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  1. It’s not fair to hold her looks against her. It’s not her fault she’s so beautiful. SHE ACTUALLY SAID THIS re: her boyfriend the bosun promoting her that season! Back to this season’s chicanery, I also wanted to add something I spotted in the last episode- after Sandy fired Kiko, she overheard Malia and the crew talking about her boyfriend visiting and asked about it, and Malia said - oh, you haven’t heard? I’ve been telling everybody about it... It was such a scripted moment to orchestrate and introduce this whole fire-Kiko-hire-Tom-fire-Hannah-promote-Bugsy storyline, and such bad acting!
  2. That was an incredible recap @jmcd44! And if it’s scattered, I’m not blaming the vodka - she was indeed all over the place. Yes, I was there. She can block me from Twitter, but not my new IG screen name! (I was the one typing “Quit!” every five seconds. I also kept asking what Denzel had to do with anything, why did she call alcohol not a drug, and yelled at her to say Hannah’s name!) Pretty incredible, right? She was SO defensive. And SO in love with herself and her “story.” And Malia. Gag.
  3. Thank you! And frankly, a vodka-influenced recap sounds preferable! And thanks for the Captain Lee tweet, too. Captain Lee. FTW!
  4. Ha ha! You’re hilarious! You’ll have to watch it (participate) for me, because Sandy is blocking everyone who posts anything even remotely negative towards her. (I implied she was a bad manager. Blocked!) I love the irony - she’s hosting this IG Live in order to face the music and let everyone express their feelings (her words), and then she blocks everyone for doing just that.
  5. I sent Hannah a tweet last night saying that this has galvanized even her haters (I didn’t use that word) over to her side!
  6. It’s TONIGHT (Tuesday) at 6 PM EST.
  7. I think the show’s considered a hit. It does pretty well in the ratings, and I think it rates even higher than Below Deck OG. (Don’t get it). It’ll be interesting to see if the ratings fall after this week, though. Tons of SM posts from angry ppl. saying they’re done with the show, but are they? People always say that, but do they stop watching?
  8. I thought it was brilliant of Bravo to cast a female bosun after the past few seasons of misogyny and sexist, boorish behavior, and I thought Malia was kick-ass. I was wrong. I created an Instagram acct. just to tell her so (she deleted her Twitter), and she’s getting rammed. Speaking of Twitter, Sandy blocked me for suggesting she take a course on management! She posted a tweet announcing a FB and IG Live Q&A for later today (Tuesday) at 6 PM EST in order to address all the criticism she’s getting after firing Kiko. How weird is that? I think she’s desperate to keep her gig.
  9. Valium isn’t illegal. And it’s not a narcotic, either. It’s a prescribed med. I don’t think it’s a problem to bring prescription meds on board, but I think you’re supposed to inform the captain so she or he knows.
  10. Same with Jenna and Zach. They looked miserable.
  11. Why did Dee stuff have to be cut out? (I’m asking that rhetorically). Especially since the show knew she was eliminated? It’s just ridiculous how they’ve edited the show since her firing. Do they think viewers would be infuriated to see her? What is the blowback they’re so afraid of?
  12. Cory had a baby with Cheyenne, one of the moms on Teen Mom, and yes, they make a lot of money on the show and presumably the baby’s well-provided for. But FYI, Cory has a new girlfriend who I think recently gave birth to his second child. I don’t watch the show anymore, but if Cory (and even the new gf) are on the show at all, they likely only get paid for their occasional appearances. And here’s another FYI - the new gf got caught in a Dee-like racist SM post, so that’s the end of her appearances on MTV, too.
  13. #NotAnAHole! And wow, I really admire your open mindedness. Sign of the times. (I mean that in a good way). A lot of societal norms are shifting right now (another good thing!), and I’m trying to learn a lot, too. I’m enjoying Malia’s storyline, too. I think Bravo was almost forced to cast a female bosun after the disgusting and sexist shenanigans of the past few seasons, and I think I even sent a tweet to Bravo suggesting Rhylee as bosun since she’s experienced and strong, and probably because she was on the current season. (There’s such a rotating cast of characters that they all blend together in my head). I never even considered Malia since I only remember her from that stupid love triangle with awful Adam and the other guy. So I was surprised to see her as so ambitious and serious about yachting and moving up the ranks. Good for her. And I think it would be fascinating to see her and Rhylee work together. Rhylee was certainly a loose canon, but it would be interesting to see how much of that was a reaction to the misogyny she faced.... Interesting idea!
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