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  1. Granted, I'm saying this as someone who doesn't keep up with Marvel but does follow the box office but... I'd expected this to be in the Ant Man/Doctor Strange level even pre-pandemic. Yes, Black Widow is the only female Avenger. But Wonder Woman has already gotten 2 movies out while people were waiting for any woman-led superhero movie. And ScarJo has a lot of controversies. And Black Widow and Hawkeye were always mocked for not being as powerful or visually flashy so I don't think people were as excited for special effects or action sequences. AND Disney is cutting into their own bottom line
  2. Thanks. That was helpful. Being pretty familiar with her music/music videos, I think the problem is that Gaga is going for generically foreign and not copying anything particular about Patrizia's accent. It would be easy enough to just take the way Patrizia's pronounces those "s" sounds and the cadence of her speech because she does sound like someone who doesn't have a very strong accent but at least from the clips in the trailer, it doesn't sound like she worked with a dialect coach. He's an ass. Decently funny but this kind of stuff has always been part of his comedy. Yup. N
  3. I don't think it's that bad? But it reminds me of The Assassination of Gianni Versace and Trust. By which I mean, an expensive television series. I wouldn't want them to try to stretch it out to 6 or more episodes but... there's something a little half-baked about it. Actually those TV shows might be better. . I hope it's more disco and less of those gray sequences. I don't have a lot of faith in Ridley Scott.
  4. The only reason I have Peacock is because of Eurovision. It did fine for that whole broadcast (I x-ed out once during the scoring and it took a bit to get it running again but afterwards, it was fine). Maybe they just can't handle the viewership numbers when it comes to the Olympics. I've been catching what I can on TV. It's usually swimming and I ignore it.
  5. Yeah, almost no country in the world has any moral high ground to stand on with how it treats its women and girls. I think the "we're not as bad as them" can be a useful deflection for guilt about ignoring/excusing things in one's home country.
  6. This. I don't think people realize how insidious implicit bias can be. Another big time I see it coming out is with things that are "made in China" or a criticism of Chinese goods, manufacturing, nonethical practices, etc. Obviously being of AAPI descent, you are more sensitive to how people will not talk about Eastern European or American companies that do the same things using the same language and how fault is ascribed to "the Chinese" in a way you don't see with other countries. People don't talk about individual businesses or CEOs, they talk about a collective, as if all Asian people have
  7. But not for gymnastics, right? I don't remember anyone for ice skating in the Winter games either but I don't pay that much attention to commentary.
  8. I thought it looked cool to see a quasi-ice skating move and was impressed at how they could control the spin. I'm sorry!
  9. YUP. I don't follow male sports as much (honestly, I don't really follow sports outside of the Olympics) but I'm sure the commentary is also ridiculous and dehumanizing in football, basketball, and other sports where black athletes are most of the top players. I think the misogynoir makes it harder on women for their perceived "weaknesses" or "emotions" which is evident with Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams, but even the praise can be dehumanizing. It's something like model minority. People talk about you like you're superhuman or invulnerable to pain or you have "natural" abilities and not lik
  10. Bu-buh-but... American exceptionalism! We DESERVED it! It was OURS! /s 🙄 People need to CALM DOWN sometimes. Especially in the media.
  11. I feel like sports will end up being the last sphere of public life where you can play off being a complete asshole to a woman as just 'holding them to a high standard' or some BS. (Obviously, women are criticized in every sphere of public life and obviously there are people who see through the misogynistic commentary of how gleeful people are in tearing female athletes apart. But I do think that unlike acting or politics or business, there's something about sports that increases the dehumanization... the way you can talk about "athletes" and forget that you are watching people and not en
  12. Idk how to feel about this specific thing... is he trying to partially conceal his face in photos? Compared with the Shia LaBeouf paper bag stunt, this seems less desperate for attention? When it crosses over into "fashion," I'm just wary about concluding anything because he's proven time and time again that he has horrible taste.
  13. I was going to make the exact same generalization. I think it's so common that people have rationalized it (e.g. men tend to not have the strong support systems that women do so they rush to fill that with another partner, or they feel the vacuum of caretaker/housekeeper/sexual partner more intensely because of gender roles). I don't think no one side eyes it but it's usually like, 'oh, there goes another widower/divorced guy, doing what they typically do...'
  14. Right now my tentative (not yet booked) plans are 4 operas (2 winter, 2 spring), Caroline or Change twice, Intimate Apparel, and Company. If I stick to it, I know that's already more live theater than most people see in a year. I hope anyone who does feel comfortable seeing a show in the 2021-2022 season comes back to share their thoughts here. One of the things I miss is that post-show conversation.
  15. Yeah, I'm also more comfortable getting tickets from Roundabout and the Metropolitan Opera given how they were about refunds/credit originally (the opera moreso) vs. just jumping on tickets for Company right now. I will also add in Intimate Apparel. Of course, I have the luxury of not having to book a trip as part of seeing a show. I kind of want to see the Broadway version of Hadestown (I saw it at NYTW) with some of the original cast but delta maybe hitting a high in mid-October is not making me very enthusiastic about early fall plans. I'm willing to cancel everything if I don't feel good a
  16. How is everyone feeling about things opening back up? I haven't felt brave enough to try for any of the concerts happening recently or to go to the little off-Broadway shows that have started popping back up. (Part of it is going out at night as much as covid concerns.) But Caroline, or Change has started selling tickets. And I'm getting emails from the Metropolitan Opera. And those are especially tempting because I already have credits from cancelled tickets so I'm technically not spending "new" money on them. I'm not ready to start seeing everything again (concerts and plays are
  17. I'm definitely feeling conflicted. Am I ready to stand around in a small bar (like 200 people max) or packed in like a sardine at Terminal 5? Absolutely not. Am I jealous of people who went to see Broadway Inspirational Voices on Little Island or who are going to the Brian Stokes Mitchell Lincoln Center concerts? Most definitely. And I know that things can't survive just on the open air venues, especially if they're not serving concessions and that sort of thing.
  18. I've been trying not to make classist comments, but putting aside the worst incidents around the time of what we deem her mental health breakdown, I don't find her other behaviors that strange. Like, I remember how people salivated over the gossip of her going into a gas station bathroom without shoes on. What do people expect? She wasn't allowed to be a fully-formed adult woman with education and agency. But she was sexualized and forced to work. I don't believe it's about danger (though, to be clear, I obviously don't approve of texting while driving or holding a baby in your lap) but enjoyi
  19. https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/PBS-Announces-Musical-Event-WICKED-IN-CONCERT-20210709
  20. The description I heard about her social media when it was controlled was that it was a mix of wanting her to seem well (basically happy to perform and not trapped) but also erratic and loopy (to show why she needed the conservatorship). Thus, the story about her burning down her gym with a candle or whatever. I haven't watched any of it myself.
  21. Not in conspiracy theory mode... I am genuinely confused. How are we supposed to know whether Britney is posting to her own social media or not? We heard (in articles from legitimate sources) all about those people who control her social media. Has that stopped just because she has her own lawyer now? I'm wary of reading too much into her social media posts either way.
  22. I watched So I Married An Axe Murderer for the first time last night. I enjoyed it though I wouldn't put it on my list of top rom-coms. Since the premise doesn't really kick in until the very end, it's a fairly sweet, light comedy. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of misogyny. Nancy Travis was quite good but my favorite bit was the relationship between Anthony LaPaglia and Alan Arkin. I don't hate Mike Myers' comedy but, for me, what holds it back is that (even though he's quite restrained given his other movies) he's still doing too much. I would compare it to The Wedding Singer or
  23. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRHRuVdDCFy/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CQykhi6j6vy/ The Fast and the Furious but make it Newsies 🤣
  24. Random but... does anyone know what her actual hair color is? Now that I'm actually looking at her face with all this drama, I'm noticing how harsh the jet black hair looks, even with her fake tan.
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