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  1. I think Steve realized he could placate Mishel (or maybe convince himself) with empty, gushy compliments "You're so beautiful! I love you! You're the best!" to ease his own guilt about not being attracted to her. The problem is Mishel is obviously going to take it as a green light, hence her giddy "should we have sex?!" after their couch time. She assumes something is building when I think he's just biding his time to make the gentlest exit possible. I think Steve thinks Mishel is a nice person and feels bad about not being into her, but at the end of the day he's already decided he'll never be attracted to her and has just trapped herself into an endless cycle of giving her false hope. Alexs and Ivan are both phony weenies. Alexs is a loser for drooling over some douche with a car, Ivan is a loser for asking Josh/Michael to fight his battles (call out your own wife, you spineless dweeb) and throwing them under the bus by denying the whole thing (the ONE time I was rooting for Michael!), and they both suck for bowing out to avoid the heat when they probably would've written leave anyway. Good for Cathy. Josh and his mom would've been a constant tag-teaming nightmare. Johnny seems to get off on being as vague and ambiguous as possible solely for the purpose of frustrating Connie. But it doesn't even seem like an ego thing because he looked visibly uncomfortable while she was describing her feelings for him, so I don't get his endgame, other than enjoying the power of wasting her time. KC is way too image-obsessed to ever work with Sean. Seb/Lizzie will probably make it, but they're in the smug newlywed phase that annoys me, lol. They're always funny together though.
  2. I’m shocked by how much I’m enjoying Amani and Woody, who is thus far dropping the player persona. I hope he stays just as genuine with her. They are my favorite couple so far and have the best communication! I still love Miles. He’s just the right amount of goofy and teasing. He should realize that someone as overanalytical and faultfinding as Karen is not going to laugh at his cougar jokes, although I recognize he’s probably just trying to make her more comfortable about the age gap. Again, four years is nothing and it’s ridiculous that it even has to be discussed. She’ll always be stuck on the fact that he’s in his 20s and she’s looking for an escape route. Now it’s the relationship thing. Next week they are setting it up to make it look like she interprets his disclosure of his depression diagnosis as another overemotional flaw - so help me if she actually does that, especially with the stigma around Black men and mental health. Notice her subtle pretension when she implied she was more selective or serious than him for only having two exes. Your last boyfriend not only impregnated someone else, but kept it secret for at least nine months before you found out! Sit back down. I am impressed with how much of a good sport prissy Christina is being with Henry, but it’s like watching someone babysit a five-year-old. It’s a very weird dynamic. That patience is going to wear out fast when they have to move in together and she’s no longer dragging him around the resort. My crush on Bennett was officially solidified when they asked him if he had a crush on Amelia and he looked around to see if she was within earshot despite them being married. He’s such a pure soul and just a delightful person. I hope that they will be added to couples cam next season. The moving drama is obviously manufactured to add a false sense of suspense, which becomes particularly clear when you realize it’s mostly edited pauses and silences in conversation edited as fake reaction shots.
  3. I'm assuming they're just unavailable to react to certain episodes, but subbing Karen/River or (gag) Ed/Mama Ed for them is just a massive disappointment. They're the B-Team for a reason, and a barely justified one at that (besides being unfunny, unlikable and only interested in furthering their imaginary personal brand where they think they're now entitled to a permanent salary for existing). Tim/Veronica are my favorites because they're actually there to make fun of people and make each other laugh without doing shit for attention or making it about themselves. I also love Tim's dry humor. Molly was me asking them why they're not together, haha! It made me laugh when they were complaining about how many random DMs they get insisting they're still banging. Yes men and women can be very close and still platonic, but they were together for almost a decade and seem to hang out multiple times a week. I also noticed that Tim frequently mentions recent exs, but not Veronica. I think she'd take him back in a heartbeat if he was into her again. And also "You didn't cry when I proposed to you!" "This is sweeter." Lol!
  4. I hated Josh this episode. What a gleeful shit stirrer. He purposefully lied and told Cathy he wouldn't bring up their issues so he could get off on whining to Mommy to defend his honor in front of the whole family. He and Mama deserve each other. He's a spoiled 15-year-old. Fuck him. I felt for Cathy when she said that she was hoping he had feelings again when he said he liked her dress. As soon as she got jealous over Haley, he checked out permanently. Cathy is too needy, but Josh fucking sucks. I don't get Johnny. "I'm starting to like her and see her as more than a friend again!" to "I shouldn't have told her there was hope, now she likes me too much!" So...do you or don't you want it to work? Is this another lack of attraction thing where you save face by claiming vague emotional attachment and sending mixed signals until your partner gives up out of frustration? He and Steve could save themselves a lot of time by just admitting it won't work because they don't want to have sex with them. Aleks too. None of this fake"But I adore you still!" bullshit. Platonic love is totally valid, but not when you both know it's built on one of you pining for more. You want to dump them because they want sex and you're romantically repulsed by them. Done! I was surprised by the sudden turn with Aleks and Ivan, who we've barely seen prior to the homestay. I thought they were the most solid couple the whole time but just not into on camera PDA. (Although his desperate efforts to impress her with the cars were incredibly cringey) Now it turns out he's just following her around hoping for scraps too? And she's banging someone else who's a possible former husband (because who else would she be sleeping with who would also be telling Michael and Josh)? I actually felt bad for Mishel, even if storming out was childish. I think she was saying that she understood Steve's perspective, but just wanted someone to acknowledge how shitty it feels for your partner to say he's not attracted to you. Instead, everyone just piles on defending Steve and laying out how irrational her reaction was, which rubs salt in the wound. Steve is dragging this out to look like a better guy, but if he really cared about Mishel he'd realize how humiliating this is for her and end it. KC must be a real piece of work if she's already dictating her man's every hobby and style decision after 2-3 weeks together.
  5. Mishel is deflecting the issue to betrayal and trust because she can't believe Steve isn't into her. She obviously views herself as the catch of the relationship, both physically and personality-wise. Trying to see it from her side, I'd be pissed if they tethered me to some fuddy duddy geezer and after weeks of playing caretaker and coaxing him through tantrums and begrudgingly sacrificing my "fun" lifestyle he sat me down and told me I just wasn't physically doing it for him.
  6. The second-hand cringe was strong! I will never understand why so many of these couples take it upon themselves to play interrogator about issues that have nothing to do with them, as much as Stacey and Michael deserve to be torpedoed. Cathy and Josh wanted to be distracted from the fact that their own relationship is deflated. Connie's baby voice is fucking annoying. They'll make it for a bit, but ultimately break up over a petty and childish fight because that's all they ever do. Steve and Mishel - the mutual meltdowns and painful lack of any communication was making me itch! Obviously Mishel is upset because she likes Steve - God knows why. And if Steve wanted to leave, he would've suggested separation at the beach. I do think he brought it up because he likes her as a person and wants to try to work through it. Mishel, if no one is seeing your side, it's a sign you're in the wrong or overreacting. Unfortunately after her blowout, I think Steve is ready to cut all ties. She's got so many issues and it's never a good sign when someone fuels anger with alcohol. Countdown til Michael hits on KC! Stacey can be as frosty as she wants, but she's just lying to herself that she has control over the inevitable. She and Michael are just trying to out-manipulate each other with their fake love declarations. Michael seems miserable and exhausted sober. He needs actual help. The threat of Stacey's anger/disappointment is not going to be enough incentive to stop drinking permanently. They're both super immature with a hugely inflated sense of self. Someone tell Lizzie this isn't Gogglebox. She sure loves the camera! Her perpetual bug eyes and gaping mouth in reaction to every word was really cartoonish and fake - an obvious attempt to hog cutaway shots. Seb was funny with being nervous about her judging the others, though. He's a kind soul. I don't get why they keep pressuring Ivan and Aleks to talk about sex when they clearly won't, but their increasingly desperate and catty replies are truly bizarre. Aleks threatening to leave the show over it was melodramatic. She clearly thinks highly of herself. Just realize the producers want to stir shit and change the topic.
  7. I don't mean to slander Steve because he's been nothing but sweet to Mishel's daughter, but my joke going into the reception was that he'd be more into her daughter than her. Again, the much younger fiancee who broke his heart has always stuck in the back of my mind. Unless they receive a lot of judgement from friends and family, once someone (particularly a man) dates someone much younger it's hard to go back to dating age appropriate people because it's an ego rush. Steve also seems like someone who would get off on the power disparity.
  8. Felt bad for Discount Prince Harry aka Seb, who seems like the sweetest guy in the cast. I hate when people punish new partners for things their exes did. It is not Seb's job to recondition Lizzie to resist shutting down or hold her hand through her baggage - it's on her to make sure she's healed and emotionally available before signing up for this shitshow again, which she clearly isn't as evidenced by her whinging every 5 seconds that every activity "brings back bad memories." Seb seems like a lovely guy who won't mind waiting on her, but this matching was unfair. Seb did not sign up to relive last season and Lizzie is a wishy-washy mess who is in no way ready for a serious relationship. KC seems very high maintenance and still in the LA mindset. Freaking out about female friends feels very controlling, although the doll was odd. Men and women can be friends and even roommates - the horror! - without wanting to bone. Women like her assume that men and women can't interact without being attracted. I also hope the roommate is super hot. Connie/Johnnie were both unintentionally hilarious. "This past week, you suppressing your entire personality has really made me see a future with you!" "I see that you've never been happier or more hopeful, and that makes me miserable." It was difficult to see what either of them were talking about, given that we saw no footage. Everything is always me, me, me. You could see Steve's lack of attraction a mile away, but I'm surprised Mishel was so broken up by it. Based on their interactions, I thought she'd be relieved and admit she wasn't into him either. Their kayak argument was so uncomfortable. Since Steve was in love with a much younger women, his preferences are probably always geared towards recreating that relationship. I'm guessing his ideal partner would be in her 30s, as Steve seems like the kind of guy who would really enjoy a May/December dynamic - although to be fair he seems to loathe Mishel's manic pixie dream girl, youthful energy. Someone younger would be easier for him to control.
  9. This finale was pretty underwhelming and didn’t feel like a finale - I wonder if they had to shut down production early because of coronavirus. At the very least, I was surprised they didn’t have any resolution to the Jane/Scott debacle because the writers have done a lot of what they think is sexy buildup to it, now with no payoff either way. Actually, thinking about it, none of the storylines were really resolved, which makes me think they had one more episode to go but had to shut down and slap together those weird little text moments as “resolutions” - Alex’s and Kat’s plots were hardly scenarios that would be resolved with a single tweet/text. I naïvely assumed the high school boyfriend was separated and also naïvely assumed Sutton thought the same thing. They won’t do another pregnancy plot with Sutton because she just had the miscarriage, but I also have very little interest in watching her spiral. The good doctor just did the exact same plot with Claire who also had an alcoholic mother and it did nothing for either the character or anyone in her circle. It was just a bunch of scenes of her staring vacantly into the distance while drinking or having mindless sex. Misery porn isn’t good writing or profound - it’s lazy and a signal you’ve given up on actually writing for your characters. How long has Richard even been gone? He’s obviously going to come back even if it’s just for them to officially agree to divorce. Sutton is the last good character at this point, so I’m not looking forward to her transformation into an obnoxious party girl who pushes everyone away. Everything about Kat/Eva was cringe. Pretty rich that JANE was the one who shamed her for it. The entire execution of Eva's character is a mess.
  10. This episode was as rough as Michael and Haley looked. The thing is, I do actually believe Michael thinks he loves Stacey - the problem is he'll always put drinking over her and still sees blacking out every weekend as normal partying. Alcohol consumption is so normalized (particularly in Australia apparently) that it's really difficult to get people, especially men, to see it as a problem. Stacey will be miserable. Was surprised to see Natasha/Mikey bow out without a real explanation after reconciling. Maybe I've just gotten used to couples on these shows hating each other's guts by the end. David's toothbrush stunt was childish and disgusting, but Haley kept bringing it up like he was trying to poison her. Enough! You're the one who proudly announced you wanted to force him to stay a week and sulk. Accept that you're both terrible people and move on. I'm so over Connie. They've spent days arguing over the true intent of a thumbs up emoji - Jesus Christ, go back to middle school. Johnny seems a bit smug and does like gaslighting her a bit too much, but Connie is nonstop passive aggression and drama. I'm surprised, as they were originally my favorite couple and I found her very endearing. Steve/Mishel is an ongoing question mark. I thought both Mishel and the show glossed over his breakdown about his son. Also it irritated me that her reaction was "good job showing me emotion!!" as opposed to actually discussing what he was upset about. So his son is stuck in the UK for some reason? I can't figure these two out. Is she into him, or does she feel sorry for him? Is he into her, or does he feel pressure to make it work? The fact that he continues to balk at the mere idea of having sex with her 4-6 weeks in just reaffirms that he's far too reserved for it to ever work. I think Steve is a good guy at heart, but he's overly sensitive (hi Connie!) and wants a caretaker. Plus he's downright curmudgeonly. Mishel has way more zest for life than Steve at this point - and wants her partner and sex life to match.
  11. I was most disappointed in Karen this episode because I expected so much more from her. Brett redefines douche (Zach was at least hot with his mouth closed - Brett thinks he can treat women like trash because he has biceps). Woody is a just 30-year-old frat boy. But Karen????? It's one thing to get cold feet because of the process, it's another thing to be reconsidering the marriage because your groom "talks about feelings." That screams immaturity and unhealthy relationship patterns to me. For her to complain that she's not physically attracted to him is one thing because physical attraction is subjective, YoU caNt HeLp PreFerEncEs, whatever (even though imo Miles is the hottest in the cast! Give JaimeO a call before launching into a whiny monologue about your groom not being a panty dropper), but specifically being turned off by his emotional availability and implying that that makes him....effeminate? who knows/cares?...is a massive red flag that gives me the impression she only dates losers and fuckboys. Karen will probably be into Woody, lol. What an unnecessary insult of character. She better redeem herself.
  12. Aisha must really not be happy to be criticizing a storyline in real time. I'd imagine the Twitter backlash is also significant. Even though she's not a writer, she obviously feels responsible for Kat and to the fans. It's an awkward position to be morally conflicted about a job you used to love. She's basically Kat irl now. I don't blame her though. It has to be annoying when people who aren't in your community think they can accurately portray your lived experiences.
  13. @UNOSEZ that Ava/Kat article is interesting, and I totally agree with the author. It's a bad look to have Kat lusting over a hardcore right-wing Republican, especially right now. Ava being horny for Kat (probably) isn't going to make her a better person. But this show has always been about superficial, performative wokeness as opposed to actual social critique. Jane and Kat and Adena (to a lesser extent) never care about real change - they want the instant gratification of point scoring. They want to get off on their own perceived moral superiority. That's it. Look no further than Jane/Scott admitting they want to bang while writing a #MeToo expose! The show cares about social justice until it's inconvenient for the characters, lol. I just wanna talk to whatever Love Actually fan in the writers' room commandeered this episode. The cheesy framing monologue, the unnecessary segment division with the hokey titles, the insufferably slow pacing. I get wanting to experiment with format, but not format from 2004. Sutton/Richard - much like Jane/Pinstripe, shit or get off the pot. This is their most nuanced, believable conflict and both actors gave phenomenal performances. I do appreciate that they at least attempted to explain why the kid issue hadn't come up earlier. But they've almost broken up like 25 times. Just move on. The format of the episode, between the time stamps and ignoring Sutton's calls, made me think we were building up Sutton getting hit by a car or something after leaving the bar. A divorced Sutton is much better than a dead one.
  14. I was half joking when I said I thought Michael was the cheating partner, but apparently I was right. It figures - he's a shit-eating Peter Pan asshole with a drinking problem. It was only a matter of time, really. I feel kind of bad for Stacey because she was falling for him, but also not really because she took such glee in causing major problems for Steve/Mishel and Natasha/Mikey especially. And also she was ready to dump Michael at the wedding before Googling his net worth. They're both materialistic bullies. The way Josh behaved at dinner pissed me off. He acted like a six-year-old tattling on a classmate and then ducking behind mommy. At least Josh's mom is level-headed. And then Josh had the audacity to say "Well, they even took your side at times!" yeah, after you ambushed me and threw me under the bus, you prick! The Vanessa/Chris thing...as someone who's been rejected a lot because people just aren't attracted to me, the whole circular argument of "I'm not attracted to you but you being distressed/sad/mad that I'm not attracted to you is making me less willing to try to be attracted to you" confuses me. If you're going to claim preferences or chemistry or the fact that you can't force attraction, sure, whatever, but isn't stating lack of attraction kind of the end? Why would you want someone you're not attracted to flirting with you (you don't) and why should the other person be motivated to try to convince you to be with them when you both know the chances of that developing are slim to none? It just seems like a manipulative, emotionally withholding ego trip for the non-attracted partner, especially because they're usually well aware the other person is VERY into them. I totally get that being sulky and whiny and bitter and angry like Amanda and Vanessa were isn't the right way to handle it at all, but it's just annoying in that you know Tash and Chris would've never reciprocated even if Amanda and Vanessa had all the patience in the world. They just wanted to save face by pretending there's potential and then blaming the failure on the other person's poor reaction.
  15. I thought he was off-puttingly strange at first, but it's true that he and hippie doctor are gender flips of one another. Neither would work with anyone else. She would love that she can be the breadwinner and replicate her own family structure and he would love that he never has to have a steady source of income and can spend all his free time on whatever passion project he’s working on that month, although Cal is probably right that none of them will ever go anywhere but I don’t think that matters to him. As long as Bennett is OK with raising the kids, they’re golden. It was adorable when he asked if he could take her last name. I can already tell that the hot school administrator is going to be one of my favorites this season, so I hope something as negligible as him being a little younger than her doesn’t put her off. Frankly I don’t understand why women get so caught up in the tiniest age differences. I’ve had multiple friends who have acted like their relationships with guys TWO years younger than them was some kind of cradle robbing embarrassment they were ashamed of, to the point where they bring it up almost every time you ask about their partner to reassure you that they had reservations about it as if they’re dating a college student! It’s so bizarre and I think once the younger partner is out of college and working, a gap within five years shouldn’t even really count as an age difference. I will be disappointed if she writes him off because of that. As a woman myself, I think we internalize and anticipate a lot of judgment that doesn’t actually exist, especially with respect to romantic partners, and even if people did judge, who cares? I think it’s all about the person and your dynamic together. If someone stresses out about tiny superficial things like that and petite body preference dude, it shows that you are more concerned about optics and turn ons than who a person actually is or the potential success of the relationship. Looks like they’re setting up Brett to be Zach 2.0. No thanks. I am on the fence about Woody, but his friendship with hot school admin is really cute so I am hopeful. The woman who cried because her grandfather was the only man who’s ever given her flowers is going to be a total mess. She seems like she has a super unhealthy relationship with needing male validation. I think you can’t depend on a partner to heal your trauma and fix your feelings of abandonment, let alone pin that on a guy you’ve never met.
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