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  1. That was a good episode. What the hell is the actual finale going to be of this show is this wasn't even the penultimate episode?
  2. That was an episode. That was not much of a lockdown. At least it checked all of the boxes for hospital show lockdown bingo?
  3. When I have seen neuropsychs (2010 and 2018), first appointment is just talking to them about me, my medical history, what my goal of the NPE is, second appointment is the big battery of tests (4-6 hours), then third appointment is the one where I get the report. Maybe they just don't do screeners with me because I have a well documented medical history or something.
  4. yup that's what they put on me when I get them. Today I learned that that head cage thing for an MRI is called a coil ooooh, how many have you had? I've only had like 20 or so. I've had like 100 blood draws in the last 5 years, so I might have had more blood draws in my life than anyone here 😛
  5. I had a feeling it ws a real test - I just hadn't taken it before. I'm usually given the good old classic Weschler Memory Scale or whatever it is called, alongside that regular neuropsychological battery of testing, I'm surprised they didn't just do a full neuropsych battery on Rebecca.
  6. I mean there is no limit to the number of demons - there could be hundreds of billions of demons. They could just poof into existence as they are needed. There are always more humans being born, and I really doubt the demons sexually reproduce, so it is probably a "oh look, a new guy" kind of thing where they just appear. Or maybe they have a room similar to the Janet room, where demons just walk out of every once in a while.
  7. Is it just me, or do they put a little cage around your heads when you get a head MRI? Every time I have had one, they put a cage around it to limit movement - if you don't get it, maybe it is because I have a mild tremor/CP/autism/epilepsy?
  8. According to this article I found from the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, there are quite a few options for opioid free anesthesia. I mean they could have at LEAST given her some Ativan - yes, it is addictive, but one pill won't hook her. It'd at least make her not remember chunks of the surgery.
  9. 1. Kate was massively overreacting to Toby's grief over Baby Jack's blindness. Kate copes by diving right into the deep end, Toby is coping by distracting himself with exercise. 2. Rebecca's memory test was sort of like an actual one, although hers seemed more like a screener than a full blown memory test. Rebecca hasn't seen that doctor before, so she would not have a baseline for how Rebecca was in the past, unless she got an evaluation through another physician.
  10. 318, I believe - so 79.5 demons per human (if they keep the 4 humans in a neighborhood)
  11. ...why were they acting like anesthesia is narcotic? afaik it isn't Also, Shaun and Carly need to see a therapist - individually and as a couple. Preferably one very familiar with autism
  12. Well, now you have something to watch after The Good Place! Justified was great. I think Sean agreed to it because he'd rather be stimulated by the challenge Michael poses than be bored for a billion years. The Judge was already annoyed at the Soul Squad for Janet taking her doohickey and was not going to listen to them unless they had something big like "Shawn agreed" to stop her in her tracks
  13. I'm not a software dev or involved in programming at all, just a computer nerd, and I was wondering why they never checked if the two were talking to each other
  14. I have no idea why they renewed it for 3 more seasons. Maybe they needed to lock down some of the actors? Or maybe they wanted to lock in salaries/production costs?
  15. Well there's the room full of Janets. And the demons probably made a Disco Janet to experiment with a new form of torture.
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