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  1. If I could like this comment 1000X I would. There is enough in the Mueller report and through verifiable reporting to see what happened between the Russians and 45's campaign. The administration also threw enough obfuscation into the mix (along with certain infotainment tv channels) to distract those who didn't want to bother with knowing the whole story. Tiabbi has been a bit of a zamboni trying to whitewash over these things and I cannot figure out why.
  2. The closing rant was a microcosm of Bill's slide into old-man-yelling-at-cloud-ism. Mike Richards was an absolute snake of a guy and the podcasts were the tip of the iceberg. Won't someone on his staff point this out to him??? I actually enjoyed the panel (although if I ever hear the word tribalism again it will be too soon). Dan Savage up there giving lessons to Bill was both awesome and terrible in that if Dan hadn't been there to give it would Bill still be confused or flat out bitching and complaining about AOC with no damn idea what he's talking about? Likely. Does Bill know how to u
  3. Gail was Janice from the Soprano's right?
  4. I wanted to like this ep as much as last week, but it fell short for me. Armond got off light. I'm still not sure what the hell Coolidge is going for, but it has never worked for me. Kai had 47 different choices that would work better than the ones he made, but ok sure... he attacks Papa Swole Balls and then flees the scene, but not before ripping off his disguise. Olivia has sniffed out Paula's involvement and why does Paula even like her enough to vacation with her again? Shouldn't she be allergic to the Mossbachers at this point? It's not the characters leaving me underwhelmed this
  5. The Olivia-Paula thing is interesting. Normally gals would be discussing the hot guy one met and such, but not here. Clearly Paula wants to keep it a secret and Olivia is seething so I wonder if Olivia is secretly in love with P or is their entire "relationship" on the down low. That could help explain why they are so adamant about the brother not being in the same room as them. Shane is a bit of a troglodyte and by the looks of next week the stressors on that marriage will increase ten-fold. I loved the look of actualization on his face as the shuttleboat left the barge and he real
  6. Within the confines of the show it's a 5-star hotel with 3-star service.
  7. Mr. R0b0t


    Completely agree with the sentiment! This thread could be a good place for discussion, but once you get here and see the first post it spoils the entire plot. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.
  8. Yes, they were prescription, but for the uninitiated that was a lot of Ketamine.
  9. I don't think the Mossbacher's fully understand how the sister treats the brother when they aren't around. So we are to believe both those girls managed to get that amount of elicit drugs (almost casually) from home to vacation? Props to the one girl for travelling with a bong that had water in it carried loosely in a bag...that takes some skill. Also, from my observations, people who use drugs know EXACTLY what drugs they have and how much they have left. So why are Papa Mossbacher's balls swollen, or is it psychosomatic? Every Tanya scene has be dying from second-hand c
  10. Jennifer stated she gets attached to men really quickly and that's been problematic for her, so she clearly can make attachments quickly. I think the Mossbachers mentioned something about their teen boy stimming, which would imply he is on the spectrum so maybe that's why he wants his own space (and it's not really a punishment type thing). Interesting tone in this show and nothing like it on TV right now, so I'm in.
  11. As dark as this one was, I really enjoyed how much it did for AVA to come to the realization that she needs a personality transplant to succeed in life. I don't think we're supposed to like her at this point, but the show is different from everything else on tv right now so I'm in.
  12. Why o why did this season feel so underbaked? I still cannot put together what happened with Nick. He was def into her until he just wasn't. Am i supposed to think that he was turned off by her coming over drunk? He didn't seem to mind given his note and texts. Maybe it's just representative of those times where you think something is clicking and then it's just not what you perceived. I still wish he's explained himself a bit better. I didn't know this was meant to be the final season and now I'm bummed. I fell Aidy could carry a feature film of her own given the chance. I'm sur
  13. Not to give anything away, but his past will circle back to the "present" storyline in a big way.
  14. Binged the show in two days and liked it more and more with each episode. My biggest nitpick was that all of the key actors look like they're 20-25 years old but the characters would benefit from being different ages. It's so hard to buy world-weary, seasoned kids. Game of Thrones had this figured out....and yet I look forward to seeing where the story goes.
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