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  1. This is Chopped, not Cutthroat Kitchen. I want to see chefs do their best cooking. Not fighting over equipment. I feel it demeans the chefs.
  2. And there was GZ in the dessert round eating sorbet with chopsticks
  3. Tia made a post on Facebook yesterday that all the pups have been adopted 💑
  4. The x-ray location was addressed earlier. If I recall there is an issue in getting it safely set. There has to be shielding and other issues that make it impossible to be located upstairs. I hope someone can remember the post that listed this since my old brain can't.
  5. Sure hope that Sebastian finds a good home. My heart was breaking when they were at the vet. Things really looked bad then you hear the word caval. I remember the one dog that passed from caval. What a way to start a new seasn.
  6. That was one of the most screwed up episodes that I have ever seen. It is like Elizabeth is in a revolving door. She is for Red, she is against Red, she is against Red. All depends on who is telling her what. Even my husband (who watches only because I want to watch) was scratching his head over all the BS.. Are the writers all short of some sort of story continuation? Nothing made sense. Elizabeth has to be one of the most easily person to change her mind OH BARF!!! I watch since there is little else on at that time.
  7. I had to DVR the show last night. I am in bed at ten. Only good thing about that is I can fast forward through the commercials.
  8. I haven't read any of the books. It was stated that there are just two episodes left. Does that mean the show will be ending?
  9. I have never read any of the books. I have really enjoyed the story so far. Loved this episode since the bear is now a major character. Hope the goodness continues.
  10. Oh I am such an idiot. These crossover shows tend to strain my brain. It was the camera man at Panda Paws that adopted Everly. Happy to see that Bean got a great home. My old brain can only digest oh so much info before flaking out. I will be 76 on Thanksgiving so please give me a break on my mix-up.
  11. I was so happy to read the facebook article that all the featured dogs on the last episode have been adopted. I love followups like that especially on the dogs that have been there for some time. I have learned a lot from this show concerning how to approach dogs. I have been a volunteer at the local spca since 2002. I have been taking photos since 2005. Their tips have helped the entire photo team calm the dogs so we get good pictures. They are in it for the long haul not for personal gain. I love that and it comes through in the show. Last weeks show concerning the camera man and the little Frenchie was oh so adorable. Love to see that. In this day and age a little love goes a long way.
  12. Just a silly comment from my husband about the new agent. He said she has Shiffty eyes!!
  13. Tonight's Pit Bulls & Parolees is now up on ON DEMAND. I am happy about that since I am not able to watch it later tonight. It is a great episode and I think folks will be happy about the outcomes!!!!!
  14. I have tried to follow this show from the beginning. All I can say is that really don't have any idea on what is happening. The story lines bounce back and forth in a confusing manner. I am about to bail on the show. So far this week I have been watching the final season of "the Man in the High Tower". Love it.
  15. At least they provided an ice cream machine for each person
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