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  1. Glad to see Janet go. Scooped out fruitcake is still a fruitcake. I have nothing against Canadians, but it seems like FN goes for the same types of people all the time. I think the Canadian contestants are prodded to talk in a very pronounced Canadian accent and talk about their love of maple syrup and Canadian bacon until I'm nauseated. The dessert prepared by the culinary instructor with the fruitcake ten ways looked like cat food to me with a green blob/pickle next to it. Hoping Dwight is next to go. He always looks lost. Is Jennifer the baker that put lights on her roof and Santa underneath? She's remarkably talented and inventive. Aren't we all over Nancy's booze schtick?
  2. Has to be better than one of the prescription medication ads that plays Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way."
  3. Right! Like Dow Chemical and Agent Orange. I believe Bayer used concentration camp victims to work in some of their factories. I was shocked to hear about all the ovarian cancer claims from talcum powder. We were raised to put that stuff all over ourselves after a shower or bath.
  4. It was interesting to see a prize given out for the baker who won the challenge. This makes me think they should give out prizes more often, like a stand mixer or a nice set of mixing bowls or a gift card from Sur la Table. Then everyone would have a chance at a prize instead of just one $25,000 winner. I don't know why the judges act as if it's some special talent to match confetti candy on top of the cake with confetti in the cake. Um, you know, candles usually come in primary colors, too. Wouldn't it be amazing to put matching colored candles on the confetti cake? Have to say, some of these children are quite talented. I would have loved to try the chocolate cake with the raspberry filling. This show is just too predictable. One of the kids always has a meltdown, "Mom" Valerie rushes in to comfort the kid and "Dad" Duff nods in a paternal way from afar. All the kids seem to have scripted THs and Brady the most rehearsed of all.
  5. Glad Eric won, but his fireworks looked like broken condoms to me. I’ve seen macarons on other baking shows and they’ve seemed smaller. The ones last night looked as big as burgers. The guy from Boston—it was his championship to win. He caved under the pressure. Can we not call it “Best Baker in America”? Some of the best bakers I know can’t be away from home and work to participate on a reality show. It’s like my Uncle Jason used to say: “Why, if everyone could be on TV, we’s be as happy as two crawdads on a biscuit o’ butter.”
  6. If I could give you bonus stars for this comment, I would. As it is, I can only say that truer words were never spoken.
  7. Oh my gosh, I'd forgotten about Colonel Cornpone! "...and I brought sharp knives and lots of booze!" As the youngest child of four, I would be hard-pressed to have many photos of my childhood at all, much less pictures of me baking with anyone. Perhaps I could tell the more realistic story of my mother shuddering and refusing to eat concoctions I made in my Easy-Bake-Oven.
  8. Those commercials about teeth enamel usually start out by saying we destroy our enamel by eating acidic fruits and drinking coffee, and "once gone, it can't be replaced." Then they tell us about this special toothpaste that helps restore and protect enamel. I thought it couldn't be replaced; I'm so confused. Every time I hear that screechy voice I wonder what Paul Hollywood saw in her. Yous.
  9. My mother was adopted as an infant almost 90 years ago and we know very little about her family. My grandmother died of spinal meningitis two weeks after giving birth to my mom, and my grandfather put all the children up for adoption. Her adoption records were sealed, but her older sister found her (somehow) when they were middle-aged. (They never found their brother.) Her sister always said we were Irish. My mom and I did the Ancestry.com test and have very little Irish; we're actually Norwegian and Spanish. The Spanish part really amazed us.
  10. That camera angle showing her big fish lips over the ball-like piece of chocolate is, um, odd.
  11. Has anyone seen the revolting Aspercream commercial with the two women in the grocery store? The older woman tells the younger woman she smells “just like dear Harold” and tries nuzzling her around her neck. When the commercial ends the older woman is in hot pursuit of the younger woman. Creepy-o-Rama.
  12. Funny. Plus, she is not a happy camper unless the dessert is reeking of [insert alcohol here].
  13. I watched last night and was thoroughly bored, so I don't think I'll watch the remaining episodes. Seems like it's Dan's year anyway. Hate the last minute, "You must include smelly gym socks in your dessert!" It looked like a couple of the bakers were going to have a meltdown and that isn't fun or pleasant to watch. They do the same thing to the kids, and the kids bawl. Why is this considered entertainment?
  14. I don't drink coffee. Wouldn't its strong flavor mask a shortbread flavor?
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