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  1. I saw that article earlier and was gonna post it here if it wasn't posted here already. I hope it gets renewed - then only one big cancellation among the shows I care about that I watch - Single Parents. I watched Emergence, but felt like it ended on a good note, even if it was only a single season (Although I am disappointed I learned that they filmed in my area after they were done filming the show! I would've wanted to try to spot some actors - since nobody films in my area! I don't know if Manifest is gonna get renewed, but if it doesn't, it's not a biiig loss, because it is pretty ridiculous at this point.
  2. tbh when watching, I thought this was only the season finale because of COVID, then when I read they finished all of their episodes before COVID shut productions down, I was just flabbergasted.
  3. Try the pilot - it was much better than the second episode, since the pilot set up a lot of stuff and was overall a bit more flashy.
  4. I'm guessing some kind of big non-profit, or maybe something with the UN? Although if it were UN big, they would've said that - and probably would have had a background check storyline where Tim gets interviewed by the Secret Service for her background check.
  5. It got better as it went on - but if you didn't like any aspect of the pilot at all, then it would not be the kind of show for you
  6. At least they renewed Stumptown?
  7. YES! I saw a post here, I was like "oh no it got cancelled didn't it. i liked it so probably" Woohoo! Now hoping for renewals for Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and Stumptown
  8. NBC and ABC are yet to announce cancellations - figures, the two networks of the big four that I watch 😛
  9. I do not remember, but enjoy watching the rest of the show!
  10. I liked the choice - and that single shot was just impressive. I imagine they wanted to stick to known songs that are in the Universal catalog to cut down on cost. Or maybe they blew their music budget on the Beatles song in the pilot.
  11. American Pie was used because it was one of the the favorite songs of the showrunner's father, who died of the same disease that Mitch died from.
  12. Maybe if we get a second season, it'll come back slightly retooled - maybe Zoey will be more withdrawn in the wake of her father's death, and the heartsongs will help her open up? She is definitely awkward, but a normal level of socially awkward/anxious/avoidant.
  13. I remember when ABC was thinking about doing an American version of Bering Erica, they passed on the script like 2 seasons straight. The last season of Being Erica was a bit sloppy, but it was still enjoyable. I also think we have talked about Being Erica before, because your username sounds very familiar. I think if they kept "helping others out" plot to people directly in her orbit - coworkers, family, friends, that could be good, then we'd have a few episodes each season to build on characters. I would rather have them go for self improvement/helping people close to her than a "Let's help out everyone" kind of show.
  14. holy crap a Being Erica reference - I didn't think anyone else watched that show. I know it had like 3 or 4 seasons, but I haven't seen anyone reference it in years. I'd be fine with either her helping others with her power, or improving herself with it. Both would be good, but I think helping others would have wider appeal, so they'd probably go for that, with occasional episodes of self improvement heartsongs.
  15. I am shocked he wasn't recording it like any sane person would. The man invited Nolan into his house and greeted him upon entering, he would have that on tape. Sure, California is a two party consent state, but it would at least prove Nolan's innocence, even if it weren't able to be used in a case against Armstrong.
  16. If they get another season, I hope they have Howie's daughter end up interning at SPRQ Point, then we could have an excuse to see Howie again, such a good character.
  17. The other actors grow on you after a bit.
  18. I remember seeing two bullets in his vest - I thought I heard three shots when the shooting happened, though.
  19. American Pie was used because it was the showrunner's dad's favorite song (He died of PSP - and was the man the episode was dedicated to) According to the showrunner, it was a continuous shot - they took six tries to get it, but they did. "Believe it or not, we’ve got it right on take six. Because we were so well rehearsed and had done it so many times leading up to it, we only ended up doing seven takes. We all felt great about take six, and then we did one more take just to make sure, in case there were any problems will take six." https://tvline.com/2020/05/03/zoeys-extraordinary-playlist-recap-season-1-episode-12-finale-zoey-max-kiss-mitch-dies/
  20. I believe it was mentioned in the 2nd episode? But this may have been the first mention of it, not 100% sure.
  21. They were being poisoned by chemicals in the community's well water.
  22. I liked this episode - Joan was much more human in this episode, still not a great singer, but she was a good boss. I like that they are having Mitch's disease progress like it might actually progress in real life - no sudden slowdown, no miracle drug, he's dying and that is that. They should have tried to get his input on the stuff, though - that was just disrespectful of them talking about it in front of him.
  23. Yeah, MS is definitely one of the weaker singers on the cast - but I would place her above Lauren Graham. Mo is great - I hope he continues to develop.
  24. Jeopardy didn't air here in the NYC area tonight because of some benefit concert. 😞
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