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  1. bros402

    Spoilers and Speculations

    Isn't the Raptor at 11 seconds in, putting gloves on? Or is that Mina?
  2. bros402

    S09E05 If The Shoe Fits

    I'm guessing Harvey had paper napkins around at the least, but The Almight Donna Does Not Approve of paper napkins
  3. bros402

    S09E05 If The Shoe Fits

    Maybe he got the slippers at Tiffany's or something 😛 I think they're playing Heigl a bit older - maybe she's playing a 45, 46 year old, so when she was 16, she was babysitting an 8 year old
  4. bros402

    Spoilers and Speculation

    For getting on the ballot, let's check ballotpedia! https://ballotpedia.org/Ballot_access_for_presidential_candidates "An individual can run as an independent. Independent presidential candidates typically must petition each state to have their names printed on the general election ballot." States require anywhere from a set figure between 1000-10000 (split among voting districts in some states) to a percentage of the vote in the previous presidential elections (1% in Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Florida, Oregon, and West Virginia and 2% in Wyoming) Some states also have filing fees, ranging from $200 (Wyoming) all the way to $2500 (West Virginia)
  5. bros402

    S09E05 If The Shoe Fits

    Samantha finds herself caught in the middle of a tricky situation when Mike picks a fight with Harvey. That was definitely an episode Took me over an hour to watch it because the USA Network site kept dying on me
  6. bros402

    S09E04 Cairo

    I was half expecting the vote plotline to go to "Well, Donna, you and Harvey can't both have votes... but wait, there's a bylaw where a person with a vote can designate a Proxy!" Then it might've gone that Donna would designate someone to vote in her stead, maybe Katrina, and Katrina would try to make the voting partners stick to the straight and narrow(ish). Or Donna would've appointed someone we had never met before, who would've ended up using Donna's vote for evil, or something. Then there would've been a Bigger Bad that Faye would have to help them dispose of, compromising Faye.
  7. bros402

    S09E04 Cairo

    At least the Alex drama partially isn't his fault - that partner at the old firm paid Alex bonuses that were actually bribes. I dunno if covering up his suspicions about the cover-up is a disbar-worthy offense, but yeah
  8. bros402

    S09E04 Cairo

    I really hope it ends with everyone in prison - and maybe Alex & Katrina opening a practice together or something. And yeah, Faye did almost smile at one point - I believe after she asked Gretchen who he would prefer to hear the news she was going back to him from.
  9. bros402

    S09E04 Cairo

    Once again, Faye is the adult in the firm. By this point, I can only think of two lawyers on the show who shouldn't be disbarred: Alex Williams and Katrina. Yes, Alex messed up, as was shown in this episode, but he tried to make things right. Katrina messed up in the past, but now she is actually following the rules. Louis is a good person when the writers permit, but he needs to get out of the toxic place that is uhhh Specter Litt Wheeler Williams (Is that the name now?) - we have seen in the past that he is an amazing lawyer when it comes to money matters, but he is constantly pressured into illegal situations by his so-called friends. He should just offer to suspend his license for a few years, be a stay at home dad, then go back into law, maybe get offered a judgeship by that friend of his if the show wants a happy ending. But of course, this show is going to end with Faye being revealed as being corrupt somehow, then Harvey & everyone gets away with it again - *unless* they have something come up that there is no way out of, and everyone will go down unless Harvey falls on that sword, then Harvey goes to prison, and Mike is his first visitor. Fade to black, it's 5 years later, Harvey is getting out of prison, Donna and a 5 year old Harvey Jr. are there, along with Louis, Sheila, and their kid, probably the opposite sex of Donna & Harvey's kid, so Louis can make jokes about how their families will be bonded forever if their kids ever marry.
  10. bros402

    S09E04 Cairo

    Faye decides to take action against Harvey and Donna's relationship; Harvey looks to impress Donna's father.
  11. bros402

    All Points Bulletin: All Things Media And News!

    The best guess I saw in the AV Club comments section was the guy who played Rookie West's dad.
  12. bros402

    S09. E03: Windmills

    So I just watched episode 2 and 3 back to back and uhhh Why did Faye claim that Benjamin hacking the NY State Bar was almost illegal? Hacking is illegal. What kind of universe is Suits in where hacking isn't illegal?
  13. bros402

    S03.E18: S-E-- SEOUL B-R-- BROTHERS

    SSI shouldn't have guidelines on what the money can be spent on - consider the variety of situations people might be in getting SSI - disabled young adults, parents collecting disability for their disabled kids, parents getting SSI, and a bunch of other situations. However, ABLE Act accounts - special bank accounts for people disabled before 26 - lets you store $14,000 a year up to $100,000 (After $100,000, it counts as a resource for the SSA and medicaid), and there are limits as to what you can spend it on.
  14. bros402

    S01.E20 Preventable

    True, true. Maybe, maybe, season 2 will improve the writing a bit and make things a bit more.... realistic?
  15. bros402

    S08.E14: Peas in a Pod

    From what I recall, this episode was particularly egregious in ethics violations - i'm not a lawyer, but yeah, the series is filllled with disbar-worthy offenses, even if you write off the conceit of the series - hotshot attorney hires guy who has memorized every law school book known to man and tells everyone this guy is an attorney (first an associate, then eventually a partner - after he went to jail when he was caught)