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  1. With me - it wouldn't show the total vote - maybe for one of the polls, the option wasn't checked and it was later edited to show it - so you saw the votes near the start of the polling?
  2. I have never heard of Benson, Empty Nest, or Evening Shade - but I have heard of Burt Reynolds and Robert Guillame.
  3. D'Arcy needs to win I hope Harper gets it, but I think if they give it to any actor in the show, they'll give it to Ted Danson, since he's been acting for a long time. Apparently he only won one Emmy for Cheers? what
  4. bros402


    Ken sounded so old - his episode was great
  5. The movie was so good! Reading the complaints about Peacock... I am happy that I, um, acquired the movie through another source - since Peacock isn't on Amazon Fire TV stick and I didn't want to have to deal with the headache.
  6. That's understandable - well, that's the benefit of streaming - you can always go watch it whenever you're ready
  7. Did you try Good Place, or just never found it? If you haven't tried it, give it 4 episodes (The first two aired back to back, third one aired 3 days after that, fourth one aired a week later) - but you should be hooked by then.
  8. AFV is super duper cheap and it just fills the slot on Sunday - since some parts of the year it airs against sports, and it's right after the national news, so there's carryover from that.
  9. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist didn't win... but it was runner up in a few spots! It could always win next year for a musical category 😄
  10. Isn't her study in something oddly specific like various political movements in the US? Like I am not a professional historian, just someone who likes to learn history (and practically minored in it in college, and I had still read about his name in passing (even though my historical interests lie primarily in the niche of Revolutionary France (1789-1799)). Maybe Lucy dove so deep into political movements that she forgot about early American figures beyond the Founding Fathers everyone in the US learns about as a kid 😛
  11. No problem! I didn't really specify what i meant in my almost-2-AM post!
  12. Being of Spanish descent is Hispanic.
  13. Okay, that is where I recognized him from. I KNEW HE LOOKED FAMILIAR
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