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  1. I always get a kick out of actors pretending to be repulsed by their actual significant others. And that meet cute definitely explains Jeanette's initial animosity towards her. Greg was not smart blatantly hitting on her in front of Vince. That's also probably why Angela is going out of her way to be the cool stepmom figure now (other than Greg being an aloof, bitter sad sack), because she feels bad for accelerating the end of the marriage at the very least. Especially creepy given that Kate and Jeanette are the same age. He scolds and infantilizes Jeanette for rejecting Gideon (not yo
  2. Please stop slandering my Colin! lol I need one genuinely pure, wholesome character in this depressing vortex of a show. And while I could maybe see the abductions dovetailing with his bitterness over the high school ex, I feel like he would be much more reluctant and grumpy about moving the investigation forward and helping Mare if he were the suspect. He'd want to stall and obfuscate leads. He could be the world's best actor or simply kissing her ass to deflect suspicion, but I don't see it. To me, he's basically a puppy with a schoolboy infatuation with a co-worker. Given the lingering
  3. Pros of this episode: Zabel accidentally introducing Mare to his mom as "my Mare" secret vegetable ice cream hiding nooks "Am I not maimed enough for you?" casual potato chip based wellness checks Cons of this episode: everything else why does the universe hate Dawn so much? It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that 1) Mare actually planted the drugs on Carrie and 2) the narrative is trying to justify her planting the drugs on Carrie via making Carrie a shitty person, but that flashback was incredibly rough regardless. As much as I adore the concep
  4. Looks like everyone will get a chance to suckle at the teat of Emmy bait! This episode really illustrated how much Dominique Jackson has grown as an actress, even if the whole "selfless suffering mother" spin on the flashbacks was a massive, glaring retcon. I'll allow it because the episode was incredibly wholesome, despite revolving around disposing of a body (again). Speaking of which...while the bacteria explanation makes a sewage treatment center seem like a logical dump site at first, they threw in the trunk too. Even if the corpse eventually dissolved, you're telling me the plant workers
  5. Highlight of the night was Mick's bug-eyed, blank stare as he calmly tried to take in Cyrell spilling (yelling) the beans in front of everyone, lol. Between that, scoffing at Jess' fake compliment barrage, and finally dressing up as a dinner party swan song, he has never been funnier. I'm glad Cyrell called out Jess and she seems to be a very loyal friend. For once her being confrontational came in handy. I'm disappointed at her immaturity in taking her ring off with Nic though. She's always calculated in trying to hurt him out of spite and it's super unhealthy. I know it doesn't matter b
  6. I'm surprised. The show has really been spinning its wheels lately. I can't wait for the Kleinsassers to be done. So many useless characters. I'm confused why this was renewed but Stumptown was axed, which was very similar in tone and imo vastly superior. Ronald and the Kleinsassers seem to be on their way out (thankfully), but Jeri is likely here to stay, as last episode implied that she might become a PI or pursue some sort of investigative career. I see her becoming a series regular and the only holdover from Ronald's arc after S1. Speaking of the actress, she randomly left a f
  7. I have the opposite take. Couples Cam bores me to tears and I never thought It'd outlast quarantine. Not only will it apparently be ongoing, but it's also being offered as as a presumable financial carrot for future couples who stay together. How many day dates and prenatal appointments must we watch and why did Lifetime decide that this should be a recurring series? It's essentially a dozen people in their 30s vlogging from their couches. I actually enjoyed the countdown special more than the actual season. Woody, Amani, Miles and even Beth were hilarious because they brought snark and a
  8. We all knew that Jenny would survive, but having her emerge with basically a superficial forehead gash when the woman she was clinging to died instantly is ridiculous. You can't even give her a broken arm or something? For being the supposed Sopranos of Montana, the Kleinsassers sure are boring. Endless preening and hot air with no action. Stop with the coy lines and pretentious monologues about killing each other and do it! They give Rand a lot of shit for being the struggling outcast weirdo of the family, but at least the man gets shit done without windbagging on about legacy or lions o
  9. It took me a minute to realize who the stepsister was and it's a little weird she wasn't referenced/shown before, but I guess they explained she was at her mom's. I get the rivalry, but even if she's only there every other weekend (though it seemed to be alternating weeks which would make more sense for their dynamic), if their parents married when they were 5/6, they likely met in preschool. I don't really buy that type of frosty animosity from her unless there was a huge blowup or (more realistically) if the marriage had happened in middle/high school, which would've better aligned with the
  10. If that's true, it's an insult to both character and actor. He carried the show in S1 - the plot literally revolved around him from the pilot onward. Damon worked hard, graduated college, and became a professional dancer and house father. Arguably the most realistic, attainable, full-circle arc of any character. His arc was done (really everyone's arcs were which is why they should've stopped at S2 but especially his). I get that the actor apparently had a sudden family tragedy and don't blame him stepping away. His storyline was already wrapped up in a bow. Say he moved, say he's touring, say
  11. Sadly, the premiere only made me wish the show had ended after S2. Most have already pointed out the obvious - Blanca and Pray’s HIV/AIDS is plot convenient to the point of almost being insulting. If we’re being honest, Blanca would definitely be dead by now and probably Pray too, given his years of alcoholism on top of what I'm assuming would be an aggressive HIV drug cocktail. Blanca could barely walk in 1991, but she is magically totally healthy and asymptomatic by 1994 to the point where she’s pursuing a nursing degree? Basically the writers needed her healthy so that she could live out a
  12. Agreed! I've never seen a performance that accurate. I didn't recognize Evan Peters with the dye job and the fact that he looks much older than his other roles, but that was a masterclass. He's really holding his own opposite Kate Winslet and it's a fucking delight. He's rapidly becoming my favorite character. To each their own. I thought it was a moment of genuine vulnerability that gave his character a great deal of depth beyond "straight- laced sidekick who gawks at Mare's brashness." He has struggles and disappointments too and indulges in a bit of self-pity while still extending e
  13. Mick's comments about Jess' family were wrong, but how douchey of her to set up that dinner specifically to tattle on him when they both know they're not staying together and she's actively trying to cheat on him. Just let the man go. So Ning basically admitted in front of Mark that she has no attraction to him, but then decides to settle for him when her friends point out how nice he is. Mark carried himself well during that. "He's not what you want, but he's what you need" is a pretty backhanded way to describe anyone's partner, much less to their face. Ning blaming her baggage and ramb
  14. This show gets worse every week and is approaching near lethal hamminess. I cannot believe they had Cheyenne growl and roar in separate scenes - unironically as a supposed moment of Cool Girl Feminist Empowerment. Cringe, cringe, cringe. The secondhand embarrassment for the actress is overwhelming. The reveal of the freezer body makes Mary's reaction to Ronald seem retrospectively out of character. You're telling me that a woman who has been casually storing the corpse of her niece's father in her basement for years is going to be trembling and whispering and cowering around a dweeb like
  15. My one complaint is that the acting really seemed to take a nosedive this episode, lol. All the kids had really flat line deliveries during moments that were supposed to be incredibly emotional. Mallory is super annoying. Both the writers and the character herself are trying way too hard to establish her as "the quirky one." Re: Vince, I just assumed he was bisexual and didn’t necessarily take him dating a guy to mean that his crush on Jeanette wasn’t real because he seemed pretty defensive when Mallory called him out on it, although he could still possibly be gay. Claiming random crushes
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