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  1. I have been watching this as well as my husband. I was surprised that hubby actually loves it. I like learning about the food of the area. Gordon seems to be enjoying himself. He is the complete opposite of the Hell's Kitchen personna.
  2. The animation was something different. I sorta enjoyed it. The staff made the most of a bad situation. I give them credit for that. Talk about looking outside the box!!
  3. The show last night was great. The work being done to save the Australian wild life was fantastic. The scene showing the reunion of mommy and baby kangaroo made my eyes water. Saving those animals is the right thing to do. Seeing Harold jumping off into freedom was another year inducing scene.
  4. It was an entirely different Gordon. Good show. Sadly the virus shut them all down ttyl after all reopened.
  5. I am sorry to say that this "Beat the Judges" series has been the most barf inducing series EVER. All that happy back slapping on how great the judges are got to me. It seems that the Food Network wants to make the judges into some sort of cooking gods. To bad the tasting wasn't a blind taste where the judges did not know who fixed what. I have seen other shows with blind tasting and the big name chef did not win every time. If not blind taste, they need to get three judges who have no show or interest in Food Network.
  6. I had to laugh at my husband last night. His reaction to seeing Rostova was funny. He said "isn't she dead?" I am so sick of seeing her ugly face and am so over that storyline. Will somebody please deep six it? I watch the show since there is very little else on at that time. I sure as hell don't take anything seriously. The writing is terrible. I take this as something to entertain my brain.
  7. All I can say is that this series of Beat the Judge has been cringe-worthy. They act like the judges are something short of a god and can do no harm. In competitions like this, the judging should be blind. The judges don't know who cooked what. Darn, right now I can't recall the recent series that had blind judging. Amazing how many times the "star chef" came up short on the votes. I have enjoyed Chopped over the years. I got to learn a lot about different foods I have never encountered. I learned some tricks about cooking an everyday food item. My respect for the show started to drop when they brought in Martha. She is a pretensive tweet. Then dear Geoffrey has to follow her example and look like an idiot by using chopsticks for everything. His "better than you" attitude makes me want to puke. Some of the current judges have been there for a long time. They need to clean the slate and bring in a bunch of judges who don't have their head up their ass. Tiffani still has some of her Top Chef attitude. If she lost that she might be passable.
  8. That was one of the worse episodes I have ever watched. It was so full of inaccurate info concerning guns. Both my husband and I are members of the NRA. I am a 76 year old female, a retired electrical engineer and an Army veteran. I have my conceal carry permit. Whoever wrote that story certainly had a hard on against gun owners and purposely spewed out wrong information. No body would sell a person regardless of age, 30 identical handguns. OK, she passed the test that all gun purchasers must first take but a legit gun seller at a show does not act that reckless. We turned the show off about halfway through. Had to before I threw something through the tv screen. In the past I have been able to overlook such much garbage the show writers put out but this time they went way overboard.
  9. I cook Brussels Sprouts almost every week. My husband loves them. I was shocked when I saw Lisa's dish. It looked so unappetizing. I felt sorry for her. She can do better than that but not sad she is gone.
  10. Well, that episode last night was a disaster. One mistake after another in EVERY round. The winner was the one that made the lest mistakes. The dishes didn't look appetizing at all. Then there is GZ and his damn chopsticks.
  11. HA HA I DVR it just so I have something new to watch when there isn't anything good on TV. A person can pick apart all the flaws but what the heck. Right now the viewing selections are rather slim. I did see a promo that The Blacklist will be back this month. Another show with terrible writing .
  12. Last nights episode was really depressing, one of the worse that I have seen in some time. Of course some of the ingredients were barfing inducing. Really? Vegan Pork?
  13. I just watched the SoBo segment this morning. Oh gag me. That owner is not playing with a full deck. Have no idea why the girl friend sticks around with such a loser. Unless of course he is good in bed. He was the most braindead person I have ever seen.
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