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  1. Does no one else think Elijah is also Alina's aid? He seems to be very aware of all the little things she needs help with. She seems to be very independent but I still think she needs some assistance in day to day life. This! But, Caleb was also a little standoffish when he arrived. I think he could have been a little more enthusiastic when they met.
  2. It's like Ella decided she likes France and everything French but is mad at her friend for marrying a man from Ireland because "I like Europe and you don't even want to visit the Eiffel Tower!". Then she proceeds to date a Russian... because she loves baguettes. Finally she starts dating an Italian. All because she loves France. 😬
  3. Ella, Ella, Ella. Liking random things from Asia is not a personality trait. Being jealous of your friend for marrying someone from Thailand because liking Asians is "my thing" is cringe. Calling her ex "The Indian"... I felt so uncomfortable whenever she was on. Her internet boyfriend is a grown man so he can look after himself but I feel for his son if he ever makes it over to America. "I think my relationship with Stoney is good because he gets really excited when he sees that I'm on the phone... He'll start speaking all these Chinese words like he's talking to me in E
  4. Tanja and Syngin are still together right? They're just doing this for another season of 90 days XYZ....
  5. His partner probably won't be able to visit as they are pregnant and expecting fairly soon. I believe Ricard said they are due on the final day of filming?
  6. Really interested in this... So, they filed the I-130 and it was approved and they are stuck at the NVC stage as they haven't submitted one document (and Tiffany is the reason behind the hold up). Ronald is incorrect, he won't get approved automatically after the interview. If he is found inadmissible (because of his criminal background) Tiffany can file a waiver and that will take another year or so and I believe $1000. This woman from Frauded is something... is she making money running this account because I can see it could be seriously profitable.
  7. Erika being called "sneaky" ... I don't think "sneaky" can be seen as anything but negative. I'd prefer the terms "cunning" or "strategic". Because Erika definitely understands Survivor and she has a great strategy. She knows how to pull back when she isn't on the chopping block. She also knew she needed to split the vote and protect herself when people were thinking about voting her out. Sure she got lucky with her "turn back time" advantage but at least she made the right decision.
  8. I thought it was the "hang ten" sign... for surfers. Trying to look gnarly and what not. (idk I'm not a surfer, I don't know the lingo).
  9. Shan: Don't do it Jeff.. don't do it. Jeff: I take no joy in this. Shan: I know. I played a good game and this was a dream come true (turns to Ricard) I love you babe. Has Jeff ever stated his opinion about a vote at tribal before?
  10. The Soapdirt article states she is from the U.K/ Scotland but, just wanted to clarify that Ronald wasn't stating that in his comments... "Afrikaanse meise =/= South African girl (it means a girl who speaks Afrikaans as .We have 11 official languages in SA and Afrikaans is just one of them... Suid Afrikaner is South African)" "Engels=/= from England it just means English is her first language/ she identifies as an English speaker"
  11. I remember a few seasons back there was an idol or advantage with power that couldn't be transferred. Egg on the face of the player when they tried to play the advantage at tribal and Jeff told them to read the instructions 😂
  12. The soapdirt article has the translation a little wrong. In Afrikaans, someone asks if she is an "afrikaanse meise" (Afrikaans girl/speaks Afrikaans it doesn't mean is she from South Africa) but he says she's English (this doesn't mean she is from the U.K it could just mean she is an English speaker from SA).
  13. I don't trust any of the couples when it comes to being honest about 1.) sex 2.) living arrangements 3.) anything that makes them look better than their awful partner 😂
  14. I feel like Myrla is going for a K-Make-up look. It's called "glass skin" my husband always teases me when I come back from a facial with my "shiny face"... Also, she doesn't trim her eyelashes. They are too long- If they are the permanent type, she should be trimming the eyelashes every 2-3 weeks...
  15. As cynical as it sounds, I wanted to get married and live with my husband before we hit our late 30s. But moving in together in our mid 30s was still a struggle because we had different expectations around housework (luckily we already knew we had the same values around money and saving). And I see it with my still single friends in their late 30s. IMO It's difficult to compromise when you're older. Because you're comfortable and your way works. You know how you like your house set up, how much you like to save vs spend, and you've got your social life sorted. If you get married whe
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