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  1. It was on in Canada last night and I didn't watch it. Sorry, team! I barely follow Cheyenne on Teen Mom OG. There was no way I was going to watch a special about her baby daddy.
  2. I usually skip Cheyenne's segments, but I usually stop when I see that cutie Ryder. She was adorable in those cowboy boots and ringlets! I've already expressed my feeling about the Baltierra's, so I'll move on to the others. Good for Bentley getting into private school. I have no real problem with Maci. She is right to be concerned about Ryan's sobriety. Ryan will never have a great relationship with his kids because I don't think he really cares. With Bentley, Ryan has to deal with Maci and he doesn't seem to want to or is unable to. So screw him! Bentley's real dad is Taylor and Ryan was the sperm donor. Let's face it, he will have to deal with this relationship for the rest of his life, even if he chooses not to have one with Ryan. Jen and Larry won't be around forever to mediate. Maci is trying to keep that kid on the straight and narrow. I hope he does well at private school and that Maci can relax her mothering style with him. BTW, how cute was Maverick's and Jade's tea party? Amber is ridiculous! Do we have any real time intel on her long-distance love? I'm sure coronavirus put a wrench in it. Can she possibly still be with this guy? And if Amber is soooo comfortable being alone, let's see it! Mackenzie just makes me sad. She is nice, if a little dim. Josh is an asshole and I really hope she is done with him for good. Her kids seems like hellions! At least she is working, being active, and communicating with her family. She needs some therapy and some time to heal so she can be a better parent. I'll be pulling for her.
  3. So this was the season finale. Did they cut off b/c of COVID-19? It seemed like an abrupt ending. STFU, Catelynn and Tyler. They are seriously considering using fertility treatments to ensure they have a boy?! And Cate balks at the price???? People who are desperate to be parents use fertility treatments and would happily pay $20,000 for a chance. Oh, by the way, I'm betting that Brandon and Teresa paid about that much for adopting Carly! Fertility treatments are no joke and assholes like Cate and Ty shouldn't be taking up time and resources because they want a boy. Ugh! They infuriate me! They should be happy with the children they have and consider themselves blessed. Some couples would kill to have all girls. And I say this as the youngest of five girls in my family. And God help them if their kids watch this footage with them moaning that they wanted a boy! Way to make your girls feel wanted!
  4. Canadian viewers: Has anyone seen "Drag SOS"? It's was on OUT TV after RPDR on Friday night. It's a UK show that is essentially the same as "We're Here". However, it is over a year old. I did a little research and found that it was based on a Brazilian show. I haven't seen anything that says "We're Here" based on any other show. The again, "Dragnificent" is also similar. Regardless, it's worth checking out if you can find it!
  5. Valentina had the right idea years ago!
  6. I know he's going on vacation , but his little speech at the end of Thurday's episode made it seem like the at home experiment was ending. Will they be able to go back into the Ed Sullivan Theatre in June? I'm sure there won't be an audience if they do.
  7. I love this week's episode! I am really loving Alexis in this show. I never really had much of an opinion about her, but I think she is so great with the clients. And her make up makeovers are flawless. I've always liked Thorgy, but I wish she would tone it down. She's so over the top in her reactions. JuJu has always been one of my all-time faves from RPDR. BeBe really annoys me. She never used to on RPDR, but she was only in the first (lost) season and one iteration of All-Stars. I just don't like her affectations. I would love to see Alexis replace Eureka on We're Here, but that is a discussion for another Forum. 🙂
  8. That must have been when she had that stupid makeup workshop that four people attended. I also couldn't get over the Little Spoon brain trust. Every other word was "like" and they were overly impressed with Cate's "brilliant" ad pitch. Anyone could have come up with that concept. Aren't her 3 million followers a bunch of bots?
  9. I love NuNuMatt. Or NuNu, for short.
  10. Marisagf


    Oh, please!!!! Spare us, Farrah!
  11. I was thinking the same thing. When she said she could be the receptionist a the vet office I don't think she can even do that. When we had to euthanize my beloved dog last year, those receptionists were extremely careful with me and very compassionate. They also have a job to do where they greet the animals and their owners and go about their business. They don't really have time to "love on" the animals when they come it. (I HATE that phrase, "love on" and I said as much in an earlier post further up the thread.) The front desk people at my dog's vet were always busy with the phones, appointments, billing etc. No way she can handle that. She's better off as a dog groomer (the only animal she seems interested in helping) or a cashier at PetSmart. I don't even know if she could handle grooming! And she needs to get over her fear of math or she won't be able to get any kind of further education. I felt sad watching Mackenzie's conversation with her son. It really should not have been on camera. However, I did like her approach. She was very matter-of-fact and calm about it. She was probably dying inside, but she held it together for her boy. I did like the tribute at the end, but I don't really have any connection to this family since I never saw them on 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom 3. Overall, it was just sad and intrusive, but Mack's mom agreed to do it. I don't know what to think! Amber...just no. I usually fast forward Cheyanne except when they show Ryder. She is adorable! What the heck is the meaning behind "Rage Regardless Ryder" or "R3"? How did that come to be the name of her charity? Ugh. As much as I am tired of hearing Ryan and Mac complain, I'm also tired of seeing Maci and Taylor do the same. What else is their storyline? Hey, Ryan, your mom is so controlling over the visits with your son because you are such a disaster of a human being! Why don't you act like a father and do something except complain? And Jen, enjoy your time with Benny now. He's almost at the age when he will want nothing to do with you (or his parents) and will be too busy to hang out with you. We can hate Maci all we want, but I think she is doing a good job with her kids.
  12. Marisagf


    Okay, who is going to take one for the team and buy a copy for us?
  13. I'm also getting a Maci vibe from this photo. It's like the love child of Maci and Tyler!
  14. Last night's interview with Matthew McConaughy was so fun. And Stephen looked so fine!!!! Mama was really liking his look!!
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