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  1. This is an incredibly boring and predictable show. Let’s examine some of the fakery: A. Guardzilla refuses to sign a prenup and her fiancé threatens to not go through with the wedding; (He went through with it anyway.) B. Guardzilla’s father (with the unnatural attachment to his princess daughter) threatens to not show up for the wedding because 1) his daughter didn’t keep her maiden name and 2) princess daughter lied to him about keeping her maiden name and duped him into buying her $6,500 wedding gown. (Dad showed up anyway.) C.) Guardzilla’s bridesmaid refuses to sign a code of conduct co
  2. Let SNHU graduates be forced to endure the windbag's speeches. Let's get John Stamos to be a new spokesperson for SNHU. He can talk about whatever he wants.
  3. Hate all the commercials for Southern New Hampshire University. Its spokesperson must love to hear himself talk, because they show a montage of him addressing graduates for the last ten or fifteen years. One of the channels I watch shows the ads on endless loop. I just about have the dialogue memorized.
  4. Personally, I think being trapped in one’s car with a monster, driving down a highway, would be scary. The banker didn’t look like he was sitting on a toilet. They should have put his pants around his ankles. I thought the expressions of the drowning girl were amazing—not the drowning girl with the potato chip sized life raft. Had to laugh when Shinman was presented with the bone marrow treat. She generally complains about things being too sweet. Not this time, hun. Blech! I wouldn’t go near that for anything. Saw a different Halloween cooking show where a contestant dipped his hand in
  5. I didn’t understand the purpose of the dancers before the ceremony, or the painters at the reception, but it was a Stacy production after all, and maybe the purpose of the dancers was to distract guests from realizing they waited over an hour for her to show up. I noticed the same thing about her dress not fitting. When her mother came into the dressing room, there was a shot of the dress zipped up. It was a strange dress anyway; it seemed to stand apart from her body, but it looked like she had a bodysuit on underneath it. For spending $150K on her wedding, I expected she would change into a
  6. Thank you. One of our local PBS stations used to broadcast town hall meetings. I'm starting to think that might be more interesting...
  7. Thank you for explaining. (I'm) Once a nerd, always a nerd, I guess.
  8. There’s a ”Libbity” Mutual ad with Doug and the emu at a beach. It looks like Doug is trying to explain a football strategy to the emu, but the bird has its head in the sand. I thought ostriches buried their heads in the sand. Why are they showing an emu doing this? What is Doug drawing in the sand? I think I’m losing it...
  9. I’ve gone back several pages but haven’t seen mentioned the “fruit bowls” commercial with the SCREAMING CHILDREN and two women sitting on the couch. The one woman asks the other if having fruit bowls was her (the other woman’s) idea. No reason either of them cannot maintain some sort of order in that household, even if it means the little darlings have to go to their rooms until they can conduct themselves like sane humans. Hate all the fruit bowls commercials. What is it lately with all the ads about how difficult it is to make hard boiled eggs? Saw an air fryer/toaster oven with some
  10. The challenge was “Blind Date from Hell.” Catfish had no companion/date and was deemed by the judges to not be scary or Halloweenish. The other team, whose arm was said to be made of rice cereal treats covered with cake, mysteriously fell off a wall and broke. Their two characters had expressions and their vignette was interesting. They didn’t complete it 100% because of the arm accident, but it was still better than Catfish’s. Everybody failed on the treats, especially the thick “tickets.” I had hoped the team with the movie marquee would have had time to do more sugar work for their marque
  11. Was anyone else underwhelmed by the themes or the talent? I admire the carving and the sugar work, but I think the producers have run out of ideas. Maybe they could just give six teams one week to prepare their Halloween masterpiece based on [whatever criteria] and let the viewers check in once a week (a day's time for the bakers) to see how things are progressing.
  12. You and I are probably related. My father always called our refrigerator the "ice box." I know it's been mentioned upthread, but I'm really sick of the "Safe drivers save 40%" that shows the Allstate guy trying to order food at a counter. Everybody in the commercial starts chanting that like a bunch morons.
  13. I am 57 and I'm noticing more and more commercials talk about the age of 60 as if it's all over then. "One in three people aged 60 and over run serious risks from falling..." I guess I only have a few more years to post on here before I'm laid up somewhere unable to do much besides watching "The Andy Griffith Show." If in the future you read of a nursing home resident suddenly turning violent because she had been subjected to watching "Gomer Pyle" incessantly, you'll know it's me.
  14. Thank you. I thought it was just me. They also show her gushing about her great friends Jim Nabors and Alan Alda. I hate everything about the Gomer Pyle show; it's a mystery how that ever stayed on the air as long as it did. Ugh.
  15. I'm perplexed by the one that shows Doug reminiscing about the "one that got away," as if he were referring to some former romantic partner, and then the commercial cuts to a 70s Doug in an elevator with Farrah Fawcett hair and he's blathering on to the back of some guy's head. Did Doug just start into a sales pitch to a guy who wasn't even facing him? When the guy stepped off the elevator, Doug fell to his knees and cried out, "Nooo!!!" I really don't get it. He's distraught because of a failed sales pitch and still brooding about it all these years later?
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