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  1. Does anyone think of Imodium (https://www.imodium.ca/?gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnJaKBhDgARIsAHmvz6eVYkCZTbOjLn46Ew0JkOgojzJnkZvl84gvBc2X2NU3d4SvgXEl8_oaAqyuEALw_wcB) when they hear Matt's name? Just me? Okay.
  2. On the Facebook Buy and Sell group in my area, someone was selling their used wedding gown for $25,000. They purchased it new for $39,000! A few posted that an FB group really isn't the best place to sell this item.
  3. And, as far as we know, they can't see anything up close. It's must be really hard to take in the work. I still think Duff is more talented.
  4. Sorry, but cake making shouldn't require that much construction! I think Duff should have won. Buddy's cake was impressive, but I though Duff's was better and more imaginative.
  5. Nova looks especially April in that photo. (Top row, center)
  6. Seriously? Someone is going to buy nail polish "chosen" by a toddler? The name reads to me as "Nails by Ry Derk."
  7. Gok also has a better imagination with the fittings. He'll pin on sleeves, straps, embellishments, etc. And sometimes he sketches. I know he is a hired gun at the shop, but he is a stylist. I think he does a better job than the Kleinfeld crew.
  8. She was the first person I thought of too!!! Still pulling for her! Maybe she'll get a shot!
  9. Also, the shop has a great selection, but it's not as overwhelming as Kleinfeld. I feel like Kleinfeld carries so many designers and the styles tend to be very similar across brands. Remember when everyone had a stripper fairy dress in their collection? There is a different selection of designers at the British shop and you don't see ten versions of the same style and silhouette. There is more variety across the lines they carry. Kleinfeld has so many it's like more of the same over and over. Know what I mean?
  10. I hate that the SYTTD: England is buried on Sunday morning. Although, I do record it and I enjoy watching it with my Sunday breakfast. I just wish it was on Saturday nights. It's usually a nice palate cleanser from the OG SYTTD. :)
  11. Marisagf


    Yes. Of her businesses.
  12. Meredith Viera won't get a shot because she hosts another game show? That's lame! She'd be one of the best choices. She has the gravitas and the chops. Ugh!
  13. https://apple.news/A3SSB46pGQqGD6_Ale5Fvfg The five eps he shot will air then back to guest hosts.
  14. I smell a topic title change!!!!
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