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  1. I’ll add that Tom’s lawyers are also claiming that he has dementia.
  2. I’m pretty sure I read a couple months ago that her lawyers quit. I don’t know whether she hired anyone new.
  3. She said that she WILL be at the reunion only yesterday on Twitter.
  4. Their extravagant lifestyle was always a big red flag to me. Sure, lawyers can be rich, even super rich, but they lived a billionaire lifestyle, which never made sense. Why wasn’t it a red flag to others? Why didn’t any HW’s question how Tom could own a private plane and Erika could afford a $40k a month glam squad? They flaunted money, and nobody batted an eye. I guess they were too busy getting to the bottom of more important things, like Denise’s sex life.
  5. If the divorce story is fake, then why wouldn’t they still talk to each other, and want to talk to each other? I don’t understand the legal strategy behind filing for divorce (ie. why being divorced helps them legally and/or financially, or how it helps them hide assets), but it must be about protecting Erika since she’s made such a big deal about not seeing or hearing from him since she “walked out.” If this detail is crucial, I guess their phone records could be subpoenaed, but maybe they’re using burner phones? Anyway, if my theory is correct, then the only way I can think to a
  6. I think the truth is a lot less complicated than what you’re suggesting. I think the simple truth is this: Tom does not have dementia. Tom has embezzled money from his law firm to Erika and/or her businesses for years, with Erika’s knowledge and complicity, in order to fund their extravagant lifestyle. When he finally got caught, they concocted a plan, involving a fake divorce filing, to hide the assets. This theory explains a lot, imho. It explains: a) why the divorce filing was so abrupt and out-of-the-blue; b) why Erika never gave any indication that there was troub
  7. I don’t think she thought they were still filming, so she and Garcelle and Crystal were just shooting the shit, and it just slipped out. And yes, of course she thought it through afterwards and realized her mistake- that’s why she told Crystal not to repeat it, and it’s why she went ballistic towards Garcelle. It was a huge screw-up because it gives credence to the rumor that the divorce filing is a sham.
  8. I think it was a genuine mistake. She went on the show with a mission - to sell the cover story she and Tom concocted. But because it’s so convoluted, as well as just plain untruthful, it’s hard to keep things straight. As everyone knows, Erika has always been really guarded and private, and would only disclose things when asked/pushed. But this season, notice how she talks about her situation incessantly, even volunteers information, and is often steering conversations back to her. Again, her mission this season was to look for any opportunity to sell her story, and I’m sure she th
  9. This is absolutely what happened. (And Rinna’s post seems to confirm it). Erika left the group to avoid talking about the inconsistencies, and to beg the producers to edit this all out. She started hyperventilating when she realized her mistake, and her “I’ve been...open (sob)...and...honest...(sob)(hiccup)...” makes sense in the context of talking to producers. Also, about the talk in the desert - there’s info. coming out that that footage was probably shot via a drone. (Looks believable to me if you watch the scene again). That would explain why Erika might not have known that par
  10. He’s not ad-libbing. Everything’s scripted.
  11. I thought he was. I thought I read that he was penalized financially because of it (from the $1M prize). But it’s possible I just read a rumor. I don’t remember!
  12. I didn’t get this from any blog or someone’s SM (I don’t think!), but if memory serves me, the show started out by saying there would be one winner, and then sometime down the line, one became two. Right?
  13. Really? That’s surprising to me, but then again - I don’t watch Big Brother, so I have no idea what it’s about!
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