing out what was happening and intervening. Gah! I guess when post coital bliss Charlotte was all walking out in nature basking in the sun and savoring blue skies in delightful cherry red and white stripes, we should have known that she would not be long for this world. I was spoiled here before I watched, so that scene felt extra poignant. Ms. May is so gross, and Ms. Harvey learned: #BitchBetterHaveHerMoney. Loved Nancy and Margaret's conversation about married life. Mr. North's boxing protege is gonna cause trouble for Harriet. He's cute, but he's naive about the ways of this world. The new husband is handsome, and seems decent. Margaret is gonna break his heart.
  11. Born in 1940, entered poverty in 1949. We didn't have Ritz Crackers at home when I was a kid because "they're too expensive." Even now (I'm wealthy due to Social Security and a pension), I think I'm buying A Very Special Treat when I pick up a box. So...I'll try Ritz with chili but I'll use the crackers to just scoop the chili. (Do we need a Foodie page here?) I love this discussion, cuz, as a kid growing up in the 80s, I thought that Ritz were the fanciest crackers ever, and considered it a treat when my granny would share hers with me. And she did NOT break them out everyday.
  12. Brilliant! I wish I could both love this and laugh at it.
  13. Some people have pointed that out on here, and I agree. Elektra is living that persona to the hilt. Harsh and cruel as she can be, her flawless style, flair for drama, and flashes of vulnerability throughout the series made me love her. If you can, look up interviews of the actress playing her, her life is amazing.
  14. Now that Gentleman Jack is done, this is the perfect addition to my Summer watchlist!
  15. "ABC executives apparently hired Huntsman to offer some emotional support to McCain, whose polarizing presence on the show regularly receives online backlash and scrutiny, and the show's research on her scored extremely low. The source said: 'The network felt as though hiring Meghan's best friend would make her more likable." So, basically...Abby was brought in as a emotional support/therapy animal for Meghan?
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