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  1. When Shawn found that boat, I wondered if he considered using it for actual fishing. That's what I would have done. If it had leaks in it that couldn't be repaired, then use it as a hot tub.
  2. Someone mentioned something about a "Where are they now?" type of episode with MAFS couples from past seasons. Does anyone have any details about that, like when it's supposed to air? Thanks in advance.
  3. This literally made me laugh out loud, which is rare for a person who finds very little to be amused by these days. Thank you.
  4. If Peter did indeed end up married to Maddie, and then they had kids, Babs would not be happy with her grandkids being brought up with morals and going to Sunday School. I hope Maddie considers that before (and if) she actually does capitulate and marry him.
  5. I thought the colorful floral designs on some of her dresses were very pretty, but I couldn't understand the oversized tops of those dresses that kept falling off of her shoulders. I would find that very annoying.
  6. I hadn't thought of that, and it makes sense. Was there any indication that the father was an alcoholic? If he was. I wonder why the court would allow him partial custody. And why would Cricket think nothing of sending her off to spend the summer with this glittering jewel of a parent?
  7. To me this page just didn't seem like one that a severely depressed, childlike adult would post. There is nothing on it that indicates she doesn't know her way around the internet. And the pics are just so bizarre. I find it hard to believe this person is the same as the one we saw on the show. She isn't shy and doesn't look at all like she's afraid of her own shadow.
  8. After seeing Seana's and Cricket's fb pages, I've lost all sympathy for Seana and now I'm doubting just how helpless and "depressed" she really is. That story about her father wanting to blow up the car with her in the back seat has me wondering why he would willingly destroy his own car.
  9. I also hope Madison is not his final pick, for two reasons. One, I believe she is way too good for him, and two, I want her to be the next b-ette. If Madison really does love this dufus, then I would feel bad that she got her heart broken, but in the long run she will be so much better off. I think Peter deserves to end up with Hannah B., if in fact she really does want him back. They are both revolting.
  10. I'm going to really miss this show, including Carl Marino, who finally showed some emotion in the last episode!
  11. As a fellow fuddy fuddy, I totally agree. What she did was incredibly risky, for a whole bunch of reasons. She may have ended up dead, molested, pregnant, infected with serious disease (or just crabs for that matter) and a broken heart. And why was she so proud of those hickies? It seems to me that she had to prove to herself or maybe to all the world that she could attract a man.
  12. I was appalled by their mother's whole attitude. She couldn't bring herself to go and sit at her daughter's wedding for an hour? Amy was truly hurt by it, and I don't blame her. There is no excuse for her mother's indifference and non-support of her own children. Her lack of basic motherly concern helps explain Tammy's attitude, too.
  13. As despicable as the family was, and in spite of all of the horrible things already mentioned in this forum about Gina and her disgusting ways, I couldn't tolerate all those sentences she began with "Me and Beth..." We hear an awful lot of bad grammar on this and other reality shows, but for some reason, I found this excruciating.
  14. Yes, there is. There are quite a few different ethnic communities in Cleveland, and most, if not all of them, have street festivals at least once a year. In spite of the bad rap Cleveland gets, it really is a nice place to live. The culture and the people are great. Our only problems are the weather and the Browns.
  15. Well, I happen to like Carl Marino. But mostly I like looking at him. 😉
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