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  1. In Korea, the default is to pay off your credit card every month... and it’s linked to a bank account so payment is automatic. I use my credit card like a debit card and I like the protection a credit card gives me because if someone steals my details (I have to pay for a lot of things online and prepaid cards aren’t a thing here) I’m protected. The credit card company cares about their money a lot more than banks do about yours if and when your card details get stolen 🙃
  2. I watched that season of Amazing Race and I can’t believe I actually like twinee... I think I really like the juxtaposition of one twin being voted out first while the other twin won.
  3. I wanted Natalie to win as a big FU to the concept of EoE. I think she is a beast and clearly in great shape, but she had so many advantages to help her win that challenge and then she got two idols . . . If it's true she wasn't very friendly on the EoE it makes sense the jury didn't vote for her. She really did have a big hand in manipulating the game from EoE though and that doesn't sit well with me especially because no one knew about this game play. It was all a secret. It's a completely different style of Survivor and I'm not here for it. Tony should have won... but I have to say "Wow! His house looks incredible! Does he really need 2 million? is he still a cop?"
  4. I totally understand the 600lb participants and their “tour of fast food restaurants” when going to Houston now. I’ve just been accepted to an online weight loss and workout program and I’ve been eating ALL.THE.FOODS! 😅I’m even making some meals I haven’t had in years cos I know for a fact it won’t be on the diet.
  5. I’m willing to bet though, that anyone who re-enters the competition has a better chance to win the 2 million if they’re in the finals. . . Natalie, Tyson, Rob... TPTB also like to engineer situations where the returning player can’t get voted out immediately and the advantages they win at EoE appear to be created to really push an EoE into the final 3. I’m not a fan of EoE and I agree they should have created a side competition because this two tiered system of Survivor doesn’t work for me.
  6. Just pull your kids from filming. Don't threaten to do so... if she really cared about her kids she would protect them. Ashley hasn't done a lot of good for herself but at least she's protecting her kids by keeping them off the screen and social media.
  7. I'm thinking some of these idol finds are re-shot after the fact (the camera doesn't always catch the player finding the idol)... OR players are straight up given an idol and then told to act out "finding one"... In other words, the idols aren't found until production decides someone should find one. We don't see the unfruitful searches because the audience would realise a player looked in the place the idol was ultimately discovered.
  8. Tony is TV gold right now. I’ve never liked Sophie. I find her way too entitled. The way she bossed around here alliance members in her first season Telling them to quit trying to win individual immunity for themselves and focus on helping her win. And seeing her take people to the side last week. I think she still is entitled. I’m thinking Tony must have returned a fire token to Jeremy... I don’t know why else Jeremy would place trust in him. So smug... Sophie is smug an entitled.
  9. Beth is a full-time health and beauty influencer? Anyone follow her instagram? Does she do a good job or is it still aspirational like her job in Charlotte?
  10. I'm getting ads for bidets, hand sanitizer and wipes on the primetimer forum. It makes me laugh. Thankfully, I have all three in my home, already.
  11. Are they not paying attention to international news? A church service was behind the big explosion of cases in Korea. People should not be going to church right now.
  12. Not sure where to post this cos I’m behind and don’t want to get spoiled BUT my husband when he discovered Michelle and Wendell dated... “they didn’t meet on the show... they obviously met at STAGECOACH” (where my bachelorNation people at?)
  13. After a downward trend in both Korea and Japan, numbers are rising. People are no longer paying attention to the social distancing rules and they keep on moving the start date of school. It's extremely frustrating. It's a little different in Korea because we don't have a lockdown, and restaurants are still open. The only people (in Korea) who are penalised for breaking self-isolation are those who have returned from overseas or have been diagnosed with Covid19. A woman and her daughter traveled to Jeju after arriving from the States and have had to pay a fine of around $80 000. And foreigners have been warned they may be deported if they do not stay in self-isolation after being tested or diagnosed with Covid19.
  14. My 70 year old father is better with whatsapp than I am! So, I think its fairly simple and user friendly. It's very popular in South Africa and I whatsapp with friend's who also have iPhones because sometimes an imessage goes through as a regular text and that's annoying. Apparently it's also great for criminals.. I've been listening to a podcast where people move from regular text to whatsapp to stop the police from accessing their messages to each other.
  15. Whatsapp is another alternative. You can text and call or video call. It’s also great for sharing photos. I use it to keep in contact with my family. We have various group chats but you can also text people one on one.
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