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  1. Oh yes, quite the dick. Luckily, my insurance was at risk of changing to one that didn't cover where he practiced, so we preemptively switched to another cancer center a month before the switchover so I would be an established patient in case of emergency. Then a few days before the change was going to happen, we were told it wasn't going to happen! And now I have a new managing oncologist - great guy, willing to communicate with my local oncologist and the doctor who named the kind of leukemia I have.
  2. Oh man, Scorpion - that was a show. I watched seasons 2 & 3 of that show every Friday because that was the day after I took my chemo pills - and that was not a show you needed to pay attention to. That show was like a live action Saturday Morning cartoon and it was delightfully bonkers.
  3. Oh yes, he was a terrible doctor. I mean if I had a family member with a rare disease in his specific niche, I would recommend him every day of the week - the guy was like a real life Dr. House, sans limp or a writing team to make him seem charming. He was also shocked when, in the middle of my bone marrow biopsy, he asked me my favorite country I had traveled to. My response was "I haven't traveled outside of the country." His response? "Oh, it doesn't have to be this year, it can be any time!" I said "I have never left the country" he said "Never? How?" I said "Nope, never. It's too expensive." Then he was like "Oh well next month i'm going to Switzerland for a cancer convention, then a few weeks later I am headed to Israel to give a consult, then i'm going to China to talk to some doctors there." then afterwards he did not give me any medication because "well you can just take some Tylenol tonight and then you'll be fine, none of my patients complain about pain after getting a bone marrow biopsy done by me." I went home, got pain meds from my local oncologist, and had to take them for 2 weeks because I was in so much pain from the bone marrow biopsy (Mostly for sleeping in the last week of the pain meds)
  4. I like her too Except when she does things like pretend to be drowning to try to "prove a point"
  5. Okay, that was a good episode. One thing, though - I was surprised that during the dancing scene, they didn't do little flashes to stuff like Matt & Daisy having a bunch of kids and dogs running around, Bess & Henry getting dogpiled by grandkids, etc.
  6. Ehhhh, I have a limit that I reach even with those super fancy experts. I fired an oncologist who is internationally recognized in his field because he was horrible with me. All he cared about was my cancer - he did not take any of my other conditions into consideration when prescribing meds (Like the fact that I have epilepsy - which is very important for anti-nausea meds, having epilepsy cuts down the meds available to you significantly, which I learned after I had some super uncomfortable side effects on the medications he gave me) and he didn't take them into consideration when discussing plans with me. I have cerebral palsy, autism, fine and gross motor dysfunction. and underdeveloped muscles. During appointments, he would always comment on how skinny I am and that I just "need to go to the gym and pump up" and that I should just "start out by lifting some light weights, only 20 or 30 pounds, nothing heavy) - when on a good day, I can lift maybe 10 lbs for a few seconds. He also had no idea how to talk to patients under 60, and he refused to listen to my side effects, saying "well that must all be in your head, go find a psychiatrist who will throw some pills at you and you should be good, because if you go on the next line of meds, the side effects will be even worse!"
  7. Yeah, I always thought it was a bit odd - I know they watched me take meds the dose after I had a seizure in the hospital, but usually they would just leave me and my parents with the meds, or leave right after I started to take the first pill, then come back in 5 minutes later to grab the little containers the pills were in
  8. Torture is wrong and there's a reason the feds stopped doing it - the person will say whatever you want to hear in order to get it to stop. There were so many other ways Conrad could've gone about it that wasn't literally torturing the guy - didn't he give him Narcan? Which would make it so morphine would not work at all to help him with his pain? or was that another medical show
  9. Yuuup, even in Wyoming they'd have resources for Autism, even back in the 90s.
  10. My times in the hospital, I've most often than not been left alone with my pills, but none of my meds at the time were controlled substances (Now one of my medications is a like Schedule V Controlled Substance)
  11. Yeah, from what I know in my training as a teacher, if a kid says abuse is going on, you do not ask them questions, you just let them talk - because people with special training need to talk to the kid so the kid doesn't just say what the person in a position of power wants to hear (see: Satanic Panic). I imagine there are officers they specifically have who deal with juvenile crimes - it's a huge city, now if it were like a town of like 20k people, sure, they might not have anyone, but it is LA, they have to have people trained to interview kids who did serious crimes, and I doubt pretty much telling the kid what to say is the proper way to interrogate a kid. It's legal to do with an adult, but Malcolm was nowhere near adulthood.
  12. The Kings have 0 involvement with Madam Secretary - MS was created by Barbara Hall, creator of Judging Amy and Joan of Arcadia.
  13. I hope this show does well. This just makes me remember Eli Stone - that was such a good show.
  14. No, just no. You should do some research on autism. His outburst was him getting out the years of emotions he had pent up at his parents. Imagine Shaun were neurotypical, hadn't sought therapy, and was called to his dying (abusive) father's bedside. A neurotypical person might scream at their father about the horrible stuff they did - Shaun was finally in a position where his father couldn't hit back. Him hitting himself is his way of processing these complex emotions since he does not have the proper support built up. It is also, in part, self stimulating behavior (aka stimming) - it helps get out the energy when in a high stress situation. However, stimming *can* be managed.
  15. Yup - now I am not a lawyer or a social worker, but from what I gathered was that Malcolm had no family left. Therefore, he was a ward of the state - which would most likely mean that the social worker would act in loco parentis - unless her office has some special situations for orphan wards suspected of crimes. Also, them going "Why'd you say that he should have a lawyer? Now he'll have time to come up with an explanation!" was just making me laugh - he was, what, 12 at the oldest? A 12 year old isn't going to come up with an explanation that would last under pressure.
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