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  1. I think Johnny was referencing Bao's tendency to slip into baby voice or her general little girl affect during romantic/flirtatious moments. A lot of women do it, even unconsciously, because a bewildering number of men are bizarrely into it and reaffirm that behavior. I'm with Johnny on (only) this - that shit is weird and screams emotional immaturity, not to mention killing any potential sexual tension. And if the producers went out of their way to make a montage of it, it's clearly a frequent habit of hers. I'm willing to bet he still sees her as that "nerd girl" and continues to per
  2. I know y'all aren't Myrla fans, but her convo with Gil about "Spongebob eyelashes" was hilarious. Jose's anxiety around masculinity and needing to be perceived as the pinnacle of a traditional husband would be exhausting. Michaela...you're mad that Zach doesn't want to expose you to COVID? And she spent the rest of the time stamping her foot instead of being concerned for him. Instead of pouting that they can't fuck the rest of the honeymoon (because you know that's why she was moping), I would be glad I didn't get COVID from having sex two days before. And hanging out with the othe
  3. I wish Korey had kept the money for himself. He's such a good, genuine person. Jeremy's love for him also shone through, lol. I take back my dislike of Charlie/Alana. Though I personally find Charlie to be a snoozefest, they seem like a super normal, down-to-earth couple without much ego or self-absorption. They have the best chance of making it outside. Bailey is a lovely person! I doubt Jeremy will want to do long distance, but he was very sweet to her. It's very ironic that last season was more entertaining on a hotel rooftop than this season in Hawaii. The personalities tha
  4. You can't "write in" votes haha, I wish! The only options are sadly official couples. That would be hilarious if they won via write-in.
  5. That made me laugh! The entertainers were lovely, but Charlie/Alana and Jeremy/Bailey's dates screamed high school after prom by comparison. Especially given that just days ago (on another elaborate date and perfect opportunity), Will droned on about how he didn't want to label anything. Korey/Jeremy had the most chemistry out of anyone, lol. Even if Korey's obsession with Jeremy is odd, given Jeremy has stolen his girl *multiple* times! Talk about masochism. I'm at peace with Jeremy probably winning? Who have I become? He has more personality than I gave him credit for and B
  6. Well, at least Alice is finally in the middle of a triangle? Her and Sumi have good chemistry, but I'm tired of constant Alice/Lindsay tension. Sumi's outfit was amazing! I also find Malika's dynamic with Deonte's girlfriend odd. Their scenes are uncomfortable. Half the time it's like a boss talking to an intern and the rest of the time I'm convinced they're going to make out. I wonder if they're laying the groundwork for a throuple. I think Davia/Dennis have kissed more in fantasy sequences (like once an ep!) than in reality. Still, watching Dennis randomly kiss Isabella was interes
  7. They did! According to social media (so large grain of salt), he had a girlfriend the whole time he was on the show , presumably a big factor in their eventual breakup.
  8. Well, that was bullshit. Producers essentially made the cast vote on "compatibility" to ensure that Trina and Andre wouldn't win as a friendship couple. But stone-faced Charlie and Alana are the picture of romantic potential. Yeah. Andre really shot himself in the foot by explicitly friendzoning Trina at every opportunity. If he had been smart, he would've kissed her for a week, won the money, and walked away. He didn't even try. If Caleb could scam his way to 50k by pretending to fall in love with Justine all season while having a girlfriend at home, Andre could pretend to be into Trina
  9. I hope so, but Unfiltered has me sweating. After the first episode, he flat out called Bao's sports meltdown unattractive and as others have said, compared kissing her to kissing his sister this week, both of which seem like harsh commentary on a current partner. He also had a weirdly condescending and hurtful tangent about how he was an experienced kisser and therefore Bao falsely interpreted his skilled technique (gag) as evidence of romantic sparks he did not feel. Again, he seems a little spiteful. I hope producers are just encouraging him to lay it on thick to throw people off. I love the
  10. I guess I want Trina and Andre to win as a friend couple? Even though it's obvious he's just politely running out the clock like Calvin with Moira. I'm disappointed he's not into her, as that potential was the only point of intrigue left for me. I will begrudgingly admit that Jeremy is funny. I still cringe thinking about Florita watching him with Bailey, given that she seemed determined to wait for him on the outside. That lasted about two days! I'm always bored with Kyra/Will, but especially their drama. This last week is really a fart in the wind.
  11. I’ve decided I’m downloading the app just to vote for Trina and Andre to win for the sheer hilarity. Everyone looked so confused when they were in the top three, including Trina. From Trina’s perspective, imagine spending over a month ignored and crying and everyone thinking you were a lost cause and then you win the money with a guy you met a week ago. Apparently people on Twitter are plotting the same thing. I think that would be the best ending to the season at this point. Trina convincing K-Ci to not only chug a smoothie that included coffee and string cheese, but that it was someho
  12. She was great on the show before the Cinco moping! Cash seems like a super nice person and an awesome friend to have, it’s just within the context of the show her ego got a little top-heavy and she became kind of annoying and one note with her Cinco obsession. Does anyone else remember season one where original Kira went through a bunch of guys and even tried to couple up with one of the girls (which would’ve been the most interesting thing to ever happen on this ridiculously heterosexual show), only to decide that she had feelings for the original Cash after all after dumping him multiple tim
  13. I have a huge crush on Johnny. That's all. His timid "I really, really like you" in the previews...swoon. What a wholesome man. I hope Bao can ease up on her rules a little. The scene where he was happily helping her take out her hair pins was such an underrated moment of intimacy.
  14. I wasn't aware you could inform your significant other that you'd begrudgingly allow an open relationship after they dump you, lol. I enjoy that the narrator has started poking fun at Cash's double standards. Her saying "I blew up my life for this person" about Charlie rubbed me the wrong way. Ma'am, he didn't ask you to blow up anything. He owes you nothing. He came in saying he was super into you and offered you a normal relationship. Instead, you made him an understudy in your self-created Cinco Soap Opera. Yes, he was aware of her feelings for Cinco, but there's a difference between needin
  15. True, I do love how quickly he was able to see through Cash. And him saying "Jeremy's trying to push Olivia on you [Korey] so he can go for Bailey" was hilarious.
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