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  1. I was too tired to remember it since they left their wedding last, but earlier on, I was thinking to myself that it would be funny if some version of this happened at Lauren and Cameron's reception.
  2. I saw We're Gonna Die at Second Stage tonight. It was decent. I'm glad I saw it. I had a fine time. I would see it again. But it didn't move me and I'm quickly forgetting it. It's definitely closer to a cabaret act/concert than a musical or a play with music. And that helps and hurts it. The pros are that the main performer is very charismatic. She's got a great voice (great clear straight tone you'd expect from a pop singer but also a touch of smokiness that was really pleasant and warm) and she's a good storyteller and she's great at delivering the lines so they feel natural. The musicians backing her up are all great. Having the music definitely keeps you engaged and threads the different elements of the story together as each thing discussed ends in a song. The cons are that this is still a one-woman show aside from the musicians who do not have lines (but sometimes sing back up) so ending each monologue with a song means the actress can't dig deep. Or maybe she doesn't want to. But personally, I thought it would have been stronger if she could have found some real emotion. It's the kind of performance that projects out instead of pulling you in. You sympathize when the character tells you sad things but you don't empathize because the play resists making you feel anything with any depth for too long. Even when the music isn't ironically chipper, it's still music. It feels distancing and resists intimacy. I was torn about it because I can see wanting to let this be as big and joyous as possible. Again, the performer was great and had so much energy even with a pretty flat typical theater crowd. But even if you excuse it as this being who she is inside, an extrovert who is alone by no choice of her own, it didn't read as a depressed person. The different monologues are varying degrees of successful. I would really like some recording of the music. The songs vary in quality but they all worked for what they were called to do. Except maybe the last one. The "we're gonna die" song at the end didn't do anything for me but maybe that was because it had the most work to do, bringing everything together and I didn't find the whole play or the ending that satisfying. The staging was interesting but I'm not sure it went anywhere. Before they find their instruments, the musicians seem to be occupying a waiting room with the main actress. It's unclear if it's a hospital waiting room or purgatory but there are a bunch of plastic chairs and a vending machine. There's also a big staircase. It descends below the stage (though that isn't clear until much later in the play) and extends up (possibly past the top of the stage though I'm sure there's lighting and whatnot up there). The easiest reading of this given the subject of the play is heaven/hell but the performers never interact with it that way. I can only clearly remember one time when she really climbs the stairs and it's not that significant. The play ends with a big dance sequence and then a lighting effect. Lastly, at multiple times during the evening (which was only an hour) I thought that this play would read much differently in a different space with a different audience. I kept thinking of Jomama Jones' Black Light. In a more intimate space with an audience who was able to have fun and maybe dance around or at least groove to the music, it would have felt more like a party and less detached. Even as a LCT3 production, with a crowd used to something more experimental, it might have worked better.
  3. They're both terrible actors trying to improvise a soap opera. Giannina is pulling pages from the Real Housewives playbook and Damian seems to think he's Colin Firth (earnest, good guy with a stiff upper lip) but he's just coming across like a condescending ass. Assuming they're getting a season 2, I hope it's a mix of right reasons and wrong reasons. I was sold on Amber/Barnett and Lauren/Cameron by the end but if they can tell the other couples won't work out, I prefer a messy bench like Jessica to the boredom of Kelly and Kenny. I don't want to watch endless hours of it but in a short format like this, mixed with the other couples, a few dramatic nonsense people is fine. Also, I get the sense that the Lachey's may have been more involved in the show/the contestants' experience but they didn't make a lot of the final edit. GOOD. Keep it that way.
  4. Wait, WHAT? Is she suggesting that Giannina and Damian got back together? Thanks, I hate it.
  5. Now that I'm thinking about it, there's another problem I have with her behavior. Of course, anything could be staged or anyone could be lying. But if we assume that Mark is genuine (and didn't hatch a plan with Jessica to tough it out and look like a good guy) and if we assume that they told the truth and they did start a sexual relationship towards the end of their engagement (instead of lying to save face or build up more drama that they might actually get married), then it was shitty of her to lead Mark along by having sex with him if she knew she was going to reject him in the end. If they get a bigger budget and enough couples who get to the engagement stage, I would love to see at least one couple see each other for the first time and say, nah, not interested. I would have rather seen Kelly or Jessica reject their partners immediately and then followed Rory and his partner as another one of the couples. Maybe I just thought the "is love blind" thing would be more like The Voice and less of a dragged out march to the altar.
  6. RE: the Bustle article RE: Instagram Amber going blonde is... a choice. Giannina is very pretty but I don't know if she can fully launch herself to Instagram model. I didn't spot any major spon-con on her page yet. Cameron has 34 posts on his Instagram page. Unless he scrubbed it or had an old page, it makes him seem the most normal.
  7. It was one of her bridesmaids and it didn't sound genuine. This is the South so I took it as a "bless your heart" or "I'll pray for you" sort of thing. It's weird that they're posting the reunion for a Netflix show on youtube but w/e. Of course I'll watch it. I don't know about that. Aside from Giannina and Damian (who in hindsight both seem like complete reality TV fakers) I feel like the other two couples failed when it came to physical attraction... which is a problem built into the conceit of the show. Well, that and clearly Jessica seemed to think she was going to find a different caliber of guy on the show. I'll be interested to see all 20 contestants on the reunion to see if they bothered to find anyone closer to her age that she ended up rejecting. I was thinking this too when he mentioned his past relationship. If he elaborated on it, they clearly cut it out of the show because it didn't fit the narrative they were trying to tell. I assume they wanted to have a certain number of couples get to the altar. And even with her drunken antics, Mark and Jessica never had a scene as toxic as Carlton and Diamond. There was no way they could have convincingly put those two back together. We only got vague hints but from what Kelly's sister said to her when they were getting their makeup done and the little comments her mom made during the wedding (albeit under the influence of 4 glasses of champagne) it sounds like Kelly is not good at picking guys or has had bad relationships in the past. They were fawning over Kenny in a way that made it seem like her past boyfriends have not treated her well or been nearly as well-spoken and courteous. I would want to clean up too if I was going to get another lecture from Damian before storming off dramatically. Where she fell, the stain made it look like she pooped herself. Cameron is a lot sometimes but since finding out he's a tech guy, I just assume he's like Mark Zuckerberg if he went to the gym and got a better haircut. I've known a lot of nerds. They can be kind of weird.
  8. Lauren and Cameron have been set up as the true love story from the very beginning. And I figured they wouldn't end the series on a break up. So I didn't feel any tension going into the last ceremony. Lauren is so pretty with or without makeup. I can see her doing the lifestyle brand/Instagram spokesperson thing after this show. Lauren was showing a LOT of cleavage. But aside from that, it was the prettiest dress. It was probably also kind of cheap but it at least looked more expensive from a distance. I think choosing a dress with more refined lace helped. Lauren's dad Bill was so sweet. Their moment together before the wedding felt really genuine. Cameron's suit was so poorly fitted. It's like they didn't even try. It went over his shoulders and the rest of the body was just like... 🤷‍♂️ It was messy and hilarious at times but they did leave me feeling good about Lauren/Cameron and Amber/Barnett. I think they have as good a chance as any other young couples.
  9. They didn't work miracles but the professional artists are so much better at putting makeup on Jessica than she is at putting makeup on herself. To me, this proves she's been doing her own makeup while on the show. Jessica's wedding dress looked cheap. Cheap fabric not sewn particularly well. All the seams were puckering. I get what she was going for though. In broad strokes, it was a more glamorous wedding. I don't think Mark's mom likes Jessica. "True love grew. Not from what you look like on the outside but what you saw on the inside of each other." That... sounds wrong. We're just now learning that his name is Mark Antony? I cannot believe that after all that nonsense, that Jessica said no. I mean, I can believe it. She never wanted Mark. But I can't believe she dragged it out for so long. Gasp! Can't believe the bridesmaids just whispered "So embarrassing for her?" "I know, right?" and no one walked out with her. The way Jessica said "my parents ARE divorced" makes me think they're both alive. It sounded like she was estranged from her dad but where's her mom then? Like with Damian, this seemed like a red flag that she was never going to go through with it.
  10. I want to know more about Kelly's past relationships. We know so little about Kelly and Kenny. I felt like her sister was giving her some looks... Kelly's sister was very pretty when she was fully made up as a bridesmaid. Their officiant was the best so far. He was appropriately serious but a little more personable and casual. Like a cross between a pleasant waiter and a friendly youth pastor. "I can't marry you. And I hope that you can appreciate that and respect that decision of mine." Weird. I felt like she was putting him in his place. I laughed way too hard at Kenny trying to get them to stop filming and his producer (Jimmy?) just continuing to bitchily ask questions. Kelly and Kenny feel too smart and well-spoken for the producers to trick them into saying or doing things they didn't want to do. Maybe that's why they got so little screen time compared to the others.
  11. Did anyone else notice that Amber seemed to be drinking out of a weird silver cup when she was in the makeup chair? Amber's wedding look was not to my personal taste but it was totally Amber. Amber and Barnett's personal vows were very short. It's good they weren't in a church. I think I saw them put their tongues down each other's throats. I have no idea if this will work out but they do make a cute couple.
  12. Was Damian tearing up the whole time because he knew he'd be rejecting Giannina? Also, I feel like this is the first time they really showed that his parents were clearly not at the ceremony. I laughed out loud when G's mom threw the bouquet on the floor. I told you Giannina picked a cheap dress for a reason. Damian calling her out in front of all her friends and family was NOT COOL. I don't feel anything though because I kind of suspect that these two are both shady. There's something about the way they both talk. It sounds... pre-rehearsed. Did anyone else feel like Giannina was running away from the wedding... and the camera guy following her was just walking? Also, I don't trust tears on a reality show unless I can see someone's face. And Giannina did not look like she'd been crying. Her makeup was perfect when her mom found her. LOL, when Giannina went back I could feel her trying to act. The cadence of her speech changes. It's very artificial. Especially when she went to grab the chairs. As much as her "acting" is painful, he can take his condescension and shove it where the sun don't shine. He's as fake as she is. Lol, what? Damian is already trying to break the Lachey's rules and predict that maybe he and Giannina will reconnect? You heard what they said. Marry or walk away FOREVER. 🙄
  13. I'm getting the vibe that he might be the kind of guy who is bro-y and frat-y with his friends and very straight-laced with his parents and possibly at work. On this show, he's Barnett and he can never be serious about anything and he's always cracking jokes. But if that guy from the pods was present with his family, they didn't show it.
  14. I think the term you're looking for is "cool girl." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEKNFX7LWRk
  15. Was the audience rowdy? I'm a fussy old lady. I like everyone to be quiet, not hooting and hollering and yelling "yaaaas, queen!" over all the high notes and runs (especially since it's usually the straight white girls). I was thinking that might die down over previews but I remember hearing that after everyone was familiar with Hamilton, that show got plagued with sing-alongs from superfans. I saw Agrippina at the Met last night. On the whole, it was very, very good. 7/10. I took off points because it definitely dragged at times and I was feeling the almost 4 hour running time. I normally and do my best to avoid "modern" opera productions. I like the semi-historical fancy costumes and the big productions and even changing the setting to another time period that's still in the past, I feel like a lot of times you lose important context. But I liked the Agrippina update. Because of the names and some other stuff, I don't think you can ever lose the sense that it's Rome. But I don't believe them when they say it's contemporary/set in present day. This is a version of Rome that's very 1960's + some 90's/2000's. Joyce DiDonato as Agrippina was dressed AMAZINGLY. Her black negligee with the robe, all the power suits with deep v's and tight pencil skirts. I loved everything they put her in. The black hair worked about as well as Kelli O'Hara in Bridges but from the family circle, it didn't bother me much. The way the younger characters dressed would not be cool to anyone now. Nero is like a punk/emo kid (more emo) at first with a faux hawk with frosted tips. Then he switches to this perfect slim fitting suit with a skinny tie. One of the gay characters was in a sheer lace top. It all conjures up a feeling of Italian glamour but also tackiness and excess. Perfect as an update of Rome. The costumes were my favorite part. They said so much about the characters and really set an aesthetic for the show. For me, the problem with this opera is that the music and the libretto are very repetitive. So if a character you're not into is having a moment, they have that moment for 5-10 minutes, singing the same thing over and over without much change in the melody. To me, the worst offenders were Poppea and Ottone because I just found the "heroic" young couple so tiresome. She didn't bother me too much but there's a sequence at a bar when she just will not shut up. With him, I was over it every time he sang. I just don't like Iestyn Davies' voice. I thought I just hated countertenors but I actually didn't mind Nicholas Tamagna as Narciso. He had more of a fierceness and vibrancy that I find lacking in Davies' voice which always sounds very pretty and muted to me. Back to the bar, this production made the hit or miss decision to try and keep the audience engaged even with the repetitive music and the long running time. Some of this was strong acting from the leads. But there was also a lot of movement choreography, if not outright dancing, or miming or fully moving the action to a different setting so there could be something happening during what would otherwise be terribly boring sections. I can see how some people would hate this but given the 4 hour running time, I was grateful they were trying. This is not an opera production where everyone is just parking and barking and the chorus stands around completely still. I felt like there was some actual proper direction closer to what you might see in musical theater and while it was sometimes over the top and obvious, I think it helped more than it hurt. To me, the standouts were Joyce DiDonato and Kate Lindsey. She was just incredibly fierce as Agrippina. Sexy and scheming and smart. It was so nice to have a female villain be so clever and to not have to fall apart or be horribly punished at the end. And Nero was the most I've ever enjoyed a trouser role. There was the typical posturing but it worked for the character and Kate Lindsey gave it her all. Hell, at one point she was singing a whole phrase while SIDE PLANKING. They were taping it last night. If it's on PBS, I highly recommend watching it and fast-forwarding when you get bored. It's definitely worth checking out.
  16. Have been watching some Masked Singer videos and I found out in the comments, that Wayne Brady was in the Chicago production of Hamilton. WHAT!?! If any press clips exist from daytime talk shows, etc. please post them here.
  17. I don't think he's a hideous monster or anything but he would be average-looking if he wasn't tall and didn't have such a muscular gym body. None of the guys are that facially handsome.
  18. https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Steve-Buscemi-Quincy-Tyler-Bernstine-and-More-Join-NYTWs-THREE-SISTERS-Full-Cast-and-Creatives-Announced-20200224
  19. I don't feel like this show is a good way to launch yourself to social media stardom. That said, I don't know why anyone is that interested in contestants on the Bachelor/Bachelorette after the show either. To me, with the success of MAFS, the idea is that this could result in a spin off watching your boring life as a couple (which, for the record, I would not watch). And if you really commit to making a go of it, that could result in a lifestyle brand or mommy blogging or that sort of thing.
  20. I'm trying to nail down my 2020-2021 Met Opera season. I'm going to be good this year. 6 operas is enough for a flex subscription. I can't keep doing a ton of operas every year. I get bored and it's difficult to keep schlepping over to Lincoln Center. I run late or tickets go unused or I have to exchange them for other dates and it becomes a whole thing. I've decided that Aida, Nabucco, Il Pirata, and Die Frau ohne Schatten have compelling enough plots and singers that I want to see them live even though they will also be shown in movie theaters. I had a huge back and forth on Dead Man Walking but I'll leave that for Live in HD (I assume it'll be on Great Performances at the Met). That means I have two more operas I can see live. I've narrowed it down to five options: Don Giovanni, Fidelio, The Fiery Angel, Roberto Deveraux, and Hansel & Gretel. I'm torn with Don Giovanni. Ivo van Hove's concept sounds stupid and I hate the ugly set and modern costumes. I do like Isabel Leonard but she doesn't have the kind of voice I need to hear live so I'm leaning towards seeing it at the movie theater. Fidelio has one of the more compelling plots but I don't find anything else that interesting about the production. The Fiery Angel has a baffling plot and the music that I've listened to is... challenging. The production seems weird af with the tattoos and the hotel room but it's not going to be a Live in HD broadcast so I'm tempted to see it as a wild card choice. I don't love bel canto singing but I do like big productions and fancy costumes so Roberto Deveraux is on the list. Basically the only reason I'd see Hansel & Gretel is to see Thomas Hampson.
  21. @AlanaHeart From what I remember, I don't think it was mentioned why we didn't see Lauren meeting Cameron's parents or Mark meeting Jessica's mom or friends.
  22. Yeah, I'm operating under the theory that no one is in love and this is all for show so I'm thinking Barnett will not actually be taking on Amber's financial debt. Also, I think the assumption is that Jessica has been a sloppy drunk because she's drowning her obsession over Barnett. But I'm starting to think she's a high-functioning (like she can still do her job and everything) alcoholic who gets wasted every free night she gets. Yeah, dodged a bullet.
  23. https://www.thedailybeast.com/ivo-van-hoves-west-side-story-broadway-revival-aims-to-shock-but-ends-up-lost-in-time https://www.vulture.com/2020/02/theater-review-a-new-west-side-story-onscreen-all-the-way.html
  24. I saw Mack & Mabel tonight at NYCC. I was able to get an excellent balcony seat, dead center. It was a very competently performed production of a flawed show. As a concert with excellent costumes strung together with some book scenes it was excellent. All the big songs sounded great. As a coherent and compelling book musical, it was a flop for me. Thoughts in spoilers... Right after the show I decided to turn to the You Must Remember This podcast to fact check the story. Assuming the research is correct, I feel like this was the true story that was making Mack & Mabel ring false to me. Instead of this shallow echo of other, better musicals, the facts presented in the podcast paint a very different picture and give a hint of the story that could have been told. Here's the alternate plot of Mack & Mabel, as I see it, sticking closer to the historical facts.
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