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  1. There's joy in different ways. The storylines do feel pretty natural - the SPRQPoint storyline just feels weird. Episode order, last I remember reading from Deadline was that it was rumored to be a 13 episode order - https://deadline.com/2020/06/zoeys-extraordinary-playlist-renewed-season-2-nbc-1202924053/ I guess they never announced the full order? But I am guessing at least 8-10, since who knows, some episodes might be cut due to COVID, but it is doing okay in ratings.
  2. Yes, they need to bring back Abigail, she was so great - and she had one of the best music numbers of the show so far (Fight Song). I keep seeing George as Guillermo from What We Do In The Shadows. I keep expecting him to slip up and say "master" I hope Zoey does some exploration, but not too much. I mean I think most of us were expecting this to be a one and done too. The first season, I think, was most likely based on the showrunner's experience with losing his father to this disease - and now he is diverging more from it (as he would have to). This episode was probably the weakest so far, but I have faith in them to right the ship
  3. Like at least if Shaun had gone "I know what it is, I need to look it up now before I lose my train of thought" you could excuse that in a TV show
  4. Yeah, I don't understand why the showrunners are doing it this way - I mean, they haven't understood autism from the start, but it is just silly. Like if they had had the shower sex by itself, sure, have Shaun express his discomfort and maybe ask some of the members of the team for humor's sake. and yeah, him asking Claire of all people was just WTF? Now if he had asked Park, sure. Exactly - Shaun should be able to read some basics of ABA and other autism therapies in medical journals and absorb it that way.
  5. Rebecca lived somewhere in PA with Miguel. Yup, according to this show, driving from Alpine, NJ to Philly is nothing at all - even though it's close to 2 hours. At least if they had gone "oh she served her time in Ohio" they could maybe go "well the bordering state of Ohio took some of PAs prisoners because reasons, then she was somewhere in Ohio and there was a discount ticket to New Orleans so she went there"
  6. I hope nothing happens to the "puppy" and she goes to college and comes back to work as a dispatcher or something to keep her on the show, then she becomes Chen's Rookie in Season 9 (or whatever) of The Rookie 😛
  7. Yeah, you think they'd have Glassman or someone in HR explain to Shaun what is and isn't appropriate giving concrete examples - I have ASD and I find getting concrete examples and being able to ask questions about what should and should not be done is helpful.
  8. If anyone wasn't yelling that, yeaah. I like that it is being explored too - and we're not being hit over the head with a brick like the season premiere. I remember that study from a few years back about cop shows & how people perceive things (I think it was from the Norman Lear Center?) and it was pretty interesting. (Mods, if this is too much, just PM me and i'll remove it) I believe the law allowing it wasn't passed until the mid 70s, so it was close enough. Having a cliche can help illustrate issues like that. Brandon Routh is pretty good in the role. I was also saying "don't open the box" along with "well it's not big enough to be a head, maybe a hand?" From what Bradford said, there's usually one puppy, then the rookie is done with them - however, Chen is a very empathetic person, so I think she could have a whole kennel's worth of puppies. That would be so good
  9. This was a good episode - both patient plots were interesting. Although when Claire visited Reznick in the ER for the patient with the ring, I was like "wait that looks exactly like the barium shake I got in 2019, why is she doing an ultrasound---ohhhhhhhhhh, laxative" Do you think Shaun sent his sex survey to just the entire floor he works on and if so, does the floor have a group text where they chat about the random crap Shaun and the main cast do? I imagine they have had quite a bit of talk about Park & Reznick shenanigans. I hope we see more of Claire & LIm's friendship, it is a good plot,
  10. SFU had an amazing ending, but This Is Us would feel like a 4th grade play versus a Broadway Production I was born at 25 weeks.
  11. I think it is that each floor is their own thing. Floor 4 seems to work on the watch and some other stuff Floor 6 seemed to be some sort of R&D/experimental stuff One floor is probably server/backend, another is probably frontend
  12. oh no now I am imagining them trying to do a ripoff of Six Feet Under's ending but yes they will show Rebecca dying and she sees Jack in a flash of light, or hears Jack's laughter
  13. It's "until spring" so I am guessing probably until April
  14. My experience is in the last ~15 years, so yeah. Eh, whatever
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