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  1. Just finished watching episode 2 of season 2. A simple phone call to Raoul's mom would have gone a long way towards things going in a less...contentious direction.
  2. Ok. I HAD to. This is IMMACULATE.
  3. More Dashaun! Like Kroliosis said, his style is so CLEAN.
  4. I really enjoyed these last 2 episodes. The energy and creativity were at such high levels. Loved Tiffany's energy and cutthroat judging. I appreciated how Law and Leiomy firmly yet gently schooled her about certain aspects of ballroom. Honey, count me in for Club Diego! Watching all the judges get hot and bothered about him was so much fun! Loved Dashaun teasing them about it. Even his competitor was like: "Yeah. Yes, THAT." I was pulling for Miyake-Mugler, so YAY that they won. Balenciaga did very well, and I appreciated how engaged and together they were for the final.
  5. Just wanted to drop this here: And this:
  6. I'll never look at towels the same way again. That was impressive.
  7. I think they definitely get too much love. I think they are sloppy and not very creative or dynamic. I did appreciate that when Honey was trying to snatch the mike to reply to Law that Mother Shannon kept a tight grip and actually chastised Honey. Honey came off as very immature and self-centered, and Shannon struck the right motherly tone of, "Child, you better listen to your elders."
  8. I want Ego and Punkie to leave this show and go over to A Black Lady Sketch Show where they can shine. They are both talented, and deserve opportunities to be featured more and play a variety of fully fleshed characters in well-written skits with beautiful production values.
  9. Highlights for me were the Muppets skit and Kate as Liz Cheney. Significant drop off in energy and quality after Weekend Update, and the energy seemed off for that. Keegan was game for everything and his energy was great. I'm not sure what went wrong.
  10. Awwww, Crump had to go and invoke "my Father". 🙄
  11. Are the classics the only way to learn critical thought?
  12. I lowkey hate Don Johnson's character. And also Tami.
  13. I was watching the Salt Bae skit with my teen daughter, and she said, "Oh, that's based on a meme." I went and looked up Salt Bae, and, turns out that the skit wasn't that far off from reality, and that made it all the funnier. I'm always kinda tickled when I think SNL is spoofing a thing, and, turns out, nope, that they are not even exaggerating that much. Same with the Prank Posse skit. My daughter, who says she lives on the internet, recognized that genre of YouTube channel, right away, and the type of folk they were spoofing.
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