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  1. All of this! The whole premise of Survivor is creating tribes from people who would ordinarily never meet/interact in real life. Remember when one of the contestants was super excited to meet their first black person!
  2. Too much talking about the game Survivor and not enough gameplay for me. I could also do without the introduction packages and flashbacks to the contestant at home and the highlight reel of the contestant's journey in the game. What was with them flashing back to JD making fire again? We just watched it show! Did not like seeing how massive production is. Took me out of the game. Did not like Jeff asking about the "guys" thing... I think it would've been better if they created a poll on social media. Have the viewers decide. Instead they ask contestants from Season 41 while they'r
  3. Went to his insta. Syngin is being coy and saying he might be filming for single life. Tania is fighting in comments saying the woman is just a friend… I can’t find the video. Edit to add: just found her and discovered we have a mutual friend (she follows my friend!!!)… this is the closest I’ve been to the franchise. I’m super excited.
  4. I know a couple of people like this in my real life... I'm always wondering how they manage to feed themselves.
  5. I’ve joked with my husband about being in the show… it’s so fake I would pretend to get married for the first time just for the opportunity to set up my own cameo and only fans 😉 ETA my husband actually introduced me to the show while we were still dating and it was a window to the immigration process. We live outside the States so I think we’d only ever qualify for The Other Way.(Matt Sharp CALL me!)
  6. A friend of mine got married in South Africa and then moved back to the States… I asked them If they’d filed for divorce and they informed me they couldn’t. The SA spouse had to file for divorce in SA. . . I’m from SA but didn’t get married in SA (cos it seemed confusing to me) but I wouldn’t be surprised if SA laws supersede US laws when it comes to divorce… ETA it’s like how divorce isn’t legal in Singapore or Philippines 🇵🇭… if you get married in the Philippines but then you divorce in the States the divorce isn’t recognised in the Philippines… IDK intl law is confusing
  7. THIS IS NOT VERIFIED!!! But, I read in another forum, the participants receive loans for some of the activities they do on screen… that’s why they keep on coming back. They’re paying off their loans by returning to the show. I’ve been trying to find the source material, but no dice. I think this is why Angela keeps on coming back and escalating her awful behavior. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/672709-90-day-fiance-season/?do=findComment&comment=10504290
  8. I’ve been reading a few fiancé/ spouse forums and 90 Days is just the tip of the iceberg. There are some people posting I wish would apply for 90 Days because their stories are . . . interesting.
  9. She might still qualify for a conditional green card if they can show the interviewing officer they entered the relationship in good faith. Her having access to one of his bank cards might actually work in her favor because one of the proofs of bonafide relationships is “co-mingling of finances”… IIRC Julia didn’t get her green card at her first interview because they didn’t have sufficient proof of living together. Either way, Larissa was able to stay and I think she applied for her green card without Colt’s assistance. The K1 visa seems like such a bad idea to me… I understand it is nece
  10. WOW! You're super gorgeous and this is a very cute photo!
  11. I think David of David and Annie also had a weight loss procedure a few years back... and it looks like he has gained it all back.
  12. The issue is... you can't stay in the States past your expiration. If any issues arise you have to apply to USCIS BEFORE your visa expires... And Natalie didn't have any issues. She had a ticket to leave the country and she decided not to fly (I'm not sure if it was because Mike told her they still had a chance). If her flight had been cancelled last minute and she had NO WHERE to fly maybe USCIS would forgive her overstay... But, as it stands USCIS doesn't forgive overstays unless you're the spouse of a US Citizen. Mike had two choices: Don't marry Natalie and allow her to deal with bei
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