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  1. Given his history, none of this is really that surprising. I think many people suspected crimes involving children were the cause of Josh's arrest before the charges were announced. Besides, doesn't it seem that the hardcore "family values" types are the worst? There's always one of them arrested for something, be it child porn, underage hookers, getting busted at illegal massage parlors or with a male sexual partner after years of being publicly homophobic. The more one screams about family values, the more I raise my eyebrows. Josh Duggar being a prime example.
  2. Libby's dad sure looks like he could afford to skip a meal or two if the food is so awful.
  3. Eric is stupid-ee for even considering this. He will deserve it when she takes off on him with a new nose and boob-ieees.
  4. Asuelu is playing his mom, right? He just put on a grey wig, correct?
  5. I just flipped over from the gong show CPC leadership election to see Tania crying and yelling. Something tells me I didn't miss much, lol.
  6. I can't even snark on Kenny and Armando. That was so sweet.
  7. I don't get the fascination of hugging people. I'm sooooo not a hugger.
  8. That's why my back is up. I'm fully expecting this couple to do something totally stupid. I've had my hopes dashed too many times by this show already, so I refuse to get my hopes up for Kenny and Armando.
  9. Pole disturbs the hell out of me. Andriii may be a chauvinistic asshole, (half the time I think he's playing it up) but I don't get a creepy/scary vibe from him the way I do Paul. I think Paul could be dangerous if he became unhinged enough.
  10. WHAT? Darcey and Stacey are getting their own show? Ultimate famewhores, those two.
  11. Right!! I was arrested for a cause at 18!! I was about 10 or 12 when I had my awakening!
  12. A five second google search came up with plenty of apartments in Addis Ababa, all seemingly with electricity, but TLC would rather us believe that electricity is some new fangled thing available only in America. Must maintain stereotypes after all.
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