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  1. I have only had one two doctors spend as much time as TV doctors do with their patients with me. One was my neurologist as a kid - a doctor who was certified in pediatric neurology, adolescent psychiatrist, and clinical genetics. He would have me do some exercises, then ask my parents to do them, and compare. He was just interested in how my parents performed and how I performed (I have cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, anxiety, and a few other things). He would routinely spend 30 minutes with me every 3-6 months when I saw him. The other is the oncologist who discovered the type of cancer I have (as in he was the guy who named it) - the research coordinator for the registry told me he wanted to see me, because I have a rare case of the rare cancer, and he spent like 60-70 minutes with my parents and I, answering any and all questions we had - and when he didn't have an answer, he said so and had his research coordinator contact us with the answers after he found them.
  2. Maybe she mugged an EMT
  3. Yeah, but I imagine the person using a tree wasn't surrounded by medical professionals. I mean yeah she has been around alcohol a lot, but who wouldn't want an alcohol-themed MacGyver for a doctor?? (sarcasm) And yeah, Reznick has to be on a pile of painkillers. If there is any non-"destroyed her hands" repercussion, it'll be that medical show classic: addiction I thought the walkie was just in the ambulance somewhere and she was overhearing the conversation
  4. We need good escapist fiction - not close to the real world fiction
  5. I am glad that others thought the frame rate was weird - I thought it was just me being tired from chemo pills today. Also, I was thinking they were going to end up giving infected vent to EMT and she'd die and make a super superbug or something 😛 I hope they don't kill son in law - maybe just have him acquire a disability or something
  6. Glassman dying would probably just make Shaun catatonic. He shut down when Lea rejected him, but I think Glassman dying would make him have a full blown episode of decompensation for at *least* a month. I don't want a Melendez-Claire relationship and I also want Shaun & Lea to just be friends. Glassman fixing his shoulder himself made me go "HOLY CRAP" because, uhhh, Melendez was right there - it isn't like he was trapped in the rubble by himself, Melendez could've done it for him, but instead he decided to do the action movie hero move of "slam body into hard thing to fix dislocation" Claire MacGyvering things with alcoholic devices would be a hilarious thing. Maybe it'd be something she picked up in her childhood, or maybe she took on MacGyverology as a hobby after the death of her mother. Yeah, Reznick's hands certainly were something - i'm surprised she wasn't on a pile of painkillers with those frankenhands. She has to have long term effects from that or else something is up with this show - if not physical, some kind of repercussions. At least a talking to for ignoring the nurse who was like "check her for pregnancy"
  7. Yeah - he would've been good to keep on, he was pretty decent.
  8. Both Randall and Kevin went too far in their comments - and honestly, when Hope was being born, I was so expecting Dr. K to appear, of course as a dried husk/clone, but it would have been absolutely hilarious
  9. My guess with Melendez is the spleen - that bruise is right near the spleen, so maybe he tore it instead of just having it burst (Well, it probably burst at the end there). I don't think Morgan would have been able to use her hands 48 hours after the surgery. It would have been better for her to literally tell the nurses what to do to stabilize the lady until they could get a surgeon who can do surgery in there - I mean, on these shows, clamps seem like magic, so maybe just clamp down everything? 😛 I also want that kid to make it Yeaaah, 8 doctors in the whole hospital was just like... "what" - they could've even had like a psychiatrist run the ER to have a doctor in charge - sure, they might not know as much as a surgeon or an ER doctor, but they are at least a doctor and not a resident! They could've even had Resnick work with the doctor (who they would have painted as incompetent, of course), then rebel at some point. Drama! Now if Morgan had called Melendez back, and had Claire stay behind to help - then Melendez collapsed on the way to the ER, that would be a *bit* more believable. Bringing Shaun was definitely an odd choice - he would have been a good one to keep behind, since he could always tap in and help with surgery in the event of something reallllly bad (like all of the surgeons being occupied with surgeries) Spleen is my thought too! I get mine checked out every 2 weeks (Yay, splenomegaly due to cancer!) and that is right around the spot they palpate every time! Also in that area is the kidney.
  10. Shaun being a bit more social would have been much better - they could've "compensated" by having him have some more signs of PTSD from his abusive upbringing & the death of his brother. Yeah, we really need an "Autism Stereotype" bingo board for TV shows, it can get ridiculous. Park is a great character, but Shaun definitely needs a friend. I can imagine Park filling that void, but I cannot help but picture him taking more of a paternal role with Shaun, versus the role of a friend (or friendly big brother), which is what he needs
  11. I believe it was a heart murmur, which wouldn't be indicative of any big heart issues, I imagine - a lot of people have them.
  12. As someone with autism, I can sometimes get overstimulated and aggressive, to the point where I may pick up something in a fit of rage (Usually a remote or something), then I usually drop it - or wave it around a bit. However, there is a difference between that and what Shaun did - he had to get a bat (I doubt he has one, so he had to go out and buy one, I bet), then he had to go to Lea's car, then he had to wait for her to get to her car, then he had to have his..... fit of rage. Minimum, that took 10 minutes - assuming there is a sporting goods store right across the street from the hospital, and Shaun went right back to the hospital, found Lea's car in the parking garage (Since I doubt she has an assigned spot - she would probably just be in a general staff parking area), and wait for her to get back. So if he was super lucky, he would have gotten there with the bat a minute before she got there. More likely, it was upwards of an hour - given Shaun's need to use public transit, there and back, etc. etc.
  13. Looking at these articles, it looks like The Resident didn't film all of their episodes before coronavirus shut everything down https://variety.com/2020/film/news/films-tv-delayed-coronavirus-canceled-1203532033/ https://deadline.com/2020/03/coronavirus-shutdown-broadcast-series-without-finales-dilemma-empire-supernatural-series-finale-1202885099/
  14. Yeah - the only way for Jack to have known would have been to have a family member die from a bad heart - his dad died from drinking himself to death (I think?), don't know how/when his mother died, and Nicky isn't dead yet. My dad gets his heart checked out yearly, as he has a big build up in the widowmaker artery (So his cardiologist does scans on it yearly, and has him come in if he has even the tiniest amount of chest pain) - he gets it checked out because his dad died after 6 heart attacks, and his brother after like 4, and a stroke (his brother had a triple or quadruple bypass at 39) I think he liked Literature, at least he liked the black teacher in middle school, who taught lit.
  15. Maybe Mary Steenburgen's character is preternaturally strong for a landscape architect? :P
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