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  1. um so after last season being about police accountability... in this one they travel to a foreign country and commit a slew of crimes?
  2. They could've also just given her $1, aka the easier way to disinherit - or set up something like a trust, maybe "all of our money will be put into a trust which will pay for the upkeep of this house and if she dies without a legal heir (Randall would not be a legal heir as he was adopted, so all legal connection between him and Laurel was severed), it will go to charity"
  3. They are (at least for me) - I have ADHD-PI (I'd say moderate) and I have done two neuropsychological evaluations and a few psychoeducational evaluations. It's difficult when just reading it off the sheet and trying to remember it, but it is a bit easier in person when you are face to face with the evaluator. I mean with a full NPE they do a lot more so it isn't just based off of like 2-3 questions, since there are multiple areas of memory - I do get some below average scores in memory, but people with ADHD can do decently enough
  4. The parents could've just disinherited Randall's mom in their will and donated everything to charity.
  5. the tests are easier when you are actually taking the test
  6. I hope they just have Nic offscreen the entire season. Also, do it incredibly awkwardly, like Devon visits Conrad's house Devon: "Hey, where's NIc?" Conrad: "oh she's in the kitchen, see, she's waving to you!" Devon: "Why isn't she saying hi?" Conrad: "she's in the kitchen"
  7. I agree with you on the finale's message - some people still don't get that. The moment that broke me was when Eleanor woke up to the calendar on the bed
  8. according to him, the only other episode to make him cry while writing was the episode where William died.
  9. Showrunner already said he wrote the final episode and it made him cry a bunch while writing it
  10. I'm hoping this is more "Josh Thomas didn't want to act anymore/couldn't think of ideas for a season 3" instead of a "Freeform decided to sacrifice a show to the show gods" because this show was great, it was only 20 episodes, but the second season was so good - I think it was better than season 1 (Although season 1 finale had an amazing portrayal of what sensory overload can feel like).
  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Although I wonder by the phrasing of the tweet Josh Thomas sent out if he was the one who decided to end the show? I mean even if he was the one who decided to end the show I am still disappointed - I really hope to see more Kayla Cromer and Maeve Press on my TV soon
  12. You can use Roku on the Fire Stick, if you want to get one of those. It also looks like you can access Roku through the browser? https://support.roku.com/article/115012374788
  13. Yeah but still, you think someone with a condition like that would know the warning signs to watch out for and not just brush them off. That also bugged me, you think someone would've asked the chance of survival with the surgeries.
  14. That was a great series finale, but I cannot imagine This Is Us pulling off a Six Feet Under without it seeming like a crappy imitation, since it would be full of smiling Jack
  15. I believe with gastric bypass, you need to be beneath a certain weight - since it can be risky because of things like anesthesia and being too large for imaging. Yeah, but Max could've used those anecdotes to tell the board "hey let's see if it is worth establishing a Native American scholarship! Let's try it with one person!" The professor seemed to be one who backed up her speeches with actually protesting, like those nuns who protest nuclear energy.
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